My Dream Ch. 04


Author’s note: Go read chapter one, dagnabbit!

This story is about a guy coming to terms with bisexuality. If that bothers you, this story isn’t for you. If you decided to enjoy it anyway, nobody would know. It’ll be our little secret.

“I think I’m just going to go play with myself,” she said. It took me a moment to realize just what she meant by that, un-quick on the draw as I always am, but she didn’t wait for a response. She just bounced her eyebrows at me in that combination of sultry and silly that only women can pull off, turned on her heel and walked up to the threesome at the desk, swinging her hips as she went.

The Me there still had a My Wife bouncing on his lap while another My Wife kneeled between their legs, licking them both. My own wife, always the confident one, just sauntered right up and said, “Hey, Sweetie,” taking the upper Her’s face in her hands and kissing her passionately. The lower Her even helpfully raised her hand to my wife’s (my OWN wife… I mean, I suppose she’s the one that’s mine; all the other Me’s seemed to have-or-at-least-start-with a My Wife of their own? Fuck, this was getting confusing!) pussy and gave her a few quick pets. That made my wife squeak in delight, but she was on a mission. Gingerly, she ended the kiss and helped her clone up off the My Cock that had been impaling her and led her a few steps to the [closed] window opposite the bed, leaving the other Her to clean up the other Me’s pussy-flavored cock. With one last glance and wink in my direction, my wife sat on the carpet with her new playmate to do who knows what.

A familiar feeling drew my attention downward-my own cock was rising to the occasion, invigorated by my wife’s permission and little show. I turned to my left and considered the couple on the floor who’d fast-tracked my attempt at easing my wife into all this. Well, I thought, I’ve always wanted to try a DP.

I hopped off the bed and approached the couple, wondering how to start the conversation. I heard Barry Benson in my head: “You like jazz?” No, that’s no good. I finally just knelt down and went with, “Hey guys, mind if I join in?” Her face lit up in sudden eagerness and then darkened in sudden horror at the prospect, before leveling out into a dismissive FUCK IT kind of look, steeling herself for what was to come next.

My doppelganger gaziantep escort ilanları regarded me with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. “No problem, Bruh, the more the merrier.” I have to admit that hearing him say that with his very male voice was weird. I had never, EVER had fantasies about hearing other men talking to me with their man-voices during sex, and even though it was my voice it still almost wrecked the whole thing for me. Still, I looked down at her breasts and her pleading eyes and the cock pounding in her must-be-sore-by-now-right? ass, and I breathed and re-centered myself. I shouldn’t let my insecurities about bisexuality stop me from having sex with my wife, who wanted to have sex with me. That would be dumb.

I crawled forward and lined myself up, scooching the last little bit to where I thought was the best position. It was hard to tell, usually I could tuck my thighs up by her sides. But, this time there was a DUDE in the way, and I kind of wanted to avoid touching him really, if I could help it. If you’re reading this and thinking, “But Mister Fiver-Four-Fiver Scolipede, don’t you touch yourself when you masturbate? What’s the difference between that and this?” To you I say, “What, are we talking on a ham radio? What’s with the ‘fivers,’ ya dweeb? Also, fuck you.”

“Please,” she breathed. She looked so pretty, like an innocent little girl, looking up at me with puppy-dog eyes, begging me to shove my meatstick into her cunt while another Me fucked her in the ass. How could I say no to that? She then wisely added, “Please go slow.”

My other self graciously stopped thrusting until we all got situated. He released her knees and guided her ankles to my shoulders, then gingerly supported her ribcage as I slowly fed myself into her unoccupied hole. At some point I had to readjust my grip on her and ended up placing one of my hands on top of his. I was a little surprised at myself when I didn’t recoil at the touch, but for a moment I locked eyes with him and discovered a whole new level of intimacy I’d never been aware of. Was it sexual? Completely. Was it tinged with horniness? Absolutely. Was it totally gay? I don’t know how to answer that question. But all of that was resting on a frame of brotherhood; a mutual understanding of one another, and a coming together to take care of my wife gently, carefully, passionately, lovingly, knowing just how much she meant to the both of us. And THAT was totally welcome; no inhibitions or disgust, just loving, sexy teamwork. In that moment I finally saw what my wife saw in me, rather than just feeling like a big, ugly, hairy, stupid gorilla, not knowing why SHE of all people was attracted to me. That Me, that man, knew how to treat my wife, and I would gladly engage in sexual intimacy with him on her behalf.

Well, that took two paragraphs. Sorry about before, uh, un-fuck you.

I was surprised once more at how tight she was. I guess that makes sense, there was already some space being taken up, but I hadn’t really considered DP mechanics before. Also, so focused was I on getting into her and my epiphany about sex with dudes that I didn’t watch her face at all. When I finally looked up at her I inwardly scolded myself for not watching the transformation. The last thing I’d seen on her beautiful features was the steely dismissal of inhibition and fear, and now it had been replaced by this dumbfounded, open-mouthed bliss. My wife does dumbfounded a lot better-looking than I do.

And then everything about it crashed down at once upon my consciousness, something like if you’d dumped out a jigsaw puzzle and all the pieces clattered to the floor but bounced together into the completed picture. I was stuffed inside my wife’s pussy, and I was stuffed inside my wife’s ass, and I was both fucking my wife at the same time. I was emotionally connected to both her and him, and it was fucking awesome. My doppelganger and I had a little bit of trouble getting into a rhythm at first, but even the awkward humping going on at the beginning was beyond surreal. How many times had I typed the words “double penetration” into a search bar, and now here I was participating in one. How many times had my wife asked me politely to just stick to regular, vaginal, missionary-position sex, and now here she was mewling and sighing while sandwiched between two dudes, and I was one of them! And, to top it all off, I was the other one of them as well.

But then, something incredible happened. Completely by accident, I thrust into her at the same time as he pulled out, and then as I pulled out he thrust in, and THAT, I don’t mind telling you, is the second-best feeling I’ve ever felt in my entire life. (Don’t forget the nuclear blowjobs my wife is capable of.) The sensation of her vaginal walls squeezing me, coupled with the both the feel and the realization of his cock just on the other side of said wall, was absolutely unreal. It was so awesome that the other Me and I both stopped and stared at each other, jaws dropped and reeling. The kind of look musicians share when some mutual improvisation in the jam session happens to blend extremely well, and they both heard it and they both know just how great it was. CHEMISTRY, that’s the word.

“What’d you stop for?” the lovely lady between us complained, panting. A quick glance at her, and then back at each other, and we both grinned evilly. He nodded his head to me-what a gentleman!-and I gripped my wife again and thrust into her ferociously. He timed his entrance perfectly, and soon he and I were absolutely pounding her pussy and ass together, perfectly, oppositely in sync with each other while she squealed and YESed and screamed and panted and Oh, FUCKed into the void.

I’m not sure how long we screwed her together like that; it kind of seemed like not enough and an eternity at the same time. She came about seventeen thousand times and never seemed to get enough. I was breathing hard but oddly never felt any exhaustion. Our thrusting pace never slowed until he and I began to cum simultaneously. “Fuck, dude, again?” he groaned in like, WONDER or some other shock-like emotion.

“What’s up?” I grunted.

“This is the third time in a row I’ve cum in her ass, man!” His eyes were bulging and his thrusting became erratic.

And man, until that moment I’d have never thought to do this in a million, bajillion years, but I was horny as fuck and I had cast off all my inhibitions about sex with men and I was horny as FUCK, and I found myself doing it almost before the idea finished running through my head. I practically watched myself in slow motion as I pulled out of her, waited for his next back stroke, and grabbed his cock with my hand. I did it so swiftly that he had no time to react before his own forward stroke was trying to impale her again as I squeezed our two dicks together and pressed them to her pussy’s soft opening.

They said, “Fuck,” because they were surprised to find both cocks in her vagina.

I said, “Fuck,” because I was surprised that they both went in on the first try.

Then we all said, “Fuck,” again as we erupted together.

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