My House, My Rules Ch. 03


That day at work, Paul supposed he had made some kind of progress, or at least had started to recognize reality. There was no attempt to convince himself that he’d end things with Anna. No certainty that he would resist fucking his brains out with his only daughter the second he saw her again.

It was an effort, really, not to tackle the girl when she showed up at his office unexpectedly. She was dressed relatively demurely, in a long summer dress that flattered her hourglass figure but didn’t expose much of it. Watching her talk to his coworkers as she made her way to him, Paul had some time to enjoy the intelligent, friendly, capable young woman his daughter had become.

It was only when she was right in front of him that he went back to thinking about how much he wanted her again. It was an effort not to kiss her, grope her, throw her on his desk and hike the dress up in front of all his coworkers, and part of his mind gave him credit for still having that much control. Anna played the good daughter, kissing him lightly on the cheek and handing him a brown bag.

“Just stopped by because I saw you forgot your lunch while I was cleaning the house, Dad. Love you, gotta go.”

Of course, he hadn’t brown bagged it since his wife had left, but he wasn’t going to argue. Still, the bag felt light, and he followed his instincts to open it up only once he’d closed his door. Inside, instead of a lunch, there was a DVD.

Once his wife had left, he’d spent quite a bit of money on developing a huge porn collection. After about three months, it had ceased to do much for him and with Anna in he house he’d felt nervous about her discovering it, so most had gone in the trash. All except the one sitting in front of him. It was a cheap compilation tape, a bunch of women getting screwed with no story, bland sex, and poor production values. But it was all built around a theme of the women wearing nurses uniforms, and something about that had stuck with him. Once or twice a month, he would take it out at night long after Anna was in bed, and jerk off to it to burn off some tension.

It seemed the hiding place he had found for it in his closet wasn’t exactly of CIA quality. The guilt that came over him was odd, although predictable under the circumstances. He felt like he’d been caught cheating by a lover, he felt horribly embarrassed. There was no doubt his daughter was upset to find this, though she had certainly been able to stay polite in his workplace, he had no doubt she would be more clear in her anger when he got home. He thought of the screaming fight he had once had with the ex over a couple of dirty magazines, and prepared for the worst.

The concept of equating his daughter and his wife would not hit him in full force until later, and that was for the best. At the moment, that wave of guilt added to everything Beylikdüzü Fetiş Escort else would have done irrevocable damage.

There was no small amount of fear when he opened the door, and it multiplied when he didn’t see her standing there. His mind made a morbid jokes about a sneak attack, though he bit his lip before the laughter came. Her voice came to him from the basement, and he couldn’t make out the tone.

“Did you bring the movie?”

“I threw it out.”

A sigh, and now he could make out some exasperation, if not anger.

“You shouldn’t have done that, Mr. Jackson. Videos can be a helpful teaching tool. Ah, well, I guess we’d better go ahead as best we can.”

Anna came out of the darkness, and Paul felt his stomach roiling as the picture became clearer. Cartoon-like, his mouth hung open as he saw his daughter was wearing a nurses outfit that would have been perfectly in keeping with his favorite porno. The skirt was high enough that he could see her white stocking tops, the blouse tight enough against her chest that he could see her nipples. She even wore a hat with a red cross on it, and makeup thicker then he had ever seen on the girl before. The white pumps clicked across the hardwood floor as she walked over to him and kissed him lightly once on the lips. The sly grin on her face may well have matched the one he felt forming on his own.

“Now then, Mr. Jackson, if you’ll just come with me we can verify if you would be an acceptable sperm donor.”

Damn, he thought to himself, even dialogue straight out of the movies. She took his has and walked him down the stairs. Another porn film played on the big screen TV, one he’d never seen, and she seated him in front of the couch directly in front of it. Smiling even wider, she bent over to kiss him again, then knelt before him. On screen, a red headed nurse lifted her skirt and bounced up and down on a black man with a dick whose size roughly matched Paul’s arm.

She sounded like she was going to quote his movie again, and he interrupted. Stuttering, with no idea how to proceed in what could only be called a situation that don’t prepare you for in any of the parenting books, he tried the best he could.

“Baby….you don’t have to do this. You don’t have to….do things that are strange or uncomfortable for you. You’re not my personal blowup doll.”

She was all self confidence and strength in her replies.

“I know, Daddy. I know if I said I wanted you to give up this X-rated stuff, or I wanted to stop doing things with me altogether, you’d be fine with it, you’d still care just as much about me and I’d still be your girl. That’s part of why I can do this and enjoy it.

“The other part though, that you haven’t understood yet, is that this is all stuff I like anyway. It really Beylikdüzü Gecelik Escort turns me on to have the man I’m with know there is no limit to what I’ll do for him. What gets me wet is turning myself into a guys full-service slut. The only thing that has changed is that I’m finally with the one I’ve always wanted to be with.”

And with that, he could think of no argument that could possibly work to stop her. Maybe part of this acceptance of defeat was the girl unzipping his pants, pulling them and his underwear off in one deft move, and taking his cock in her mouth. Holding the base tightly with one hand, he tongue slid slowly up and down along it’s front a few times before she finally swallowed it.

The first time she had offered him oral sex, he had turned her down. Now, he could only feel like an idiot for his nobility before. All her talk of having practicing with other men, wanting to be perfect for him, had washed off his back with everything else that was going on. Her skill was undeniable, though, and all he could do for the moment was lean his head back as she sucked, licked, and stroked him. Anna didn’t let him come, slowing down every time she sensed some kind of cue from him that it was near.

He looked down at her, and she pulled her mouth off of him with a gentle popping sound. Stroking his wet cock slowly with one hand, rubbing his balls with the other, she laughed playfully.

“Guess I don’t have to ask if you like what I’m doing, huh, Daddy? I know you want to come right now, and I hope you’ll forgive me for not letting you, but there’s still a few things I want to do first. Do you trust me, Daddy? Do you trust that I know what I’m doing, and that you’ll like what happens?”

“Anna…..yes, I do trust you. I trust you more then any woman, any person I ever met. You do whatever you want, Baby, you tell me what to do. You are the only one I trust, and love, and want.”

It was true, and there was no denying, though he hadn’t meant to say a word of it before he had started talking. She was his daughter, and he wanted her more then he ever had his wife. Whatever came about from that, he had to accept, he couldn’t deny.

She looked in his face, gauged that he was serious, and giggled in a way she hadn’t since early youth. Her hands were off him for a second, and he grunted with minor annoyance right before they were moved to underneath his legs, lifting them up in the air. Noise of some kind came out of his mouth, but there was no time to figure out what it could have been. Instead, he was quiet as her tongue darted teasingly up his ass.

Paul grunted again, louder, not able to stay quiet. She licked him, again, and then quickly, several times in a row, showing no fear or hesitation. Paul wanted to jerk off, enjoying the gentle probing ministrations Beylikdüzü Genç Escort of his daughter, but he knew she wanted things to go a certain way and held himself back.

His daughter continued to rim him, bringing him to the edge of orgasm and then pulling him back again. Jesus, why had he told her no, even once?

The yell in his throat was tough to bite back as he felt her hands lowering his legs again, her face appearing back in front of his cock. She gave it a quick suck and looked back at him, amused at the frustration on his face. Anna stood up, reaching into a pocket of the nurses outfit.

“Mmm. That was lot of fun, Daddy, and you can bet I’ll play dress-up for you any time you want. If you don’t mind, and that very hard, big thing between your legs makes me think you don’t, I’d like you to do something special for me right now though. You are going to fuck me, hard as you want, but you’re going to do it while I’m wearing these.”

The handcuffs she’d pulled from her pocket dangled in front of him. Paul practically tore them from her hands as he stood up. Anna clapped one cuff around a wrist, and wheeled 180 degrees around, extending both arms behind her for her father. Her father clipped the second bracelet on her, and she started to breathe heavily.

“Hurt me….hurt me please.”

Taking the girl at her word, he grasped the cuffs by the links between them and pulled sharply up. His daughter screamed, and as he lightly taped the back of one stocking-clad leg with his foot, she took the hint and dropped to her knees. Still holding her arms high with one hand, he began spanking her with the other. Four, five, six hard slaps, and Anna let out a quick yelp with every one. Words started to come to his mouth, and he growled them out louder with every blow.

“You stupid fucking whore. You need to get your sleazy pussy raped again, don’t you, bitch? You want me to hurt you? You want to be so sore you can’t walk? You’re going to get everything you want, bitch!”

The rage in him was back, like it had been that first night, but so much better now. She wanted him like this, she wanted his anger, and with it he could make her as happy as he was with her.

While getting spanked, Anna’s skirt had slowly hiked up until it was around her waist. Of course, she had no panties on. Paul angled her arms up, guiding them so pressure was put on the girls shoulders forcing her down more. As she crouched lower, her legs spread more, and her father found it easy to unzip his pants, kneel behind her, and slide between them.

He knew he wouldn’t last long in his current state of mind, and in fact he had barely entered her for the first time before her pussy tighten around him. She came, and he followed her into ecstasy, filling her with sperm.

The frustration rose in him again, and he returned to spanking her, the girls bare ass going bright red with his palm prints. He cursed her, she cried and moaned and sunk into the floor. It wasn’t long before he collapsed on top of her. Some part of his mind worried that his weight would hurt the girl, but the realist in him knew he wouldn’t be moving anywhere anytime soon.

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