My Master’s Gift to Me Ch. 1


To My Master Falcon,

My Master has given me many. Two of the greatest gifts that he has given me are as follows. The first was the shaving of his cunt and then fisting his whore’s cunt as he fucked his whore’s tight ass. The second gift was making all her fantasies come true. I will take the rime to tell you about these gifts. These are the two that meant the most to me.

My Master though he loved his whore’s hairy cunt he wanted to show how much he cared by shaving it for her. This night he gave his whore an enema, then bathed her. He then led his whore to the bed and tied her there, he did this not because she would not have lain still for him but so that she could get the greatest joy from what he was about to do. After he tied her, arms over her head and tied to the head of the bed, he then lifted her legs and tied them first at the knees, holding them up, he then pulled them wide apart and tied her ankles to the bed. He loved looking at her as she lay like this so open and wide for him. He then placed a blindfold over her eyes, after kissing them shut. He then placed erzurum escort a loving and very passionate kiss on her lips, after there tongue’s played tag, he then placed a gag in her mouth. He whispered in her ears what he was going to do to her.

“My Whore, as much as I love your hairy cunt I am going to shave. This My Whore is all that I am going to tell you, but I am going to do much more, so lay back and let your Master enjoy his cunt.” His slave moaned into the gag as he began to stroke her cunt. At times her Master’s touch was so kind and loving as now at others it was very firm but gentle. Master gave his whore’s hairy cunt one more squeeze and then a gentle kiss, before he left her he gave her ass a swat just to remind her that he was in charge and in complete control. Master whistled as he walked away.

His touch had left her aching to cum as only he could. When Master returned he whispered in her ear lay very still my whore we don’t want any thing to slip as I do this. He placed a kiss on her cheek. Her Master made her wait even longer by playing with his whore’s big tits He squeezed, sucked and kissed them before placing clothes pins on her hard nipples, chuckling as she moaned and squirmed. Master then flipped the pins and watched them twitch. Master moved his hands slowly down her body till he reached her cunt.

Master began to lick and rub her cunt till she was ready to cum, Master again chuckled and said “not yet my whore.” She felt something warm and very wet on her cunt, Master had begun to get her cunt ready for shaving. Master then took the scissors and cut her hair close as he could. After each step Master played with her cunt teasing her but not letting her cum, keeping his whore just on the edge of cumming. Master then rubbed shaving cream all over her cunt and ass, occasionally rubbing her clit. Master leaned up and kissed and sucked or her big tits, before her told her to lay very still, because he did not want to cut his cunt. Master then began to slowly shave her cunt with long slow movements. Stopping a few times to tease her clit. When Master finished, he then began to rub lotion on her cunt and ass very slowly.

Master then inserted one finger in her newly shaven cunt as he began to finger fuck her he added one finger at a time until he had all four fingers in her hot wet cunt. Master then took his other hand and slowly inserted his finger into her tight ass. Master continued to finger fuck her cunt until he had his hand in her cunt. Master placed another finger in her ass and started to finger fuck it. Master made his hand into a fist in her cunt and slowly started to fuck her with it, in and out. As the strokes got harder and harder he removed his fingers from her ass.

Master placed the head of his hard cock at the opening of her ass. Master slowly pushed his cock in her tight ass as he continued to fist fuck her hairless cunt. Master matched the stroke of his had to that of his cock, fucking both now hard and fast. Master began to spank her ass as he stroked in and out of her cunt and ass. Master felt her cunt tightened up on his arm, he knew that his whore was going to cum. When her tight ass tightened on his hard cock he began to cumm and so did his whore.

This gift from my Master was just one of many.

From his Loving Slave,

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