Object of Mom’s Affection


After a long day at work…

Jill came home and took off her shoes. It was late November. She was a Constitutional law professor and exam week was fast approaching. By the time she got home that afternoon, she was exhausted after reviewing all of the key concepts with her students.

She disrobed piece by piece, tossing her expensive attire onto the floor as she headed up the stairs.

The prim and proper 42 year old was fully stripped of her professional wardrobe by the time she reached Robert’s room. He was still away at college and was going to return once his winter break began. He was the only thing on her mind as she taught her law students all morning.

She entered his room wearing only a bra and panties. They were black colored, expensive, and sexy. No one would have ever imagined that she would wear something like that underneath her outfit. No one could have ever expected her to take off her bra in her son’s room, but she did. She tossed her bra onto the floor. Then she reached down and removed her panties.

She was completely naked.

Jill stood in front of the bedroom mirror, thinking to herself. ‘Am I pretty enough for him? Does he think about me often? Did he meet a new girlfriend at college?

The normally modest woman struck various nude poses in front of the mirror. She bent over to watch her breasts hang down. Her brown nipples were hardening from being exposed and aroused. Her crotch had a small patch of pubic hair. Jill turned to see her ass in the mirror. It was larger than she would have liked, but she couldn’t complain. She had the body of a middle-aged woman, and she loved it.

Rest was needed after the busy day. Robert’s bed looked appealing at the moment, so she laid down on it. Her naked body spread on top of her son’s blanket. It was the most relaxed she had felt in a very long time. A deep breath escaped her lips. She closed her eyes for a long moment, but she realized there was still a lot of work she had to do.

Before Jill left her son’s room, she planted kisses on his pillow. He would be home soon. She picked up her bra and panties and left.

Object of Mom’s Affection

Jill sat naked in front of her bedroom computer.

She had spent over an hour answering last minute email questions from her law students. Each reply was carefully crafted and detailed. It always delighted her when students were motivated to succeed.

Before she got up to take a quick shower, a thought of her son came to mind. He would be home soon. She hadn’t seen in months and she missed him dearly. With a simple click, she opened a new email and sent him a message:

Hey Robert,

I hope studying is going well for you. Final exams are always stressful, especially during your first semester of college. I know you’ll do great and I’m very proud of you.

Things were awkward when you left home, there’s no denying that. It was inappropriate what we did. I take full responsibility for everything.

We’ve talked dozens of times over the phone these past few months, but never about that incident. I hope we can put it past us and have a normal relationship. I don’t want to ruin what we have.

Now get back to studying already, I want you to do great. : )

All the best,

Your mother

Jill went to the bathroom and took a shower, which always helped her to unwind mentally and physically after a busy day. Instead of thinking ‘normal’ thoughts, she continued thinking about her son, even though she knew it wasn’t appropriate. It was her personal vice. Her secret vice.

When she finished, she dried herself and wore her silk robe. The computer was still on, and there were several new emails already. She skimmed through them, most of them were from her students, but one of them was a reply from Robert. She clicked the message from her son:

Hey mom!

Thanks for the nice words. I’m definitely working hard and I’m even meeting up with my study group later. We’re going out to dinner afterwards. So things are going well for me here.

I don’t want you to feel awkward or anything because of what happened. It wasn’t that bad, was it? Besides, no one is ever going to know about it right? That’s all that matters.

Take care,


Thoughts swirled through her head and her mind was abuzz. Getting a new message from her son always made her feel special. Deep down, it was arousing to her that Robert didn’t mind their little encounter before he left for college. She wondered to herself if Robert ever masturbated late at night thinking about it.

She opened her robe and touched herself.


The next morning. Jill was in her office explaining the limits on Legislative power over individual states to Brittany, one of her favorite students.

“Thanks for clearing that up, professor,” the student smiled. “Now I’m a lot more confident heading into the exam.”

Jill smiled, “You’ll do fine. I’m glad that you’re taking the time to go through some of your tuzla escort concerns with me. It sounds like you have a firm grasp on everything now.”

“I can only hope. Between this class and Real Property, it’s starting to feel like my brain is about to overload.”

“Yeah, I can remember my days as a law student. There are so many rules to remember, but once you understand the concepts, everything feels a lot easier. You just need a little more faith in yourself.”

Brittany nodded. “You’re the best. I feel bad for saying this, but you’re my favorite professor at this school. You’re probably the best teacher I’ve ever had. A lot of people have said the same thing. Everyone thinks you’re super awesome.”

“That’s very kind,” Jill replied proudly. “I love teaching, what else can I say?”

“That’s pretty obvious. Don’t tell anyone I said this, but students sometimes joke that you carry your laptop everywhere you go. If anyone emails you, they get a reply in 30 minutes or less no matter what time of day it is. That’s the running joke in our class.”

“Perks of being a middle-aged single woman I suppose. Most of my time is devoted to my students.”

“Mind if I ask you a personal question?” Brittany asked. “How come you aren’t dating? Why spend so much time on your job? I mean, no offense, but since we’re on the subject, I’ve always been curious. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind, as long as you don’t tell anyone.”

The student held the palm of her hand up. “I swear I won’t tell another soul.”

“Good,” the professor replied. “I had always assumed that my ex-husband was the person I would spend the rest of my life with. When that didn’t happen, I didn’t have a plan B. I don’t know, I think that’s common for a lot of women my age. I hope you’ll never have to go through that.”

“I think I know what you mean, to a lesser extent obviously. I was a serious relationship before and I was beyond devastated when I caught him cheating with another girl. The whole thing was horrible. Just awful. It took me a year to fully get over it.”

“Are you with anyone now?” Jill asked.

Brittany smiled. “Not exactly. I’m sort of playing the field at the moment, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh, well, you’re beautiful and young. Plus you’re very intelligent. There’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy the benefits of youth.”

“I can hook you up with dates if you want. There are plenty of hot guys I know who would love to be with a woman your age. Everything would be discreet of course…if you’re interested…”

Jill laughed. “Thanks, but the last thing I need right now is for one of my students to set me up on ‘dates.’ But thanks for the offer.”

“Let me know if you ever change your mind,” Brittany said with a playful grin. “Anyway, I need to go. I have a meeting with another professor in a few minutes. Thanks again for your time.”

The two women stood up and Jill extended her arm for a handshake, but Brittany wanted a hug, so the two women hugged.

“Good luck,” Jill said. “Email me if you have any further questions.”

Brittany reached inside of her purse and handed the professor a small box of candy.

“I bought that for you. Enjoy it. I’ll see you next semester.” Brittany winked, “And let me know if you change your mind about setting you up on dates. I’m totally serious here. I have no problems finding a guy your age, if that’s what you’re looking for. Everything will be discreet.”

“Thanks again, but I’m not interested.”

“So you never plan on dating again?” the student asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Of course I do, it’s just , I have someone on my mind already. Long story.”

Brittany smiled. “Really? You never mentioned that. So who is he? Someone you met at the grocery store? A friend? Perhaps another professor at this school?”

The professor shook her head. “I shouldn’t have said anything. It’s much too complicated.”

“It’s gotta be a younger man. Does he know? Or is this something you keep to yourself?”

Jill sighed. “He’s much younger than me. I think he knows how I feel. Like I said, it’s a very complicated situation and I shouldn’t have mentioned it.”

“Don’t feel ashamed if you’re attracted to a younger man professor. I have a Master’s Degree in Psychology and another BA in Human Sexuality. I have a pretty good understanding of the inner-workings of the human mind. So I don’t judge anybody when it comes to their sexual desires.”

“You still wouldn’t understand… it’s… it’s hard to explain…”

Jill suddenly became nervous, and without thinking, she looked on her desk, to a picture of her son. Brittany saw where the teacher was looking and she immediately figured out the secret.

“Is that a picture of you and your… your son? Oh… uh… that’s understandable these days. Look, I better go now. I think I’m late for my other appointment. Bye.”

The law professor froze where she stood. Her stomach sank as her personal secret was discovered by the intelligent pendik escort student who managed to figure it out. Was Brittany going to tell her friends what a perverted woman the professor was? Or was Brittany going to keep it a secret?

Jill was powerless.


That afternoon. On the way home, Jill thought about her student’s assertion that she worked too much, that her life was too focused on work. The student was right, she thought to herself.

Jill came home at 3 pm and undressed in her bedroom. She put on her expensive silk robe with nothing underneath. It felt soft and soothing against her fair skin. The house was eerily quiet, which was exactly what she needed.

She casually walked to Robert’s room and removed the robed, placing it on a chair. Being totally naked in her son’s room was her secret thrill. It was the highlight of her day. Seeing herself nude in the mirror while in his room made her vagina moist. Not many things were able to turn her on, but this did.

The law professor laid on the bed. Her naked backside was on top of her son’s neatly spread blanket. Her legs and arms were spread wide open to enjoy the comfort of the bed.

Jill brought her hand down and began to touch herself. Her fingers explored her much neglected womanhood. The soft tips of her fingers played with her delicate labia. The tip of her index finger entered between the labia and inside of her vagina. Then another finger. Jill began to moan as she fingered herself. Her fingers switched from rubbing the inside of her wet vagina to rubbing her small clitoris in a circular motion.

Robert was on her mind. She imagined her son watching her, naked on his bed, masturbating openly. She imagined that Robert was also naked. She imagined him reaching down to help rub her pussy. Even more inappropriate, she imagined Robert’s swollen hard cock just inches from her face. In her fantasy, she pulled his body forward and took his manhood inside of her mouth. He squirmed uncomfortably as she provided him with intense oral pleasure.

On the brink of an orgasm, the phone suddenly rang.

Jill snapped back to reality. Her alone time was ruined. But it could have been Robert calling? She got up, naked, and walked to her bedroom and checked the caller id. It was the Dean of the Law School.

“Hello,” she answered. “…I’m doing well thanks. And you?… Oh nothing, I was on my exercise bike, that’s how I stay in shape… I know… uh huh…Sure! Of course I’ll be there. Sounds like a great idea… Great, I’ll see you then… Bye.”

The call ended and Jill blushed at the idea that she just accepted an invitation from the Dean to attend a lunch meeting with wealthy donors, while she was completely naked at the moment. Her fingers were still wet with vaginal fluids, and so was her labia.

It was a fun fantasy she had before the phone call interrupted. She looked at her computer screen and saw that she already had 9 new email messages. She washed her hands and got back to work.


Jill took a sip of her freshly made coffee as she sat naked in front of the computer. Nudity around the house was something she was becoming used to. She liked it.

After a quick skim of her email list, Jill’s attention was grabbed by the fact that she had a new message from her son, and from Brittany. A message from Robert was always her top priority, but in this case, she was desperate to know what her student had to say.

She clicked open the email from Brittany:

Hello Professor,

Hope you’re doing well. Thanks again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with me this morning. I really appreciate it, and all the advice you’ve given me throughout the semester.

I also wanted to take the time to apologize for how I acted when I left your office. I really wasn’t sure how to react at that moment, to be frank. It’s a very taboo subject in society, and I’ve never talked to anyone about it before.

Just so you know, it’s a normal fantasy. When I was studying Psychology and Human Sexuality, this topic was mentioned numerous times and no one seemed grossed out by out. That tells me that they either secretly enjoy the fantasy, or they can relate to it.

Personally, I sometimes have ‘feelings’ for my own father. I’ve never mentioned that to anyone in my entire life (except to you in this email).

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone. I’d love to sit down and talk about this sometime. I always enjoy having a good conversation with you.


The law professor smiled to herself after she read the email. She felt humiliated when the student found out her secret, and now she felt relieved. Brittany understood. Brittany could relate to the somewhat shameful feelings of incest. There was nothing to hide anymore. Jill had always been fond of Brittany as a student, and they were starting to become friends over the course of the semester, but this only made them aydınlı escort closer.

Jill clicked the reply button and typed her response to the student:

Dear Brittany,

Thanks for the message. You’re even smarter than I expected when you discovered my ‘secret’. Clever girl. I felt utterly humiliated and embarrassed when you left. I assumed our teacher/student relationship was ruined. Even worse, I was afraid you might spread the news with the other students.

I’ve worked hard for the reputation I have on campus, and with my legal career, and the thought of a rumor destroying everything would be so devastating. So I’m very glad that I can trust you.

I’m glad that you’ve told me about your father. It always feels good to share and to get things off your chest. As strange as this sounds, a part of me feels good that I have someone to confide in about this issue. Give me a call if you ever want to talk about it. You have my number.

All the best,

Your “favorite professor”

The email was sent and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Her dark secret was safe and she now had a trusted friend to confide in. They would eventually see each other on campus again and things wouldn’t be awkward.

Jill then opened the email from her son:

Hey mom,

Judging by the last email you sent me, it’s really obvious that you’re still uptight over what happened between us. I still think about it occasionally. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day.

We kissed on the mouth. It’s not that big of a deal.

Would it bother you if I enjoyed it? Anyway, there’s no need to reply. I just wanted to let you know that you should stop being so hard on yourself. You’re a great mom!

See you soon,


The normally well-composed woman suddenly melted in her chair. Her heart pounded knowing that her son enjoyed the kiss they shared on the mouth a few months ago.

Jill’s womanhood and sexuality became alive again. She leaned back on the chair and spread her legs, letting her right hand satisfy her needs. Her fingers played with her clitoris and went inside of her vagina. The computer screen was still open to her son’s email. Gasps escaped her mouth as she masturbated.

Time passed. Her toes curled. Jill had an orgasm.

The other law students who emailed the professor would have to wait for her bliss to subside before they could get a response to their questions.


The next morning. Jill sat in her office giving exam tips to one of her students. The conversation was professional and courteous. Teaching and mentoring students was a responsibility she took seriously.

After the brief meeting was over, they politely shook hands and the student left.

Jill was sitting in her office alone and then she opened her laptop to look at her email once again. Robert had sent her another message, but this time with a picture attached.

There was a knock on the open door and the professor immediately closed her laptop. It was her student, Brittany.

“Hey professor,” she smiled. “Busy?”

Jill smiled back. “I always have time for you. Come in.”

Instead of a handshake, they hugged like old friends, then they sat down.

“So what can I do for you this morning?” the professor asked. “Any other constitutional questions I can help you with?”

“Well actually you did a great job with that yesterday. I was in the library studying and I thought of you. That’s why I came by, to see if you were around.”

“Is it fair to say that the subject on your mind is not law related?” she asked with an eyebrow raised.

Brittany nodded. “You’re right. God, I can’t stop thinking about it. You and your son? That’s so wild.”

“You seem intrigued.”

“Of course I am. Who wouldn’t be?”

“I don’t blame you. I know it’s really unusual. It’s incredibly taboo. You’re the only person who knows about it. So a part of me is actually glad that I have someone to talk with.”

“Your son doesn’t know?” she asked.

“He partly knows.”

Brittany’s eyes lit up. “Tell me everything. I need to hear this.”

“Everything huh?” the professor laughed. “I don’t think we have for everything.”

“I’ll settle for the short version,” the student smiled.

Jill nodded. “Fine, the short version. After he turned 18, Robert became more focused on his future. We’ve literally spent hours together talking about which college he might want to attend and which major he should choose. He recently split up with his girlfriend so he had plenty of free time on his hands. We were around each other so much because he knew he wanted to leave home and explore life on his own. So it felt like the clock was ticking between us.”

“I know the feeling. When I turned 18, I felt like I wanted to leave home to conquer the world. My dad was really proud of me and my choice to focus on education. But it was sad moving away because of how close we’ve always been.”

“Exactly. We cherished every moment together. That period of time may have been the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I was a very happy woman and a happy mother.”

“So how did the whole incest thing happen?” Brittany asked with an eyebrow raised.

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