Old Folk’s Boogie Ch. 03


Author’s Note: I’d like to thank Eclecticwoman818 for her assistance with proofreading and critiquing. As always comments are welcome and “favorites” appreciated.


Life had conspired against us recently. If I wasn’t working, volunteering or dealing with family obligations, Tracy was doing the same, plus she spent a week sick with the flu. We did manage to find time to talk on the phone frequently, usually just chatting about what we had going on or bemoaning the fact that we couldn’t find time to get together for mutual pleasure. While walking the dog on Thanksgiving morning, I did see her driving back toward her house from the local market and by the time we’d turned the corner and headed down the street toward her house, I saw her pulling back out of her driveway and heading back up the street toward me. She stopped and rolled down the window “Hiya you sexy old man.”

“I was hoping you’d changed your mind about going to your daughters and then to Florida for that wedding and wanted to shack up for four days with me.” I said, grinning.

“Oh God, I wish. I had to run to the store for extra dog treats and dropped them off at home for the dogsitter. I’m heading out now for dinner at my daughters before we fly to Florida. I’m so fucking horny that if we don’t get together soon, I’m going to come to your office and have my way with you right on top of your desk.”

“Well, I’m sure that with you walking around on the beach in a skimpy two-piece there will be plenty of guys from 14 to 95 who would ease that pain for you.”

“Nope, I don’t screw anybody who isn’t a friend and right now I only have one friend with benefits and I intend to keep it that way. But if we don’t find time for each other soon, I swear my pussy is going to shrivel up and fall out”

I leaned in through the driver’s window and kissed her lightly on the lips. “You’ll be back on Tuesday and I know that we usually don’t see each other when one of us has to work in the morning, so I’ve let the theater know that I’m unavailable on Friday night. Don’t make plans to be anywhere other than in the bedroom…and on kitchen counter…and on living room floor.”

“MMMmmmMMM…you’d better not be teasing me” she grinned. “Well, I’ve got to go, I’ll text you and fill you in on how many times the EMT’s had to be called to resuscitate the men left in my wake.”

I laughed, “You’re incorrigible. Have fun, I’ll see you soon.”

The next three days were fairly uneventful, Thanksgiving dinner with my children and grandchildren, cleaning the house and getting the snowblower ready for the inevitable. Tracy texted me a couple times to fill me in on her Thanksgiving and how nice the wedding really was.”

On Saturday night, my phone buzzed and it said Tracy wanted to Facetime with me. It took me a moment to figure out where Facetime was on my phone before I answered it. “Hiding your other grilfriend?” she laughed.

“Grilfriends, plural. We were just having an orgy and they had to hide.” I then noticed what she had on…a sheer baby doll nightie she bought at Victoria’s Secret, “Wow, that’s sight for sore eyes. If this was Star Trek, I’d beam myself right over there.”

“I have to admit I got horny walking on the beach this afternoon wishing you were there with me. That got me thinking that I’ve never had phone sex before and I decided that I would seduce you over the phone. And I dressed for success.”

A broad smile spread across my face, “You definitely look good enough to eat. Let’s get your needs addressed and then we’ll worry about mine.”

“That’s what I like about you, you’re always so considerate.”

“Take off your panties and set your phone so I can watch you masturbate and I’ll start when you’re ready.”

Tracy propped up her phone and raised her small ass off the bed. Her fingers slipped beneath the waistband of the skimpy lace trimmed panties, Slowly she eased them down her legs, teasing me all the while. “Take me baby, use me as you want.”, said softly.

“I’m kneeling, naked, between your legs. I take your left foot in my hands and massage it for a moment before repeating the action on your right foot. Bending down, I raise your leg and trail the tip of my tongue up your calf and then kiss you behind your knee.” Watching the phone, I see Tracy running her fingertips in light circles over her nipples, her eyes closed. Spreading your legs open a bit wider, I bite your inner thigh, steadily increasing the pressure until I hear a tiny gasp. I release your leg and place a soft kiss on the reddened circle there. Working alternately up your thighs, I bite and kiss, bite and kiss until I’m at your hips. Pushing your legs further apart, I bite at the tendon where your hip meets your thigh. The scent of your arousal filling my nostrils. Kissing up the right side of your landing strip mersin escort across the top and back down the left side.”

Tracy’s fingers had moved down and were slowly stroking her labia which glistened in the light of the motel room. “That’s it baby, that’s not your fingers stroking your pussy, it’s my tongue. I’m going to use my fingers to expose your clit and then circle my tongue around it as it swells.” She reacted by spreading her lips with one hand while running her finger around her clit with the other,

“You’re such a little slut,” I breathed into the phone “show me how you want my tongue to please that dripping wet cunt of yours.” I knew she always got more excited if I talked dirty to her like that. Her fingers worked her clit feverishly for a couple of minutes and then her middle finger slipped inside. She worked it in and out slowly. “Can you feel my tongue exploring your wet pussy?” I inquired. She moaned and increased her pace, the heel of her hand grinding down on her clit. Her index finger forced it way in to join her middle finger. “Curl your fingers to reach that spot I hit with my tongue.” I saw her fingers flex and her hips started bucking as her urgency rose. “I’m slipping my tongue out and clamping my lips around your swollen clit.” I watched as her fingers withdrew from her pussy and she pinched her clit between them. “Scraping my teeth across your clit as my hands slip down under your ass and my index finger tickles your tight little pucker.” As soon as I mentioned playing with her ass, she started moaning loudly and thrashing around on the bed. Furiously she fingered and pinched her clit as she came violently.

I sat quietly and watched my phone as she came down from her orgasm. Her pussy was leaking juices and her chest was heaving as she slowly recovered.

A couple of minutes later I heard her say to me “Okay mister, set up your phone and drop your pants, I’m hungry after that workout.”

Never one to deny the request of a lady, I propped my phone against a couple of magazines on the coffee table and stripped off my jeans before sitting back on the sofa so she could have a view of what her words were doing to me.

“I’m kneeling before you, I rub my nipple across your knee. Barely touching your skin before spreading your knees and crawling forward toward you. I kiss the head of your cock lightly and brush my lips down along your shaft. I kiss each of your balls before drawing the left one between my lips. Rolling it around in my mouth as my hand reaches up and wraps around your shaft.” Instinctively I wrapped my own hand around my cock and started stroking it slowly. “I’m switching to your other ball now, sucking gently, massaging it with my tongue.” With my eyes closed, I could see her doing exactly what she was saying. “Pointing your cock up, my lips cover your head as my hand strokes the length of your shaft.”

“Taking you deeper into my mouth, my tongue swirling around your head. I feel your hand pressing my head down further until I feel my nose against my hand and your cock fully in my mouth. Your fingers gripping my hair as you move my head up and down. I taste your precum on my tongue and suck harder, wanting to taste your cum as well.”

I can feel my cock twitch against my hand as I rub it’s length faster. I know I’m not going to last too much longer. This woman pushes all of my buttons, even with just her voice.

“I move my hand away so I can take you deeper and moan as I feel your head enter my throat. I hum contentedly, knowing the vibrations drive you wild.”

My hand is moving rapidly along my length as I feel the familiar feel of my balls tightening, knowing cum will soon rocket up my shaft and launch into the air. I hear Tracy’s voice on my phone, “That’s it baby, feed me your cum. I want to suck every drop from your balls.” Unable to contain myself any longer, I groan loudly as cum shoots from my tip and lands on my stomach. I continue to stroke and pump more cum out onto my skin until I collapse back on the couch, panting.

“Hey, old man, you alive?” Tracy laughed a minute later.

“Barely”, I replied.

“That was so hot watching you jerk off. I only wish I was there to lick you clean. I think was should repeat this sometime without the phones.”

“You’re turning into a kinky little minx, and I like that in a woman. I love your blowjobs, but I think you give better blowjobs with your voice than you do in person.” I teased.

“Well, I was afraid you’d forget what they were like unless I took drastic measures. But if I knew phone sex was this good, I’d have tried it years ago.”

“It was my first time as well, although I’m not sure any other woman could do better.”

“MMMmmm, thank you baby, but I’m going to sign off and go to sleep now. I miss you. I’ll see you Friday, if not before.” mugladh.com With that she broke the connection and I turned off my phone. After cleaning up, I went to sleep as well.

I called Tracy during her flight home and suggested we go out to dinner on Friday night. I had some gift cards that I hadn’t used for a fairly fancy seafood restaurant about 20 miles from where we lived. She said that sounded good and it was a nice enough restaurant that she could wear a new outfit that I hadn’t gotten a chance to see her in. When I arrived at her house to pick her up, I was treated to truly a sight to behold. Her dress was wine red, stopping about three inches above her knees, with a deep V at the top which revealed the swell of her breasts without being immodest. A pair of dark stockings and three inch high heels which matched the color of her dress completed the look. She looked absolutely gorgeous. For one of the few times in my life I was completely speechless,

“From the look on your face, I think you like my outfit you dirty old man.”

I grinned. “If we didn’t have reservations, I’d risk a heart attack to carry you to bed and ravish you repeatedly. And when I was done, I’d ravish you some more. The women half your age couldn’t hold a candle to you tonight.”

Tracy walked over to me and gave me a tight hug and a long tongue filled kiss. Breaking the kiss she said “Let’s go old man, I’m hungry for dinner and famished for dessert.”

Smiling and shaking my head slowly “You’re going to be turning a lot of heads tonight, woman.”

On the drive to the restaurant we chatted about her trip and she chuckled when she told me that she did catch a couple of young guys checking out her ass as she walked down the beach. I laughed and reminded her that I told her that was going to happen before she left. While we drove, her dress rode up a little bit and I could see that her stockings were thigh highs instead of the usual pantyhose she wore with a dress. I reached over a lightly stroked her thigh teasing the skin just above her stockings. She smacked my hand away and said “Keep your eyes on the road and your mind on your driving. I want to live long enough to fuck your brains out when we get home.”

Our dinner was delicious. We split a plate of oysters, she had lobster poached in white wine and topped with a delicate cream sauce, I had scallops with a roumelade sauce and cajun rice. We split a bottle of white wine which caused Tracy to excuse herself to use the ladies room. I was right, most of the men in the room noticed her and gazed appreciatively much to the chagrin of their significant others. When she returned to the table, Tracy leaned across and put her hand in the pocket of my sports coat. After she pulled it out, I looked at her curiously and placed my hand in my pocket. There my fingers found silk and lace with a prominent wet spot. She smiled and said “I didn’t want to waste any more time than necessary when we get home before the ravishing begins.”

I chuckled, “You are some piece of work, lady.” Turning more serious I told her “I can’t believe what you’ve done for me, and to me, in the year since Mary died. I expected to live out the rest of my life as the sad shell of a man, but you’ve rejuvenated me and made me appreciate living again. The whole time you were away, I worried about you, worried about us. I was afraid some forty year old successful businessman would sweep you off your feet and you’d disappear from my life. I can’t imagine not having you in my life as both a lover and a friend”

She took my hand and squeezed it “I think we should go home now.” After excusing myself and using the rest room to both relieve myself and swallow a pill, I paid our bill and smiled as we walked out knowing that there were more heads turning as we walked by. On the ride home, Tracy sat close and rested her head on my shoulder while her fingers brushed lightly along my thigh being careful to not stimulate me to the point of distraction.

When we got inside, she turned and pressed herself tight to my body as we shared a long passionate kiss. I slid the zipper of her dress down and slipped it from her shoulders before unclasping the push up bra that gave her small breasts that sexy swell. “Take me to bed and let me make love to you.” she cooed in my ear. We walked to her bedroom, her naked except for thigh high stockings and high heels and me still fully clothed. When we got to her bedroom, she turned and slipped off my sports coat and slowly unbuttoned my shirt. She opened my shirt and ran the tip of her tongue around first one nipple and then the other as she stripped the shirt off. Kissing down over my stomach she unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my slacks and slid the zipper down. After she pushed my pants and boxers down, she brushed her lips lightly along my shaft, barely touching my skin. I groaned at how gentle and loving her touch was. Her tongue swirled slowly around my head and her fingers caressed my balls. After kissing the head of my cock, she stood and led me across to her bed. She pushed me back onto the bed and with a sultry look in her eyes said “Lay back and let me take care of all your needs.” Her thumb rubbed across my tip, spreading the drops of precum around my glans. Her other hand found her clit and circled it slowly as she let out a series of soft moans. When she felt she was ready, she climbed onto the bed and straddled my hips. Her stocking clad knees were pressed tightly against my hips as she slowly rocked back and forth to rub her labia across my cock.

Watching through half closed eyes, I reached both hands up to capture her nipples and gently twist and pinch them. Tracy moaned as she guided the head of my cock to her entrance and sloooowly sank down on my shaft. While she lingered with my shaft fully engulfed, I moaned “Oh God that feels good. You feel so good.” She started to move up and down with a relaxed rhythm as her eyes focused completely on mine. I released her nipples and my hands squeezed her breasts, pushing them together and then letting them relax back to their natural position. Each time she sank down completely, her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock eliciting more moans from me. My hands moved down along her ribs, over her hips and settled on her thighs, slowly rubbing up and down across her stockings and her smooth upper thighs.

She increased her rhythm and I could tell she was approaching her climax. My hands moved back to her hips and guided her as my hips lifted and lowered in counterpoint to hers. She rocked back and forth and the change of motion hit me hard and caused me to thrust with more urgency. Sensing that I was getting close, she moaned “Yes, baby, cum for me. I want to feel your cum inside me as I cum on your cock. Be my stud and breed your mare.” Gripping her hips, I pulled her down each time I thrust up and soon my cock began to spasm as cum surged through it and shot up into her pussy like a fountain, As soon as she felt my sperm in her pussy, she rocked violently and I felt her pussy constrict around my cock, milking me as she came.

Tracy and I had fucked many times, gone down on each other even more than that, watched each other masturbate and engaged in all the sexual activities two consenting adults could think of, but this was the first time we had ever made love. After she regained her composure, Tracy moved to slip my cock from her pussy and bent down to lick our combined cums from my shaft and balls. When I was clean to her satisfaction, she moved up and gave me a long passionate kiss. As we cuddled in post-coital bliss, she sighed and said “When we started this, I was looking for a fuckbuddy, nothing more, someone who could help me quench my desires without romantic entanglements. My trip to Florida made me realize that I’ve developed much deeper feelings for you. I missed you terribly and don’t want to be away from you for that long ever again. You told me at the restaurant that I rejuvenated you and that you were afraid of losing me. Well, let me tell you, you’ve awakened parts of me that I had hidden away for so long. After my divorce, I didn’t want to ever be dependent on a man again. But after being with you and then away from you, I realized that it wasn’t dependence I feared, it was love. Now when we’re not together for more than a few days, I ache. As improbable as it seems to me, I’ve fallen in love with you.”

I hugged Tracy tight and kissed her hard and enthusiastically. “I can only imagine what our kids will say when they find out about this turn of events. I’m sure that mine will be happy, but I also know I’ll suffer some good-natured abuse.”

“Oh, yeah, my son and his partner will be happy for me, but my daughter may have a heart attack from the shock. She knows that we’ve become friends, but I’m sure she’s convinced that I’m destined to become a spinster old maid. The shock of finding out Mom is in love and especially finding out that Mom is having sex as often and as varied as she can may be too much for the poor girl.”

I laughed, “Maybe we should make a video for her. We can create a fake Facebook account and post it there and point her too it. Who knows, maybe you can become the next Kim Kardassian.”

“Nope, that would definitely send her over the edge. Besides, I have no desire to become an internet sensation.”

As I stroked her hair a thought occurred to me, “I think we should go on a cruise as a couple. Although I do wonder if either of us will survive ten days with nothing to do but screw like rabbits. Besides, it will be good to get out of this friggin’ cold weather.”

“A cruise sounds like a great idea to me” she replied before reaching under the covers to grab my still semi-erect cock. She gave me an evil grin, “But tonight I think I want a trip around the world.” as she ducked her head beneath the covers.

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