My Sister’s Pathetic Cuckold


I was just turning 18 at the time. I had one sister that was older and had just moved back in. She was staying in the basement because our parents had already converted her whole room to a home gym. My parents were out to dinner, and I was getting ready to do my own laundry. I normally did laundry in my underwear to get the most clothes clean possible. I went down beforehand, already stripped to my underwear to check to make sure the washer was available. I totally forgot my sister was here.

I creped down the stairs, and I heard some odd noises. I peak around the furnace that is in the center of the basement. I peak around to see my sister, her legs spread. My eyes were immediately drawn to her tight pink pussy, her large labia swang ever so slightly as he was rubbing her clit back and forth. My eyes followed up her smooth stomach to her still perky breasts.

My penis had already begun to grow. I looked up a little further and noticed that my sister was sucking on the head of an unbelievably large black dildo. It was 10 inches at least. And had the girth of a soda can. I was honestly in shock. But my sexual curiosity took the better of me as I started to rub my penis on the outside of my underwear. She stopped doing oral on the toy and retrieved a nearby bottle of lube. She put almost two ounces of lube on the toy and spread it out. And then used the lube on her hand to add some extra lubrication. She lined up the large toy and slowly pushed it into her bright pink vagina. It stretched surprisingly well to accommodate the object. She began pushing and pulling it back and forth over several inches. She stopped to apply more lube and put the toy back. After literally two thrusts she stops. There is a moment of silence as I look back at her face to see her to figure out why she stopped. Our eyes were locked for a solid second before I backed around the furnace and tried to slip up the stairs.

My sister called from the corner, not worrying about volume cause no one was home. “Come back down here you pervert, might as well finish the show!”

I somewhat Alanya Suriyeli Escort reluctantly turned around and walked back. Her and I would have to discuss this sometime, but now is as good as ever.

I didn’t expect her to continue playing while we were talking about this. But there she was continuing to shove the big black dildo into her cunt. She stared at me intensely. As she started asking questions.

“Do you like the thought of your sister taking such a large cock?” She said staring into my soul. Anything but the honest answer would not do.

“Yes, its really hot” I said as my face got a really red

She took one of her hands and motioned me to come over to her. She had me lay on the bed with my face a mere 2-3 inches from the action as she continued to play.

This whole time my boner was growing harder and eventually I started to dry hump the bed at the same rate that she was playing.

After several minutes my sister started building to an orgasam. it didn’t take very long before her body twitched all over as she came. She then pulled the object out and told me to enjoy the view of her gaping cunt.

“Lets see what you are working with bro.” She said. “Take that underwear off let me see.”

I hesitated. “No way i can compete with that thing” I thought to myself.

“I know I’m kind of a size queen” she shrugged. “I’m just curious. I don’t expect you to be nearly that big.”

With that encouragement i Stood up and slipped down my underwear. Revealing my very average 5″ penis.

Despite her promise my sister began giggling. “I was hoping it was at least above average.” She said sitting on the corner of the bed. “Let me see it more closely.”

As I came closer she cupped my balls and lightly pulled me forward as she took my hardened penis into her mouth circling my penis with her tongue.

“Maybe you are just a grower,” she said with a smirk, as she knew very well that that was not the case.

She began sucking my dick with ease, taking my whole length. I Alanya Türbanlı Escort was small enough she didn’t even have to use her throat for me at all. She was also paying very good attention to my balls. The whole time she was rotating between rubbing, pulling, and lightly squeezing my sack..

It wasn’t but a moment or two before my tiny member started to throb inside my sister’s wet mouth. Just as my breathing was starting to lighten up and I was getting ready to cum she stopped sucking me, took her hand away from my sack and pushed me back as she laid on her back and took the big toy, added a little lube and shoved it into her eager vagina.

“Don’t you dare touch that little penis,” she said with a loving yet stern look, “Come get on your knees and look at what a real man’s penis does”

I didn’t want to listen. I was a little annoyed she blue balled me and a little embarrassed she made fun of my size. But I was a horny young adult, and before me lay a naked woman, regardless of who she is right now she is my best chance at an orgasm, so she is the boss. I got on my knees and watched as she used the large toy. The forearmed sized toy was having me question reality. The fact that she was actually getting pleasure out of it and not pain had me a mixture of confusion and pleasure. But it also made me reevaluate my own size, which I always thought was perfectly fine. My conflicted mind was making it slightly hard to focus on the situation in front of me.

As if she was reading my crumbling confidence. She pulled the toy out and set it aside. After giving me a second to stare at her gaping cunt she spoke to me.

“Come see how insignificant you are compared to that fake big black cock” she said laying back and starting to rub her clit.

I spit on the tip of my penis and rubbed it on her labia. The pure heat coming off of her snatch was almost enough to make me finish. I took a deep breath to really focus on not finishing and slipped into my sister’s cunt. She was wet and warm; however the walls of her vagina Alanya Ucuz Escort barely provided any pressure on my cock. Despite her being the loosest vagina I’ve ever been inside of, my penis was on the edge after only 2 or 3 minutes. I tried to stay focused. I wanted to make this moment happen for as long as possible.

My sister had other ideas. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me forward holding me inside of her. She grinded up into me a little bit and pulled me close enough that she could whisper in my ear.

“Cum inside me you useless cuck of a whiteboy brother.” she said letting out a giggle knowing what the result would be.

I couldn’t resist orgasming with the wealth of stimulation. Over the next few moments I pushed several ounces of seamen into my sister in the most intense orgasm I had ever had.

I pulled out and sat on the bed next to her, completely out of breath.

She pushed me back into the bed and straddled my face. She looked down at me and smiled.

“Ready to taste your own cum you pervert.” she said giggling devilishly

I looked up with horror.

“N-,” I started to say before being interrupted by her vagina being pushed into my face. From what I could tell her clit was up by my nose. And the opening to her vagina was right in front of my mouth. She was putting her full body weight into keeping me down as she started to push the cum out of her vagina.

“Taste it cuck,” she demanded.

I hesitated, but know that your sister would get what she wanted one way or another, so giving in is the only realistic option. I opened my mouth and got a good mouthful of a salty slimy substance. It wasn’t just my cum however, there was a decent bit of the lube she had used for that massive toy. I’m pretty sure it made it much worse. I swallowed the substance and tapped my sisters thigh as I was running out of breath and I had done what she asked of me. I laid on the bed, my face covered in cum and exhausted.

Not a moment later my sister started jokingly shaking my spent penis. “Okay mister baby dick. You need to get your laundry started before mom and dad get home!” she giggled. “If you’re a good boy, maybe I’ll let you watch me and my boyfriend sometime. That dildo is actually a mold of his cock.” she felt my penis pump a few times in sexual intrigue before I got up. I walked away without saying a word to her.

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