Naughty Girl Ch. 02


I feel at home here. Kneeling naked between Sir’s legs. I finish unbuckling His belt and it drops to the floor with a thud.

His erection pushes taught the material of His pants, so I unbutton them to free Him. It springs out almost hitting my face and I girlishly giggle.

I look up adoringly at Him and He nods for me to begin. I want to please Him so badly after my disobedience that I greedily take His cock in my mouth. I hear Him gasp and He grabs my hair.

“Slow it down! Slow at first, like I taught you.”

I look up and nod quickly as a response, my mouth full of cock, and slowly ease back off His shaft. Licking the tip softly I smooth the pre cum around and relish the sweet taste, before slowly taking His length back into my mouth. I hear Sir sigh as He puts his head back and I love that I can make Him relax. My spanking must have aroused him as much as me.

I work one hand around the base of His cock, moving it up and down with my sucks, whilst the other gently cups & caresses His big balls. I think of the load that is waiting for me – where will He want to shoot it? Down my throat? On my face? Or will he fuck me? I can feel my pussy getting wetter. The masturbation, the spanking and now sucking Sir’s delicious Bycasino cock. My clit is throbbing. But He withheld my orgasm for being such a naughty girl. I hope he let’s me cum soon.

I feel His hands grab my wrist. I continue to suck – I never stop unless told to. I see that Sir has removed His tie whilst I was worshiping His cock, and now He gathers both my hands in front of me and bounds them together with the tie.

I get more excited and take Sir’s cock as

far as I can down my throat. I hold it there as I feel His girth stretching my insides, blocking my air. I wait until I nearly gag and come up for air. Saliva drips down my chin and I can’t wipe it away because my hands are tied. I do it again, loving the sounds escaping as I deep throat Sir’s throbbing cock. His breath is quickening. I slow down again, sucking hard and licking my spit off Him.

He grabs my hair with both of

His hands and thrusts Himself into my mouth. I open wide with my tongue stretched out so I can lick His balls as he face fucks me hard. I can’t control the speed and I start to gag because of the lack of air but He continues. Saliva is pouring from my mouth now, dripping onto my breasts.

“You like that? You like me fucking Bycasino giriş your dirty whore mouth?”

Sir’s voice is low and husky. I can tell how turned on He is. He pulls his cock out of my mouth and I gratefully gasp air.

My throat will be sore tomorrow, but right now all I care about is what He wants next.

He picks up the belt from the floor and tells me to turn around, slapping it playfully on my sore bottom. Will he beat me again? I don’t think I could handle another lashing. But instead he loops it around my neck. This excites me but I also feel scared- choking might hurt. Then I feel the leather as it tightens around my neck and makes my body tingle. I’m on all fours and Sir uses the belt around my neck to lead me across the room, tugging it slightly. I crawl after him and we end up back in the same place. He circles me

around the room like an animal just to show me how fucking owned I am.

He tugs my make shift leash abruptly to pull me to a halt. Kneeling behind me He asks

“Does my baby girl deserved to be fucked?”

“Oh yes Sir!” I grin

He caresses my still red ass. Spreading my cheeks he spits on my asshole and I feel his saliva run down into my cunt.

I begin Bycasino deneme bonusu to rock back and forth, my body aching to be claimed.

Whack! He slaps my ass.

“Keep Still!” He scolds.

It stings more than normal because of the earlier beating, but it turns me on even more. I feel His finger at the pucker of my asshole and as it slowly enters I cry out in pleasure. Sir’s finger in my ass

is one of the best feelings ever and I smile because I feel lucky.

That smile is wiped off my face as Sir yanks the belt hard, ripping my head back so I’m looking at the ceiling. He leans over me and kisses my forehead as the leather digs into my skin and cuts off my air.

He enters me roughly and my legs shake from all the afternoon’s build up. His cock feels huge inside me and He pulls the belt with each massive thrust. My back feels like it might break and I can’t breath or make a sound. He fingers my ass feverishly as He pounds my sopping wet cunt. The lack of air makes me light headed until all I can feel is the shaking orgasm ripping through my body. I feel like I might pass out when He lets the belt go and pumps His hot seed inside of me, until it trickles down my thighs.

He pulls out of me and lays on the floor, satisfied. He looks over to see me scooping the remains His cum up with my fingers, and sucking it into my mouth.

He whispers,

“Good Girl”

Those words are blissful.

I curl up next to my Sir finally redeemed and very very happy.

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