Of Romance Anew Ch. 01


Warning: This story does involve incest and gay romance. Just in case you are not into that kind of stuff.


Two months ago, that’s when I realized this attraction… This deep, burning attraction… I was very unsure of myself, I mean, falling for a man? I was raised to be against Homosexuals, it was just… wrong. At least that’s what my mother had taught me, now I saw it differently. The first time I had seen another man naked in person, that was when I realized may be attracted to men. Of course I had seen porn before, and I was attracted to woman, I never really felt anything with it, though I held no real attraction for the men either at the time.

I suppose I was just neutral with the porn, getting off to the woman because I thought I was supposed to, and not really looking at the men because I was taught not to. Now though I did feel something, it was very hard to describe, light headed, a deep pit in my chest, my throat felt like it may close itself and deprive myself of oxygen.

As I said it was about two months ago, a month after I had turned 18. I had been holding my bladder for a while, I had been watching a movie with some friends, a horror movie, some guy with chainsaws for hands had been massacring a private estate, the kind with a large wall and an entry fence into something like a suburban area, many houses, lots of richer family’s living in their own private township. The man, or monster or demon, not sure what he was, had been going house to house taking out family’s, at this particular scene he had been sawing through a door well a teenage girl started grabbing knives from the kitchen.

Though I was pretty into the movie I could not hold it much longer, I rushed to the bathroom, not even thinking about the light that was visible through the slight gap at the bottom of the door. I grabbed the handle and rushed in, my other hand over my crotch. I was quickly halted though as soon as I had entered. I now stared at him, the man I would find myself dreaming about endlessly.

My eyes began at his feet, slowly traveling up his legs, they were thick with hair, not so much that you could not see skin, but quite hairy, much more than I have ever seen on other men. (At least of what I have seen of men.) I followed the dark hair up to find his crotch, it too was hairy. A thick mess of black hair, about five inches of flaccid cock protruding from it. It was at this point I felt my cheeks flush with the quickening of my heartbeat and the familiar tingling sensation in my crotch that indicated a hard on. now my gaze was on his stomach, not overly muscular but slightly protruding, I would not use the word fat, it did not seem accurate, maybe husky or just thick. It too was covered in the thick black pelt, not as hairy as his legs had been. The dark fur thickened up his broad chest, ending at his neck base and shoulders, it was thickest in the center of his chest and the treasure trail going down the center of his stomach. His arms were raised above his head, rapidly brushing a towel over his head, at this point all you could see of his face was his broad chin, and the thick stubble that ran down from his side burns over it.

I felt the heavy rapid beats within my chest, it felt as if it were pounding to get out, maybe lunge at the man before me. I felt my lips moved as the sound escaped my lips

“D-dad?” I choked out.

I was glad my hand had been over my crotch to hide the raging boner in my jeans. He moved the towel off his head, moving it down to wrap around his waist, his deep blue eyes stared into my own pale grey eyes, the only thing interrupting the gaze was his messy black hair that when wet, hung down over his brow.

“Yea, Greg??” His deep voice spoke out.

“S-sorry!” I stuttered out as I rapidly turn my back. “I just really had to go to the bathroom, I did not think to knock!” I managed to choke out.

“It’s fine son, we are both men.” He said in a gruff, dominating tone.

There it was again, his deep voice. I felt the forty-two year old man’s shoulder brush mine as he left the bathroom, it sent shudders through me… Than I was reminded of my recent urges to piss. I rapidly turned into the bathroom, closing the door behind myself, panting heavily. Relieving myself was rather challenging considering the hard on I had been concealing.

That was when I realized this attraction, now over these two months, not much had happened. I had pleasured myself countless time with the images and fantasy’s in my head, but most the time I would just lay in bed imagining myself curled up to his side, head gently laid across his nearly furred chest. I had often used this image of myself, laying in his protective grasp to get to sleep, it always made me calm, lifting the usual haze surrounding my hormone drugged mind and putting a warm feeling in my chest. A few times I had tried to sneak peeks of him, like when he was stepping out of the shower wrapped in a towel. Once I had heard him masturbating in his bedroom, I was not sure how I felt kurtköy escort about this, it made me hard, but I was not sure if I enjoyed listening, his grunts and moans were surely attractive, but I think I felt rude listening in, a severe invasion of his privacy. I would have tried to take a peek through the door, but it was closed and opening it was out of the question, what excuse would I have if he had noticed? Though I could always imagine his thick hairy body, panting as his bear paws of hands stroked whatever chunk of meat he hid in his pants, the smell of his seed spurting in the air, maybe if it had landed on his chest, and things were different I could have licked it off.

It was a while before I heard a much louder groan, surely he had just came, I realized now I had been panting heavily due to the thoughts running through my head, I quickly fled from the door to my own room to repeat what he had just done himself.

I suppose I should also explain a bit of my home life, I lived here with my dad, in a three bedroom one bathroom house, nothing too fancy, just a normal house on the outskirts of a small town in the state of Michigan. It was not a large town, it had a pretty small community, most people knew each other. I had always enjoyed where I lived though, hot summers, cold winters, and more specifically we lived pretty far away from most other people, call me anti-social, but I like not having any direct next-door neighbors. Most the houses on this road were at least a mile apart.

One bedroom was down stairs, same with the bathroom, and upstairs was the master bedroom and a small library, it was not originally meant to be a library, but my father loved to read, it was a passion of his I suppose. The room was originally meant to be a spare bedroom, but he built a few shelves directly into the wall, added a few comfortable chairs and then began to gather books, he had two shelves full of books he had enjoyed or found interesting, not much for all the fancy literature stuff, but stories of adventure, lust, love and fantasy. Below us was the basement, Dad mostly used it for the wood-stove and wood stacks or storage, but there was a carpeted spot with a couch and television, not much but it was a neat little spot.

It was just the three of us, my father, my dog witch I had named Travis and of course myself. My mother had left my father a few years back when I was fourteen, I did not take it too roughly, she was rather mean, I think she held something against me. My father was broken up about it for a few years, but he forced himself into his books, spending every other day reading. I think he really started to recover when I was seventeen, the past year between my seventeenth birthday and my eighteenth birthday he had tried dating, he had a girl for a few months, some blonde woman named Jessie, I never liked her, I was happy when it was ended with his own hand, I would have hated to see him broken up over another girl.

End of prelude.

And now here I am, alone, chest heaving heavily as I pant, my black bangs sticking to my sweaty forehead, eyes shut tightly, my hand gripping my own 6 inches. I gently fondled my balls with my left hand, panting deeply as I gasped loudly, hot cum shooting up in spurts, splattering across my chest and belly. I lay panting in my bed, my hand gently stroking the last of the cum from my cock, after a short while I managed to stand, looking in the mirror I can see the wet cum sticking to my slightly furred chest, the dark hairs traveling down my belly, the treasure trail going to my own bush of dark hair, my now flaccid cock. I was not quite as built as my Dad, broad shoulders, but not near as tall nor as muscled, also I did not have the same protruding gut as him, my own belly was flat, nothing special most would say.

After cleaning myself I went to leave, knowing what was bound to happen after I opened my bedroom door. I braced myself as I turned the handle, as soon as the door cracked open it was pushed inward, I knew to let go of the door right away and side step its path, and in pounced Travis, the black and white husky, tongue dangling and flopping around his mouth as he ran in, always so excited after being locked out of my room, past me he bound, leaping up onto my bed upsetting the sheets and blanket, his tail wagging with such ferocity his whole rear seemed to wag with it, his blue eyes looking into mine with love and excitement. I chuckled and turned to him, speaking quickly, crouching and dropping my hands to my knees.

“Who is a good boy!? Who is a good boy!? Is it Travis!? Is it you Travis!?”

I spoke quickly and excitedly to get him even more riled up, it worked as he barked and jumped, front paws first on my bed, I laughed and gave in a small run, leaping up beside him where he dodged me and pounced over me, lapping at my face happily.

“Aww, yea you are a good boy!”

I said chuckling as I pet his head gently, pushing him back slightly so he would stop lapping at my face. as he pulled aydıntepe escort back and laid down beside me, sparkling blue eyes staring into my own, tail still wagging rapidly, I already knew what he wanted. I grinned knowing just how he would react to the next words.


I said in barely a whisper, taking a while to fully voice it out, and with this being said he quickly reeled his head back, letting out a bark as he jump up and pounced rapidly on my bed in excitement, I chuckled softly as I stood up, going to my dresser to grab his leash.

As we approached the door I found it swinging open to me, I quickly found my eyes traveling up a white sleeveless shirt of the broad chested man I knew as my Dad. he was sweaty and a bit musky, he must have gotten back from work, he had a small group made up of a few men from our small community, they would drive around with a few trucks and saws, sawing fallen trees into logs which they tossed in the truck. It was hard work, I had even joined with them a fair few times. We needed to do this, its how he made money, most of the people nearby that were not in the town heated their houses with wood, it was his job to collect wood during the summer, split it and sell it during the winter, it made good pay, but during the summer we had next to no income during the summer, just what we could make doing side jobs.

“Hey, I was just about to take Travis for a walk… ”

There it was again, the pit in my chest, the heavy breathing, I cannot express how difficult these past two months had been, every second around him felt like minutes, everything seemed to get heavier when he was around, and my eyes hardly left his body. I was still unsure of these feelings of attraction towards him, they scared me greatly.

“Yea? do not run him much, its pretty hot out and with his coat he would over heat.”

“Yes, father.” I say as casually as I can muster.

I managed not feint or let my knees buckle as he stepped past me, patting me on the back as he did, I hated it when he touched me, it made my blood rush, and I always felt feint, I felt my knees buckling, his thick musk filling the air as he passed, I quickly made my way out the open door, nearly panting as I did.

Outside the sun beat down heavily, Travis was an active dog, and during summer I could not run him so I had to walk twice as far, usually a mile down the road, I did not mind though.

A smile crossing my lips as the house came into view, it was not too different from ours, a small garden out front, where I could see Sophie joyfully weeding out her garden, she really does adore it.

As I approached the door she looked up and smiled softly, she was one of the most beautiful woman I have met, or maybe I had weird standards for woman. She was not hot or sexy by normal standards, but her smile was reassuring and warming, its hard not to adore a woman like her. Her soft white hair was put into a pony tail so to keep it out of her face when she knelt to weed. She had dyed it white when she started greying, saying something about aging gracefully, her face was wrinkled slightly but she did not look as old as she really was, 53 if I remembered correctly.

“Oh hello, Greg!” She exclaimed in a cheerful manner, I could not help but grin widely, she always had that effect on me.

“Hello ma’am.” I said happily.

Travis yanked on his leash a bit, but I had to hold him back to assure he would not jump on her.

“Here to see Alice? she is inside.”

“Thank you ma’am.” I smiled and turned to go in.

Once in the entryway I wipe off the bottom of Travis’s paws before taking off his leash, he ran off in obvious search for Alice. I remove my shoes and soon follow after him, cherishing in the cool breeze of the air conditioner, a costly luxury not many could afford.

Soon we entered Alice’s room, Travis knew better than to jump on her bed, last time she had she let out a wail that sent shudders through us for days, instead he sat beside her bed wagging his tail cheerfully. I smiled as I glanced around the room, the black painted walls, the metal band posters covering her walls, random pictures of guys in make-up with gelled spiky hair that went across their faces, she once styled my hair like that but she said it looked strange on me, it still took forever to wash out the hair gel, the glances I got from Dad during that time sure were strange.

“Hey you two, still being idiots like usual I see?” Her tone is one of the joking manner that she often used with us. She generally says she hates most things and that’s why she messes with us. I do not think its true, she adores a few things… like wrist bands and the colors red and black…

“Hey Alice, thought I would swing by well walking Travis.” I say well smiling softly.

She sat up tossing a magazine of some sort onto the nearby counter, her flat hair bouncing lightly. The violet, deep blue and red streaks always seemed to mesmerize me, how she went around tuzla içmeler escort with such colorful strands around her head I would never know. On her right arm she had wristbands going up above her elbow, too many for me to count. They all stood for something, but I could hardly remember any of them, I know one said “born gay, made human” and I only remember that one because she made sure I knew about it when I told her I thought I may be gay. She has a small purple gem pierced on her nose, I always wondered why she had so many accessory’s, the dull spiked wrist bands around her ankles and left wrist, the collar she sometimes wore around her neck, among other smaller things like rings and necklaces that I rarely noticed. I could not help but smile at her, she sure was an oddity way out here in the country. I have never actually seen her base hair color, I think its blonde like her mother but she keeps it violet with the red and blue streaks. She is one year older than me though, nineteen, though she was still in high school, held back a few years, not because she was stupid, just because she had issues with teachers and fighting, she should graduate sometime in the winter, should she manage not to get held back again.

“Yea?” Her slight smile always makes me smile back, she really is pretty even if she denies it.

“Do you wana head into town for a bit? I wanted to swing by a few stores, maybe the mall.”

I grinned a sly grin, turning my back and raising my chin in a stuck up manner and taking a slight posh accent “My my young lady! it would appear you are asking me out on a date!”.

She grins widely, leaping from the bed to slam her fist into my shoulder, I try not to flinch but I can’t help it as we both chuckle “Don’t be a pussy!” she says teasingly “So do you want to go with me or not?”

I rub my shoulder gently, say what you will about how girls hit, she is still pretty strong. “Yea sure, we best swing by home though so I can drop off Travis.”

She gives her normal half smile and nods lightly, soon we are walking out the door, we both say goodbye to Sophie well she tends the garden.

After a bit she eventually taps my back, I let out a sigh and pull Travis to a stop so I can kneel, she giggles happily and jumps up onto my shoulders, she always had me carry her whenever we had to walk a long way.

Soon I was letting Travis Inside the house and yelling in “HEY DAD! ME AND ALICE ARE HEADING IN! I WILL BE BACK BEFORE DINNER!”

A much louder “OKAY SON! TRAVEL SAFELY!” yells back, the gruff voice sends shutters through me, though I am sure Alice hardly noticed them though.

Now we are heading to the bus stop, it’s a few miles down the road, but it’s much better than walking the full fourteen miles into town. I grab Alice’s left arm to looks at the watch above her spike wrist-band, 1:34… the bus swings by once at 10:00, again at 2:00 and then one final time at 4:30. I speed up a bit wanting to be sure we get there on time.

Time passed quickly as I was greatly distracted, I have been thinking about telling Alice about my dad… my feelings towards him, she is my closest friend and I hope she can help me… I am not sure what her stands are on that kind of stuff, I worry quite a bit about her thinking it is some hideous sickening thing, that she yells at me and rejects me, or tells everyone. Though those worry’s diminish when I see her many wrist bands. How could someone so accepting of so much reject her best friend for something like this? Still it was going to be difficult to tell her…

Soon we arrive at the bus stop, I look to her watch… 1:49. Good. I smile as we step into the shade of the bus stop roof, she puts one boot on the bench and lifts herself off my shoulders. I sit down as she jumps down and sits beside me, usually we would chit chat, though now I am staring at the other side of the road well fiddling with my thumbs, a few minutes and she taps my shoulder, which shakes away the daze.

“Huh? Oh? Yes what is it?” I mutter rapidly.

“You were off in la-la-land, you okay? You are hardly ever this distracted, what’s up?”

I rub my head and crack a smile “Oh it’s nothing, just thinking about how Dad and I are gonna pay for this summer, that’s all.” Usually I am a good liar, but she can see right through me, it’s a bit discerning, I have never liked people to know when I tell the truth or lie.

“Hey now, lying is no good. What is it?” she gives a concerning glance.

“… Well… I-I… erm” a loud car horn interrupts me, making me jump startled, my head turns to the bus pulling up “Heh, we best get going!” I stand up, trying to ignore my rapid heartbeat.

She frowns as we step onto the bus, a few other people from the other few bus stops fill a few seats of the bus, but for the most part its empty, we travel in mostly silence, she tosses me a glare every so often. I am not to sure she will let me off the hook…

A day full of traveling, first we went to the book store, I figured since its on the way I could get a few books for Dad… it feels so strange to be buying gifts for him, if others knew my attraction to him and my reasoning in buying him books is maybe an attempt to get closer, and not in a bonding way, I feel like the other people in this book store would be repulsed.

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