Naruto: Lost in the Forest of Lust chapter 7


Naruto was shocked when he saw what was in the basement of the Tower. I mean, who would expect a sex dungeon? But then again, he never expected to have sex with several people and some of them he didn’t even know!

Hinata, who was right behind him, noticed there was something new since she was last here a few hours ago. In the middle of the room was a large heart shaped bed that could easily hold several people. She hoped that Anko wasn’t bringing in more people.

“Sorry I’m late,” came Anko’s voice from behind them. The two genins turned around and saw that Anko was dressed only in her birthday suit. “I had a few last ends to take care of before we could do this.” She smirked when she saw that Naruto’s little soldier was now standing at attention and Hinata was pressing her legs together so she could rub them together.

“Y-You wanted to see me?” asked Naruto with a gulp as he remembered the last time he was with her. Anko nodded and then moved to sit at the edge of the bed. She then motioned them to join her with her finger. Soon, they were all sitting next to each other with Naruto in the middle.

“I want to make another deal with you,” said Anko as she grabbed Naruto’s hand and placed it on her breast. “I am willing to help you both out with whatever you need. I’ll cover everything from training to breaking a girl for your enjoyment. But, I want to have a baby.”

“NANI?!” yelled Naruto as he squeezed Anko’s breast in shock. Anko moaned in pleasure but whimpered as Naruto took his hand off.

“Naruto-kun is my boyfriend,” said Hinata. “And I want to be the one to have his child.”

“Hinata-chan…” said Naruto.

“You still can,” said Anko. “It’s not like I’m stealing him from you. I just want a baby, not marriage.”

“But why me?” asked Naruto.

“A couple of reasons,” said Anko. “One, you have a great cock. Two, you’re like me in most ways. You see, because of my past there aren’t a lot of people who want to be with me. Those who I have been with were jerks and left me unsatisfied like Kakashi. Not to mention they always used protection.”

“But I…” began Hinata but Anko cut her off.

“You two can’t get married until you’re sixteen,” said Anko. “And I have done some research and found out that Naruto qualifies for the clan resurrection act. It lets Naruto-kun have multiple wives.”

“NANI?!” yelled both Naruto and Hinata.

“Hai,” said Anko. “I thought you would be pleased Hinata-chan. Part of the act says that if Naruto proposes to you and you accept then your clan can’t object or do anything that keeps you linked to Escort Ankara the clan. That includes seals.” At that, Hinata’s face brightened. She had thought it would be almost impossible to marry Naruto, but not anymore.

“I think I remember Iruka-sensei saying something about that in class,” said Naruto. “Doesn’t it apply to Sasuke as well?”

“Nope,” said Anko. “You have to be the last male member of your clan to qualify. Since Sasuke’s brother is still alive so there is a chance that he could revive the clan.” She then gave them a sad look. “Sadly, I am the last of my clan. Do to the fact the act only applies for men, if I marry my clan bites the dust. So, I want your help.”

“Anko-sensei,” said a teared up Hinata. “I never knew.”

“It’s ok,” said Anko. “Now, let’s show Naruto what you learned.” Anko then pushed Naruto so that he was on his back. Then, Hinata and Anko went to work taking off his pants and boxers. Soon, they were both staring at Naruto’s erect cock.

“I can’t believe that this was inside me,” said Hinata with a blush.

“It is big isn’t it,” said Anko. She then moved down and began to lick the side of it. A moment later, Hinata joined her while remaining on her side. Together they began to lick Naruto’s shaft up and down. Hinata would lick upwards to the base while Anko would move towards its head. Then they would switch places. After a few minutes of doing this and listening to Naruto’s moans, they stopped at the middle and tried to kiss each other with Naruto’s dick in the middle. Their tongues danced above and below the shaft, neither one reaching the others mouth.

Hinata was the first to break off the kiss. She moved her body so that the head of Naruto’s cock was in front of her while Anko moved closer to Naruto’s balls. Hinata licked the pre-cum, tasting it before taking the whole thing in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down while her tongue tasted his cock. She would stop every once and awhile and hummed sending waves of pleasure coursing through Naruto. Anko was also busy with his balls. She licked and sucked on them while her hands played with her clit.

“I can’t hold it!” cried Naruto. “I’m going to cum!” Hearing this, Hinata took his cock out of her mouth just in time for it to spray her face with his sperm. Anko leaned over to Hinata and licked her face clean. Once that was down, Hinata kissed Anko so she could taste Naruto’s cum.

“You taste like Naruto-kun,” said Hinata as they broke apart. Anko smiled as she unzipped Hinata’s jacket. Naruto saw this and quickly moved behind Hinata so he could help the Ankara Escort older woman undress his girlfriend.

“I know,” said Anko as she watched Naruto pull off Hinata’s shirt to reveal her bra. “Now, normally I’d demand to go first. But since you have been training for this moment I’ll let you go first.”

“Are you sure,” asked Hinata as Naruto took off her bra. Before Anko could answer, Naruto moved Hinata back onto the bed. He then pulled off her pants and then her panties. Soon, he found himself staring at Hinata’s shaved pussy.

“You look so cute like that Hinata-chan,” said Naruto causing Hinata’s face to turn red. Naruto then placed his head between her legs and began to eat her out. He nipped and nibbled at her clit before his tongue began to move between her folds causing her to moan. Then, the next thing she knew was that Anko had her pussy right in front of her face.

“You know what to-ah!” cried Anko. She hadn’t even finished her sentence when Hinata went to out on Anko’s pussy. “Good girl.” Anko then reached for Hinata’s breasts and began to knead them. In response to this, Hinata moved her hand so she could play with Anko’s clit.

Naruto’s tongue continued to fuck Hinata’s pussy. Then, he moved his hand to play with her clit. Hinata gasped and then moaned into Anko’s pussy. A moment later when Naruto pinched it, Hinata cried out as she came all over Naruto’s face. This sight, as well as Hinata’s cry of bliss, caused Anko to cum as well. Hinata drank as much as she could before the older woman slid off her and onto bed.

“Hinata-chan, do you want to rest or continue?” asked Naruto. Hinata looked at him and saw that he had taken off his jacket and shirt. She smiled at him playfully before she got on her hands and knees with her ass facing him. Naruto took the hint and crawled closer to her on his knees. He then placed his cock close to her entrance. He circled around her entrance, teasing her for a moment before he entered her.

Naruto started out slowly thrusting in and out as he took her doggy style. She was still so tight and warm. Her moist hole created smacking sounds with each thrust. Then he saw Anko move over to Hinata on her hands and knees in a sexy manner. Once she got close she began to lick the sweat off of Hinata’s arm and then shoulder. She then licked Hinata’s side before going for her breast. Hinata could keep her moans back anymore.

“Yes!” she screamed. “Lick me more! Fuck me harder!” She moaned even louder as Naruto granted her wish as he thrusted into her at inhuman speeds. Hinata’s mouth then opened in a silent Ankara Escort Bayan scream as she came hard. Naruto felt Hinata’s walls tighten causing him to cum as well. Naruto then fell on Hinata causing them to land in a heap with his dick still inside her.

Anko smirked as she played with herself. That had been so hot. Her eyes the lit up as Naruto got up and out of Hinata. ‘This kid is amazing,’ she thought. ‘Even after all that he’s still hard.’ She then pounced on Naruto forcing him onto his back. She startled his hips and placed her pussy right above his cock.

“Is it a deal Naruto-kun?’ she asked as she moved her hips in a circular motion.

Naruto thought about it and imagined all the things Anko could do. He could see Anko making Ino more submissive to him. Then he saw her continuing to help Hinata. She could even get Temari and Kin to stay in the village.

“It’s a deal,” he said.

“Good,” said Anko slyly as she lowered herself onto his cock. Naruto moaned as he felt Anko’s wet, moist hole surround his cock. Anko hissed as she felt Naruto’s cock fill her. Slowly, she began to bounce up and down, moaning in pleasure as she played with her breasts.

While laying on the bed, Hinata watched as Anko fucked Naruto. She could feel her juices as well as Naruto’s cum flow out of her. She was still hot and needed to relieve it soon. Then, Hinata remembered where Anko kept her toys.

Anko continued to ride Naruto when a pair of hands pushed on her back and forced her onto Naruto’s chest. Anko turned around and saw Hinata wearing a strap on dildo. It looked like Hinata had used her mouth to get it wet.

“I want to join in,” said Hinata as she moved the fake cock towards Anko’s asshole. Before Anko could saw anything, she felt the tip enter her.

“KAMI!” screamed Anko as Hinata slowly trusted the dildo slowly into her. Anko clung onto Naruto as Hinata thrusted slowly into Anko until she was all the way in. Anko was fighting back the tears as the pain slowly turned to pleasure. Then, she felt Naruto begin to thrust into her and Hinata matched her pace with his. ‘This feels so goooooooood,’ thought Anko. ‘I’m getting it in my ass and my pussy. My ass is getting fucked by a dildo while I have the real thing in my pussy. More! I want it harder! I want Naruto’s cum inside of me!’ It didn’t take long for her orgasm to come and her wall tightened. With a grunt, Naruto came as well. Hinata was the last to cum as they all screamed in pleasure.

When Naruto woke up, he was under the cover of the bed with Hinata holding onto him tightly like a teddy bear. His head was right between her breasts. Behind him was Anko who was pressing her breasts against his back. If this was what it was going to be like for now on, he was in paradise.

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