Now It’s My Turn


Part 2 of “An Aunt’s Seduction”

“Now It’s My Turn” Aunt Jen told me.

Gods, how I loved hearing those words.

Slowly, Aunt Jen lowered her body onto mine, straddling my hips and brushing my lips with hers. The kiss became more passionate, and my lips parted, allowing her tongue to slip through my defenses. Our breasts heaved together with our heavy breathing, and Jen’s hips began to move, grinding her bald pussy into my neatly trimmed one.

We began moaning into each other’s mouths as our pleasure built, rising higher and higher towards our mutual climax, the heat from our bodies making the air conditioned bedroom a sweltering oven, ripe with the scents of our sweat and sex. My body responded to hers, my hips rising to meet her thrusts as my orgasm built. I broke the kiss, gasping for air. My aunt was making me so damn HOT!

“Oh, god, Jen,” I moaned, nilüfer escort “I want to eat your pussy.”

“After we cum together, baby,” she replied, the words barely a whisper above our moans and gasps.

I reached around and dug my nails into Jen’s tight, aerobicized ass as my orgasm shook my body. At the same time, Jen screamed loudly as I felt her athletic frame go completely stiff, her orgasm shaking both of us. Jen colapsed on top of me after a moment, but before she could recover, I rolled us both over so that I was on top of her.

With a devilish look in my eye, I began teasing her nipples with my tongue while I ground my pussy into hers.

“Oh, god, no Sara,” she moaned. “I can’t take anymore!”

“You promised me I could eat your pussy,” I replied. “And you’re going to keep your promise.”

Slowly my tongue görükle escort worked its way down her writhing body, stopping briefly to taste the sweat pooled in her tight little navel, then down to the tastiest pool of all. I paused before touching her quivering mound to savor the aroma of her awakened sex. The heady brew intoxicated me, and drove my lust even higher, a feat which I hadn’t thought possible.

Gently, I allowed the very tip of my tongue to touch her labia, and jerked my head out of the way as her hips shot up into my face. As her hips lowered back to the bed, I tried again, this time plunging my whole mouth onto her sopping mound. I was rewarded with a thick stream of her juice shooting directly into my mouth. I swallowed the sweet yet musky stuff, amazed that this woman who was making me so incredibly horny was my aunt.

I bursa escort started to massage her pussy with my lips while my tongue darted in and attacked her stiff clitoris. Soon, my aunt was moaning loudly, and I was once again becoming more lustful. Seemingly of its own accord, my hand slid down between my legs and I started playing with my clit while I ate out my aunt.

After several minutes of tongue and hand action, and lots of moaning and groaning, we came together once again, this time it was MY turn to scream and collapse.

Finally sated, I climbed on top of my aunt and kissed her deeply and passionately, enjoying the feel of our bodies entwined together on the soft satin sheets. We fell asleep in each others arms, lulled by the heat, and the exertion, and the hot smell of our combined sex.

From that time on, our relationship deepened, and we began falling in love. My bedroom became pretty much unused, since I was constantly sleeping with my aunt. I honestly don’t know what conventional society would think of our incestuous relationship, and I honestly didn’t care. We were young and in love, and to hell with anyone who didn’t like it!

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