My Sister, My Love

Big Tits

This is my first story for Literotica. I want to thank Linda62953 for helping me with the editing of the story. I hope everyone enjoys it.


I always thought my sister was a beautiful lady. Sure, we fooled around with each other when we were younger, but that was only experimenting, a kiss here, a touch there which really did not lead to anything more. As the years went on we each dated and got married had kids and did the family thing. We would chat on the phone, see each other for lunches and at family functions. She lived on the opposite side of town, so seeing each other was not a problem. We would often talk about the times we were fooling around and laughed about it.

At 46 Lori was the picture of beauty any guy would fall in love with. She was married for 20 years until her husband left her with 2 kids. Smooth skin, a beautiful smile, brunette hair and the sexiest brown eyes you would ever want to see. She always kept herself in shape and at 5’6 it showed. When her husband left her, she felt it was all over for her since she was in her mid 40’s.

Being single again and raising two kids, she figured she wouldn’t have much of a life anymore.

After ten years of marriage, my wife became ill and passed away, we never had any children, something we had always planned on. Single again at 44 was not something I planned on. I had a good job which gave me flexibility to have certain days off, making my own schedule was fine with me.

My sister needed more help then I did, but I was always there for her whenever she needed. I was over her house more and more helping with finances and the kids and making sure things were ok and going in the right direction.

“Drew, you always do the right thing for me, always helping me and the kids, you are a sweet brother.”

“No problem Lori, you know we have always been close and you always helped me during my troubling times.”

We gave each other a nice long hug, feeling her close to me was a feeling I needed. I kissed her quickly on the cheek, smiled and told her I would see her soon. She smiled as I walked out the door.

I had to take care of some personal business for the day then headed home, finished up earlier than I thought. I arrived home and turned on my computer to check some e mails. A lot of junk e mail, but one from my sister which was rare since we usually would call each other on our cells or text each other.

Hi Drew,

Thank you for coming by this morning, you can’t imagine how wonderful it is to have a brother like you. So handsome so loving, so sweet, a man any woman would adore. You have made me feel so special with all that you have been doing. I love you.


After reading that I responded.

Hey Lori,

Thank you for the e mail. You are a woman who is special and loving and kind. Guys would be lucky to have you too. Glad we can always share our feelings so easily. Love you too.


That was an email that made me feel so good, that I had to do something for Lori when the time was right for both of us.

I called and left her message on her cell, we both were busy for the past two days, so we kept missing each other. I had a house in the country that I used from time to time and was thinking about taking Lori there for the weekend. It was in a part of the state that was remote, but the view of the mountains was so beautiful it took your breath away. I had some time off so I took some vacation days to go up to the house so I can clean and prepare it. All I needed to do was ask Lori which weekend was good, her kids were old enough to be on their own, so that was not a problem.

Calling her again, this time she picked up,

“Hey sis how are you?, been busy I guess?”

“Yes, a lot of work and keeping the kids busy too, I need a break.”

“I may have the perfect remedy for you”

“What is that, tell me.”

“Lets get away for a weekend at my country house, how does that sound?”

” That would be wonderful, I am free next weekend.”

“Perfect, I will stop by in a day or two, we can make arrangements when I see you”

“Ok Drew, thank you, you’re the best, love you.”

“Love you too Lori”

I wanted to make this a great weekend away, the thought of being alone with my sister was making me feel so good. I had to make sure that my feelings and her feelings were on the same page.

I stopped over on Tuesday, after my shift around 4PM. Her kids were working so I know we had some time together. I rang the bell as she opened the door, I can see she was glad to see me, as she kissed me on the cheek and gave me a nice long hug. We sat on the couch for a bit and made some small talk, before she went inside to get some ice tea to drink. I asked her if she was doing good and she said yes, as I told her I was fine too and coming along well. I held her hand as we chatted and she appreciated the closeness by resting her head on my shoulder. The sweet smell of her fresh hair made me start to think that I should go a little further at that time.

I kissed her Alanya Sarışın Escort forehead as she let out a sigh.

“You make me feel so good, so loved Drew, I appreciate all that you do.”

“I know Lori, you are special to me and I know we can get even closer.”

With that I slid my hand to rest on her thigh, slightly caressing it, I kissed her, this time a kiss on the lips, a short kiss, which kind of surprised her, but she turned and kissed me on the lips after we broke our first kiss. I felt so good and I was hoping we can finally have a deep kiss, which happened in a matter of seconds. Our tongues met and twirled around our mouths like teenagers kissing for the first time. Pulling her body closer to me, I moved my hands to her hips as she moved her hands over my neck and around my back. After about what seemed to be an hour we looked at each other and knew we wanted more.

Since this weekend was going to be good for the both of us, I told her I would pick her up early, about 8AM, since it was about a two hour ride from her place. All she had to do was let the kids know she would be away for the weekend and be back on Sunday evening. It was only Tuesday but the anticipation of knowing we would be alone for the weekend was making me feel so excited. The thought of being with my sister and making love to her was a thought like no other I had. Friday came and I woke up early, around 5AM, showered, shaved and packed, I was always a last minute packer. I sent a text to Lori and she sent a text back saying she was looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend and would be ready for 8AM.

I got into the car and stopped to pick up a paper and then to my sisters house. Rang the bell and there she was looking so sexy, tight blue jeans with a white top showing some of her voluptuous 36C breasts, we kissed good morning and I picked up her suitcases and put them in the car.

“How much did you pack?” I asked her.

“Oh, not too much, just enough” she said laughing.

I helped her in the car, being the gentleman that I am I always hold the door for the ladies.

The drive was good, not too much traffic, Lori fell asleep for a bit so it was me and the radio for about 45 minutes. We arrived at the house, and Lori asked me if I was tired, I told her I was fine and we went into the house. The weather was great, sunny and nice, so the hot tub would be coming in handy later on. She was amazed at how great the house looked and remembered the last time she was up here with everyone. I told her I know its been awhile, but it was an escape for me since my wife died, the peace and quiet were helpful during that time. I took her bags up to her room and put them on the bed. I then took mine and put them in my room which was across from her room. Lori went out on the porch to look at the mountains, I unpacked my things and went downstairs to go outside with her.

“Beautiful view, always loved it”

“Best view in the whole state.” I said.

I held her hand and squeezed it gently as we both enjoyed the view.

I turned her around, and moved my fingers to brush her hair back and caress her face, we kissed again, a deep passionate kiss, as we held each other tight. After breaking the kiss we smiled.

“Drew, I have these feelings for you for a while now, that well, should not be between siblings.”

“I understand Lori, its not everyday the one you really know is the one for you is your sister or brother.”

“I wanted to be alone with you to see if your feelings for me where the same and if they were, then we should take it to another level.”

“They are the same, after we kissed on the couch at my place all the feelings of love and passion came to me, I knew I wanted you then, but we had to be discreet about it.”

After hearing that I knew it would be a matter of time before we were making love but I needed to be sure and now I had that. I told her I would be making dinner, Lori laughed and said maybe she should cook. Being it was early afternoon and dinner would be later we made it over to the couch and sat down for a few minutes before I would turn the hot tub on so we can relax in there. Lori went upstairs to change as I took out a bottle of wine and two glasses and headed to turn on the hot tub. I changed into my robe in a room right before you went outside. Just thinking of my sister made my cock so hard, as I came out of the room she was walking past me, brushing her tits on my shirt, as she wryly said oh sorry and smiled.

Soon as we got outside, I checked to make sure the water was perfect and put the wine and glasses down on a little table attached to the hot tub. I removed my robe and went in first, my 7 inch cock all ready and hard, as Lori noticed and gave a sheepish grin as she disrobed and came in. The sexiest body I have ever seen, my wife had a nice body, but not compared to my sister’s.

I poured a glass for her as she leaned against me, I poured mine and we toasted to a great and relaxing weekend as the glasses clanged.

I could feel her body pressing Alanya Şişman Escort against me as I was in the corner of the hot tub. We finished our drinks and put the glasses down. Just feeling the water pulsating against us was making us both feel so good and relaxed. I slowly put my arm around her waist as she sighed and leaned up on my chest. My cock was so ready I didn’t want to waste any more time. I slid my hands around her breasts slowly pinching each nipple as they got hard, my lips began to kiss her neck, while she began to stroke my cock. Caressing her breasts I turned her around so I can begin to lick and suck those beautiful breasts.

“Drew, mmm you know what a woman needs and wants, make love to me.”

With that command, my lips and tongue made circles around each nipple as my free hand was holding her along her back moving up and down. Her hands playing with my hair as my tongue licked her right nipple then her left one, then sucked both of them, slowly. While playing with her nipples, I slid my other free hand and massaged her inner thigh, then moving it to her pussy, so wet and ready. After loving her breasts I knew I wanted to lick her shaven pussy. I lifted her out of the hot tub and onto a lounge sofa that could hold two people. We kissed again as I kissed down her body making long circles as I opened her legs wider.

“Lori you are so sexy and beautiful, I am so glad we have the same feelings for each other.”

I stopped by her belly button and kissed it, my tongue making circles around it. I gently placed my hand on her stomach and pressed down slightly before I began my trip to her pussy.

I first wanted to kiss and lick down her whole leg, which I did by licking her inner thighs and kissing then to her pussy and stopping. While doing this my one hand was caressing her breasts and the other was moving up and down her leg, This was driving her crazy. She would reach down every now and then and play with her clit. I kissed down her left leg and then around to her right leg. As I got to her ever wet pussy I lifted her legs up and gave a quick lick to her ass.

She was resting her head on a pillow, as the warm air and the solitude of being alone was making this a very hot time. My tongue circled around her clit licking the left side and the right side as my fingers traced along her pussy lips. I then moved my tongue around her clit and slowly sucked it into my mouth letting it roll from side to side in my mouth.

“Oh my Drew, mmmm your tongue is so amazing.”

I let my tongue play with her clit then moved my fingers into position slowly massaging the sides of her clit. She was so quiet during this period, I must have been doing a real good job orally.

I let my fingers continue to play with her clit as my tongue slide up and down her pussy, stopping in the middle and licking side to side. I knew if I kept that up she would soon cum and I would taste those juices I always wanted to taste. I kept the pace up then moved faster on her clit and pussy. She was soaked. Lori put her legs around my shoulders and was running her fingers through my hair, she leaned up a little as my tongue was buried deep inside her pussy.

“Drew baby, I am going to cum, mmmmm ohhhhhh.” She came so fast and so much it was so good to have her juices fill my mouth.

I leaned up and kissed her and let her taste how good she was. She smiled and said that I would be next and the blow job I was to receive would be the best one I ever had.

I stood up as Lori was at the edge of the sofa, my cock ready for my sister. She sucked on my balls letting her tongue lick each one then sucking each one she was moving her hand up and down my cock. She then began playing with my balls with her fingers as her tongue was slowly moving up and down the shaft of my cock. She got to the head and slid her tongue from side to side. She took my cock in her mouth and slowly sucked. My head leaning back at the pleasure I had not received in so long. There is only so much masturbation can do, having a blow job was the next best thing even if it was my sister giving me the blow job. Sucking hard for a few minutes I made her stop and laid down on the sofa as she then moved to the side and began sucking, this time it was more intense. The sensation was building up I knew I would cum in a matter of minutes.

‘Lori, you are the best baby. “

Not wanting to cum yet, I pulled her off and laid her down on the sofa and opened her legs wide. After kissing for a bit, I slid my cock in slow, then out slower, gosh she was so wet. I rested her leg over my leg as I lifted the other one as my motion was moving faster and faster. I leaned down and sucked each nipple as I was finally fucking my sister. I moved one finger around her clit and continuing to suck her nipple I was so close to letting my cum fill her love hole like no other.

“Baby I am going to cum.”

“Yes Drew fill me up with your cum, I have been dreaming about this.”

I began to cum as my sisters body was in total orgasm, she grabbed my shoulders Alanya Sınırsız Escort and arched her legs around my waist, looking into her eyes as I began filling her with my cum, it was so erotic and so hot.

We collapsed into each others arms and just let the warm air invigorate us as we kissed each other and caressed one another. We finally got up from the sofa and made our way into the house, since each room had a shower, but we ended up in mine. After a few minutes we kissed and hugged each other as we know we enjoyed every minute of what just happened and what was going to happen again. The shower water was warm and invigorating. I turned her around and began soaping her back and ass, then moving my hands around her breasts caressing them as the soap was all over her. I took the shower head and ran it down her body, sensually, then moving it along her clit, she moaned with pleasure. Another few minutes and she was lathering my cock, we kissed as she did that. She went down and gave me another blow job. We got out of the shower after some nice play and dried each other off. We went downstairs for dinner.

After dinner we sat outside looking at the sun setting, a beautiful and romantic sight to see.

“I just want to say Lori, it was beautiful what we did this afternoon.”

“It was, I never knew it would be so erotic and sexy with you, and I wanted to be loved like this for so long.”

“Instead of sleeping in your room, come and stay with me tonight, we have the rest of the night and tomorrow together alone.”

“I was hoping you would ask me.”

Lori called her two kids to make sure they were fine. They were out, her daughter at the movies and her son at a baseball game. She knew they would work on Saturday so she told them she would call them on Sunday morning before we left. My schedule was clear so I was good with not calling anyone. We sat on the couch watching some TV for a while before Lori went up to bed. I stayed downstairs for a while and went online for a few minutes before heading up stairs at 9:30. My door was open so I knew Lori had already gone in. As I opened the door, I was greeted with a smile, and Lori waiting on the bed for me, her legs crossed over each other. I smiled back and removed my shirt and pants. I dimmed the lights as I took my sister and moved her in for a long passionate kiss, While she was on top of me, my hands caressed her ass, as our tongue made love to each other, her right hand on my chest and her left on my shoulder. The second time around with my sister, I felt should be better than the first one.

I leaned her over on her back, as we kissed some more, the night air hot as it blew in through an open window. I had a king size bed, so it would not be a problem getting into certain positions for us.

“This is so exciting for me, such a turn on, mmm, take me again Drew.”

This time I had my sister slide down the bed so I can be at the edge leaning to lick that sweet pussy. I opened her legs and kissed her inner thighs as my tongue made its way to her pussy. While there I played with her clit again with my fingers, this time rolling it between my forefinger and middle finger gently. I licked her pussy up and down slowly up then licking down fast. Then licking fast up then slowly down still massing her clit. I then circled around her clit with my tongue, then licked it side to side, while sliding in two fingers inside her pussy reaching for her g-spot. She let out a moan as I was at her g spot, massaging it while my tongue went faster on her clit. I knew she would be in at a point of no return in a matter of minutes if I kept this up.

She began to grab the sides of the sheets and lean her head back. Sliding two fingers in I moved them in and out faster and faster, as I leaned up and sucked her nipples. That was too much for her as she reached orgasm and let out a loud moan. Making my sister cum like that was so hot I knew now we were both going to continue on this path of fucking when ever we wanted to.

After a few minutes I needed her mouth on my cock and this time wanted her to swallow my cum. I stood up in front of the bed, as she kissed my stomach and massaged my balls her mouth taking in my cock and slowly sliding it up and down. In the meantime her free hands grabbed my ass as she made this blow job better then the first one.

She took all of my 7 inches inside her mouth and began sucking fast. I did not say anything about swallowing, but the way she was going I figured she wanted to taste all of my cum. The sensation was so great as I leaned my head back and played with her hair. After a while I felt my balls beginning to swell ready to cum.

“Oh Lori, I’m going to cum baby.”

“Yes Drew, fill my mouth with your hot cum, I want it.”

After a few more minutes I shot my load in her mouth as she swallowed every drop. My wife never did that, but this was a moment of love I will never forget. We laid on the bed for a while her leg over my legs as she ran her hand around my chest. It was still early so I knew we would fuck again, but I wanted to savor this moment. I know fucking your sister is not the norm, but this was so exciting and so loving, it was so great. I knew she felt the same. I got up to open the windows a little, the night air was refreshing. I asked her if she wanted a water since I was going to get one, so I brought up 2 bottles anyway.

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