My Pet


You are laying in our bed, sleeping, i have just woke up, i crawl down on the bed and press my face between your legs, from behind, licking you..

You wake up, wondering what is happening and see and feel me licking you, you moan to me to keep going. I then tell you that i’m the one deciding what to do now, you are merely the pet that has to obey me.

Then i crawl on top of you, holding your arms down, smiling at you, telling you that this will be fun. I ask if you will be a nice pet and lay still for me, you say you won’t and i slap your breast with my hand and ask again, this time you say you will.

So i get off, tell you to lay still, you are not allowed to move at all! I then go to get some oil, a small vibrator, a soft suede whip, a cup, rope, and red color for body painting, this will be our tools today.

I first take the paint and write with big red letters, “Master’s Pet” on your stomach, “honey hole” on your thighs with an arrow up to your pussy and i ask you for today’s safe word.

Then i start dribble oil on you, smearing it out all over you so that you are all slippery and shiny, i grin at Bycasino you and pinch your nipples, pulling them hard, then grabbing your breasts firmly, leaving marks on them, “there, now they’re marked as mine too” and you moan.

I tell you to get out of bed and kneel next to me, i want you to take my cock between those breasts and after a while of you stroking my cock with them i tell you to suck on it, suck on it and eat my cum pet and i hold on to your hair, deciding the speed.

After i have cum in your mouth and have swallowed i have you open your mouth and let me control that you really have swallowed it all, you have and i pat you on the head telling you what a good pet you are.

I tell you that i will have to reward my pet for being so good, you nod and smile at me, i grin back and picks up the vibrator, it’s a quite small and smooth one, and i tell you to get up and bend over on the bed. As i spread oil on the vibrator i command you to spread your ass, you hesitate but decides to do it.

I take my oiled finger and rub your anus, gently pushing against it, you tell me you’re not sure about this and Bycasino giriş i slap your ass and tell you to be quiet and you know that i will stop if you just say that safe word, but you want to go on and i go back to pushing my finger in your anus.

Now penetrating you, you moan so loud, almost screaming, i move my finger in and out of you, faster, deeper and harder. I pull out my finger and puts the tip of the vibrator by your anus, slowly pushing it in, letting your anus get used to it, i put it on full speed and tell you that you are not to cum unless i command you too!

I get the cup and holds it between your legs, and i tell you that i want your golden juice, i rub your clit and command you to pee for me. You try and then finally it starts to dribble, turning into a stream of golden juice, i hold the cup to catch some of it, not minding that it comes on me too.

I get up with the cup in my hand and tell you to turn over and lay down on your back, the vibrator is not to be removed out of your ass, and i start pouring your own pee on your breasts and stomach.

I then slowly remove the vibrator, Bycasino deneme bonusu making sure to do it real slow and teasing, i go to put it down and gets the rope instead, tell you to lift your knees and hold on to them with your hands and i tie your hands there, not too tight, just hard enough to hold you there, reminding you of the safe word.

Then i get the suede whip, whipping your breasts gently, doing it until they are pink for me and then i whip your thighs and pussy, and you are not to cum yet, i have not given you permission for that, and i tease you by telling you that you can make it all stop by saying the safe word as i whip you until you are red.

I see how much honey you are making and i put down the whip and pushes my finger into you, licking it off and taste your honey. I slide you down to the edge of the bed and pushes my now again hard cock into you, hard and deep and i start fucking you brutally like an animal, holding on to you hard enough to leave marks, marking that you belong to me, you are MY pet!

After a while i moan out that you can cum and i keep pumping my cock in you like an animal, shooting my cum deep in you and you tremble, and moan so loud as you cum for me. Then i untie you, lay down next to you, holds you close, asking if you liked it and we glow in the satisfaction and i tell you “you did so good my pet” and i kiss you…

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