No Strings Attached – The Christmas Rift Pt 2 – Chapter 28

Big Tits

Friday evening arrives, and I’m wracked with nerves.  I’m going to strip in the club for the first time. Thankfully I only have to repeat the same performance from last week with Jacob and the other guy, Craig. I’ll then spend the rest of the night trying to do private shows which will be the challenging part. My personality and charisma will affect how well I do, and I’ll need to flirt with people I don’t even find attractive.I’ve also found out that Selena has taken me up on the offer of a VIP experience, so that’s another source of my worries. Liam had liked the idea and saw it as a good opportunity for him to speak to her again, but I know if it doesn’t work out tonight then we’ll have to move on. I’m not sure if I’m ready to say goodbye.I’m already on the stage by the time she arrives. I’d been watching the entrance, anxiously the entire time. I spot her out of the corner of my eye as I remove my belt. It seems she’s brought some girlfriends with her, which is fine by me. Liam approaches her and takes her to the seats he’d reserved at the nearest table.A man wearing a sexy waiter’s outfit pours out some glasses of champagne, and she starts giggling, clearly enjoying the experience. I’m unable to hear anything she is saying over the loudness of Def Leppard’s Pour some sugar on me, but I try to read her face as she speaks to Liam. From what I can tell, she seems to be in high spirits.I skim my eyes over her. She looks stunning in a velvet, wine red wiggle dress that barely contains her breasts and black high heels with her hair down. The belt nips in her waist, increasing her curvaceous appearance, the kind of look that brings out a primal instinct in me to claim her. I will need to pull out all the stops to appeal and get her back into our bed.Her eyes glance up and meet mine. I continue to hold her gaze as I perform as if it’s only for her. A friend next to her whispers in her ear and she nods and gestures for something big then laughs. I think she’s just told them she has slept with me.I remove my shirt and move it between my legs suggestively then throw it towards her table. One of her friends snatches up the shirt and squeals in excitement. My hands run down my body, then I remove my trousers which I throw at her table again. My erection strains inside my pants. Her friend then repeats the gesture she’d done. My cock is definitely being spoken about. I feel smug, and I can’t help but smirk at her. I could actually get used to doing this.The music ends, and I slide off the stage and sit on her table.”So are you ready for that lap dance baby girl?””Can my friends come?” she asks, playing with her hair shyly.I glance over them. They all seem nervous with me so close and wearing so little. I had hoped to have some privacy with Selena, off the clock, so to speak, to be extra naughty, which isn’t usually allowed.”Sure thing babe,” I respond, containing my disappointment.I take her by the hand and lead her to a private room. The lack of door is irritating, but I’m not above using Liam’s office to fuck her with his blessing if it seals the deal.I hover over Selena’s lap and gyrate. She looks embarrassed, but I lift her hands to my chest and kiss her briefly. As I graze my lip against hers, I stroke under her jaw. With any luck, I’ll entice her and have her begging to be with me by the time I’m through.Just as she begins to sigh, I move to one of her friends who seems really eager for some attention. She grabs at my arse and pulls me closer as I dance for her too. I turn to consider Selena’s face to see if she’s jealous, which to my delight, she appears to be as she looks away towards the floor.The other friend seems reluctant, so I keep my distance. It’s Selena’s roommate, and she obviously remembers me. I return to Selena.Facing her, I put her hands on my hips then slowly, I lower my underwear until it drops onto the floor, unsheathing my penis. Her roommate seems embarrassed, and she walks out, leaving just Selena and her other friend.I finish my private show for them moments later, and by this point, they’re giggling. I move out of the way to let them leave, but Selena stops and touches my arm, looking up into my face.”I think I want some private time with you,” she murmurs.”You know you don’t need to pay for that. If you say yes to being with us, you’ll get all the time in the world with me.””I want to pay for now. I’ll make my decision after.”I take the token reluctantly, but I finally have her alone. I leave my underwear off and give her an entirely naked lap dance as she freely touches me. My lips end up on hers and move to her neck. Her perfume hits me again. I need to restrain myself. I want her, but I can’t take it further than this. Liam doesn’t care about me sleeping with her, but with me wearing my heart on my sleeve, I’m going to get hurt if this doesn’t go anywhere. There can’t be any more casual sex between us. She has to say yes to both of us.The time passes quickly, and she appears to want more of me as we pull away from our kiss. I linger above her lap, expectantly.”What’s your answer?” I ask quietly, not sure if I’m ready for disappointment.She chews her lip indecisively.”Umm, I need to get a drink… I’m not sure…”I back off instantly and pull Gölbaşı escort bayan on my underwear. I feel like I’m being dragged along. I’m also mad at Liam for shoving me into this position in the first place.”Find me later when you’ve decided. I gotta work,” I respond, dismissively.I don’t want to come across as mean, but it isn’t fair. I feel like I’m being pimped out. If she doesn’t want to be involved with Liam, then it’s best that we just move on and found someone else. We’re wasting each others time, and I don’t want to be a part of it anymore.As I leave, I bump straight into Liam. I shake my head at him and go to walk past.”What happened? Did she say no?””Liam, she still doesn’t know. I think we should just move on. We can’t give her what she wants. She also deserves someone better than us. Just give up Liam.””Did you sleep with her again?””Are you crazy?! In ten minutes?! Like a shit shag like that would make her want to stick around…””I’m going to talk to her.””Just leave her to it. We don’t need her. You’ve got me, and I’m not getting emotionally involved with people who don’t know what they want.””You like her already don’t you?””As if it isn’t obvious? I don’t want to continue being involved if she’s just going to disappear off in a week or so.””I’m going to talk to her. I’ll see if there’s anything I can do to ease her worries.””Fine but I need to get to work. I’m literally standing here losing money right now.”I try to avoid thinking about Selena as I work. I get quite a lot of interest and manage to do well for my first day. It’s odd having tokens thrust at me and having people watching me, but I know I’ll get used to it eventually. I kinda like the attention.I take my break to have some water and a rest. Some women had got quite handsy and left scratch marks, but it isn’t a huge deal. I’m more bothered by the feeling that I might have upset Selena with my behaviour. I didn’t mean to snap, but I’m feeling fragile. I shouldn’t be rushing her.Liam comes up to me.”So I spoke to her. You’re taking her on a date tomorrow.””Oh, what the fuck?! Why me again?!””Because I said so, Matthew. I’m far too busy for that.””You literally sit around naked all day on a Saturday.””Well, I’m busy doing that then. You’re taking her for a nice dinner, cinema whatever she wants with flowers, and then you’re bringing her back for some fun.””So, did she say yes then?””Yes, on the provision she’s treated like a girlfriend.””But why me when we’re both involved?””Because she has a clear preference for you, Matthew.””Well, I’m going back to work…” I reply, rising to my feet from my chair.”No, you’re not. You’re sober, so you’re driving Selena and her friends back. Her friend drank too much so the sooner they’re gone, the better. Fuck her if you want, but you’re doing it.””Liam, you’re being a shitty boyfriend right now…” I snap.He gives me a smug look in response. I’m not being given a choice. I quickly get changed then, come out looking for Selena. Liam gestures towards the toilets.Several women, I danced for earlier recognise me and try to offer me more tokens to strip again, but I apologise and tell them I’ll be back next week.I knock on the toilet door, and Selena comes out.”My friend has been sick. Sorry!””Is she finished now?” I ask.”Yeah, I think so…””Well, I’m going to drive you home.””Don’t you have to work?””No, I’m done for the night.””I’ll just go and get her,” she smiles.As Selena and her roommate help the other girl out of the toilets, I stick my finger up at Liam. He hadn’t told me she was that level of drunk. I’ll probably end up paying for it later, but I’m too mad to care.”Fuck you, Liam!” I mouth, as we leave.There’s is no way this girl isn’t going to puke in my car. I’m going to have to get it professionally cleaned. My stress level rises as I open the car door and help her friend into the back with her roommate. Selena then joins me in the front.”Tonight was wild!” Selena yells. “And everyone saw my boyfriend’s penis!”I glance over to her, and she shrugs at me, grinning happily.”Yeah, that was so weird, no offence.” Her roommate says.”None taken,” I reply. It is weird.”Wow. I’m really dating a stripper,” Selena sighs.”You’re not going to be doing it tonight, are you?” The roommate asks, sounding annoyed.”Well… Matthew?””We don’t have to. I’m quite tired,” I reply, skimming over her body. She still looks fucking hot.”No, I want to. Maybe in your car?””That’s far too much info! Eww.””Sex is not eww, Erin. You sound like a virgin?” Selena quips.”I’m just waiting for the right person.””You could be waiting for years. You should get laid. It’s amazing!””Oh, can we go to the drive-through? I’m hungry.” Erin asks, changing the subject.”That sounds so good right now! Matt?” Selena asks, batting her eyelashes.”Fine.”I take the upcoming turning so they can order some food. Liam really owes me for this.”Did you want something, baby?” she asks.”No, I’m good. I really have to watch what I eat, unfortunately,” I grumble. My vice is delicious, greasy food which Liam has banned me from eating.The food arrives, and they start eating in my car. I feel like I’m being tortured as I fight against ordering two bacon cheeseburgers Escort Keçiören and a large fries. Selena switches on my cd player and Led Zeppelin blasts out. I turn it down.”Oh my god, you like Led Zep?” she asks excitedly raising her hand into a high five. “Don’t leave me hanging.”As she smiles expectantly at me, I realise I need to ease up.”Of course I like Led Zep,” I grin.”Oh my god, I’ve literally found the perfect boyfriend. We need to go to some gigs. That’ll be so much fun!””You know I can play guitar, right?””Really?! No fucking way… you’re like so hot right now.”I smile, happy that she’s happy. We have a shared interest, and she did agree to see us as long as I put the effort in to properly date her.When we arrive at the campus, we help her friend to her own room then walk back to my car hand in hand.On the back seat of my car, I peel her dress off, and she fucks me whilst we continue to listen to music. I grab a fist of her wild, red hair and watch as her ample breasts bounce as she rides me. It feels exhilarating and risky doing it somewhere we can be seen, and I cum hard as she tips her head back and shudders around me.”Mmm, baby girl. That felt so good,” I whisper in her ear as she lays against me.”Want to come inside and annoy Erin?” she smiles mischievously.I stroke her bottom lip with my thumb. I could easily have sex with her all night, but Liam would probably expect me back soon. I kiss her gently.”I need to head home for Liam. I’ll be seeing you tomorrow for our date though.”Her eyes light up with excitement.”Oh, yes! I can’t wait.””Good, because I’m going to date the hell out of you sweetheart.”I walk her back to her dorm and kiss her goodbye at her door. I now have a girlfriend as well, and I’m not entirely sure what to think. As much as I enjoy spending time with her and how amazing the sex is, I’m not convinced that this won’t become messy.I sink into the bed as soon as I make it home. Liam isn’t anywhere to be seen. I hoped he’d punish me for swearing at him, but disappointedly that doesn’t seem to be happening tonight.When I awaken the next morning, I find Liam sleeping in the bed next to me. I hadn’t even noticed him come in. I check the time on the alarm clock and see that it’s already nine, I’m meant to be picking Selena up at eleven. I give him a gentle kiss on his shoulder and get up to shower and dress.She’s waiting outside when I pull up, dressed casually in skinny jeans and a Roxy t-shirt. I open the door for her, and she gets in with a huge grin on her face. Leaning to give her a quick kiss on the cheek, I then hand her the bouquet of gerberas I’d picked up last minute from a petrol station. She deserves better than this, but it is a last-minute date.”Hmm, they’re pretty enough, but they’re not my favourite flowers,” she teases.”I guess I’ll have to keep buying you flowers until I find your favourites,” I smile.”Let’s see how long it takes you then,” she beams, happily.She puts her seatbelt on then I pull away. I don’t know why I made such a big deal over this last night. It is nice to get out, and I do enjoy her company. I just feel bad that I don’t get to do these kinds of things with Liam and I can’t help but feel like I’m cheating somehow when I flirt with her.”How is your friend by the way?” I ask, remembering last night.”Oh, Jess? She messaged me saying she had a bad hangover, but she’ll be fine.””So where do you want to go? I’m yours for the entire day.””Hmm? Would it be bad if I said I wish we could spend the day in bed?””You shouldn’t wish for something like that with me. I would tire you. And there’s Liam to think of as well.””Yeah, yeah, I know,” she sighs. “Cinema?””Sounds good. What film do you wanna see?””The day after tomorrow?””Anything you want.””So what’s going to be my pet name?” she suddenly asks.”Well I thought it’ll come naturally, but I’m to be addressed as Sir. Liam is Master. Never get that wrong.””What would happen if I misbehaved?””I would put you over my knee and spank you. Unlike Liam, I don’t take a great deal of pleasure from dishing out pain so I would prefer if you were a good girl. Your enjoyment is just as important as my own. If you feel like you need some love or hugs, then I’m your man. Liam, not so much. He takes what he wants.””Yes, I’ve noticed that. I’m nervous.””Don’t be. Use your safeword, and you’ll be fine.””I don’t want to disappoint him.””You won’t. I’m the only one who can possibly disappoint him,” I sigh.We arrive at the cinema, and I park up. I open the door for her and then I grasp her hand, and entwine my fingers with hers. If she wants the boyfriend experience, then she’s going to get it. I’ll take what I’m missing out on with Liam from her. I suspect this is the reason he volunteered me.Our seats end up being near the back. Her hand is on my leg the instant I sit down, and she starts sliding up to my zipper brazenly.”Easy, there’s plenty of time for that later,” I groan as I feel myself already straining against my trousers.”I want to tease you now…” she pouts.”If you do that I will take you straight to my car and fuck you in broad daylight. I can’t guarantee we won’t have an audience.”Her hand returns to near my knee, and I offer Kızılay escort her some popcorn with a smile. Selena definitely isn’t a good submissive from what I’ve seen so far. She behaves around Liam, but with me, she acts differently. Liam may end up with a problem on his hands if what I suspect happens to be true.When the film ends, we head back to the car in silence. Selena isn’t her usual chatty self. As she puts on her seatbelt, I decide to break the ice and lean over to kiss her gently on the lips.”What’s wrong, Selena?””Are we going back to yours now?””No, unless you want to?””Can we stay out just a little longer? I want to stay with just you right now.””Why?””Because I like you a lot. I don’t want to share you right now with him.””Oh? That’s interesting. You said you enjoyed watching us the other week?””I did but can I have you to myself again sometime?””I don’t know… It depends on whether Liam allows it.”I kiss her again. I’m not sure what I’m thinking. I enjoy being here with her today but I can’t become too emotionally involved. Liam is my primary partner, and I’m not convinced this will work out long term.I switch on my CD player as I continue to kiss her and Killswitch Engage comes on. Selena smiles in recognition. I’d remembered her having the band poster on her wall, and the sappy side of me wanted to impress.”I love this album,” she announces gleefully.”You do? What a coincidence. It’s not my favourite, but it’s easy listening,” I smile.”Easy listening?! This is really heavy!””Heavy?! Well, I’ve got some stuff to show you then. I’ll give you heavy next time.””Is that a promise?””Yeah, sure.”She leans forward and kisses me again, her tongue roams into my slightly parted mouth, and I take a sharp intake of breath. I feel like we’ve crossed a boundary by doing this. I need to get used to the idea of being with more than one person.Selena glances at my face and down to my evident arousal. She reacts with a grin, but I can’t help it. Gently I push her away and straighten myself up. Liam is at home, waiting for us and I don’t want to keep him waiting.”Let’s go back. I want you,” she smiles as she places her hand on my leg.We pull up to the driveway and Selena seems to be over most of her nerves. I hold her hand and walk her to the front door. I do wish we could have had some more time together just to get to know each other better. She is easy to talk to, and I feel like I can relax a lot more around her. Sitting down and chatting about music is highly appealing.Liam opens the door wide with his Cheshire cat grin then walks us both up to the playroom. I follow him in first and stand behind him. I notice he’s set up a camera on a tripod this time.As soon as she’s inside, he presents her with a shiny, red collar which he fastens around her neck. I’m thankful that he hadn’t planned to collar her in the same way he did to me. His hands move to her hair which he quickly ties back. To my surprise, he then pushes her towards me and guides her down to her knees. As much as I want to have sex with her, I want to be gentle. We’d had a nice date, and I’m not in the mood for rough sex immediately.”Do it,” he mouths at me as I hesitate.Reluctantly I unzip my jeans then I guide her mouth to me, gently resting my hand on the back of her head. She sucks on me enthusiastically. I sigh as my pleasure rapidly increases whilst Liam watches.After a few minutes, he moves to his rack to get something. He returns with rope and binds her hands behind her back. A spreader is attached to her ankles. She smiles, and it also reaches her eyes as she gazes up at me. She does actually enjoy this. I relax and deep throat her as I tighten my grip on her ponytail.On her knees, he starts to fuck her whilst she pleases me. I meet his eyes briefly, but they’re cold right now. I long for some contact with him after disappearing off from our bed early. I reach out to try to hold his hand, but he ignores it. He isn’t in an affectionate mood like me.Playtime ends with us all in bed together. We had worn Selena out, passing her between each other. She rests with her head on my chest. Her preference is painfully obvious.”So what shall we call her?” Liam asks.”I don’t know. Babygirl? Little one?””Kitten?””No. Definitely not that one,” I reply, reminded of Louise. “Princess?””Do I look like some kind of white knight Dom to you?!” He snaps.”No,” I reply. I know I have to be careful to not antagonise him with some quick remark.”Slut?””I thought that was my name when you’re angry with me?””Little slut?””Selena’s too nice for a name like that. Doll? This is so hard! Please just pick something for us.””You’re the one who’s been fucking her like a rabbit. You should choose it…Hmm. Rabbit?””We do fuck like rabbits…””Then it’s decided. She really does seem to like you.””It’s only because I’ve spent more time with her, plus I don’t have eyes that flash like lasers constantly. You need to tone that back with her.””Are you telling me how to behave?!” he growls.”No, I just want this to work.””Do you prefer her to me?””No. I love you, Liam,” I reply firmly.He seems happy with my response as a smile spreads across his face.”Come, let’s leave her here and play Lover,” Liam smirks.I slide out from under her, careful to not wake her up then I follow Liam to his bedroom. He’s prepared his bed with a black, PVC sheet. My heart races and adrenaline starts pumping through me, instantly recognising what kind of scene he has planned. This is something new between us. I didn’t even know he had this kind of kink.

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