My Mistake


My wife, Nikki, and I were spending the night with my in-laws, having left our kids with my parents while we attended the funeral of Nikki’s aunt Jane (on her father’s side). We arrived just in time for the memorial service and followed the train of cars to the local cemetery. Afterward, we’d gone out to dinner and talking about the family history, especially as it related to Jane.

I took this time to reacquaint myself with the similarities between Nikki and Sue. Both were about average height, with Sue just a little plumper than Nikki in the belly. Both had long hair, curvy asses and largish breasts, although Nikki’s D-cups were a bit larger and perkier than Sue’s.

After a leisurely dinner, we retired to Wade and Sue’s place for the night. We polished off a couple bottles of wine as we continued to discuss the family in general, and Jane in particular. Eventually, around midnight, we all headed off to bed, with Nikki and me sleeping in her old bedroom.

I tried hitting Nikki up for some sex, but between the general mood and the wine, all I got was a little bit of petting before she fell sound asleep. Frustrated, I followed suit a few minutes later.

It couldn’t have been a couple hours later when I woke up having to pee like a racehorse. I stumbled to the bathroom and did my business. When I came out of the bathroom, I heard water running in the kitchen. Beylikdüzü Olgun Escort I could see Nikki’s silhouette as she stood in front of the sink getting a glass of water, so I padded up behind her and pressed myself against her back. I brushed her long dark hair to the side and kissed the back and side of her neck.

Getting no resistance, I reached my hands around and cupped her full breasts. I could feel her hard nipples pressing against my palms through her nightgown so I lightly pinched and rolled them, eliciting a small moan. When she began rubbing her soft ass against my rapidly hardening cock, I knew I had to have her. And even though, in this house, we had never done anything outside of her bedroom, I knew I had to have her right here.

I took both hands off her breasts, and lifted the hem of her nightgown over her waist. Surprisingly, Nikki didn’t object, and even leaned her elbows on the edge of the sink and stuck her ass out to help it stay up. Without ceremony, I tugged her panties down over her ass and legs until they dropped to the floor. Then, I pulled my engorged dick out of my boxers and pressed it against her hot ass. Nikki took it from my hand and guided it to her pussy, where I slid into her like a hot knife into butter. Nikki must have been extra worked up because of the danger, because I had never felt Beylikdüzü Otele Gelen Escort her pussy so wet. Even moving slowly, my cock squelched every time I pushed into her.

With my cock slowly pistoning in and out of Nikki’s cunt, I slid my hands up under her nightgown to cup her bare breasts, tugging and pulling on her nipples. Nikki stifled a moan as she came, pouring pussy juice over my cock and balls. I could even feel it transferring from her legs to mine as we kept fucking. What had gotten into my wife, I asked myself as we fucked as quietly as possible, which really wasn’t all that quiet, given all the sloshing and squelching noises emanating from our joined anatomies.

Normally after Nikki cums she gets sensitive and dries up, but tonight she just seemed to get wetter and more driven. I decided that I was going to have to do this kind of thing with her more often.

After a few more minutes of fucking, and hearing Nikki getting close to her second orgasm, I released her breasts and grabbed her full hips with both hands. I started pulling myself into her harder and faster, my hips making a slapping noise on her ass with every pump. When I heard her start to moan deep in her chest, I thrust into her with abandon, not caring how much noise we made.

With one last thrust, I pushed balls deep into Nikki’s Beylikdüzü Rus Escort pussy and held it there for a moment before erupting inside her. My cum spraying her insides pushed Nikki over the edge and she squealed softly as she came. I stayed inside her, breathing hard, until my cock softened enough to slide out. I bent down to grab her panties and kissed her ass cheek, tasting the pussy juice that was smeared all over it. I pulled her panties up until she could grab them and pull them on herself.

Nikki headed toward the bathroom to clean up, so I stepped out onto the porch to cool off in the slight breeze. It was warm enough that I didn’t feel cold as the sweat and pussy juice on my body slowly dried. After a short time, but long enough for Nikki to have gotten out of the bathroom, I went in.

Surprisingly, the room wasn’t full of steam. I figured that Nikki must have not wanted to risk waking her parents by running the shower and used a washcloth, but I couldn’t find it. Probably already in the hamper, I thought, as I got out another one and used it to wash myself up.

I went and slipped into bed beside Nikki, spooning tightly against her although she was already fast asleep again. I ran my hand down her body to her leg, and stroked her light cotton pants.

I was slowly drifting off to sleep when my eyes shot wide open and I woke fully. I could suddenly clearly remember seeing Nikki putting those sleep pants on as she dressed for bed earlier tonight. So who had I…? Sue?! As inconceivable as that idea was, she was the only other woman in the house. Now, did she know who had been behind her…?

Tomorrow looked to be interesting….

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