My Marriage to 8 Men: A Story of Polyandry


Hi. My name is Trina. I was born in Randistica, a little-known country in Southeast Asia, a place which until recently was wartorn and hopeless. When I was just two, my parents were able to get refugee status in America and we moved there. It was in America that I was raised and where I grew up, with American values and hopes. My parents tried to instill in me a respect and understanding of our own ethnic culture and made sure I learned the language and cultural ways of Randistica, but it never quite took hold of me. I had no intention of ever returning to my country of birth.

I lived a very busy and active childhood. I was a very good student in school and even skipped my third and fifth grades. I graduated high school at the age of 16. After that I went to college and got a double-major degree in art history and philosophy. Towards the end of my degree I fell in love with my first boyfriend, Armand. He was gorgeous and exciting and I fell hard for him. He loved the fact that I was a virgin and he promised the world to me prior to deflowering me then promptly dropping me for new conquests. I was devastated and I tried to throw myself into a career to distract me but my degree proved useless when it came to getting a job. With no job or romantic prospects life appeared very bleak to me. My parents were beside themselves with worry as I slipped into a long depression. Finally, my mother approached me with the idea of an arranged marriage in Randistica.The country had been in a state of peace for several years by then and a friend in Randistica had eagerly inquired about me for a marriage to her son, Nanjan. Though I had reservations, I convinced myself that the change of scenery and the promise of a committed romantic partner would be good for me. It was with this mindset that at the age of 21 I got on a plane to Mersi, the capital city of Randistica, to marry a man I had never yet met.

Upon arriving in Mersi I was greeted by my future parents-in-law, Jarit and Lanita. They were incredibly friendly and happy to see me. They each embraced me then we drove one hour away to their home and the town of my birth, Crusa. At their home, they showed me around. The house was empty and they told me everyone was out preparing for the wedding. It was a small house, with a main room which functioned as a kitchen and sitting room and to the right and left there were small bedrooms. In one bedroom there was a large bed and dresser. In the second bedroom there were two large mattresses side by side, taking up the whole room. Behind the house was a stone path which led to a bathhouse and outhouse. I was assured that there was running water.

Gradually, the rest of the family arrived home and I was surprised at how many people lived in the small two-bedroom house. I silently wondered where everyone slept. There was Jarit’s brother, Porto, and Jarit’s parents, Clarent and Wula. And then there were Jarit and Lanita’s 8 sons: Ranic, Pietro, Jar, Faneer, Liam, Stollar, Goyer and of course, my betrothed Nanjan.

Nanjan was the eldest of the sons and I knew from letters arranging our marriage that he was a full ten years older, aged 31, and long had been ready for a wife. He was tall and looked strong and sturdy, with a quiet and serious demeanor. He smiled slightly and nodded at me when we were çanakkale escort introduced. His dark eyes seemed to look inside my soul.Seeing him there in front of me I wondered what it would be like on our wedding night. I imagined what his manpart was like. I imagined what it would feel like to have our naked bodies together. I felt my face go red as I blushed, nervous that he could see my thoughts.

Nanjan’s brothers were a varied assortment. 29-year-old Ranic grinned at me as we were introduced. He appeared to be Nanjan’s opposite. “Hi Trina,” he said and I could tell he was much more outgoing and much less serious than Nanjan. He was rather good-looking as well and I found my palms become sweaty and my womenpart becoming moist at the sight of his eyes taking me in. 26-year-old Pietro almost leered at me and I felt that he was undressing me with his eyes. I was not sure I liked him at all. 25-year-old Jar, tall and skinny, with glasses and an awkwardness about him, wouldn’t even look me in the eyes. 22-year-old Faneer smiled politely at me and 21-year-old Liam looked kind of like a wolf ready to devour me although, unlike with Pietro, I rather wished he would because he was by far the best-looking man I had ever seen. 18-year-old twins Stollar and Goyer shared a look between each other and a grin when they were introduced to me and each winked at me. All I could do was smile politely and keep myself from fainting at this situation of having 8 men all looking me up and down.

After their introduction, all of the men left to begin further preparations for the wedding. I was left with Lanita and Wula. Lanita brought me a large goblet of a sweet nectary substance. The two women smiled at me eagerly to drink it. “What is this?” I asked curiously.

Wula beamed, “It is pre-wedding potion. Every bride must drink of it before her wedding. It is to give you fertility and long happiness in your marriage.”

I blushed. The idea of My fertility was slightly alarming to me. I drank the goblet to the last drop, ” What is in here anyway?”

Wula and Lanita shared a smile, “It is full of a variety of the ripest fruit juices and the seed of your betrothed.”

My eyes grew wide as I struggled to keep a straight face, “You mean that–“. I couldn’t even finish the question. Wula and Lanita each nodded.

Lanita got up and went to a trunk at the back of the room. She retrieved from it a beautiful golden-threaded dress. She appeared slightly sad as she brought it back, hugging it to her chest. “This was my wedding dress and it was to be each of my daughters’ dress. I want you to wear it today as you will now be my daughter.”

‘Oh its beautiful Lanita but I’m not sure I should,” I said, “It seems so precious to you. I don’t mean to be nosey, but you had daughters?’

Lanita nodded, a look of grief on her face, “Fifteen years ago I had 4 daughters.But they were taken during the Bride Robbery.”

I was puzzled, ” The Bride Robbery?”

Lanita walked to the front window, staring out through it, and sighed. “Your family left here when the worst of the fighting was going on. We had just been invaded by the country to the north. They held our province hostage for six years while they negotiated with our rulers in the capital province in the south. After six years, it was getting harder for them to maintain control here so finally they announced that they were pulling out. However, they told us our freedom would come with a price. They took over 9000 unmarried daughters from our province and took them back to their country to be second wives to their men. We were in no position to stop them and so we hugged our daughters goodbye. Our countries eventually signed peace treaties and we were granted our daughters back. However, most did not return as many had children there and could not bring their children back with them. As the years have passed we’ve exchanged letters with them.”

“That is terrible Lanita. I am so sorry,” I said.

“Shh dear. Don’t be. It’s not your fault. You are actually the bearer of such hope. I had worried my sons might never have the opportunity to marry. With so few women around, it did not look so good. Now you have ended our worries,” Lanita smiled and embraced me.

“Ended them? But what about your other sons? I am marrying Nanjan but who will marry them?” I asked.

Lanita looked me right in the eyes, “I could never have told you this before you came. You would not have come.”

I was confused, “What do you mean? Tell me what?”

After several moments, Lanita would answer me so finally Wula interjected, “You are not just marrying Nanjan. You are marrying them all.”

“Them all?” I sat still for several seconds as it all dawned on me, “But how can I be wife to all?”

Lanita gave me a pleading look, “It has been done in this country for centuries though its not been well-talked about.”

‘What?!” I asked, incredulous.

“It’s been done, but not quite to the same extent,” Lanita said, “You see, its always been that when a man marries, his brother has second rights.”

“Second rights?” I asked.

“Yes, when a man marries, he is the first to bed his wife and then his brothers get to bed her as well.”

“But why would he allow that? I asked.

“It is just the way of it.” Wula answered, ‘Because brothers are of the same blood, it matters not who impregnated the woman. The husband is still the father.”

“And traditionally, as the younger brothers would marry, they would become fathers as well,” said Lanita, “But now with the way things are, instead of being married to the one brother, the woman marries all the brothers and her children are distributed amongst them as she has them.”

“Oh.” It was all I could say as I was shocked.

“So are you willing to be the wife to my 8 sons?” Lanita asked, her eyes pleading with me.

I sighed. The idea of it all terrified me but what could I say? This woman had so much hope for me. I nodded at her and smiled, “I will do that Lanita.”

Both Lanita and Wula hugged me then they adorned me in the beautiful gold-threaded wedding dress, did my hair and make-up and then, each taking me by an arm, escorted me to my wedding.

At the wedding there seemed to be the whole town there. I noticed how few young women there were. When I was brought to the centre of the crowd I was sat on a beautiful silk cushion. A priest of some sort was there and he said many words about marriage and the joining of a family. He called the grooms to come forward and one by one all 8 of my future husbands appeared wearing their best attire.

“Now Trina, you will go to each groom from oldest to youngest and kneel before them, say their name and say ‘I pledge to serve you as your woman by giving of you my hands, my heart, my body and my womb.’ and they, each in turn, will place a bracelet on your wrist and a ring on a finger of your hand. They will, each in turn, say ‘Rise my woman and embrace me.’ Then you will rise and you will kiss each one of them as passionately as possible.”

I nodded. I went first to Nanjan. I knelt before him, “Nanjan, I pledge to serve you as your woman by giving of you my hand, my heart, my body and my womb.”

Nanjan looked down at me intently and placed a bracelet around my wrist and ring on my index finger, “Rise my woman and embrace me.”

I rose, giddy with excitement and nervousness as so many people watched on. I raised my head to his, put my lips on his and I felt his tongue slip into my mouth eagerly as we kissed, our eyes locked onto one another, our hearts beating fast. I could feel the strength in him and the yearning It was with great reservation that we pulled away from each other.

Next was Ranic. He grinned down at me as I said the vow to him and he in turn adorned me with jewellery. When he told me to rise he pulled me up to him and before I could initiate, his lips were upon me fiercely and passionately. When he pulled away finally, my knees practically buckled under me.

Next was Pietro. As he leered over me, I deeply dreaded kissing him. There was no love in the kiss, only pure lust on his part. He pushed his tongue so far back in my mouth that I almost choked. I knew then that he would not be a gentle lover to me when the time would come for us.

Jar came next. He was so nervous he accidentally dropped the bracelet and when I went to kiss him he gave me a quick peck, an embarassed look on his face. He was obviously not comfortable with public displays of affection. I felt bad for him in his awkwardness and wondered if I could one day be able to calm him with lovemaking. The idea intrigued me.

Faneer was quite cold to the touch. When I kissed him he did not kiss back. I wondered for a minute if he was attracted to me but then I saw a bulge in his pants and knew the answer to that question.

Liam was brother number six for me. I could tell he was quite enjoing me having to kiss him. His kiss made so much wetness creep into my panties, I almost thought I had wet myself. Right after we kissed, he whispered into my ear, “If you liked what my tongue can do, wait until you see what my rod can do.” My face must have turned beet red.”

Stollar and Goyer, the twins, were next. They were eager in their kisses. They were younger than me by 4 years and it felt strange to kiss them. I wondered if I’d ever be able to tell them apart. Even their kisses felt the same.

After all the vows were done, my 8 new husbands and I were sat on silk cushions and a steady flow of food was brought before us. Live music on exotic-sounding instruments was played and after we were filled with food I had a dance with each of my husbands. After a while, my eyes began to droop and I found myself falling asleep. I was sitting beside Nanjan and as I leaned against him I felt his strong arm go around me, “Sleep well my love. In a few short hours we will be back at our home for our first wedding night together.”

To be continued…

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