My Lovely Daughter


The story below is partially true…I’ll let you wonder. I’d love to see comments or receive emails from anyone who particularly enjoys it.


Although I have to admit to having the odd sexual thought my pretty teenage daughter once or twice, it was never much more than a fleeting one, usually once already aroused by some other stimuli.

For a while now, she and I have been in the habit of taking long languorous strolls in the early evening, weather permitting, for exercise and to enjoy each others company. We chat about life, happenings in the news, her hopes for the future: the ordinary sort of things fathers and daughters usually talk about.

Now 18, she has always been mature for her age, studious and fairly quiet but on occasion deep and profound. A good group of friends gives her all the social engagement she desires but her interests have always been a few years older than those of her peers and she has always enjoyed the company of adults. Ironically her slim hips, small breasts and petite build make her look as if she is several years younger than she actually is. Even so, her pert little bum and natural athleticism twinned with her love of close fitting clothes, means that I have noticed more than few other men’s eyes linger just a little too long on her lithe body over the years, despite, or perhaps because, she looks more like fifteen or sixteen rather than eighteen.

In many ways she is the perfect child and my wife and I love her deeply.

This evening changed that dynamic in ways which I both fear and await with some eagerness.

It had been raining most of the day. Not so very unexpected in a Northern English Autumn, but it had put us off going out at our normal time. It eventually cleared up around 10 and since we were both restless we decided to go out anyway. It was pleasantly balmy with little in the way of wind and we braved it without jackets. Because of the heavy cloud cover it was a dark night and we decided to take torches, just for some fun and perhaps to help us avoid the larger of the puddles on our way.

Usually we just walk around the neighbourhood streets admiring the gardens of those who have, perhaps more time, and certainly more energy than I. Tonight though, due to the dark and encouraged by our torches, we decided to go towards the local park, on the edge of town, where our torches might cast shadows and change the landscape from that we knew so well in the day. We walked to the lake in park, admiring the lights playing across it’s gently rippling surface, chatting as usual about this and that, our torch beams flitting about in the increasing darkness as we strode away from the town’s street lights towards the countryside.

I knew there was a car park on the far side of the lake, used during the day by dog walkers and people visiting the lake and it’s friendly cafe. I had never thought about what might happen there in the dark. Since the weather was still dry we decided to walk around the lake and then head home. In the almost silence we could hear some of the ubiquitous local ducks quacking and occasionally geese honking but as we got nearer to the car park we heard different sounds and spotted some car headlights through the undergrowth that had been grown to shield it from the path around the lake.

I was immediately a little nervous, my mind springing to thoughts of drug deals and muggers. Trying to dismiss these thoughts and not let Kelly get spooked, I carried on chatting lightly but suggested we turn off our torches for the moment. The path was paved and quite distinct even in the gloom. On we strolled, both getting quieter as we got closer to the car lights. We could pass by unseen easily enough so there was no need to turn back but I think we were both a little on edge. However the noises we heard were not of dangerous goings on but some giggling, and more intriguingly, some gasping and moaning against the backdrop of pop music which sounded like it was on a car radio.

My thoughts Beylikdüzü Masaj Salonu turned from mild dread to more than mild curiosity. I had heard of “dogging”, where couples of an exhibitionist bent would have sex for and sometimes with strangers in sheltered car parks but, to be honest, I thought that it was largely urban myth and had certainly heard no rumours that it might be prevalent in our little town.

I had a dilemma: part of me wanted to rush my innocent daughter away from this depravity but the other part was wildly titillated by the thought that, perhaps, only a few yards away from me there might be live sex show, something I had not seen since once in my teens on a visit to Europe after paying an exorbitant fee at the door of a sleazy club.

Of course, being the good father I took my daughter’s arm and went to gently pull her away, to turn for home. What I wasn’t expecting was that she would not meekly follow my lead. Not only did she pull her arm away from me but she then turned and grabbed mine. In the low light I could still see her bright eyes wide open and looking at me conspiratorially, as she held her finger to her mouth and pulled me in the direction of the sounds. Now that my eyes had adjusted to the dark and my mind was wandering into more adult themes than previously, I looked at my daughter’s back, as she pulled me behind her, appreciating her taut bottom encased in tight jeans, her almost pinched waist in her tight fitting Jersey and the soft nape of her neck, just visible due to her recent short hair cut and the wide neck of the jersey.

After a little furtive searching, as we enjoyed the rush of doing something we both knew was a little foolhardy but also very exciting, we found a spot close by where we could see through the otherwise dense foliage to the scene beyond and yet stay hidden from at least cursory glances from the participants.

It was what I had worried about, and hoped for. There were three cars, with the headlights of two of them bathing the rear of the third in strong beams. This car was more like a truck and the rear of it was open with one section coming down to the horizontal and the window section above held high on pneumatic struts. This almost created a sort of small stage, ideal it would seem for the events unfolding upon it. There appeared to be three men around this makeshift stage and between them we could see that there was a female, naked from the waist down, sitting legs spread, talking in hushed tones but with the aforesaid occasional giggle, to the men who were so intent on her. I could feel my heart racing and my cock beginning to swell as I saw the pretty middle aged woman’s hand was wrapped around the stiff cock of one of the watching men. As I drank in the scene I noticed the arms of the two men with their backs to us were twitching rhythmically as they jerked their stiff cocks.

My daughter grasped my arm and dragged me back to reality, pulling my head down so she could whisper in my ear, “Is this dogging dad?”

I looked towards her and, shrugging my shoulders as if I too was new to the idea, nodded, saying, “I suppose so…We’d better go”.

But Kelly was more of an adventuress than I had supposed and was having none of it.

She vigorously shook her head and whispered insistently, “No Daddy, I want to stay and see what happens!”

Who was I to stop her getting an educational glimpse of this seedy, but also exciting, side of human sexuality. And of course if I was to stay with her, it would seem churlish not to watch the delights laid out so clearly and enticingly before us. Of course I wouldn’t enjoy a minute of it myself.

The woman was obviously getting a little frustrated at the pleasure she was undoubtedly giving the men and had decided that she needed a little more direct stimulation herself. She pulled the man she had been fondling towards her at the same time shuffling herself forward so that he was between her legs. Was this her husband I wondered, and were they Beylikdüzü Masöz Escort about to put on more of a show for the other men or was this perhaps a stranger and her partner was enjoying the view. Whoever he was did not need much encouragement and quickly slid his turgid member easily, deeply, into her warm body. The other men crowded around making it more difficult to see until one did us a favour by moving to the far side. As the lucky man began to establish a rhythm I was suddenly aware of my own state of excitation.

My cock had lengthened and stiffened but not in a comfortable position for me. Awareness of my teenage daughters warm soft body pressed close beside me did little to dampen my arousal and, in all honesty, enhanced it not a little. However something would have to be done about my discomfort. As Kelly was on my right, I tried to surreptitiously adjust myself with my left hand, trying to relieve the immediate tension but with little success. My eyes were glued to the scene in front, where the couple were now fully enjoying their exertions. We were easily close enough to see his stiff wet shaft sliding in and out of her hot hole as we were in a slightly elevated position and she had her thighs flat, presumably to give a good show to the viewers she was aware she had. Her own eyes were flitting from the heated exchange between her thighs and the straining cocks of her small audience.

Again I tried to adjust my discomfort, this time by moving my hips and this obviously alerted Kelly, if she had not already realised, that something was going on with me. As I said, Kelly is more mature than her tender years and far from freaking out that her father might be having some reaction to the situation she merely pulled my ear closer again and said mischievously, “are you having a little trouble there Dad?”

Embarrassed, I stifled a laugh and nodded my head vigorously. Now that the ice was well and truly broken I took the chance to use both hands to rearrange myself in my trousers, creating what would have been a rather an obvious tent in the front, if only it had not been so dark.

At this point the rather portly man on our side of the tableau, who had, rather selfishly, been blocking our view now and then, reached the point of no return and we saw his hand action quicken, then stop, his back arching as, although we could not see it, he came. Kelly’s grip on my arm tightened as this happened and for the first time I wondered what feelings her nubile young body was encountering. This did not help my situation one bit. Unbidden thoughts and even images of naked girls bodies…Kelly’s?… writhing in intimate pleasure played across my mind. My reverie was broken by Kelly as she gripped harder again as we witnessed, in a more graphic manner, the other onlooker reaching his peak. This time we had an almost front on view as he grasped his rather large cock tightly and one, two then a third rope of spunk erupted from the shiny head of his cock to splash unceremoniously across the bare stomach of the woman. He almost staggered back, his relief so palpable on his face and in his whole body.

After a breathless second I heard Kelly say quietly, soberly, kindly, “Do you need to do that Daddy?”

What to say, what to do!

It’s not something that most men play over in their head –

“Well, well, I wonder how I might respond if my teenage daughter ever asks me if I needed to wank off as I stand beside her watching a couple of strangers fucking the hell out of each other in front of us both!”

A dilemma of Freudian proportions.

“Of course I want to wank off, and it would be lovely if you joined in,” was what would love to have screamed, but, I’m a father, and a rather mild mannered one at that.

So of course I said, “I’m fine.” Albeit in a rather strangled voice.

Luckily for me my beautiful – sexy – daughter was having none of it.

She put her small hand right on the front of my trouser tent and, with a confidence I didn’t Beylikdüzü Öğrenci Escort know she possessed, whispered, “I don’t think you are.”

Of course her hand touching my straining cock, even through two layers of material, made things worse (better?). My hips involuntarily hunched forward, pressing my cock against her palm. She pressed back, rubbing her palm across and along the underside of my cock. I was just about unhinged by everything that was happening. Virtually out of control, my hand went around her back and I took a large handful of her delicious little bum. She moaned gently and reached with her other hand and with difficulty due to the tension on it, unzipped me. My cock just about exploded out of the gap and the fly of my loose underpants, the cool air delicious on my outrageously hot and incredibly stiff penis.

All thoughts of restraint banished by pounding blood, I let go of Kelly’s gorgeous bum and grasped my cock firmly and familiarly in my fist and started pumping urgently as the man before me pumped more and more urgently into his prize. The woman too was now gasping and moaning, her head back, long dark hair streaming down, her hips returning some of the energy he was expending. The other onlookers were now hard again but maybe not from just watching the loving couple. On the far side of the stage, thankfully, they were looking down at something laid on the surface beside those furiously pulsing buttocks. A page was turned and they both started to rub their resurgent shafts almost in unison.

Although I have always considered myself straight, I was enjoying, for the first time since my teens, seeing in real life stiff adult cocks in a state of obvious excitement and I was intrigued to see what could be pulling their eyes from the flesh show within reaching distance before them.

I also noticed that Kelly was watching something else. Her eyes were trained on me, or on my cock to be more precise. And the look on her face was a sort of hunger that I had never seen before. Her arm reached out and pushed my hand roughly away from its task, but before I could object she had taken a strong grasp of my heated shaft in her almost childlike hand.

Oh, I can’t express the feelings. Doubt, need, fear, joy, guilt and delirious pleasure, all these and so many more, all on top of each other, mitigating, exacerbating, intermingling with each other in beautiful, horrifying chaos. But one thing above all – the need to cum. As she started wanking my cock my free hand raced back to her bottom, but deeper this time, despite having to contort my back in a ludicrous manner, reaching below that superb arse and between her slim legs. Finding the heat, so evident even through those, oh so tight, jeans and relishing it. There was little I could do for her in that moment except take my own pleasure by rubbing her crotch from her soft mound right back to, and including between, her buttocks, pushing up as far as the tight material would let me. Not able to actually touch but at least imagining the two tight entrances below and wanting. in some insanely free and careless moment of wild passion, for her to know those forbidden thoughts, by pressing a stiff finger tip not only against where I imagined her tight young pussy was but also against where I hoped her hot little anus was.

As you might imagine this was all too much for me, as she spread her legs a little to allow her father more access to her delicious ass and cunt, and as I saw the couple getting to almost frantic pounding, and as I saw the two men reaching across to place a warm hand on each others engorged cock as they turned another page, I came. My hips shot forward, making Kelly’s little hand just hold on tighter, as the first rush of cum surged up my shaft and sailed out the tip, landing I know not where. I pulled back and thrust again and again, explosions going off behind my eyes as I looked down to see Kelly’s eyes wide and staring as the heavy hot cream shot out again and again. She ground herself down on my hand and we both nearly toppled over, having to reach out to grab some foliage to stop us, my cock still pulsing and leaking out cum as we both struggled to stay silent and stay on our feet. I saw the man coming to the same joyful conclusion deep in the hot wet body of his willing partner a fraction before they all looked over to right where we were standing…

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