My Aunt


The memories of youth. I had a crush on my aunt even at 19. She was an incredibly sexy and mature woman. Aunt Courtney was my mom’s younger sister and always commanded the attention of any man in the room. She was about 5′ 7″, 135 pounds, green eyes, long auburn hair, shapely legs, full lips, and tits that I later learned were 34B’s.

She was single and often visited with us for extended periods of time. As a randy youth, I would sneak peeks when I thought she wasn’t looking positioning myself to see down her blouse or up her dress. I often thought of hiding in the closet just to watch her undress or hide in the bathroom closet to watch her bathe but was always fearful of being caught. I think she sensed this because at times she seemed to position herself so I could catch a glance or leave the bedroom or bathroom door cracked so I might catch a glimpse.

So it was that one afternoon when we were alone in the house, that she went to her room, undressed, wrapped a towel around herself, and went to the bathroom for a shower. Once in the bathroom, I made my way to her room, found the panties she had just removed and ran to my room. I quickly removed my pants and underwear, held her Escort bayan panties to my nose, and began to jerk off. The smell was intoxicating. The mixture of her perfume and the musky smell of her pussy were amazing. I lost myself in all of these great sensations, the aromas, the feel of her panties, and my hand sliding up and down my cock. Holding the panties to my nose, my head back and eyes closed, my hand jerking my cock meant I was in no position to notice my aunt’s unannounced entrance to my room. I opened my eyes to see her standing there with the towel wrapped around her gloriously tanned body with a smile on her face.

I stopped in mid jerk, not knowing what her reaction would be or what mine should be. She broke the awkward silence by stepping over to me and taking her panties from me.

“Well John, do you like the feel and smell of my panties?”

How could I lie, my huge erection was answer enough.

“Yeah, I love smelling you…I think you are a beautiful woman.”

“Would you like more?”

I wasn’t certain what more was but I knew I wanted more. She directed me to lie down on the floor. Once on the floor, I look up and watched with lust and Bayan escort fascination as my aunt let the towel fall. Looking up I saw her wet pussy nestled in a tuft of auburn hair and past that her beautiful breasts jutting out from her chest. “Now, you lie there, do as you are told, but remember, this will be just between the two of us.” I know I wanted more and any secret was fine by me. She stepped over me, facing my feet, and then lowered herself to my mouth.

“Now John, you can see, smell, touch, and taste my pussy.”

With that she covered my mouth with her hot pussy, grinding it into my mouth. I had only ever seen a pussy in magazines and on porn sites. Now I was licking, tasting, smelling, and worshipping my aunt’s pussy. I circled her pussy lips with my tongue and then stuck my tongue deep inside her. The taste was incredible. I lapped at her cunt like any horny teen would. I felt the nub of her clit and heard my aunt moan as I sucked it gently into my mouth. She leaned forward and took my cock in her hand. Her hand unlike mine, felt like velvet. She slid her hand up and down aided by the huge amounts of precum from my dick. Then, she took my cock in her mouth all Escort while I did my best eating my first pussy. Young and horny meant I would not last long with this beautiful woman sucking my cock. She used her hands to stroke my balls and with her finger circled my asshole. Her luscious lips engulfed my dick while her tongue danced on the head and the sensitive underside. I was in sensation overload. I could feel my balls tighten and my cock extend. I tried to warn her with a mouth full of her pussy but tensed and shot. I shot 6 to 8 huge wads of cum and she sucked and swallowed each one. I was completely drained. She continued to lick and clean my cock long after I had exploded in her mouth. All this time my face was still buried in her cunt. Though inexperienced, I must have been doing something right. I felt my aunt tense, moan loudly, and then I was rewarded with a shower of juice from her cunt. I licked and lapped as quickly as I could attempting to catch it all. My aunt rolled off of me and kissed me deeply on the mouth.

She got up, took her towel and said, “I am going to be here for another 3 weeks. We will need to get together again so that I can continue your education.”

“You can keep the panties and use them to stroke your cock with. Just let me know when, ’cause I love to watch.”

With that she swayed out of the room leaving me with a huge smile and with wonderful expectations of lessons to cum.

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