On The River’s Edge Ch. 1

Female Ejaculation

Well who would have thought that a quick walk through the forest would have led to this? Here I am sitting on my lounge watching my wife take on three men as a German tourist sucks my cock and her two friends lick cum out of their hard fucked cunts. What a strange yet wonderful world.

I’d had a bastard of a day and had decided to take the two dogs for a trot down to the river. The sun was belting down and it wasn’t long before I had a sweat up. In my shitty state before I left home I neglected to pack some water. The river was still at least one kilometre away and I was seriously thinking about turning back when I heard a car come rumbling down the dusty corrugated road. It was an old ute with two passengers in the front and a shitload of gear in the back. I waved the obligatory hello wave and expected them to continue but the ute slowed down and pulled up a few metres down the road. This was my first glimpse at a couple that were about to change my life.

In the passengers side was an absolutely shit hot petite young brunette wearing the skimpiest cheesecloth top I’ve ever seen and the shortest skirt in existence. Her partner was a bloke in his mid 20’s with blonde bleached hair.

“G’day, hows things” I said.

She smiled at me and replied “We are well, is there camping down here?”

She had an accent that indicated that she was from Europe somewhere and my first guess was Germany.

“Yeah there is a nice spot down the river a bit but I would need to show you where.” I said

“ If we give you a ride would you show us?” she asked. I looked at her friend, who was also smiling, and said “Yeah sure”

She unbuckled her seat belt and slid across to her mate and I shuffled in next to her. I gave the dogs a whistle and they both shot into the back of the ute

“I hope you don’t mind if the dogs come along as well’ I said “They are trained to hop into the back of a ute if I’m in it…I’m a farmer.”

“Its OK if they are Ok” The bloke said.

“No worries, my name is Marcus” I said

“I am Helena and this is Paul” She replied. “Do you walk down here often”

“ Yep every few days” I replied “Just turn down this track here on the left Paul and just follow it for a few hundred metres”

It was time to get this couple to the beach for a cooling swim for themselves and also for me as I was getting hotter and hotter sitting next to this absolute spunk. She was a bit like a younger Princess Stephanie.

I gave Paul a few more directions and soon enough we entered the beach area which is right on the boundary of my property. The appreciative noises and the smiling faces of my two guests were fair indication that they were pleased with the location.

“Very nice marcus, thank you” Helena said.

“Its a pleasure, care for porno izle a swim?”

“Is it cold?” she asked

“Nah” I answered “Just right”

It was a bit of a lie but the chance of seeing her nipples harden from the cold water was too great a temptation…alas I needn’t have worried because she simply turned towards the river pulled her top, bra and shorts off and ran into the water wearing nothing more than a pair of panties. Paul however had no qualms at all about getting his gear off and running madly into the river. I stripped down to my undies called the dogs and tied them to a tree and wandered down to the water. In the time it took me to do those quick few chores Helena and Paul were eating each others faces whilst kneeling in the water.

Paul had his hand down Helena’s knickers and was giving her a good rub whilst she was squeezing his arse with her right hand and doing something with her left hand I couldn’t quite see. Paul broke away from the kiss smiled at me and waved me over. I was a bit unsure of what was happening but her arse was perfection and the opportunity was too good to miss. My cock was doing little to help me stay calm as it gradually became more and more engorged the closer I got.

Paul said “Helena thinks that we should thank you” Helena swung about and exposed her sensational pert tits and pulled Pauls hand out of her knickers. “Its the least we could do” she said.

She spun around towards me and I saw that she was pulling on Pauls cock with her left hand. I thought ‘what the fuck’ and walked up to Helena who was still on her knees. She pulled the front of my undies down and whipped out my cock and hungrily sucked it into her mouth. Paul stood up and started to stroke his cock as she licked under the head of my cock and cupped my balls in her hand. Paul held his cock at her face and she turned and sucked his knob whilst she pulled on my slippery dick.

Helena said something to Paul and he knelt behind her and pulled her panties down to he knees. She went back to sucking my cock and started to force her tongue down my piss hole. She stopped for a moment whilst she struggled with her panties and resumed sucking when Paul lay on his back in the shallows and started to lick at her cunt.

I looked down and Paul was staring up at Helena as she swallowed my cock down her throat. I grabbed her tits and started squeezing her nipples as she began to huff and puff in the familiar pre orgasm build up. Her tits firmed up and her nipples shot out and she started an almost bovine mooing sound as she started grinding her cunt down on Pauls face. She let my cock pop out of her mouth as she started the first orgasm for the afternoon. Paul was making all sorts of noises as he lapped up her juices and the glassy expression in her porno eyes meant that that was one huge orgasm.

Helena slowed her movements down and gradually slipped down Pauls body to his fair sized willy that poked like a periscope out of the water. She pulled my dick along with her and once again I was to get a good sucking as she started a slow grind on Pauls cock. Paul started to massage her tits as she concentrated on really going to town on my old boy. She spat all over my cock and used it as lubricant as she wanked it whilst giving the head a real once over again with her tongue. She was not a deep throat kind of a girl more of a wet, sloppy, soft, slobbery kind of blow job babe.

Paul started to quicken the pace of his thrusting sending ripples across the river and waves of pleasure through Helena. She was now simply pulling at my pud with her mouth open and her tongue out almost begging for me to come in her mouth. However I was so amazingly hard that I was beyond coming just yet. In retrospect it was probably the hardest I had been since I was a teenager brimfull of hormones and inexperience.

I said to them both to come up onto the grass and they quickly leapt out of the water and followed me up to the soft green pasture. I did a quick scan for any snakes other than the one-eyed trouser variety and took control.

“Lay down” I said to Paul and he obediently lay down. Helena went to sit on his cock again but I had other ideas.

“Suck him” I said to her and she smiled obviously knowing what I had in mind.

She got down on all fours and hungrily started to suck him as I had my first feel of the pussy from heaven. Her cunt was soaking and it was her juice not the river water that coated my fingers. Her cunt was just right, not too tight, not too loose just perfect. Her pussy was untrimmed and unshaven, a completely natural cunt for completely natural scenery.

I just loved sticking a few fingers into her cunt and rubbing her clit as she squirmed and wriggled in ecstacy. She started to join in the rubbing as she concentrated on her clit occassionally sticking her fingers in her honey pot to spread the juices. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it into her labia (What a great word that is…..labia.). She grabbed my cock and rubbed her slippery fingers all over the underside and placed it neatly into her cuntal opening and eased back onto it as I slipped forward into her warm insides.

As if on cue from a movie a flock of cockatoos flew screaming out of a tree as I entered her and revelled in the sensation of her silky smooth pussy. The urge to fuck like a mad man was upon me and I grabbed her hips and starteds to pound away like there was no tomorrow. She popped out Pauls dick and held onto it as though it was the only thing holding her rokettube to the ground. I was pistoning in and out and I could feel her fingers working on her clit. Paul was watching her face in awe as she started moaning again and I felt her cunt tighten around my cock as her second orgasm pumped more cunt juice onto my cock.

She fell over onto her side and gently rubbed her pussy. Her legs were wide open and she started to push some of the copious cunt juices down to her arse and rubbed it into her date. I leant over her face and fed her my dick as she licked her juice off it. Paul crawled down and started to lick at her cunt and I could see that he was really getting stuck into her clit pushing his tongue hard into it as he pushed his fingers into her pussy. She turned her head to the side and I could easily have stayed there forever until she pulled her knees back and I saw that Paul was actually sticking his fingers up her arse and sucking on her cunt.

Thsi was too much and I could feel that ominous tickly dick and balls feeling we blokes get before we start totally losing all our faculties. Helena could taste my precum as she started to suck harder on the end of my dick. I wanted to fuck her again and I pulled away and lay on my back.

“Hop on” I said and she speedily hopped up onto my cock. At last I had the opportunity to suck on her tits and her wonderful small nipples were a joy. Helena was busy bouncing up and down on my cock when Paul said something to her in her native tongue and she smiled and started to dribble huge globs of spit all over his cock. He rubbed it into his cock and then walked behind her, spat into his hand and rubbed it into her arsehole. She smiled again at me and leant forward resting her head against mine. Paul eased his cock into her arse and I could feel his cock through the thin layer of flesh. Helena started mooing again and began talking in a mixture of German and English.

Her rhythm picked up and the intensity of the moment had become too much for me “I’m gonna cum” I screamed “Here I go” and the most intense mind blowing blast spewed forth into her cunt and my balls turned into a well tuned pump shooting load after load into her. Pauls face was all screwed up and he pulled out of Helena and she slipped of me with a pop and knelt down with her knees apart and her hand furiously working her clit. Paul kept wanking his cock and she opened her mouth as she did for me in the river waiting for his sperm salvo. It didn’t take long before Pauls knees started to go wobbly and he shot a stream of cum into her mouth. Some of it splashed her face and nose and it went in her hair but she kept rubbing her cunt until she brought herself to another climax. I stood near her with my recently fucked and sticky cock and she licked it clean.

We all stood there looking like a trio of dumb fucks when I just started laughing. Paul and Helena looked at me like I was a loonie but I just said.

“Just wait to you meet my wife.”

And we all ran into the river for a clean up.

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