My Sister, the Virgin Ch. 03


Author’s Note: All parties taking place in any sexual actions in this story are of legal age (18) or above. If you are not of legal age, or do not wish to read erotic material, please use the back button on your browser to leave this page. Similarly, if you are uncomfortable with incestuous relations, this is not the story for you. Everything in this series is completely fictitious.

* * * * *

The sound of a car door shutting woke me from my sleep. I glanced over at the clock, and realized it wasn’t there. Not only that, but I wasn’t even in my own bed. Then it hit me where I was… in my sister’s room, with my sister, and my parents were home! I jumped out of the bed, trying to find my clothes, only to realize that I had been dressed while I was asleep. No doubt my sister repaying me for the help I had given her the night before. That’s when I realized that my sister wasn’t in the room with me. I stuck my head out of the door, listening to her sweet voice as she talked to our mother.

“Knowing him, he’s probably IN HIS ROOM on the computer or something…” Those three words were hint enough for me, and I snuck across the hall (our rooms were directly across from each other) into my room, closing the door with no more sound than a soft *click*. I always made sure to keep the hinges well-oiled, in case I needed to do some late-night run arounds, and evidently the 2 semesters I had spent away hadn’t been enough to build up a squeaky layer of rust. Just as I was sitting down on my bed, I heard a knock on my door, and then my dad’s voice as he called through.

“Just thought I’d let you know that we’re home Riley. Mom says dinner’ll be ready in half an hour.” I gave back some generic response, still trying to catch my breath from the room switch I had to do under the ear of our parents. They may not have totally flipped out if they were to learn about what was developing between me and Catie, but there was no point in telling them if we didn’t absolutely have to. After all, parents tend to act abnormally when presented with unexpected information… or so the research I had been doing online said.

I had known that I wanted a relationship with my sister for a few years now. I didn’t just want to screw her, I wanted to actually be with her, but I was never sure how to go about it. Thinking it would help me out some, I had done quite a bit of research on topics relating to incest, such as breaking the news to parents, admitting to your brother/sister without fear of rejection, birth defects not being much higher than normal despite widely believed rumors, matters of the like. It didn’t really help me out at all, but I did learn some very useful information, the most important piece being that it was never smart to make a move on your sibling unless you knew they felt the same way. Whether Catie knew or not that night… well, quite frankly, didn’t matter.

I laid back in my bed, pulling a book from my shelf, deciding to pass the time until dinner was ready by making a dent in one of my favorite books. I had just managed to finish the first paragraph when I heard another knock on my door, this one much more welcome for me than the last.

“Hey Riley, it’s me. Can I come in?” I didn’t have to hear who ‘me’ was to know who it was. Practically leaping over to my door, I unlocked it and opened it in one movement to find my sister, Catie, standing there in all her radiant beauty. I moved to the side to let her in, and she looked down the hall to make sure both our parents were somewhere else before giving me a quick wink and a kiss on the lips. I had barely closed my door when she put her hand on my shoulder, and motioned over to the bed. Needless to say, my eyes got a little wide.

“Catie, are you crazy? Mom and dad are right down the hall, and–” I didn’t have time to finish before her fist (albeit playfully) found my shoulder, and she looked at me like ‘Do you ever think about anything besides that?’

“Riley, I’m not stupid. I want to talk. C’mon, sit down.” Feeling a little calmer, I sat down with her on the bed, looking at her quizzically. I could tell from the way she kept twisting her feet that something was on her mind, and I was about to ask when she started talking. “I think we should tell mom and dad about… about us.” She looked up at me, a serious look in her eyes as she held her hands in mine. “I know there’s a chance they might freak out or something, but it would make things a lot easier either way if we didn’t have to try and hide it from them…”

I didn’t say anything for a minute, the reality of what she had said sinking in. I knew that we had agreed them finding out probably wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but Alanya Ukraynalı Escort if they didn’t agree with it… “Look, Catie. I understand completely. If we told them, then either they’d accept it, and we could be more open around them… or they wouldn’t, and we wouldn’t have to worry about being around them anyways. But neither of us have the money to support us if mom and dad kick us out, not even if we combined our savings.” I looked straight into her eyes, hoping she understood my point.

“I know that earlier, I said that even if we had to live out of a box, I’d be fine as long as I had you. But why force ourselves into that sort of predicament if we don’t have to? I’m not saying we’ll never tell them, I want them to be part of our lives together eventually. But for now, I really think it would be to our advantage to just wait a little while.” I took a deep breath, half expecting another fight like we had earlier. Instead, Catie just stared at my shirt for a second before shaking her head, and then nodding in agreement.

“You’re right. I mean, we’re still trying to get used to this ourselves, there’s no point in dragging mom and dad into it yet.” She smiled and reached her neck up to give me a small kiss. “Just promise me that we will tell them eventually?”

“Of course Cat. Like I said, I want them to be a part of our lives, whether they accept of us or not.” I wrapped my arms around her, glad to know that I could at least be the voice of reason on some topics. We both jumped when there was a knock on my door, Catie standing up just in time for my mom to open the door.

“I thought I heard your voice in here, Catie. Dinner’ll be ready in 5 you two. Hope you’re hungry!” She smiled wider than I thought was necessary, and closed the door behind her as she left, almost as if to say ‘I’ll give you your privacy until then’. Maybe I was just being paranoid because of the new situation, but it seemed like my mom knew more than she was letting on.

* * * * *

After dinner was finished, the 4 of us were sitting in the backyard, enjoying the cool summer night and ‘shooting the breeze’, basically just killing time before going to bed. We were never a very rich family, we had enough to get by comfortably, but vacations were few and far between, and the closest we had to a pool was the one down at the local Y. Still, our backyard was one of the biggest in the neighborhood, even if it wasn’t the nicest. We had a small patio leading from the family room, which held a few beach chairs and an old metal couch that was piled with pillows and blankets, to at least make it seem comfortable.

Past that was nothing but grass, and a couple trees on the edge of the property. When me and my sister were younger, we always used to have our friends over, and we’d play everything from soccer, to tag, to football, even paintball when we were teenagers. The latter was evident from the different pieces of cardboard stacked against the side of the house, painted every color of the rainbow and then some. Of course, it was always our friends who brought over the equipment, but it was fun nonetheless.

“So, Riley, have you decided what you’re going to be majoring in? Last we heard you were torn between a couple different choices.” My dad, more concerned about my professional life than my personal. I figured it had to have been hard on him. He had joined the Navy when he was my age, and I could always tell that he had hoped I would do the same. However, I didn’t quite turn into the military type over my life, so I chose college over service, and my dad wanted to make sure I made the most of it.

“Not yet, but the ones I’ve got it whittled down to don’t even really start in until at least my Junior year, so I’ve still got over a year to figure it out.” I could tell that that wasn’t quite what he wanted to hear, but we had a sort of silent agreement: he wouldn’t freak out at me unless I was completely aimless, and I’d do my best to stay away from that situation.

“What about you, Catie? Have you gotten any acceptance letters yet?” My mom had been helping my sister look at colleges over the past year, but I didn’t even know she had been putting in requests already. I figured she would do what I did, and take a year off from school to get a job and save up some money. Evidently, mom and dad had been able to do enough of that with me out of the house to pay for her.

“Actually, I was waiting to tell you until we had everyone together.” She stood up and pulled something out of her pocket, and I knew from the look on her face that she had some news for all of us. “I got a letter yesterday afternoon… I got accepted to the same Alanya Üniversiteli Escort college as Riley!” She nearly broke our eardrums with the squeal she let out, and my mother got up and hugged her tight as my father looked over at me, before giving my sister a smile. He turned to my mother and whispered something in her ear, and she nodded before he motioned for me to follow him.

We walked into the kitchen, and I was wondering what was going on when he turned around to look at me. “Riley, your mother and I know that you kids are close, closer than two siblings normally are. We’ve always considered ourselves… lucky, that you don’t fight like normal brothers and sisters, but now that you’re going to the same college, it’s going to be your responsibility to keep an eye on your sister. Make sure she doesn’t hang out with the wrong crowd, keep a track on who she’s going out with, those sort of things.” I nodded, relieved that so far they hadn’t found out about our new affair.

“I know I’m hard on you kids sometimes, but it’s just because I want to see you come out with a better life than we gave you. We may not have been dirt poor, but… it’s every parent’s dream for their kid to have a better life than they had. That’s something that even the Navy can’t take out of you.” For the first time in I couldn’t even remember how long, my father gave me a real heart-felt smile, and — even rarer — a hug. I smiled and turned around, ready to head out to the yard before I heard my dad clear his throat. “One more thing, Ri…” I turned around, pretty much knowing what he was about to say. “Make sure none of those college boys steal her innocence. I’d like to see her come back as ‘clean’ as she’s leaving.” I gave him a small nod, knowing in the back of my mind that at this rate, she wouldn’t even makt it to college ‘clean’.

Back out on the deck, I found my sister sitting over on the ‘couch’, and as soon as she saw me she nodded her head toward the seat next to her. Not needing to be told twice, I walked over and sat next to her, just in time for our parents to inform us that they were heading in for the night. “We’ll probably be gone again before you two get up, so we’ll see you when we get back from work. Congratulations on the acceptance, Catie, your father and I are really proud of you.” Grinning like the ecstatic parent she was, my mom kissed my sister on the forehead, and she and my dad went inside to go to bed, leaving just Catie and I alone on the porch.

“So, Riley, what do you think? Going to college with your little sister next semester?” She giggled, wasting little time in wrapping her arms around my shoulders, cuddling up close to me. “What did dad want to talk to you about anyway? You guys sure didn’t seem to be in there very long.”

“Oh, you know, just the usual ‘she’s going to be your responsibility’ stuff, wanting me to make sure you don’t let any strange guys get in your pants.” I smirked, feeling pretty smooth at adding that little “strange guys” part. Hey, at this point, I was willing to take any little victory I could get! I rested my head against the top of Catie’s, perfectly content with just being able to lay there for the rest of the night… until I felt a few light fingers trailing up and down my thigh, at least.

“You know, Ri, mom and dad are probably in bed by now…” Catie looked up at me, with that same look that she had in her eye the night before, and I knew exactly what she was thinking. “I’ve been thinking a lot about what we’ve done over the past 24 hours, and it’s gotten me really horny.” She winked at me, her hand sliding up under the hem of my shirt, before pulling it completely up over my head. “And not only horny, but hungry… I want to see what you taste like, big brother.” She nipped at my lips, her left hand down between my legs, cupping my quickly-hardening shaft as she grinded against me.

I pulled my head back a bit, unable to hide a grin of my own as I looked at her. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying, Cat?” I licked my lips, almost shaking from anticipation for what I hoped were the next words to come out of her mouth. I would have been perfectly fine cuddling all night out there, but if she wanted to do more, I wasn’t about to be the one to stop her.

She nodded her head slowly, sliding her body down between my legs to the pavement below. I handed her a pillow to place under her knees, and while she worked on positioning that, I pulled my shoes and socks off, working at the belt to my jeans. I soon felt a pair of hands running over mine, expertly pulling the strap of leather out from the loops that held the clothing on my body, and with the hand that wasn’t Alanya Vip Escort holding the belt she easily unsnapped the button up top, pulling the zipper down slowly to draw out the pleasure.

For all the time she took unzipping and unsnapping my pants, she sure did make up for it when she yanked them off of my legs in one fell swoop! Evidently she was getting just as excited about this as I was. She grinned up at me and licked her lips as she ran a hand up over my thigh, and as I looked into her eyes, I almost felt like I was looking at someone else. When my sister gets horny, she gets horny, and for all intents and purposes, transforms into a completely different person. Gone was the innocent little girl I grew up playing and laughing with, and kneeling in front of me was this… this sex-craved vixen, ready to take anything and everything she wanted. I couldn’t help but feel even more excited than before, knowing that my sister was going to use me to explore her own sexual needs.

She reached up through the leg hole of my boxers, wrapping her fingers around my half-erect cock, stroking it slowly as her free hand played at the waistband. Her fingers barely touched my skin, tickling my hips, sending shockwaves all through my body which caused my pelvis to inadvertantly thrust up toward her face. I was afraid I might’ve scared her off, but instead it just seemed to get her even more excited for what she was about to do.

“Looks like someone’s tired of waiting for their treat” She said it in barely a whisper, but she was looking me dead in the eye, and that smirk on her face had me walking on dream street. “…and quite frankly, so am I.” With that, she hooked her finger under my waistband, brushing it against the tip of my erection before pulling my boxers down off of my hips, the front getting caught on my bulge before snapping down off of it, causing my hard on to slap against my pelvis as my underwear literally flew onto the porch in front of me. I could hear Catie groan as my cock came into view, and she carefully pulled it up off of my body, letting it stand straight up as she looked at it, mentally preparing herself for her next move.

I closed my eyes for just a second, trying to clear my mind for the feeling ahead, and before I could open them I felt something warm enveloping me. I didn’t need to open my eyes to know that my sister had just given me what could best be described as a “mouth hug”, and I groaned my appreciation as I felt her tongue licking the underside of my erection. I ran my right hand through her hair, grabbing a handful as she got me nice and wet with her spit. I could feel the pre-cum already starting to seep out, and at about the same time she took me out of her mouth. I opened my eyes and looked down at her, thinking she didn’t like the taste of me, and was greeted with quite the show indeed.

Evidently, she was farther down on my cock than I had realized, because there was a thick string of her saliva stretching from her bottom lip down to the head of my erection, and she was heaving like she’d just swam a mile. Later on, she informed me that she was experimenting with deep-throating, and was just surprised more than anything else when she tasted the pre-cum. She only rested for a few seconds before bending her head down again, this time only taking half of my manhood into her mouth while she worked the other half with her left hand, the right cupping my balls like a kid with water. Only I don’t think a little kid would be rolling the water around in his hand like a pair of dice.

Years of blowjobs had upped my endurance a little bit, but without fear of being bias, my sister gave me what was easily the best blowjob of my life that night. Not that she had that much competition: the others had failed to get up to even deepthroating, let alone combining a blowjob and a hand job. Deciding now wasn’t the best time to inquire where my sister learned her trade, I just sat back in my seat, enjoying the treatment my sister was giving me. She had drawn in her cheeks with her lips just past the head, her tongue playing with the slit while her hand moved up and down the shaft, the other kneading my ballsac, all of which was building me up fast.

I warned my sister that I was about to cum, and when I did she immediately backed up, looking up at me with that evil glint in her eye. Without saying a word, she easily slipped out of her top and bra, those lucious tits coming into view, and as she leaned forward it finally hit me what she had in mind. She grabbed my dick in one hand, pushing it into the valley that was her cleavage, using her upper arms to push the nipples together and started titty-fucking me, right there on the porch! This caused me to moan even louder, and although my orgasm had backed off during her little break, it was quickly building back up as I imagined my seed shooting up onto her face.

I was just about to get my wish when I heard the screen door open, and my mom yell “Riley, Catherine, what the fuck is going on out here?!”

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