My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 15


Just want to say, sorry if I don’t get back to everyone who writes me an e-mail, but I do read them and appreciate what you have to say. (And some times it even turns me on.)

So on Sunday after Denise left (and if you’re lost then you skipped Part 14 and really need to read that one because it’s probably one of the most important things that has ever happened in my life) I talked with my mom for a while. She said she thinks we both handled that well and that she really has a lot of respect for Denise. And of course I ask her if she would keep seeing Denise even if Denise and I ever broke up and she admits to me that she would as long as I was ok with it.

I told her I probably would be fine, but you never know. I also told her I didn’t know what was going to happen yet and that I did still care for Denise, and I really do. But then she starts asking me all these questions about Jessica and she totally knows I’m in love with her.

I’ll tell you, I was thrilled that she never suggested that Jessica join our little trio we have going, and I was just as thrilled what she said after I said I should call Jessica. My mom says, “I think you should go over there.”

I was like, “I’m going to,” and I had this huge smile on my face the whole time I got ready and the whole drive over, but then when I pulled up to her house I was thinking, well she won’t be comfortable over here with me, so when I went in to see her I asked if she wanted to go some place and talk. She said she would. She acted so nervous when she told her mom we were leaving and when she got in my car she was acting so strangely. I asked her where she wanted to go, and she started freaking out on me, but then suddenly she just says, “Let’s just go to your house.”

So I’m like Yahoo! When we got there my mom looked surprised to see us. She had already changed for the night and had on a long shirt. It was tight and she didn’t have on a bra and her boobs just looked enormous. Her nipples were hard too, and Jessica’s eyes were so big. My mom asked me if she should go upstairs, but I said we would instead. I closed the door to my bedroom after we went inside and sat on my bed. Jessica sat down at the chair by my computer and I was disappointed.

I at first just asked her how her day was, but she started talking about Saturday and how she felt so strange around Denise. So I told her that Denise and I talked and that I told her that I had feelings for her. She was surprised. I went through most of the details, leaving out the Anna parts or anything to do with my mom. So then Jessica asked me if I was still dating Denise. I wasn’t sure how to answer the question so I just said, “Denise wants me to explore my feelings for you.”

And she says the cutest thing, she said, “When I kissed you, there were sparks.”

I just smiled and even though I wanted to drag her into my bed right then, I didn’t. Instead I just said, “For me too, big time.”

Then she laughs and says, “Ha, I’m a lesbian,” like she doesn’t believe it.

I didn’t say anything at first, but then I said, “I want to kiss you again.”

She got up and sat down next to me on the bed and we held hands and rested our foreheads together again like we did a few days before. Then suddenly we were kissing again. It was fantastic. This time my hands squeezed her breasts gently on the outside of her shirt, and she did the same to me. After feeling my breasts she couldn’t get over how big they were. She knew they were big, but she said they even seemed larger in her hands. So I lifted my shirt off and she rubbed them for a long time, brushing her fingers over the nipples, but never putting her mouth on them.

I guess I was totally horny, because I suddenly licked one of my own nipples and then sucked on it just for a second as she watched me. That was all it took and she started sucking my other nipple. Her lips were so soft and my nipples were so sensitive, and I just laid back and let her suck my chest for a while, just thrilled to be in bed with her. Then I sat up and pulled her shirt and bra off and wow she has perfect breasts. They definitely aren’t as big as mine, but I’d say she is a D cup. I sucked her for a while, and then I helped her take her shorts off. She didn’t even give it a second thought, but when I started licking her clit she squirmed a bit at first, but then laid back and enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it too. She was quiet the whole time, but I could tell when she was about to orgasm, and I started licking her as fast as I could. She cussed a little, which was cute and she grabbed my pillow and covered her face because I think she was really embarrassed. I hadn’t even planned on having sex with her. It just sort of happened.

I crawled up next to her afterwards and she looked at me briefly and then covered her face again in the pillow. I kissed her arm and she pulled the pillow away and was just staring at me. I told her I loved her and she rolled over and started rubbing my chin and looking at my lips Escort bayan so I kissed her. It was very sensual, so slow and tender and then we hugged afterwards for so long and I loved feeling her warm body against mine, our breasts smashed together.

After a while we got dressed and talked. She asked me, “So are we dating now?” It was so adorable and I said, “Yes.”

But then she said, “So what about Denise?” and that’s when I just sort of freaked out. I at first just said, “Yeah, Denise.” Then I told her all about how I hated to hurt her, but that she knew this was coming and that I wasn’t sure if Denise wanted to completely end what we had or that if we were just going to try to find out what we wanted. I think she was as confused as me.

So then I suddenly felt this huge stress and I thought, wow what do I do? Are Denise and I done? Am I done with my Mom? How do I end this?

Then Jessica tells me she’s very confused and not sure what she wants and says she wants to take this really slow. I was like, “We just had sex!” I mean I didn’t say that, but I was thinking NOW you want it slow. What the hell does that mean?

I started crying then and she was trying to comfort me and telling me that she really liked me and I didn’t even know why I was crying, but I suddenly told her that I had a lot of baggage and my life was very complicated and that she would probably hate me if she knew what I was really like. I have no idea why I started saying all that stuff. It was like all this emotion started pouring out of me at once and I finally had the girl of my dreams and I was scared to death to end it with Denise and my mom and have this normal life. Then I was just pissed at myself for breaking down in front of her and saying all that stuff and she kept looking at me like she wanted to help, but of course she didn’t even know what was wrong with me. I think I’m overly emotional.

So she tells me she does know me and that she liked everything about me and how wonderful I am and all this stuff, and that made me cry even more, but happy this time.

Next thing I know it’s really late so I run down stairs and drive Jessica home. When she’s getting out of the car she tells me she loves me and I cried again a little and she wiped my tears. So I asked her again, “So I don’t know what we have here. Are we just dating, or do you want me to break up with Denise and . . .” And shit I almost said MY MOM.

Jessica smiled at me and asked me if Denise was going to start seeing other people too. I said I wasn’t sure, and then said, well she is sort of seeing someone else now, but it’s complicated. Jessica gave me a funny look and leaned back in the car. She asked me if I wanted to talk about it and I said, I did, but I doubted she wanted to hear what I had to say. (Yes I was considering telling her everything.) She said we could talk tomorrow and she went inside.

So I went home and my mom was still watching TV and I started talking to her and just opening up. I told her that I was thinking I wanted a normal relationship and I knew I would never have that with her, and I doubted I ever would with Denise, but that I had a chance with Jessica. My mom said she completely understood. Then I told my mom all about making love to Jessica and she seemed really happy for me. So then I felt really good about everything and thought I knew exactly what I wanted and then my mom tells me that while I was busy with Jessica that she has planned this trip for the two of us. I was shocked. Part of me was immediately turned on and another part of me was like, I’m not going. But the more she talked about it the more I thought this could be the last time my mom and I are together so I’ll just do it and make it a great trip. (More about this later.)

So Monday I had to work, I hate working on Monday’s. And after work I come home and shower and talk to my mom for a bit and then go to Jessica’s. Jessica and I talked a lot and she said she was definitely jealous of Denise and she knew she didn’t really want to share me with her, but she also understood what I was going through. Then she asked about if I was still going to room with Denise next year and I said I didn’t know. Then I told her that Denise and I were very good friends and did Jessica think she could even handle Denise and I staying friends. She said she had no problems with that, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted us to live together.

Then she asked me about Denise’s other lover. I just froze. I really wanted to be honest with her, but I didn’t know what to say. I think she thought I was choked up because I was unhappy that Denise had been with someone else. My mind was racing and I was trying to come up with some excuse or story without lying and without telling the truth, but then I just told her, “Denise has been with . . . my mom.”

Jessica’s mouth opened wide and her eyes matched it. We were both quiet for an eternity, before Jessica asked me when? So I figured what the hell and said, “All the time.”

As Bayan escort soon as I said it I wished I hadn’t because she looked disgusted. She kept asking, “Seriously?” over and over, and she asked, “She’s with both of you in the same weekend?” and stuff that made me feel so uncomfortable. And she asked, “Do they kiss in front of you ever?” which I almost laughed at had I not been so nervous and practically sick to my stomach. I said that I had been ok with them dating at first, but then when I realized that I was falling for her (Jessica), that I didn’t want the kind of relationship I had and that I wanted to just have one lover.

To which Jessica said, “You have another lover other than Denise?”

Wow, I am stupid. I started crying again and told her that I was sorry and that I knew she’d hate me if she found out what I was really like. She kept telling me she didn’t hate me and that she was glad I was so honest, and then she asked me who it was.

I asked Jessica if she loved me. She told me she did and we kissed. Then I said, “I’ve had threesomes with Denise and . . .” and I paused and before I could finish she blurts out, “Lyndsey, her sister.” I just sort of froze, and I think she thought that was it and she says, “Wow, both of them at the same time. I don’t know if I blame you. And they do stuff together too?”

And I just sort of stared at her not knowing what to say and surprised that she had even said that and wondering if she had fantasized about it after I showed her their picture, but then just as she was saying something about how it was ok, I stopped her and said, “No, Denise and I and . . . my mom.”

Again jaw drop and wide eyes and this time total quiet. Her hands went to her mouth and she started to say something and then just put her hands together in front of her mouth, like she was praying and I of course started crying again. Then she starts hugging me like she feels sorry for me, and I didn’t know what to say or even think.

I finally said, “I just want to be with you now. I love you and I’m ready for college to start so I can just be with you.”

Then she asked me if they forced me and I had to say no. In fact I admitted that I had enjoyed it. I didn’t admit that my mom and I had sex without Denise or that I considered her a lover, but Jessica was still just shocked. We must have talked in her room for like three hours. I’ve probably already bored you all enough so I’m just going to stop going on about it.

Basically by the time we were done Jessica knew about everything, and she actually still likes me, though I think she’s completely overwhelmed. I told her that my mom and I were going away on Wednesday through Monday and that I’d call her.

On Tuesday Jessica and I talked on the phone, but when I invited her over she said she had plans. I was scared I might have ruined everything, but she said she would call me when she got home and she did. We talked again and I went over there for about an hour. Her whole family was there and we all hung out and she seemed fine, though when I left she acted jealous that I was going off with my mom for the next six days. I told her we were just going to enjoy the beach and go shopping and that I loved her and that I would miss her. We wanted to kiss, but were both too afraid to, even though it was dark when I left.

So that night my mom and I slept separately and the next morning we left early. I’m not going to say where we went, but I will say it has a beautiful beach, one of the most amazing I have ever seen, and we stayed in a tall condo with a great view of the ocean.

Well my mom started things off right away. She held my hand as we walked through the destination airport and she even put her arm around my waist and kissed my cheek a few times while we were waiting for our luggage. We were states away from where we lived, but I was still nervous and wasn’t sure I could just act so open in front of people even though they were strangers, but as the day went on I relaxed.

Our condo was right on the beach and we stood out on the balcony of the eleventh floor and just stared out at the ocean for a while when we first got there and talked. It was nice. Then my mom started kissing my neck and grabbing my breasts and I just let her even though people could have looked up and seen us.

I just decided that I was going to act free this weekend and maybe even get dangerous, because I was going to end it with my mom and Denise and I wanted this to be a weekend that the two of us would remember forever. I think my mom suspected it too and she could barely keep her hands off me the whole weekend.

That first day we held hands everywhere we went, we held each other in the elevators even when people were there, and in the restaurant that night I leaned over and kissed her. It was a sexy kiss and our waitress and several people at close tables saw us. And as we were eating at the restaurant in our condo I knew many of these people would probably Escort see us again, but I didn’t care.

We went swimming in the pool that night and on the way up to our room in the elevator there were these two cute girls my age, and as soon as the door closed my mom started kissing me right in front of them. They both gave out sort of a nervous laugh and cussed and one said “Get a room,” but my mom pulled my bikini apart and started sucking my tits right in front of them. I looked at both of them completely nervous and they just stared at me. I loved it. Then the elevator stopped at our floor and my mom fixed my suit and we got off. The girls, who were going two more floors higher, never said a word as we left and my mom yells we’re in room 1105 if you want to watch some more.

We both laughed all the way to our room and then I started kissing her on our front balcony that was connected to all the other condos on the floor. Anyone could have seen us from below or walked out their condo on our floor and seen us making out and I didn’t care. I was grabbing my mom’s huge tits and her tiny bikini was not covering her at all. Then my mom reached down and pulled my suit away and started fingering me. I just continued to kiss her for a while, but then she had me lean over the balcony and she fingered my pussy from behind with one hand and squeezed my breasts with the other.

It was just at sunset and the lights were on in the city and everything was so beautiful, and I just loved the excitement and danger of what we were doing and I started rubbing my clit. When I climaxed I arched my back and begged for her to fuck me. So she started to really go fast into me from behind and I started moaning and then I got scared that some family with little kids could see us so I told her we needed to go inside and we did.

The next day was fun. We spent most of the time at the beach and I rubbed lotion all over my mom’s body and she mine. So many people watched us and I told my mom I wished we could go some place where there were no men, and I’d make love to her in front of a hundred women watching us.

That night in the hot tub there were no children around and my mom started kissing me in front of the other six people who were there. Only two of them were guys and they loved it, but again I wished they weren’t there. Some of the girls cheered us on, but two left. Then again in the elevator my mom and I made out in front of a couple, and then we had amazing sex on our back balcony. I was still looking to do something crazy and so was my mom, but it just had not presented it self. Afterwards lying in bed with my mom side by side I felt so happy. My mom and I have always been so close and staying with her like this away from the rest of the world and pretending to just be a couple was amazing. So amazing in fact that at that time I wasn’t thinking about anyone else but her. In fact I would have been happy to stay there with her forever. No one knew we were mother and daughter, they just thought we were lesbian lovers. And that night we were.

Friday was very much the same as Thursday so I won’t talk much about it. Though on the beach I did notice that the two hot girls we saw in the elevator the first day were on the beach with four other girls there own age, all of which were very hot, though most of which had small breasts. My mom and I talked about the six of them the whole time we were at the beach and my mom asked me if I’d like to take them all on at once. I jokingly said, of course, but I didn’t expect it would ever happen.

The next day, Saturday, we saw them again and this time my mom asked if they wanted to play volleyball with us. The girls that saw us make out the first day didn’t say anything at first, but the other girls all were like, yeah, so we grabbed the empty court fast before anyone else did. They had had a ball and that’s what gave my mom the idea. I noticed one of the girls whispering to the others though and I figured she was telling them about us.

We had a great time though I wasn’t very good and I think four on four is tough since at college we always had six on a team. My mom actually kicked butt and I was surprised still how athletic she is. Plus I loved watching her tits bounce up and down. The suit she had on was better at covering her than usual, but she still slipped out once which was maybe what she wanted. We had a few guys hanging around watching and they applauded when it happened. She ignored them. We switched teams up after the first game which was pretty one sided and my mom ended up being on the other side. She was flirting with the girls like crazy and smacking their butts and I got such a kick out of watching her.

After several games we all got in the water together and cooled off. After talking to them for a while we found out they were all college friends. Four of them had just graduated and this was probably going to be the last big get together they had as one was getting married and moving far away.

We spent several hours with them before one of the girls, who had not witnessed our make-out session, asked me. “So you two are lovers?” We hadn’t done anything in front of all of them so she must have been told by one who had seen us.

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