The Cabin


Twenty-nine year old Gina sighed as she stepped onto the porch of the lake house. The morning air was a bit chill, but fall was still weeks away and the trees were green and leafy, partially obscuring the view of the neighbors. It felt good to be playing hooky from work. Well, sort of. She had taken the day off on a whim, feeling a need to get away and be alone for awhile. Her husband said he’d join her later in the afternoon once he left work. In the meantime, Gina had a romance novel and fresh batteries in her vibrator, and she planned to use her free time wisely.

The door opened and swung in noiselessly. Funny, she thought, pulling her key out of the lock. I don’t remember oiling this. She shut the door and locked it behind her, then smiled to herself. Alone at last! She felt a tingle in her pussy. She had been so horny lately, a malady her husband seemed unable to cure. She loved the man dearly, but she just felt like she needed something more. Well, the vibrator would have to do.

She made a quick inspection of the cabin on her way to the bedroom. It hadn’t been that long since she and her husband first bought the place, planning to use it as a weekend retreat. It was modest, nothing fancy, with outdated furniture that she hoped to replace eventually. Nothing seemed out of place. She had stopped worrying about break-ins. There was nothing here worth stealing.

Once in the bedroom, she closed and locked that door, too. It wouldn’t do to have her husband arrive early and catch her in the middle of an orgasm. She kicked off her shoes and stretched. Did she want a bath first? Or an orgasm?

While she stood there trying to decide, a flicker of motion caught her eye. She turned and saw the closet door had swung open. Then a hand, a man’s hand, swept into her vision from the left holding a white rag. Before she could react, the rag clamped over her mouth. She gasped in fright, involuntarily breathing in fumes from the chemical soaked cloth. She tried to struggle against the strong arms that held her, but already the room was spinning. Her legs became wobbly. Blackness crept in from the edges of her sight.

Inside, she felt terrified, yet at the same time she felt a thrill of excitement. She had been so focused on playing with herself that her pussy had become creamy. Her horniness was nearly stronger that her fright. The rag was removed after only seconds, but it was enough to leave her woozy, compliant. The strong hands pulled at her. She stumbled, unable to resist being led to the bed. As her legs gave out, Gina slumped onto the soft mattress.

She felt the hands grasp her ankles, then her legs were lifted and swung onto the bed. There was a rustle of cloth before her left arm was lifted. She must have blacked out then. When she woke again, both her arms were pulled up over her head, with her wrists tied to the headboard by strips of white silk. When she stirred she discovered her ankles were similarly secured. For the first time, Gina thought about the possibility she might be raped. Strangely, it made her pussy tingle even more.

The man appeared in the doorway. He was a big man, dressed entirely in black. A ski mask hid his face. He said nothing, giving Gina not even the sound of his voice to help her guess his identity. Only his eyes were visible, deep pools of brown that gleamed. He stepped to her side and reached for her, holding another strip of cloth in his hands.

“Don’t,” she managed to say, her voice slurred. Instead of gagging her like she’d expected, he put the cloth over her eyes. She should have guessed. Her neighbors here were like her, gone during the weekdays. No one would hear her cries for help. Odd, she thought to herself, that she had only now thought of calling for help.

His hands were on her body again. He started at her neck and began exploring, touching her intimately. He squeezed her breasts in passing, moved down to her tummy, her hips, pausing to cup her crotch. She heard him chuckle. He could feel the heat coming from her cunt. He stroked the length of her legs to her feet, then back up slowly to her chest. Gina felt helpless, totally at this stranger’s mercy, and yet…

His touch aroused her. She was already horny, now her pulse had quickened, she was breathing faster, excitement radiated throughout her body. “Don’t hurt me,” she begged. “Please. Don’t hurt me.” She had meant to say don’t rape me. Take what you want and go. As his hands began to unbutton her blouse, she realized that what he wanted was her.

The air was cool on her fair skin as he opened her blouse. He began kneading her tits again with more tenderness than she expected from a rapist. She felt his hot tongue on her belly. She flinched, sucking in her tummy. But he pursued and thrust his tongue into her belly button. “No!” Gina said loudly, but even to her own ears it sounded more like a moan.

He left her for a moment, then she felt him hovering over her chest. She could feel his breath on her cleavage, bathing her heaving breasts gaziantep escort bayan with warmth. Then she felt the touch of cold steel and she froze. His hands grabbed at her bra roughly, pulling it away form her flesh. There was a snip, and her bra fell away, cut in two. Her heavy breasts swayed, exposed to this stranger’s gaze. Now he could see how her nipples were stiff, how aroused she was.

One hand closed around her right breast as the man sucked her left nipple into his mouth. Gina arched her back, pushing her tit into his face. You aren’t supposed to enjoy it! she admonished herself. But God help her, his mouth felt like heaven as he swirled his tongue around her engorged nipple. He was squeezing her other breast roughly. She felt his body against her, felt his crotch press to her thigh. He was rock hard and he was thrusting, humping her thigh. Gina strained against her bonds, ashamed that she wanted more.

She felt his hands glide over her tummy then grasp the waist of her pants. He unbuttoned them, then pulled the zipper down. His mouth trailed down, over her belly to the top of her exposed panties. She quivered as he pulled her pants down, tugging them as his mouth explored every inch of uncovered skin. Gina bit her lip to stifle a moan of excitement when she felt his mouth on her pubic hairs. He pulled her pants past her as, and she couldn’t stop herself from moaning as his tongue found the top of her slit. She heard him sniff deeply and sigh, as though the aroma of her excited pussy was like a bouquet of roses to him. His tongue probed between her lips.

Her pants could go no farther than mid-thigh. The way her legs were tied made them spread open. It was enough for him to press his face between her smooth thighs and lick her pussy. This felt so wrong! A stranger had tied her up and was raping her, yet Gina felt only a growing excitement, a thrilling arousal made heavier by this man’s tongue licking through her swollen cunt lips, pushing against her fuckhole, sucking on her engorged clit. Gina began to hunch, pushing her cunt up for more of his mouth.

Suddenly he pulled away. His hand replaced his mouth, a finger entering her deeply and then wiggling. She sensed his face near hers. She could smell her pussy on his mouth. “I want to take your pants off,” he said, speaking for the first time. “I’m going to untie your legs. Don’t fight me. Understand?”

Gina nodded, not trusting her voice enough to speak. He curled his finger inside her cunt, instinctively hitting her g-spot. Pleasure rolled through her like an avalanche and she began to cum. Her pussy spasmed on his finger as she strained her body against the bonds. She fell back on the bed gasping.

As the man withdrew his finger from her body, Gina realized her fear was gone. Somehow, she knew he wasn’t going to hurt her. There was too much love in his touch. In fact, she’d bet that she’d know him if he took off the mask. The smell of her pussy became stronger, then she felt his finger touch her lips. The same finger he had just used to make her cum. Now he was sliding it past her lips into her mouth. Gina hesitated only a moment before closing her lips around the digit and sucking it. She swirled her tongue around his finger, tasting her own pussy cum and discovering she liked it.

Not for the first time, she wondered what it would be like to lick another woman.

Then she felt his hands at her ankles. In moments her legs were free. He grabbed her pants again to pull them down, and this time she lifted her ass to help him. It was a clear signal that she wanted this, that she was willing to let him do anything to her. When he pulled her pants and panties off her feet, Gina spread her legs as wide as she could. He accepted the invitation and dove back into her pussy.

He covered her cunt with his mouth, sucking her entire pussy even as he drove his tongue deeply into her hole. With her feet flat on the bed, legs bent and knees in the air, Gina lifted her ass off the bed, pushing her cunt against the man’s invading tongue. She began to moan loudly, no longer trying to hold back.

He put his hands on the backs of her thighs and lifted her legs, pushing them back until her knees nearly touched her tits. Her pussy spread open for him like a flower. He fluttered his tongue on her clit, then pressed it flat against her lips. He licked up several times, then put his tongue on her asshole. Gina felt her pussy clinch as he began probing her ass with his tongue. Then he moved back up, driving his hot tongue deep into her cunt.

Her juices were flowing steadily now, and the man was eagerly lapping it up. He licked from asshole to clit, pausing at each orifice to dip his tongue into her body. He released her leg and reached for something with his right hand. Gina strained to keep her leg high. She felt his finger touch her asshole, coated with something cold and slick. His lubricated finger penetrated her easily. When he was in to the third knuckle, Gina gaziantep escort orgasmed on his tongue, bucking her hips and moaning loudly.

The man held on, frenching her pulsating cunt like a lover. When she was able to breathe again, he withdrew his finger gently. He released her other leg and reached for something else. What now? She wondered. She let her legs droop, setting her feet on his bare back with her knees pointed in opposite directions. She jumped when she felt a smooth, tapered knob touch her pussy. It was a vibrator, she realized as he switched it on. Not hers, though. This one was smaller. He placed it against her clit, making her toes curl with intense pleasure.

He moved it down and slid it into her opening. His mouth covered her clit again as he began fucking her with the vibrator. She felt as though her pussy was on fire. She was trembling. Never in her life had she had sex this intense, and she still didn’t know who her mystery lover was. He began fluttering his tongue on her clit. The vibrator was fully inside her, sending waves of pleasure coursing up her spine. Within minutes she was cumming again, her pussy clenching the plastic shaft inside her.

He left her then, letting her legs fall back to the bed. He left the vibrator running inside her, though. She felt him pause to suckle at her breasts, using his thumb to caress her clit. Then he was kissing her, sucking on her lips, her tongue, and Gina returned the kiss with lustful passion. He stood, and his cock brushed her lips. She opened her mouth without hesitation. It was his turn to moan as he slid his cock slowly into her mouth. She sucked on his shaft hungrily. The buzzing dildo inside her cunt was a distraction, but the man didn’t seem to notice. He held her head with one hand and began to fuck her mouth.

Gina loved the taste of his cock. He was leaking salty pre-cum onto her tongue as she slurped him. She took him in until her nose was pressed into his pubes. She only wished her hands were free so she could fondle his balls, or use a finger to play with his ass. His length was average, but his cock was very thick, filling her cheeks.

She was supposed to feel victimized. Gina felt shocked at herself because all she wanted to feel was this thick cock stretching her pussy. What she felt then was what she would have least suspected. A pair of hands touched her ankles. Gina jumped and tried to pull off the cock in her mouth. The man followed her, shoving his cock back in, forcing her to continue sucking. The new hands caressed Gina’s ankles gently, then wandered up her legs. The touch was light, fingertips only, and it made Gina shiver. Briefly, her fear returned. She was helpless to stop these people. She was too into it to care anyway.

A pair of soft lips followed the fingers, planting dewy kisses up the length of Gina’s legs. She found herself spreading her thighs again, urged by a gently pressure from the second person’s hands. The cock withdrew from her mouth. The first man’s hands closed around Gina’s tits, squeezing and kneading as he kissed her hard. Gina thrust her tongue into his mouth, wrestling with his tongue. Then the fingers on her legs traveled to her crotch, and Gina moaned into the first man’s mouth.

The hands that spread open her pussy were petite, the touch delicate. Gina felt a thrill as she wondered if the second person was a boy, a young teenager getting his first taste of a woman. But the mouth that covered her cunt was skilled. The lips were soft, the tongue long. It probed into Gina deeply, replacing the humming vibrator in her pussy hole. Gina arched her back, her body wracked by the intensity of this experience. She had often dreamed of having a threesome. Somehow it was even more thrilling to be doing this blindfolded and tied up.

The first man was alternating between kissing her and sucking her tits. The one between her thighs was tongue-fucking her, using fingers to gently pinch and twist Gina’s swollen clit. Before she knew what was happening, Gina was cumming yet again, filling the second person’s mouth with a rush of woman cum.

Fingers replaced tongue in Gina’s hole. The tongue covered her clit. Then she felt the vibrator probing her asshole, and she tensed. Gina had tried anal sex once before. It had been painful and uncomfortable. But she enjoyed a finger in there already, and she made herself relax. The tongue left her clit and pushed into her ass, making Gina cream. Quickly, vibrator replaced tongue, and Gina was surprised at how easily the toy slid into her ass. She was more surprised by how good it felt. Then it was switched on, and Gina nearly came off the bed.

Delicate fingers spread Gina’s pussy wide as the vibrator buzzed in her backside. The tongue drove deeply into her fuckhole before the second person began sucking, literally sucking Gina’s pussy. The first person was sucking her tits with wild abandon, and Gina could hardly believe she was about to cum again.

As gaziantep escort bayan ilanları if sensing it, both her lovers pulled away suddenly. By the way the bed shifted, they seemed to be swapping places. The first man was the largest of the two. The bed dipped a bit as he kneeled between Gina’s widespread thighs. She shuddered when she felt his cockhead touch her cuntlips. Never in her life had she been so ready to be fucked. His large hand gripped her hip as he used the other hand to guide his cock into her.

The vibrator was still buried in her ass. As the man’s thick cock pushed its way into her, Gina realized she was having both holes filled at once. Her pussy was being stretched as the man leaned forward. Her thighs rested on top of his, her feet dangling in the air. She pulled at her bonds, wanting desperately to grab him, to wrap her arms and legs around him and beg him to fuck her hard, fast, and deep.

The other hands caressed Gina’s breasts followed by soft lips and that wonderfully long tongue. Gina cried out as the cock entering her bottomed out, the man’s pubes becoming tangled with her own. The vibrations from her ass seemed to travel right into his cock and then deep into her cunt. He pulled back until only half his length remained inside her, then slammed back in quickly, his balls slapping her ass and making her tits jiggle in the other person’s mouth.

There was something odd about the second person. The hands were too gentle, the lips too soft, the face too smooth. Then Gina stopped caring. Her pussy was filled with cock slamming in and out of her forcefully. Strong hands held her hips, holding her down as the man drove his cock into her, grunting with every thrust. The vibrator fit her ass perfectly, not large enough to hurt, and in fact the penetration was wonderful. It was amazing to have something in both holes at once.

The second person began kissing her. Again Gina strained at her bonds, wanting to embrace this petite lover. Gina could taste her own pussy on that long tongue, rubbing against her own. She couldn’t remember ever having such a passionate kiss. Then the other thing caught her attention. The one kissing her had stripped. Gina could sense naked flesh so near to her own. Without breaking the kiss, the other person turned so that they were chest to chest.

Gina felt her stomach lurch as a pair of breasts touched her own. The second person was a woman! It was another woman’s tongue in her mouth right now, giving her the best french kiss of Gina’s life. It had been another woman eating her pussy, and now another woman’s tits were pressed against her own. Gina discovered she loved the feel of this woman’s flesh, the soft curves, everything. Gina gave in. She returned the kiss passionately. I’m kissing another woman! The voice in her head cried out, and her pussy spasmed around the man’s cock. The man moaned loudly as he saw how Gina was kissing his partner, how the two women’s tits rubbed against each other.

Her breasts were smaller than Gina’s, but her nipples were just as swollen. She rubbed her tits against Gina as they made out, exploring each other’s mouth. Gina felt as if the pleasure in her pussy had spread throughout her body, and she came with a scream. Her pussy spasmed so hard the man had to stop thrusting. The woman sucked Gina’s earlobe and neck, hugging her tightly as Gina rode out the most intense orgasm she’d ever had.

She felt weak as a kitten as the man resumed thrusting, fucking Gina with ferocious intensity. The woman put her mouth next to Gina’s ear. “I want you to eat me,” she whispered. Without waiting for Gina’s reply, the woman crawled up Gina’s body. She put a foot on either side of Gina’s head then squatted down.

The fear returned in a rush. This was it. The woman’s pussy was barely an inch away from Gina’s face. She could smell the same odor of arousal that came from her own cunt. Hesitantly, Gina raised her head. Slowly, she stuck out her tongue. Closer, closer, then she felt her tongue touching something soft. The woman moaned. Gina could sense she was trembling. Working up her courage, Gina pressed her tongue flat against the woman’s soft folds and licked upward, drawing her tongue through the other woman’s slit, tasting another woman for the first time.

The woman moaned loudly. She dropped down a bit, pressing her cunt against Gina’s mouth. Gina opened her mouth wide to accept it. She could tell the woman’s inner lips were swollen and splayed. Her pussy was dripping with excitement, and now her juices were flowing into Gina’s mouth. The taste was familiar, much like her own pussy’s taste. Gina forgot about being afraid and started tonguing the cunt in her mouth. The woman ground her pussy on Gina’s lips, moaning loudly. The man was moaning too, as if each was about to explode.

Gina felt another orgasm building inside her. This was too incredible to be real. She had a fat cock plunging in and out of her sopping wet pussy, a vibrator buzzing merrily inside her ass, and she was thrusting her tongue into another woman’s pussy. It must have excited the woman, too. She began to moan even louder as her body trembled. She was cumming! Creamy fluid ran over Gina’s tongue. It had a metallic tang to it, not at all unpleasant. The woman’s cunt throbbed as Gina licked her slit, trying to get all her juices.

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