One Asshole Is Enough


Fbailey story number 543

One Asshole Is Enough

She said, “I’m not letting you get in my panties, I’ve got one asshole in there already.”

I laughed my ass off. That was Brandi my beautiful sister turning down an off from one of her teachers for a better grade on a test.

Then she said, “I don’t need a better grade as long you are fair when you grade my test. If I think for one moment that you’re trying to fuck me that way, then I’ll have some words with your wife.”

As Brandi turned to exit in a huff I was blocking her way. I made sure that her teacher knew that I had overheard the entire conversation. Then I walked her home.

She told and retold the story of what had happened until it festered inside her. Just as soon as we got home she asked our mother if I could drive her over to her girlfriend’s house, telling her that we wouldn’t be long and that we would be back in time for dinner.

I knew we were not going to her girlfriend’s house. Instead we drove to that teacher’s house. Now that house was interesting in that the porch wrapped around the front and side of it. So when she rang the doorbell we leaned against the side railing. A moment later we saw a boy from her class go out the side door carrying his shirt and zipping up his pants. The wife opened the door wearing a robe and tried to convince us that she was getting ready to go into the shower.

Brandi pushed right past her to enter the house. She looked the woman right in the face and said, “Your husband was just trying to do to me what Ronny Jackson was just doing to you.”

Her face went flush and then she blushed a bright pink. She said, “That son of a bitch told me that he wouldn’t fuck his students anymore, certainly not after the last school.”

Brandi said, “So you started fucking his students instead.”

The woman turned white again knowing that she had been caught dead to rights.

Brandi said, “I want two things. First I want you to see to it that I receive only fair grades for my work in your husband’s class. Second I want to watch my big brother fuck you up the ass.”

The woman huffed and said, “I don’t do that.”

Brandi smiled and said, “I know! That’s why your husband wanted me to do it.”

She removed the woman’s robe and threw it allowing us to both see her red swollen pussy. It looked as if we had interrupted them before they finished.

That woman was in desperate need of relief. She rubbed her hard nipples and her puffy pussy then she said, “Okay.”

Brandi said to her, “Make it good, cry out a lot, have him shove it in deeper, you must know the routine. Escort Sincan Make my brother believe that he is the first man to every enter that hole and that he is so good that you’ll never let another man have it, just him.”

She said, “I need to go into my bedroom to get some lubricant.”

We followed her. The woman got her K-Y Jelly and then greased up my ridged pole as well as her own asshole. She bent over and held onto the edge of the bed.

I placed the head of my cock up against her brown puckered hole and pushed in. She cringed, she cried out, and she told me that I was too big. I pushed in about half my length and again she cried out how big I was, how much it hurt, and how much she deserved to get butt fucked. Then I shoved the rest of it into her. She cried out that she couldn’t take any more. I fucked into her, I wasn’t a virgin, but I had never been given the backdoor before. I loved it, it was tight, and it was dirty. It was one thing fucking a girl where she pees but fucking her where she shits is another story all together. Her tits hung low and slapped at her damp belly as my damp hips slapped into her flabby ass. As her tolerance built up and the feeling became good she started thrusting back at me. She told me how wonderful my cock felt and how I would be the only one that she would ever let use it. Then she told me to come by anytime that I wanted too, for an anal visit. Then as her orgasm struck her she started naming off boys in Brandi’s class that had fucked her. It was six and Brandi knew them all.

When I had finished cumming and pulled out, the teacher’s wife turned around and kissed me, then she knelt down and sucked my dirty cock.

I looked over and saw my sister holding her camera phone, she had recorded the whole thing. I knew that I could come back whenever I wanted to without blackmailing her for it.

When she was finished I pulled up my pants and we left. I was just backing out of the driveway when her husband came home. Brandi smiled and waved at him. I saw him turn white as a ghost. It must run in the family.

At school the next day I made sure to walk her to that class and I was there when the class ended to pick her up too. He asked Brandi to stay behind and then he apologized for his remarks to her and told her that he would give her a fair grade.

Brandi asked him about his wife and then she giggled.

He replied, “She laid the law down to me. I cannot try to fuck anymore of my students or any student for that matter. Plus she is trying to fuck me to death so that I could not possible fuck anyone else. We did it twice last night, Sincan Escort once this morning, and she tried to get me to come home for a nooner.”

Then for some strange reason Brandi said, “You just stay away from her ass. That belongs to my brother.”

He turned white and said, “But she doesn’t do anal.”

Brandi snickered and said, “She does now and it belongs to my brother. Do you understand? You asshole.”

His eyes widened and he softly said, “Yes, I understand.”

As we turned around to leave the School Principle was standing in the doorway blocking our exit.

She asked, “Mr. Bradley do we have a problem again?”

Mr. Bradley replied, “No ma’am no problem at all.”

She looked at me and said, “When you stick it in that bitch’s ass next time, give her my love. She was fucking my son until I found out about it.”

She thought a moment and said, “I’ll give you a ride to her house myself. Mr. Bradley why don’t you give him another hour before you head home. That’s a good boy.” Then she patted him on the head as if he were a faithful dog.

I was dropped off, invited in, and we were both naked in a matter of minutes. Mrs. Bradley lubed us both up and bent over. I forced my cock in, she cried out, but not as much as she had the day before. Soon I was stroking into her full force.

Then I said, “My Principle sent you a message.”

Mrs. Bradley asked, “What was it.”

I replied, “When you stick it in that bitch’s ass next time, give her my love. She was fucking my son until I found out about it.”

Mrs. Bradley laughed and said, “Yes, I was and that Donny could really fuck too. She’s just jealous because he said that he was fucking her too but that I was the better fuck.”

I said, “I can’t believe that Donny was fucking his own mother.”

Mrs. Bradley said, “I’ve got proof. He gave me the pictures. Want a copy? Maybe your sister can blackmail her into giving you her ass too. I’d like that. Then you could give her my love. Besides you could tell which of us is really the better fuck.”

The thought of fucking my Principle was enough to get me off. I grabbed Mrs. Bradley’s hips and dumped a full load of cum into her rectum.

I told Mrs. Bradley that her husband and the Principle knew everything about her and I. She seemed relieved that it was out in the open. Then she offered to take me home. I accepted the ride after she made me a copy of the pictures.

At home I told Brandi about the pictures and took her up to my bedroom to view them. Sure enough that was Donny fucking his mother. We knew him even though he graduated two Sincan Escort Bayan years ago. He was a football hero. Anyway there were just over three hundred pictures of them together or her alone. She was naked in the shower, bathtub, and even outdoors. Donny had his cock in his mother’s mouth, pussy, and ass as well as between her tits and in her hands. There were pictures of his cum on her tongue and dripping out of both of her holes.

Then there were a lot of pictures of her flashing. Most were of her at sports games flashing her tits with the various teams playing behind her. Most of them seemed to be at the football games where her son was playing behind her. I wondered who took the pictures. In others she was totally naked throughout the school. They were probably taken on a Sunday when the school was empty. She was everywhere like in the library, the office, and in the gym. She had also been naked out in front of the school and in the football field. There was a sub folder containing some more pictures. It was Donny’s football team in his finally year of playing. The Principle was completely naked with all of the boys dressed in clean uniforms standing around her. There were individual pictures of each boy in his uniform with a very naked Principle standing next to him. Some of the boys were holding one of her tits or her pussy. After that were pictures of the boys nude too and their cocks in her body somewhere. She was standing with a four-foot tall trophy. It was the celebration after our school had won the State Regional that year. She was their prize for winning. The pictures were all clear, sharp, and of a large format. They could easily be cropped and still made into eight by ten prints.

The next day Brandi and I made an appointment to see the Principle during a study hall. She invited us in, closed, and locked her door. She asked me how my date with Mrs. Bradley had gone. I told her about the CD full of pictures that Donny had given her. She did not react at all, she just asked me when and where I wanted to fuck her.

Brandi replied for me, “He wants to stick it in your ass right here on your desk.”

She looked at me, smiled, and started undressing. She then took things off her desk and sat up on the edge. She called me over, laid back, and put her ankles up on my shoulders. When I asked her if she had any lubricant, she laughed and said that only little girls and Mrs. Bradley needed lubricant. I inserted my cock into her rectum and she did not cry out, in fact she really enjoyed it and fucked up at me. I knew right away that she was ten times better than Mrs. Bradley had been. Donny only told her that she was better to keep fucking her.

I knew right away that my sister had been correct…one asshole is enough…as long as it is the right asshole.

The End
One Asshole Is Enough

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