My Son, My Son

Big Tits

Things just happen and sometimes these things can change one’s life. So it was that night I came home after having a night out with the girls. Once a month we girls, there are four of us that stop at a local bar for a few laughs and drinks the third Thursday of every month. So it was coming up on midnight when I pulled into my driveway. The houses in this sub-division are pretty close together only separated by the width of the driveway. Not wanting to have my light flash across the neighbor’s house I turned my light off just before I turned off the street. I don’t park in the garage that is used for storage of my hobby and craft junk. When I got out I happen to look over at my neighbor’s house and I noticed a light coming from their basement window. I am not a peeping tom or even nosey for that matter but for some unknown reason I took a closer look. I could see Karen standing naked next to a guy that was not her husband.

She was looking to one side and so was the guy next to her. I thought “Karen for a big girl you do have one hell of a figure.” That was when I happen to notice the dick on the guy standing next to her. It was at full erection and it was a monster. Long, thick and the head was pointed with a wide ridge at the back of the helmet head. Kind of like a plow and it was ready to do some plowing. I think I may have licked my lips once or twice remembering how I loved to hold my husband’s dick in my mouth. God he had a nice one too, but not that size. My husband ran off over a year ago and I still don’t miss him but I do miss having sex with him he was good for that if nothing else.

Taking a step closer I could see what they were looking at. Karen’s husband Alex was on his knees behind a skinny little girl fucking her doggie style. Alex looked to be well hung also but maybe a little shorter than the one standing. The girl was a blonde with smallish tits and a thin ass. Alex had a hold of her by the hips and was giving her a fast track fuck. This was like looking at a XXX video but I knew these people. However I had no idea they were into swinging. I was spellbound as I watched. I lifted my skirt and started to masturbate by rubbing my clitoris. My pussy was already wet so what the hell I may as well enjoy myself. I often masturbate and I have a couple of dilldos to help me get through the horny days. I could tell Alex was close to cumming. When he was ready he pulled out and shot his load up on her ass. Boy did he have a lot of cum. He must have cum enough to fill a teacup. Well maybe not a whole cup but he did cum a lot. More than any man I hade ever seen.

Alex moved back and Karen got down in front of him and started to suck his cock taking the last few droops into her mouth. Mr. Monster Dick got down behind Karen and rammed his cock up her cunt. He was fucking her doggie style as Alex had done to the blonde.

Karen has long pointed tits, which were shaking and bounding. After a few minutes she let go of her husband wilting cock to enjoy what was being done to her. I had pulled my panties to the side now getting two fingers in my cunt. I wanted to cum too, there was no reason those people should have all the fun. Mr. Monster Dick was plowing Karen’s cunt slowly at first and watching his long cock going into her was driving me crazy. I wanted to run in there and let him fuck me too. But I would settle for masturbating tonight. I watched as the guy came like Alex pulling out and shooting his load up on Karen’s ass. I started to cum myself as the little blonde came over to lick the cum off Karen’s ass. I fell back a few steps resting on the side of my car as I let go. The creamy foam ran down around my fingers going on down my leg. My legs gave out and my ass hit the pavement. I must have blacked out for a few minutes. When I came to the light was out in the basement. I struggled to get to my feet but was soon in my bedroom still hot as a firecracker. I wondered who Mr. Monster Dick was. It would be nice to get some of that stuff.

The next day I wanted to tell my girlfriend Wilda Lark at work but she knew Karen and they were also buddies. So I could not let on I had seen that party last night. That scene kept running over and over in my head. Twice I dashed into the bathroom and laid tissue in my panties to keep me dry. Friday night was my night to read to the kids in the children’s ward at the hospital. So after work I drove straight there. One little girl seemed very unhappy so I asked her if I could read her a story. She looked at me with big sad eyes and nodded Ok. So I picked a little reader and started she fell a sleep in fifteen minutes. The nurse came in and said they had tried to get her to sleep all day and could not. I was very tired myself and was about to leave the ward when a young man in his late teens came up to me and said he was the girls father and he thanked me for what I did. He was very warm and pleasant so when he asked me to join him for a cup of coffee I accepted. Before long we were laughing and talking like old friends. His daughter had been in an accident with her mother who gaziantep escort ilanları was visiting for the day. Mother and father were not living together. I just blurted out that my husband had run off too. This somehow seemed to create a bond between us. He asked me to have a drink with him. I followed in my car all the while wondering what the hell I was doing with a young man young enough to be my son.

Wow, My son, now there was something I had not thought about in years. I had a son about this mans age. I was only seventeen when he was born and my family had sent me to an Aunt out of state to have the baby and give it up at birth. What did I know I was young and scared?

As luck would have it I could never have another and that bothered me some later I life. I guess that is why my husband left me he wanted kids. The bar was a little neighborhood bar I had never been to. He seemed to know every one and we were soon laughing and having fun with his friends. No one said, anything about me being older than Clyde and no one said one remark off color. It was a real nice place and these were nice people. We danced a few times then as it got late we were sitting close in a back booth. The bar had thinned out leaving Clyde and I alone in a back booth. He was sitting close and it was very warm in there. The drinks were doing a job on me. So when Clyde leaned over to kiss me I let him. When he slipped a hand up under my sweater to caress my breast I let him. When he moved my hand to his crotch I was more than willing to feel his rather long hard cock through his jeans. He was kissing me and I was rubbing his fine hard cock when he asked ” Your place or mine?”

I quickly said, ” My place I live alone and we can relax knowing no one will drop in on us.”

Clyde was easy and slow. He did not rush me but still we were standing naked in my bedroom only minutes after we entered the house. ” My Clyde you have a lovely cock.” I said. Smiling at his deep blue eyes. He was looking me up and down as well. He said, ” Darling Darlene You are beautiful and you have a great body. Turn around for me let me see all of you?” I did a slow turn for him. He stopped me half was around and pulled me back into him. His long cock pushed its’ way between my legs. I had to stand on my tiptoes so I did not bend it down. I wiggled my hips allowing the cock to flip cross wise on my wet pussy. It felt so good to have a hot cock along my pussy after so long a time. He kissed me on the neck reaching around and taking both tits in his strong hands. He was moving his hips back and forth rubbing my pussy with his cock. One hand dropped to my clitoris to rub it as he rub fucked me from behind. God all mighty he was driving me nut and very close to a climax.

I was so hot I was nearly out of my mind. When he moved me to the bed and laid me on my back. My eyes were closed but I knew what he was going to do when he kissed me on the inside of my thighs. My pussy had not been kissed and licked in a long time. I pulled my pussy open wide for his tongue to do it’s job. I murmured and cried as I let go with a flood of nectar long held back but needing to get free. He licked me and sucked on my stiff little clitoris taking me straight into a second climax one right after another. His face was wet, the bed was wet and I was wet all the way down my legs and through the crack of my ass. I was going up and over that crest again when I fell into a dark pit of lust and happiness, Just before I passed out I realized he had a finger deep in my ass and that felt wonderful too. I had never had a finger in my ass before or anything else for that matter. But it was arousing and exciting I thought as I slipped under the cover of sleep. How long I had been asleep I don’t know but when I woke Clyde was snoring peacefully next to me. I rose and tip toed into the bathroom.

When I sat down on the toilet I felt a strange sensation in my groin, and it was as if I had been stretched every way twice. But then I realized that he had fucked me in the ass and most likely the pussy as well. I had been well fucked more than once that was sure.

Something told me that it had been something special for him. I did not remember it but I was sure I was not totally out of it when he seduced me. I did seem to remember some of it. I remembered Clyde saying, Darlene you have a nice ass. I want to fuck it. Yes I did remember that now. He had said he wanted to fuck my ass. I guess I said Ok or some thing because I just don’t think he would have done that if I had said No. Yes and I do remember him over top of me driving down into me. But it was in bits and pieces not one long memory. I guess the booze and late hour was just too much for me. I was tender as I slipped back into bed. Clyde was up and dressed as I woke to the sound of him moving about.

“Darlene, you were wonderful, I must however get to work now. I’ll call you later to day.” I know you don’t work on Saturday so relax and when I get off I’ll bring dinner if you will allow me that privilege.” He kissed me and was out the door. Everything was hazy from the night before. Nothing seemed to be real clear. But the feeling of him lingered in my body all day. I wondered if I could take it again to night. If I were not yet fit for more fucking maybe Clyde would let me suck him off. Could he be satisfied with that? Even if I did feel better later tonight I still wanted to suck his cock. I wanted Clyde to know I like to suck cock and I wanted to do that for him.

Around two o’clock I rested on the sofa falling into a deep sleep filled with dreams. I saw a baby falling past me down and out of sight. I tried to catch it but I could not get my hands on it. I could not see where it went just down and out of sight. Then I was walking with Clyde and he was introducing me to his friends at the bar. He said, ” Guys this is my mother.” I looked at him and he was naked his cock was hard and I wanted to suck it for him. But as I dropped to my knees in front of him I woke up shivering. The dream slipped from me so fast I could not remember it seconds later. But the feeling of wanting this young man in my arms was stronger that the night before. If he came back and if we made love again I was not going to be drunk and I was gong to remember all that happens.

Being true to his word Clyde showed up with an arm full of take out food. I fixed the kitchen table as we ate in an informal sitting. It was easy to talk to Clyde and we laughed and enjoyed a meal together as if we were family. I was rising the cups and glasses when Clyde came up behind me taking both breasts in hand. “Darlene, you got a couple of fine tits here, and God knows I do enjoy a nice heavy tit.”

I was in a festive mood and jokingly said “Well big boy you also have some thing I enjoy.” Saying this I reached back to feel his cock through his jeans. I screamed with pleasure and started to laugh. Clyde had taken his cock out of his jeans and I got a hand full of warm solid meat.

I cried with joy and excitement as I turned in his arms and we kissed. I never let go of his cock I was so happy to feel its hardness and warmth. His hands were on my tits kneading and fondling it felt so wonderful to have my beasts touched. I said, “You are so bad, I should spank you or punish you for being so bad.” He laughed and I slipped from his arms as I went to my knees I front of him. He quickly dropped his trousers so he was completely exposed. He said, “Now who is being bad.”

I said, as I took his handsome cock in both hands. “I am not being bad this is your punishment for being bad.” He laughed as I took his wonderful cock into my mouth. Clyde stood on shaking legs as I sucked his cock deep in my mouth. I licked and suck as he let out little cries of happiness. Cupping his balls in my hand I felt them start to draw up tight under his cock. I knew he was close to cumming. I was having the time of my life. I was so happy and aroused in a devilish kind of a way. I had always loved to feel a warm cock in my mouth. The soft skin around a hard muscle seems to drive me wild. I was on a high that I could not control. I wanted to feel his cock explode in my mouth. I wanted to taste his cum and drink from this fountain of love. His balls got tighter and his cock was throbbing as I took it deep in my mouth. There came a flotilla of sperm, sailing down my throat smoothly and joyously I sucked every drop of his fluid till his legs gave out and he collapsed to the floor with me.

We hugged and kissed as I let my cum covered tongue dart into his mouth. We smeared the creamy fluid all over both our faces as if we were painting our faces in celebrating of the event or of events still to cum.

Some minutes later he was undressing me in the up stairs bedroom. We were in no hurry to start again so we laid in each other arms hugging and caressing one another’s bodies. I don’t know what made me talk about what I had seen next door but I told Clyde the whole story in including me masturbating to a climax. He asked me if I had ever thought about engaging in multiple partners. I told him no however watching it surely turned me on. He said, “You enjoy two feeling of stimulation at one time don’t you?” I thought about that and saw were he was going. So I said, “yes I guess I do, I find it very erotic to feel a finger in my pussy and even more so when I have a cock in my mouth.” He smiled and said, “Yes like that double the pleasure double the fun.”

I asked him “Have you ever engaged in sex with more than one girl at a time. Or been in a room where others were engaged I sex?” He rose up on an elbow and looked me straight in the eye and answered “Yes I have and I found it very erotic to see and be part of such a group. But that is not to say I want to engage in anything like that with you.” I did without thinking put him on the spot so to speak. “Oh, your ashamed of me is that it. You don’t want anyone to know your fucking older women Is that it?” I was smiling and he knew I was joking with him.

He laughed saying “Oh, damn you found me out, but it is not that I am ashamed of being seen having sex with you. Hell no I don’t want any one to know just how good a fuck you older broads are. Besides if we went to a sex party and the guys found out how great a cocksucker you are I would never see you again.”

Playfully I yelled “Old, broad am I I’ll show you, you young whippier snapper.”

I rolled over on top of him spreading a knee on either side of his hips. His cock was fully erect and it ran up my back side. So I slid back forcing his hard-on to be pushed flat between his legs and my legs as well. It had grown dark by this time as we played I saw the lights come on across the driveway. I laid flat on his chest and said, “Clyde the lights are on the house next door the one I told you about.”

“You mean the swingers?” He asked.

“Yes and both Karen and Alex are in there bedroom. Maybe we can see something?” I said laughing. Somehow we were on all fours looking out my window straight into the bedroom window next door. Clyde moved behind me quickly inserting his cock in my pussy and holding me by the hips. Gees this was a first. It was like watching a XXX video and getting fucked doggie style at the same time. I was getting turned on by the second as I saw Karen and Alex were not alone.

There stood my girlfriend from work Wilda Lark. Wilda was a gorgeous blonde a little older than Karen or I. Wilda had large round tits that got a lot of attention from all the guys in the office both young and old. But Wilda was also a very attractive lady for any age. Seeing her naked I was impressed with her fine figure even though she was a little pudgy around the middle. Her legs were shapely and solid. Alex sat on the edge of the bed and Karen came over to him and kneeled in front of her husband. Wilda joined Alex on the bed. Alex took one of Wilda’s full breasts in his hand. Karen moved between his legs and took his long hard cock in her mouth. Alex fingered Wilda as he got a cock sucking from Karen.

Clyde was watching with much interest but he never forgot me for a moment. He never stopped fucking me slow and easy as we watched the show next door. I was getting turned on and I think Clyde could tell I was. He slowed down almost to stop but he was still letting me know he was in me and very deeply. Then Karen pulled free of her husbands cock and moved over in front of Wilda. Wilda’s legs were already parted from Alex’s fingering her and her pussy looked very wet. Karen made no stop from one to the other she pushed her head between Wilda’s legs and even though I could not see it of sure I knew Karen was licking Wilda’s pussy. God I was so turned on. I was about to cum. My eyes fell on Alex’s’ cock and I wanted to join the group so I could suck his cock. It was so pretty and I wanted to get his cock in my mouth. Just about them Clyde rammed me faster and I knew he was also close to climaxing. Now I was ready so I closed my eyes and concentrated on what Clyde was doing.

It was a warm sunny morning and I was enjoying the solitude of being a lone. I really have enjoyed Clyde and the way he makes me feel but I do enjoy my own space. As I came out the back door I noticed Alex in his yard. We exchanged “Hi’s” and I ask him what he was doing home in the middle of the week. He told me He had a few days off while his office was moving to a new location. I ask if they would move and he said ‘No” he would just have a little farther to drive that is all. We started to talk as we moved closer together I stood in my drive and Alex came so close I could smell his after shave. He was so handsome and I was remembering how I had felt the other night. So when he asked me to come over for coffee I accepted. Seated in a booth type eating arrangement in his kitchen He hands me a cup of coffee and slipped in next to me rather than across from me. He said it was nice to have such a lovely neighbor next door. He told me that he was always happy to see me out side so he could talk to me and look at my body. I blushed and said, “Thanks”

His legs was next to mine and it was on fire. He put an arm around my shoulders and I did not try to stop him. He leaned close and whispered that he had often thought of me all alone over there next door. I could not answer as he kissed me on the neck. He told me I was a beautiful woman and he had admired me for a long time. I managed to squeak out an answer that I had noticed him too as he was such a handsome man. He turned my head with the touch of a finger to my chin and we kissed. It was long and soft just lips at first then I felt his tongue touch my lips. I opened my mouth and let it dart into my mouth. I wiggle my tongue against his and she pressed his mouth harder to mine. I was totally unaware his hand had found my breast. He pulled me closer and I turned as best I could sitting so close. I felt his hand tighten on my breast and I was amazed at how I reacted. I laid my hand in his lap where I found a large swelling. We were both wearing shorts and his were very tight. His grip tightened on my breast and it was almost to the point where it hurt. But I did not care. So I tightened my grip on his wonderful cock. The same cock I had seen Wilda suck and the same one I had wanted to suck.

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