My Neighbor Betty Ch. 02

Foot Fetish

Quick Recap:

Part one had me introduce you to my neighbor Betty. A very mature and beautiful married woman. Who had been the object of many of my masturbation fantasies starts to give me the impression she is looking to cheat on her husband with me.

Events take a turn when I am home from college and am working a night shift job so I am home during the week day and being the only “man” around at that time of day becomes a handy man for a drain problem at Betty’s. Pleased with my work she has convinced her husband to have me handle the repairs at their summer home. This is what transpires when I head up to their summer home — alone with Betty.

My Neighbor Betty — Part 2

Since that Saturday afternoon I had met with Ken and he reviewed the repairs he needed and then told me I would be going up with his wife Betty — alone — every moment I was alone I was jerking off imagining what it would be like to be with her in bed and having sex.

So come Friday morning when I got off work — I raced home — finished packing my travel bag and walked across the street and rang their doorbell. Betty answered the door wearing t a very tight sleeveless summer dress and sandal heels. Hair and makeup was perfect and she smelled divine.

She ushered me in and said she had just a few things to do and then we would head up to the house. She left me in the living room as she walked back to their bedroom. She called out and asked me to come back she needed a hand. She had a suitcase and one small box that needed to be loaded into her car so we could leave once it was all packed in the trunk.

The suitcase was neither large nor heavy and the box you could carry under your arm. I wondered if she wanted me to see the bedroom. My cock stirred at the thought that maybe it would be more fun then work.

Once I had everything packed in the trunk of her Mercedes Benz 450 — she hands me the keys and says the man always drives his lady. His Lady? Was she inferring she was my lady?

So off we went. Not quite ninety minutes later were pulling up to their summer home. She steps out of the car and tells me to bring everything in — her suitcase goes in the master bedroom with the small box. But she doesn’t say what I am to do with my travel bag.

She walks on ahead and I come in a few minutes behind her — drop of my travel bag by the door and take her suitcase and box into the master bedroom suite. And it was a master bedroom. Towering ceiling — huge king size bed — expensive furniture — truly a master’s bedroom.

I just about knock her over when I turn to leave as she is walking in. She says she is going to head into town — get groceries for the weekend — that her husband had given me the chores needed and where to find what I needed. When she got back we would have lunch.

I gave her the keys and she was off. I got about getting things together to repair the door on the boat house which was the first task Ken wanted done. I lost track of time. The door was a bit more then what Ken had alluded to and it took some thinking as to how to fix it. So I did not hear Betty walk up behind me. Till she said you do nice work with those hands of yours. Again — was she just being nice or is she flirting and teasing me? She said lunch was made and on the kitchen table — there was beer and pop in the fridge — so I could take my choice. She was off to do some shopping and meet up with some friends — she said she would be home before dinner.

With the door finished and me hungry I went inside — found a ham sandwich and chips on a plate. Grabbed a Coke and sat down to eat lunch. So my thoughts that she wanted me here to play seems to be more of my fertile — hormone driven mind. It looked like I was going to be working the whole time.

I worked on the next two items on Ken’s list they went easier then the door. But they were both quite labor intensive and did take up much of the afternoon.

I heard her car drive in. But I did not hear her walk up behind me. She tells me its happy hour and she doesn’t like to drink alone. So it was time to pack it in for the day and she would be on the porch waiting to drink with me.

I washed up and found her sitting on the porch in one of those swing love seats. There was a small table in front and on it she had a pitcher with some beverage. There were glasses and a plate with cheese and crackers.

She still had on that tight summer dress. Her legs were crossed and her leg was slowly swinging — dangling that sandal heel off her one foot. She was sipping whatever came out of that pitcher. She just smiled at me. Not saying a word. I stood there and looked at her — unaware that I was staring at her. She made a motion with her hand — patting the place right next to her — come join me she said.

I walked over and sat down — she reached for escort bayan adıyaman the pitcher — poured a generous amount into a glass and then handed it to me — we clinked glasses and I took my first sip. Whatever was in there was sure strong stuff. I about spit it back out I was so unprepared for how strong the drink was. She chuckled and said that when she comes up here alone that she enjoys mixing up this pitcher — it helps her unwind. I tried to ask what was in it but she put her index finger to my lips and said just enjoy it.

We sat there in what seemed an eternity of silence — both sipping our drinks. She was looking out at the lake when her hand reached down and rested on my thigh. As she had done with her hand on the small of my back she was gently caressing my thigh. I was wearing shorts and her fingers never made it above the hem. But it was like electricity coursing through my body from her touch. I looked over at her and she was just looking out at the lake sipping her drink occasionally. Like she was oblivious to what she was doing with her hand on my thigh as well as having no clue what it was doing to me.

Her fingers and that soft touch had awakened my cock. It wanted release. It needed release. And I wanted to shift my body to give my cock some room to grow. I don’t know if she sensed my need to adjust my sitting position but she took her hand off my thigh. That gave me the chance to kind of move around a little.

She reached for a cracker and placed a slice of cheese on it. I assumed she was going to eat it when she turned towards me and said open up. I opened my mouth and she slid the cracker into my mouth and then her hand caressed my cheek. You are such a handsome young man she said. She adds that she is a very lucky woman to have such company to be with this weekend.

Then she says that after dinner we can go for a swim or maybe a nice slow boat ride — watch the sunset. She says the evening is all mine and that she just here to make me enjoy being alone with her.

And then she kisses me. I have a mouthful of cracker and cheese and she kisses me. A soft lingering kiss. Her eyes are closed and she leans in to me. With my free hand I place it around her back and pull her into me. But it is at that point she pulls back. Mustn’t get ahead of ourselves she smirks. It’s going to be a long night and we have lots of time.

Now there is one thing working against me and that is a lack of sleep. It has been just over eighteen hours without sleep after a long work day. Whatever I am drinking is having an impact on my ability to stay focused and awake. My desire to carry her off to her bed and fuck the hell out of her is huge — but I am afraid in the midst of it I would pass out.

She downs her drink in one huge gulp — stands up and says she is going to get dinner set on the table. I need to find a nice bottle of red wine in the wine cellar for us to enjoy with dinner. Then join her in the dining room.

Being a novice at wine drinking I have no idea what constitutes a good red wine from a bad one but I assume — knowing Ken — everything in this cellar has to be very good.

I find what appears to be a nice red wine and head upstairs — when I enter the dining room I notice right away Betty has changed clothes. She is wearing a swimsuit and it has the most cleavage of any suit I can recall seeing her wear.

On the table is a pasta diner with garlic bread and salad. I open the bottle and pour us each a glass. I sit down and the first thing she says to me is if I like her new swimsuit. I being a gentleman replied back that it looks gorgeous on her. She says she bought it but understood her husband would never approve of it — too revealing. But since it was just her and I this weekend — she said she knew I would enjoy seeing her in it. And she was glad I approved.

As we ate I mentioned since she had her suit on I assume she was thinking of going for a swim. She laughed and said no — this suit is just for show if we do go swimming she will take it off. Now if I heard her right she said take it off — not put on a different suit — so does she mean skinny dipping?

I drank more water than wine and ate as much bread and pasta as I could. But the problem with pasta — makes one very sleepy. I helped clear the table and when we were done we were standing there in the kitchen — she came right up to me took my face in her hands and kissed me — I felt her press her body into mine and her tongue pushing into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her and we stood there kissing for a minute or so.

She wrapped her arms around my neck keeping me close to her. She nibbled on my neck gave me quick kisses on my cheeks and sometimes my lips. Then she said that she knew I found her attractive. That a woman can tell escort baya nakkent that about a man. That I had nothing to be embarrassed about. She was flattered. She had very little trouble convincing her husband to let her bring me up here all alone. She knew if she could get me alone that we could have a wonderful time.

She said at her age few men would desire her the way she wanted to be desired. Even her husband found other women — younger women more attractive and desirable. What she enjoyed was knowing I desired her. She stepped back took hold of my hands in hers and said it had been a long day and now it was time for us to enjoy some very intimate time together. She then pulled me along headed to that Master Bedroom Suite.

Once we entered the bedroom she told me to undress as she was going into the bathroom and would be out in a few minutes. So I turned the bed down and undressed — lying on the bed — my head propped up by a few pillows my cock was beginning to rise to the occasion. All my dreaming and fantasizing about what Betty would be like was about to come true.

Just then the bathroom door opened, the light flicked off and out stepped Betty. The only light in this suite was a light on the night stand. So in this dimly lit bedroom I saw the woman I had longed to be with. She stood there — her hands folded in front of her tummy — that lovely mommy tummy all mothers get as they get older. Though I had seen Betty in many swimsuits — here she was naked — no swimsuit to hide her mature body. Yes her breasts had lost their lift and her tummy showed her age — but for me — after all my fantasizing and imagining what she would be like naked — she was a goddess to me.

I started to rise up off the bed to go to her but she started walking towards me. I was sitting on the side of the bed — she came and stood between my legs — put her arms around my neck and pulled my face into her breasts. She smelled heavenly. I could feel the dampness in her cleavage — she was as nervous as me.

I kissed her skin — licked at the space between her breasts then she moved my head so my lips were on her left nipple — it was hard and I sucked on it –sucked like I was her baby. My hands were around her waist and I slipped them down to cup her ass cheeks – pulling her into me – my cock pushing into her thighs.

She ran her fingers through my hair and she was whispering my name — she told me she wanted to please me — give me anything I desired that night from her. I was hers to enjoy — love — desire.

With my cock pushed between her thighs I had not become aware that I was basically pushing my cock in and out of her thighs — as if I was fucking her — needless to say — and embarrassed to admit — I came.

I had never had an orgasm of that intensity — no matter how many times I had jerked off or with any of the college babes I had fucked. But I didn’t stop — My hunger for Betty was so strong. She didn’t say a thing about my cuming between her thighs. She continued to run her fingers through my hair — softly telling me how she wanted me to take her.

I pushed her back and stood up — now my still hard cock was pushing into her lovely soft mommy tummy. I wrapped my arms around her and we kissed — the most passionate and intense kiss I had ever experienced. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and soon our tongues were dancing together.

This had me so turned on I started to push my cock into her stomach mimicking that fucking motion again. I was pulling her as tight as I could into me. I wanted to be inside her — to know what this object of my desire felt like to actually fuck.

She broke off our kissing and pushed herself back away from me “we need to get into bed Douglas — it will be more comfortable for us both and yes you can then fuck me — use me — I am yours.”

I watch this lovely woman climb into bed — roll onto her back and slightly spread her legs open for me. I stood there — transfixed by the sight in front of me. She reached her hand out to me “come here Douglas — make love to your woman.”

With those words — it hit me — I didn’t want to fuck her — hell no — this was a woman I had come to crave I wanted our time to be passionate and intimate. I wanted to hear her moan my name and then hear her cum for me.

I climbed up and found my way between her open legs. I looked down on her pussy — covered by a matt of blond curly hair. With both her hands she reached down and spread it open for me — I could see how wet she was and I began to smell her sex. I wanted to taste her — bathe in her juices. Learn how I can make love to her pussy and make her cum. I slowly lowered my face to her pussy. The closer I got the stronger the smell — oh how intoxicating this was for me. I stuck my tongue out — escort gaziantep anal yapan bayan as far as I could and began at the bottom of her slit and so very slowly licked it all the way up.

I heard her gasp and thought I felt her tremble just a little. I repeated my action exactly the same way — and that is when I began to taste her — this strong pungent taste. And I loved it.

I gradually moved my tongue around working the lips — sticking it in as far as I could — nibbling on her clit — at times she would raise her hips off the mattress and moan. Other times I would feel that slight tremble. Then I felt her hand on the back of my head then her other hand and she began to guide my face on her pussy — she would tell me don’t stop or go quicker or even to slow it down. She was teaching me how she wanted it done and I was the most eager student for her.

I have no idea how long we moved in synch — twenty minutes — a half hour — but soon she wanted me to increase my tongue action on her clit and pulling my face hard into her pussy — she raised her hips up and held them there as I heard her gasping for breath and then “Oh god Douglas don’t fucking stop you make me cum oh god yes make me cum.”

And then she pulled my face deep into her pussy and I felt her whole body shake for what seemed an eternity. My mouth was filled with her pussy juices and I just kept licking and sucking and swallowing as much as I could.

Then her hips fell back down and her hands dropped off my head. I slowly rose up and I could see her face. She eyes were closed and she had a smile I had not seen before. She was catching her breath. In all this activity my cock had lost its erection. So I slid up on her body — placing soft, quick kisses all the way up till we were face to face and I lowered myself till we were kissing. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed and kissed and kissed. With one hand she began to caress my face and in between kisses she would tell me how much she loved what I had just given her.

I told her I have wanted to give her this kind of pleasure since that day in her kitchen fixing her drain. She said as long as we were careful she would make sure I had ample opportunities to do this over and over.

She then pushed me over on to my back and said it was her turn to return the favor. She slowly moved down my body — light kisses on my neck — then my chest — stopping to lick and nip at my nipples — then continuing down across my stomach — her tongue swirled around my belly button. Then she grabbed my semi-erect cock in her right hand and stroked it ever so slowly. Then she lowered her face right down to it — took one quick glance up at me as she let her tongue lick the head of my cock — licking up those drops of precum. Then she took more of my cock into her mouth as her tongue continued to lick all around it. Once she had half my cock in her mouth she closed her lips around it and began a slow up and down motion on my cock.

College girls had given me a fair share of blow jobs — the easy away to get me off and avoid letting me fuck them. But Betty — her skill level was way above any college girl. I laid my head back and let these new incredible sensations wash over me. Her fingers found that spot just under my balls and her light touch with her sucking and licking had me going nuts. Her other hand was at the base of my cock and she would occasionally squeeze it. Her mouth and her two hands working in some sort of deviant dance had me wanting this to never end. But being a novice — I really had no control over my ability to hold off. And soon I knew I was past the point of return.

“Oh Betty oh fuck I am gonna cum god I am gonna cum so — oh fuck.” Was all I could say. And my cock began to spasm — spurt after spurt — I lost count my legs were shaking — I couldn’t catch my breath. I was gasping — grabbing at the bed sheets. I had never cum so hard. I knew I must have bucking my hips up and down but to tell you the truth I was so consumed — I have no exact memory of how I behaved.

But as I started to come down — Betty moved up to me and we kissed and I could taste my cum on her lips and tongue. We kissed for the longest time. Very deep passionate kisses. I pulled her into me and we melted into each other’s arms — kissing each other with a passion I had never imagined could exist. Oh I wanted this again. I wanted this woman to make feel like this as many times as possible.

Eventually she broke off the kissing and said to me “I am so glad you let me do that for you. It has been awhile since I have been able to give any man this kind of pleasure and it seems as if I have not lost my touch.”

“God Betty — I have never experienced anything like that. I lost control. It was so overwhelming. I want us to be like this all the time.”

“Oh my dear Douglas — we have the rest of this weekend and I assure you this won’t be the last time we come her — just the two of us — and we will indulge our needs.”

I kissed her and we held each other and before either of us knew it we fell asleep in each other’s arms. We would not wake till morning. And with the dawn our relationship would begin to take its form.

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