Older Sister’s Nylons Ch. 03


This is the second sequel to Chapter 01 submitted by BLKNYLONS in 2003. I love this story so much that I decided to write a second and a third chapter. (I hope BLKNYLONS does not mind…). Like Chapters 1 and 2, this chapter is also taking place in 1966, when nylon stockings with garters, girdles, and stiletto high heels were an essential part of women’s elegant fashion, and when pantyhose had not reached their peak usage yet.

(Note: All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.)


As I entered the bedroom right behind Sue, I was completely dumbfounded and astonished when I saw Nancy standing in the far corner of the room. It was not the Nancy that had just sat at the dinner table across from me, though, rather, she had completely changed into a different woman, a — dominatrix! She wore shiny black high heeled knee-high leather boots, had smooth black nylon stockings on her legs that were attached to six black garter belts with little clips that must have been attached to a girdle. She also wore a skin tight shiny black leather sleeveless mini skirt that made her large 42D breasts and shapely ass cheeks appear even sexier than they were by themselves. Around her neck she featured a broad black leather choker with many little metal cones attached. Finally, she wore thin and smooth elegant long black leather gloves that went up above her elbows and had a whip in her right hand. She put on a broad mischievous smile as she saw me standing at the bedroom door with my mouth wide open, unable to say a word.

“Welcome in my little torture chamber, you fetish sissy transvestite!” She greeted me with contempt and ridicule. “You will be my slave from now on and closely follow my commands, understood?!”

“Yes, Nancy, of course I will,” I replied helplessly.

“Madam for you, you dirty bastard!” She scolded me.

“Of course, Madam!” I was still half under shock and astonishment, all getting ready to enter into this game of humiliation and torture Mistress Nancy had in store for me. She was so absolutely and amazingly hot and gorgeous in her dominatrix outfit that I could briefly forget about the predicament I was in. Two strong slaps with her whip across my belly and thighs, with the whip hitting my boner hard, as well, reminded me of the reality of the situation soon, though.

“Kneel in front of me, fucking dirty slave of mine!” The dominatrix demanded. “I want you to worship my leather boots right now! And be sure to give them every attention you can or else—” Her eyes looked at me in a threatening way I would have never expected from this cute redhead I had met just a little while ago. No chance for me to cop out or escape as my sister had closed and locked the door behind her and Sue. In the corner of my eyes I could see her and her friend standing across the room, giggling to each other, whispering words into each other’s ears, then slowly undressing all the way to their panties, girdles, stockings and heels, exposing their nude upper bodies and hot tits to my view, probably as an additional teaser where I could do nothing about it other than experience as much pleasure as possible while being denied my fulfillment and being tortured by Mistress Nancy at the same time.

Another two hard and hurtful whip lashes on my back and ass. “Did you not hear what I said, you motherfucking loser sissy?” My mistress got angry at my slow reaction to her firm commands.

“I deeply apologize, Madam! I’m really sorry!”

“Stop talking, bitch of a transvestite! I want to see action and fucking see you totally worship my beautiful boots!” She reacted sharply, whipping me yet another time, even more roughly than before. It really hurt but I bit on my lower lip to avoid appearing like a little cry-baby. I first sniffed, then licked her right and left boots all over the place, the leather aroma turning me on beyond belief. I repeatedly affirmed to Mistress Nancy how hot and sexy her boots were and how much I would like to be her foot slave for ever, never stopping my worship.

My mistress laughed out loud and kicked me in the face with her right boot. “Take this for your naughty behavior, you crazy pervert!” She laughed at me in ridicule. “How about the fucking darn soles, shoe sissy?”

I tried to get to her soles, which was not easy given that she was still standing on the floor, but I managed to lift one of her boots up and then turned around lying on my back, having her whole black leather boot resting on my face, her spiked heel painfully pressing into my forehead with force. My fully erect boner was now in plain sight of all the three women in the room, and they commented on its size and firmness, as well as on its slimy slick look from all the pre-cum that had been flowing out from its tip.

My tongue now engaged Mistress Nancy’s soles of her leather boots, exploring every inch escort bayan of them and soaking in the flavor of a combination of leather and dirt. In a different situation I may have balked at this idea of licking such dirty shoes but here, dominated by such a hot mistress, it was almost like an additional turn on for me. I kept praising her boots, the soles of her boots and how magnificent and great it was to worship every little bit of them. Finally I moved her spiked heel into my mouth and sucked on it as if it were a penis, increasing the giggling by my sister and Sue who still watched intently from the other side of Sue’s bedroom. Not long after that, I noticed that they had approached each other meanwhile, standing in tight embrace and had started a prolonged lesbian French kissing session, while rubbing their nylon stockings against each other while their gorgeous tits were also touching and slowly hardening in their embrace. I knew this was more than just to tease me, this was something they obviously did a lot when they were together…

As I started worshipping the left boot of my dominatrix, Sharon and Sue approached me, obviously to join in the fun. They sat down on the floor on either side of me and then used their heels to walk all over my body, massaging me everywhere from head to toe, but at first not touching my boner at all. This drove me even wilder and crazier of lust and sexual arousal than I already was, only to be interrupted by several more lashes of my mistress’s whip across my legs and chest. I don’t know how she did it and why her aim was so good, but almost every time she managed to hit my hard-on as well, creating a most painful sensation in my lust organ.

“Well, my little naughty transvestite slave,” Nancy spoke again, “I think it’s time for a little reward after you’ve been so good with worshipping my hot boots!” With that, she lowered herself, took her legs apart, then kneeled down to the right and left of my shoulders, so her sexy black leather mini-dress was almost touching my face.

“You know what you have to do, bastard of a son-of-a-bitch!?” She insinuated, lowering herself even further onto my face. I couldn’t believe my luck—I was about to come down on Nancy and eat out her pussy! Or was there any evil afterthought on her side…? As her crotch slowly came closer to my face I started to smell the sweet girly scent of her pussy, totally arousing and fascinating to experience. I raised my chin up a bit and stretched out my tongue. There, I touched her big bush, very likely as red as her hair, but it was too dark in the room and underneath her black leather mini-dress to make out the color. I first just licked and sucked on her hair, then slowly moved my tongue onto her upper thighs, finding a garter strap, following it along her smooth soft girly skin, and then traveling back to her crotch. In the meantime, my sister and her friend had taken off their shoes and helped the pleasure by treating me to a great four-foot massage all over my lower body, but except again for touching my rock-hard boner which probably would have exploded just on a very few rubs by one of their nylon-clad feet.

When I first gently flicked my tongue across Nancy’s outer pussy lips, she shook a little bit, probably trying to hide her arousal from me, but as I kept licking and sucking her lips, streams of pussy juices came flowing out of her lust hole, only to be completely sucked and slurped down by me.

As Sue and my sister withdrew from their tease to let me stew in this horrible state of being almost there but not really there, I hoped to be able to make myself cum by a quick masturbatory rub on my boner, but as soon as Mistress Nancy discovered my plan, her whip was all over my body again, this time at least ten lashes, and it hurt so terribly that I even lost my hard-on for a little while.

“Where’s your pussy worship, my fucking bastard sissy fetish slave?” Mistress Nancy taunted me again. I had briefly stopped my licking and sucking motions in her sex when the pain from her whipping had become too intense. I apologized and continued, now also reaching out for her clitoris which was even larger than my sister’s and stood out for almost half an inch. As my tongue touched my mistress’s lust pearl, she arched back and started to breathe faster, emanating more of her tasty and slimy pussy juices, all for me to suck in and savor. Her cute hands, covered in the thin black leather gloves reached out for my penis.

“Oh, how cute this little fellow is over here! How limp and unattended!” She mocked me once more. “Does it need more attention, maybe? What does my little bitch of a fetish transvestite think?”

“Yes, Madam, yes, please!” I replied, almost disappointed to have to interrupt the pleasure of licking her fabulous bushy pussy and hot and hard clit.

Experiencing her little tuzla genç escort hands in leather gloves giving me a hand job felt like heaven and my cock stood up firm almost immediately after she started to touch it, with more pre-cum oozing out of its tip. Mistress Nancy was not only gifted with her whip but also in her skills how to pleasure a man’s cock with her hands and fingers. She also used her fingernails through the fabric of her gloves to increase my sexual arousal and again, almost bring me back to the point of exploding and coming all over the place.

I was sure this was part of her plan, though, in that she stopped her massage right at the point before I was cumming and at the same time raised her crotch from my face, not even waiting until I would make her cum. It seemed there were more things in stock for me that night…

Indeed, as soon as she had stood up again and taken her whip back in her right hand, Mistress Nancy commanded me to get up and sit down in the chair right next to her. While I got up she presented me with several more of her whip lashes, the most painful ones were when she hit my still rock-hard boner smack on. She complained that I was too slow and should follow her commands more swiftly and without delay.

Finally, as I had arrived at the chair and sat down, Sharon and Sue approached me with a bunch of hand-cuffs and several ropes.

“My two helpers will tie you up to this chair now, my little sweet fetish sissy,” Mistress Nancy announced with her mischievous tone in her voice, smiling broadly with evil anticipation. Sharon and Sue cuffed my wrists to the left and right of the chair’s back and tied my ankles together very firmly with two ropes to the point it really hurt. Then Sue picked up her black laced 36C bra she wore before and put it on my chest. Since her chest was much smaller than mine, it was a super-tight fit and even hurt a bit. She then took a couple of socks from the top drawer of her dresser and stuffed them into the bra cups so they looked very firm and full. It was again a mix of embarrassment and erotic pleasure to wear even more parts of a woman’s intimate apparel and outfit. But my mistress didn’t leave me with much time for considerations and musings.

Sue had changed into sheer white nylon stockings meanwhile and handed Nancy the pair of worn black nylon stockings. Mistress Nancy was approaching me slowly, whipping me again multiple times, now for no apparent reason.

“Here you go, you cross-dressing fucking bastard!” She teased me. “How much I love seeing you dressed just like a girl on this chair!” She smiled with an evil grin. “I guess the only thing that’s definitely not like a girl now, is— THAT one!” And she slapped my half-erect boner another time really hard with her whip. “But I know what we can do,” she continued and now stood right in front of me. She grabbed my manhood with her right hand, still in the thin sexy long leather glove, and pushed it and my balls under my crotch, as far back as possible. Essentially, I was now kind of sitting on my balls and penis, with very little of them being visible from the front. With my hands cuffed to the back of the chair, there was no way of resisting; besides, if I had tried, Mistress Nancy would have gotten wild and crazy with her whip again.

“THAT’S how I like it!” She screamed of excitement. “We now have our cute little naughty girl slave in front of us, haven’t we?” More lashes with her whip followed. “Answer, son-of-a-bitch!”

“Yes, Madam, I’m your girl slave right now,” I followed her orders.

“Very good!” Mistress Nancy approved, ready to continue with her torture and humiliation night. “Smell these!” She held the two smooth black nylon stockings that Sue had worn the whole day right in front of my face. I moved my head forward by an inch until my nose touched the stockings. I sniffed them, and my mistress slowly moved them up and down, so I could experience every inch of them, pressing my face against the fabric to maximize my sensation of the smooth nylon material rubbing across my nose, cheeks, mouth and chin. As I explored the foot parts of the nylons with my nose, and also a little bit with my tongue, I noticed that they were quite smelly, but in a very erotic and sexually pleasuring way. Getting aroused to the max with the experience of Sue’s smelly sweaty worn black nylon stockings was torture in itself since my penis was still stuck underneath me and barely able to expand without causing discomfort.

After this stocking tease, Mistress Nancy was ready for the next step and wrapped first one, then both stockings tightly around my neck, pulling on them to squeeze as hard as she could without completely choking me and finally tying knots with each of them to hold them into place. Oh my god, I thought, what else was there in store for me? I had difficulty breathing, tuzla kendi evi olan escort experienced pain in my calves from the ropes and in my balls and penis from being tightly constricted under my torso. But Mistress Nancy never ever took a break and so the next surprise followed immediately.

Sue had approached me, now wearing the new pair of sheer smooth white nylons, white garter belts and girdle, but still the same shiny black nylon panties from earlier. She had changed her shoes, as well and wore white 5″ stiletto pump heels with open toes. As she stood in front of me, I could, for the first time, admire her beautiful size 36C breasts which were firm and beautifully shaped, with very dark erect nipples making it a perfectly gorgeous experience. I was so ready to touch and massage her tits right there and then but of course had no way of doing it with my hands still cuffed to the chair. Sue stepped forward another couple of inches, and now her black panties were right in front of my lips. Instead of saying anything, she gently grabbed my head and moved it forward until it was buried in her crotch. Of course I knew what she expected from me, but still it was almost a little bit hard to focus on the task at hand with such a perfect and gorgeous girl standing in front of me, all nude, most beautiful breasts, extremely arousing outfit with high heels, sheer white nylons and garters… But as soon as my nose picked up her pungent girly pussy scent through the fabric of her black nylon panties, I was all determined to give her the best cunnilingus she’s ever experienced in her life.

My tongue explored her crotch through the nylon fabric of her panties, feeling the ridges of her already enlarged outer pussy lips and exerting gentle but continued pressure on her most sensitive private parts. My tongue must have briefly touched her clit since she arched backwards and tensed up for a short moment with a subdued moan, all the while my sister and Mistress Nancy watching from a couple of feet away, starting to finger their own pussies in voyeuristic pleasure.

After a while, the scene changed and my sister lay down on her back on Sue’s bed, then Nancy climbed on top of her in a 69 position and soon the two hot girls were engaged in an intense mutual cunnilingus, licking and sucking each other’s pussies and clits like crazy, starting to moan louder and louder.

After some more of my licking, kissing and exploring, Sue took off her panties, for the first time exposing her beautiful sex with short trimmed black hair to me. Without delay, my tongue continued its work of pleasure, now directly touching the smooth surfaces, hills and valleys of Sue’s private parts’ landscape. Her silky and tasty pussy juices were flowing out the more my pussy worship continued, and as my tongue penetrated her for the first time, she shook and moaned louder than before, so all could clearly hear the state of her sexual pleasure and arousal. I continued to lick and flick my tongue over her outer and inner lips and then paid most of my attention to her lust pearl which was completely hard and erect and extremely sensitive to every little touch I made in this area. Sue kept breathing more rapidly and kept pushing my head into her crotch with more force, clearly approaching orgasm. My cock and my balls started to hurt more as I was so aroused but my lust rod could not stiffen and expand at all. But at least I could make my sister’s friend come and with just a couple of firm circular flicks around her clit she got off, convulsing all over her body and shooting load of orgasmic juices all over my face…

Shortly thereafter, the lesbian oral fucking led to a mutual orgasm of Sharon and Nancy, and I could observe them tensing up and convulsing violently, releasing large amounts of orgasmic cum, which they licked and sucked off from each other’s pussies.

Then, my sister came over to me, me being still completely tied to the chair and still having two smelly black nylon stockings wrapped very tightly around my neck. ‘Would she desire the same treatment as Sue?’ I wondered.

But no, my sister was actually taking off Sue’s smelly nylon stockings from my neck, then untying the ropes around my calves and finally releasing the two hand-cuffs. Unbelievable, but I was free again, I thought. Maybe this was the end of this wild and crazy night?

“I need my fucking bastard foot slave to join me over here and worship my nylon feet and legs!” I heard my mistress calling from across the room. She was still on top of Sue’s bed, rested her redhead high on some pillows and stretched her legs out all the way, with her knee-high black leather boots reaching the bottom edge of the bed. As I walked over to Mistress Nancy, sure to not delay my motions by a heartbeat, Sue and my sister also jumped on the bed, Sue to the left and Sharon to the right of Mistress Nancy. Sue had taken off her white high heels and so both my sister and her only wore their nylon stockings, held up by garter belts and girdles; my sister also still wore her soaking wet panties, as she had kept them on during her lesbian experience with Nancy.

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