My Son Ch. 07


So Monday night was very interesting.

Colin was taking Sam and two of his friends to the cinema to see a film.

So we all sat down to dinner together before they left to pick up his friends.

I told them that before they left, it was their turn to clear up the dinner things and to clean the kitchen.

I said that I had had a horrible, stressful day at work and now I was going to take my glass of wine with me and have a good long soak in a hot bath and the kitchen had better be clean when I come down or they weren’t going to the pictures!

This caused lots of eye rolling and groans form Tom and Sam but Colin knows what’s good for him so there was no argument from him!

So I went up and ran a nice deep bubble bath and I lay there having a good long soak, thinking of what I had been thinking about all day…Tom and his comments in his room the day before.

I couldn’t get the thought of how in charge he seemed to have been out of my head. He hadn’t seemed embarrassed about his comments or when he played with his cock in front of me.

I wanted to know if he had anything on his mind so I thought I would try and find out whilst the other two were out for the evening.

So I got out of the bath and after drying off, I went into my bedroom and put on my nightie that I know he seems so interested in.

I put on a slightly more see-through pair of panties than I would normally wear with it and then I put on my trusty dressing gown and I went downstairs and into the kitchen.

All three of them were finishing off cleaning the kitchen and I asked if they were nearly done.

Colin said almost and I noticed Tom look at my dressing gown as he put away some pans.

I looked around the kitchen and I said that will do, go to the pictures, I will finish up in here before watching my film.

They didn’t need a second invitation and after they kissed me they scurried off to get ready to leave.

Tom asked if I needed any help and I said no, it was fine, but he could take my glass of wine into the lounge for me as I was going to watch a film. He asked me which one and I told him my favourite one of course.

He pulled a face and said “Not Love Actually AGAIN?”

I said “You don’t have to watch it. I thought you were going to Stacey`s anyway.”

He said “I was but I’m not now.”

That was news to me as he hadn’t mentioned anything before.

I heard Colin and Sam shout out “bye” and then they were gone, slamming the door behind them and Tom said he would take my wine through and put the film on for me.

I told him I could do it myself but he said he would as he wasn’t doing anything now.

He walked out of the kitchen and that was when I realised that if I was going to do anything, it had to be now.

So I gave the kitchen one final check, before taking off my dressing gown, smoothing down my nightie and taking a deep breath, I went into the lounge.

Tom was kneeling down at the DVD player putting the disc in so he was side-ways on to me. He glanced towards me and I saw his eyes go straight to my panties. He couldn’t stop a smile reaching his lips.

I said “You can leave that, I can do it. You can go and leave me to my film.”

He said “I’ve got nothing planned, I’ll keep you company if you like.”

I said “I’m warning you Tom, one comment about the film and you are out of here. Understand?”

He said “Of course. I don’t mind the film, but I can’t stand Hugh Grant.”

I said “Well I like him, so sit down or go out.”

He said “Ok ok. I’ll be quiet.”

I sat on the sofa at one end and I curled my legs up under me and to my surprise, Tom sat at the other end, nearest the television which meant he couldn’t really keep looking in my direction if he was watching Alanya Zenci Escort the film. But he tried nevertheless.

The film started and we began to watch it. I had to swivel to my right every time I wanted a drink of my wine and I noticed that Tom was taking the opportunity to have a good look.

I gradually let me legs slide along the sofa until my toes were almost touching Tom’s thigh. This obviously meant my legs had straightened out a lot, exposing my thighs.

I finished my wine and held out my glass saying “Refill please young man.”

Tom got up, took my glass and went to the kitchen. I took the opportunity to stretch right out and to lie along the sofa on my back, with my head raised up on the cushion along the arm.

I knew that my pussy was more exposed in those thin panties than it had ever been whilst I was clothed in front of him.

He came back in carrying my wine and a bottle of lager and he stopped when he saw that I was now stretched out on the sofa.

I pulled my legs back up to my bum, giving him the invitation to sit back down on the sofa which he quickly accepted.

I stretched my legs back out, this time laying my feet on his lap as I took my glass from him and I said “You don’t mind do you?”

He said “No of course not.”

As I took of sip of wine which was difficult laying down, I saw his eyes dart to my panties and although I had my legs closed, I knew he could make out my pussy through them.

I felt my pussy start to tingle and get wet at that thought. My nipples were starting to harden and I could see them starting to appear against the material of my nightie.

I turned to my right to put my wine glass on the floor and as I did, the left strap of my nightie fell off my shoulder and fell down towards my elbow. My left nipple and aerola was still covered but only just. I didn’t bother to replace it. I saw Tom glance at me as I put my glass on the carpet.

I lay back down and I could feel my face starting to flush and my belly was getting the familiar feelings which were starting to move down to my pussy.

I then returned to watching the film as best as I could.

I felt Tom’s hand move and rest on my left foot. It didn’t move, he just left it resting there. After a while, he started very lightly and very slowly to caress my foot from the ankle up to my toes and back again.

He did this once then stopped, possibly waiting for a rebuke from me but when none was forthcoming, he did it again.

His hand slide very gently up and down my foot, going slightly higher up my leg on each pass until it was going half way up my leg towards my knee.

I closed my eyes and lay there as he did that, then I murmured very quietly, “Mmmm that’s feels nice Tom, I need a good foot massage.”

He said “Do you want me to massage your feet then?”

I kept my eyes closed and murmured “Mmmm, that would be nice.”

He then started to gently massage my left foot and he was really quite good at it!

After a while, I felt his hand start to very very gently and slowly, start to rub its way up my leg towards my knee. It only went up a few inches at a time, as if he was testing out whether I would stop him or not.

I didn’t.

When he found he was not getting any negative response from me, his hand carried on up as far as my knee and without opening my eyes, I said, “That’s not my foot.”

He said, “Sorry, I didn’t realise, I was watching the film” and his hand returned to my foot and carried on rubbing it.

This carried on for several minutes and then his hand started its journey back up towards my knee, but this time even more slowly than before.

I didn’t say anything this time and I kept my eyes closed throughout.

As Alanya Manken Escort he didn’t receive another comment from me, he carried on with his rubbing from foot to knee.

After a few minutes of that, I felt him gently grip my left ankle and lift my foot. He only lifted it millimetres but it was enough to enable him to pull it over towards his belly.

I realised now that he was opening my legs and that he would be able to see my whole pantie covered pussy! And I knew that pretty soon, there was going to be a wet patch down there that he would be able to see.

I still said and did, nothing.

I lay there with my eyes closed as my son gently rubbed his hand up and down my leg as far as my knee.

I sighed deeply and said “If you keep doing that, I`m going to nod off.”

He said “That’s fine mum, I’ll just watch the film on my own.”

I said “Fine, but no higher.”

He didn’t reply but carried on caressing my leg and after a few minutes, his hand moved over to my right foot.

This time, he didn’t bother waiting and his hand lightly and gently began its journey up to my knee and back again.

After a few minutes of that, he took hold of my right foot and moved that very gently outwards towards his knees.

It was all I could do the stop myself from gasping out loud as I felt my legs part and my pussy became completely visible to him.

I was getting so wet now. And I could feel how stiff and erect my nipples were against the material of my nightie.

I lay there trying to breath deeply and slowly, trying to appear as if I had dropped off to sleep.

I don’t know how long Tom carried on with his caressing, but on one of his passes up my leg his hand didn’t stop on my left knee, it carried on up and over. Not far, but far enough for me to say something if I was awake.

Which of course, I wasn’t!

When he didn’t get his head torn off, Tom called out to me softly.

I didn’t reply, I wanted, no NEEDED to see where he would go with this, given the chance.

He didn’t waste any time as I felt his hand start a very light, very gentle caress up along my upper thigh to about half way between my knee and my panties.

Then his hand went back down to my knee, it crossed over to my right knee then it started its slow, gentle journey up my right thigh.

He did this movement several times, each time getting a little higher until his fingers felt as if they were almost touching my pussy. Almost but no quite!

I so wanted to push my pussy down, to feel his fingers touch it. I was wet, my pussy was tingling, my nipples were like flag poles. They were so sensitive, I could feel the material rubbing against them like sandpaper.

Then I felt the sofa move under me. Tom was leaning in towards me!

I could only think that he was trying to get a closer look at my pussy!

I could hear him breathing as he lent towards me and I tried as hard as I could to feign sleep and I could almost feel his eyes boring into my pussy.

And then I felt it.

The almost imperceptible movement of his hand and then I could feel the side of his little finger rub very lightly against my panties!

God my nerves were on fire!

My son was feeling my pussy through my panties.

Then it happened – he started to rub the side of his finger across my pussy and he pushed so very gently against the material of my panties!

Oh fuck, I was going to cum!

I so wanted him to slip his fingers under the material, to slip them inside me.

I couldn’t help it, a shudder of pure estacy ran through me and that caused the worst thing in the world to happen!

Tom jumped and quickly sat back up, pushing my legs together on his lap. And that was Alanya Anal Escort when I felt his erection under my foot.

God it felt so good, so hard.

I lay there not knowing what to do next.

Tom sat as still as a statue, his hands holding my feet and I realised that unless I did something obvious, that was the end of my little game tonight.

But I couldn’t bring myself to take it any further right then. Too many thoughts and feelings were running through my head.I had set out to find out if Tom was thinking of me sexually and now it was obvious to me that he was.

I needed to have some alone time right then, so I stretched my arms up and stretched my legs right out, pushing down on Tim’s erection as I did so. Getting a thrill run through me as I had him gasp.

The I gave a deep breath and opened my eyes, blinking and yawning as if from a deep sleep. Corny I know, but it was all I could think of on the spur of the moment!

I said “I’m so sorry Tom, I told you you shouldn’t have given me that foot rub. How long have I been asleep?”

He said “Not long, the film’s still on.”

I looked at the telly and said “Only just. I didn’t realise how tired I must be. I think I’ll have an early night.”

I swung my feet round and put them on the floor and as I sat up, I put my hands on the sofa either side of me, genuinely forgetting that my left shoulder strap had fallen down and it continued its downward journey past my elbow, revealing my still hard and erect nipple to Tom’s gaze.

I pulled the strap up saying “Oopps, sorry” and I giggled.

He said “Don’t worry about it, I’m not.”

I stood up and said “That’ll teach me for not wearing my dressing gown won’t it.”

He said “Why aren’t you?”

I said “You know why, you said I look old and frumpy in it didn’t you.”

He said “Yes I did.”

I turned and faced him as I said “Do I look old and frumpy now?”

He glanced up at my tits then at my pussy and said very quietly “No way.”

I said just as quietly, “Good. I don’t want to look old and frumpy in front of you.”

He said “Believe me, you don’t.”

I said “I didn’t embarrass you when my tit fell out did I?”

He looked at them again and just shook his head.

I smiled and said “Good, I’m glad. But you won’t tell anyone will you?”

He shook his head, smiled and said “Of course not, it’ll be our secret.”

I smiled back and said “I like our secrets, don’t you?”

He nodded and said “Yes I do.”

I said “Tell me the truth Tom, Are you going to make a mess in the bathroom after seeing my tit?”

He shook his head.

I said “Oh.”

He said “I do it in my room now remember?”

I smiled and said “Oh yes, I forgot. Well I am off to bed now, see you in the morning.”

And I bent forward very slowly and said “Give your mother a kiss goodnight then.”

The front of my nightie fell forward and Tom had a very clear and unobstructed view of both my breasts as I turned my head to the side so that he could kiss me on the cheek.

He took a long while leaning forward to kiss my cheek and I could him see out of the corner of my eye looking at them before he kissed my cheek very lightly.

I turned my head the other way and held it there waiting for him to kiss that cheek. Tom took his time kissing me again and my nipples were tingling as I watched him looking at them. Finally, I straightened up and said “Night Night.”

He said “Good night” and I turned and made my way upstairs.

My pussy was throbbing and dripping again and my nipples ached to be sucked.

I went up to my room where I lay on my bed and thought of what had just happened and of our conversation. I played with myself whilst I went over it all in my head. And I knew that Tom was now in his room wanking over me. He had admitted to me that he was going to do it.

I really wanted to go and help him do it.

I wanted to feel his cock, to hold it.

But something was holding me back from crossing that line.

It was like an invisible brick wall.

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