Ms. Jiggles’ Big Surprise Ch. 04


I laid on the bed defeated, and looked up at the long, wiggling cock in Tyler’s hands. A mixture of worry, horniness and excitement came over me all at once. It’s hard to explain, but any woman who’s ever gotten some incredible dick can understand. He beat my pussy into submission, and to be only 18, he had the skills of an experienced porn star.

“My god…that dick is too much.”

“You underestimated this white boy, didn’t you?” He grinned. His anaconda of a cock wiggled in his grip as he stepped off of my bed.

“Mmm…I did,” I confessed, watching him head to the door.

“Yeah that’s what I thought,” he said with a smirk, “I’ll let you chill for a bit. We’re still not done.”

“Ok baby,” was all I could say.

Later that day, I tidied up around the house as Tyler showered up stairs in my guest bathroom. Storing my vacuum cleaner away in the cleaning supply closet, I wondered if the young stud could take on two grown women. I mean, he surely had enough dick to go around.

I scrolled through the contact list on my iPhone, coming right to Sheryl’s name. My thumb was hesitant to select her name, and it quivered over the bright screen for a few seconds before I went ahead and called.

Cmon…pick up, I thought as it came to the third dial tone.

“Hey girl!” She answered.

“Sherry! What’s up, hun? You busy?”

“Not right now. I just got home from getting my hair done. Why what’s up?”

“Ok, remember Beth’s son, Tyler? You know…the hung one?” I asked, peeking up my stairs at the closed bathroom door as he showered.

“The one with the big dick? Wait…you’re still fucking him?!”

“He’s staying at my place now while Beth is out on business again. And girl…he’s been fucking the shit out of me since he’s been here.” I bit on the tip of my index, holding back from smiling as Sheryl gasped.

“Yeah? I wish I could get some good dick around here. You always get the big ones.”

My mouth curled into a smirk. “Well…we can share him.”

“R-really? Damn, you got me thinking. Is he really that good?”

“I wouldn’t be inviting you if he wasn’t. Plus, I don’t know how much more my little pussy can take,” I said with a laugh, “Now get your ass over here.” I took a deep breath and ended the call as my mouth curled into another smirk.


I received a text message from Sheryl an hour later as I just finished washing the dishes.

Pulling up to your place now.

Hurry up! I texted back, power walking towards the front door as my huge ass bounced in my red boy shorts. I peeked my head out of the door as Sheryl got out of her grey Range Rover, one of the 3 vehicles she owned.

“About time,” I said with a hint of laughter as she came up my driveway. My girl was gorgeous, and I’ve always said she resembled the singer Sade. I couldn’t comprehend how she wasn’t getting sex on a regular basis. Her ample breast bulged out greatly, easily E cups at the least, and her tapered waist curved down to a big ole set of hips. She was definitely catching up to me in the booty department, which was a surprise because I was always the big butted one out of the group.

“Sorry. I tried getting here as fast as I could,” she said as we hugged each other on my porch.

“It’s all good girl. Now get your butt in the house. We got some dick to attend to,” I said, giving her big booty a playful slap, “And where did you get this booty from? It’s been growing like crazy!”

Sheryl smiled back at me. “I guess hanging around you is making my ass bigger. It’ll be the size of yours real soon.” We both busted out into laughter.

“Maybe you’re right,” I said as she went inside first, her black yoga pants forming a wedgie between her round ass cheeks, “We have to measure you when we get settled. I’m at 58 inches.” I shut the door behind us and hung her jacket on the rack as we stood in the entryway.

“Damn! You’ve always had a big ass, but 58 inches is ridiculous!”

As if on cue, Tyler appeared at the top of the stairs, looking down at us with raised eyebrows. The look of curiosity was written all over his face as he moseyed down the steps.

“Oh, right on time! Tyler, this is Sheryl. Sheryl this is Tyler,” I said.

“Aww he’s a cutie! I heard some big, and I mean BIG things about you, Mr. Tyler,” Sheryl said, her eyes hinting down at the pronounced dick print formed down the leg of his grey sweatpants. I pursed my lips, attempting to hold back from laughing.

“Nice to meet you,” he said blushing a bit as they shook hands. “My bad Ms. Johnson. I didn’t know you were expecting company.”

“No, you’re good sweetie. This was suppose to be a surprise.” Sheryl and I looked at each other with devious smirks.

“Surprise? Surprise for what?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. His cute baby face looked so curious.

“Well…let’s see if that big white dick can handle two females at once. It’s time to really put that thing to good use.” I walked up to him slowly sivas escort and gripped a handful of his long, monster cock, and gave it a shake.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he moaned in relief, palming my big ass from behind, “Now this is what I’m talking about! I’ll make the both of you bow and tap out.”

“He’s a cocky one, isn’t he?” Sheryl smirked, walking up and getting a grip on Tyler’s long cock herself. Our hands pumped the long ropey cock in sync as he groped our big asses. “Damn you were right, Glenda. His dick is huge! My goodness!”

“See, I have no reason to lie. Besides…it’s still soft. Let’s take this to the living room.”

As we both pulled him along by his bulge, I felt his thick shaft flexing a bit, feeling like it was getting even thicker in my grasp.

“You sure you can take us both, big boy?” Sheryl asked as we both looked back at him, our big booties bouncing against each other’s as we walked down the hall.

“The question is, can you both handle me. I doubt it,” Tyler said with proud grin.

“Talk is cheap!” I said with a chuckle, forgetting the fact that he destroyed me earlier that day.

“Mmm I swear y’all two are going to get it!”

We pulled him into my living room in front of the leather couch, and Sheryl and I squatted down together before him. “God it’s so long,” she said as we inched his sweatpants down, revealing a girthy portion of the shaft.

“Mmm…it gets longer. Tell her Ms. Johnson.”

I nodded in confirmation as I reached inside of his sweatpants, and began to pull that long, anaconda of cock out from its confines. It seemed like it was a never ending supply of dick coming from the boys pants as I pulled it upward, exposing its thick root inch after inch.

Sheryl’s face went from dumbfounded to scared as she looked on with her mouth gaped open. “Oh my God! How much is left in there!?” She said with a gasp, the look of fear dripping from her face.

“Told you this boy had a donkey dick,” I said. With one long yank, Tyler’s long ropey cock was free, and it wiggled in mid air before it fell and flopped down onto our faces.

“OH MY GOODNESS! DAMN!” Sheryl said in total shock, “Jesus Christ! He’s a horse!”

We both grasped his big white cock, holding the long phallus up above our faces while he stood proudly with his hands on his hips.

He looked down at us with that arrogant smirk of his, watching two black, monster cock loving whores eye fuck his cock. “What? Never saw a big dick before, Ms. Sheryl?”

“Not this damn big!” she shot back, analyzing it as she stroked it with me, “How long is it? It’s soooooo big, and it’s not even hard! This is crazy!”

“Why don’t you grab the tape measurer and find out,” Tyler said.

I reached over to my drawer, retrieved my tape measurer and handed it to Sheryl. “Go ahead girl. Measure him,” I said with a smile, holding the long, white cock straight out before us.

Tyler chuckled under his breath, watching our facial expressions as the tape measure surpassed the 9 inch mark. Sheryl couldn’t believe what she was seeing, and I couldn’t either.




“13 inches soft! My god, that’s a inch bigger than before,” I said with a gasp. Sheryl and I looked at each other, and then at his cock.

“FUCK!” She moaned as we hoisted the big 13 inch dong in the air together, beholding its size and glory, “JESUS LORD THIS IS A BIG OL DICK!”

“Mmm you ain’t seen nothing yet,” he said as we flopped and wiggled his big dick about, “Wait till it gets hard. Y’all should suck it…”

And we did.

“Suck it baby,” I said, aiming his long cock at Sheryl’s mouth.

She licked her plump lips, looked up at the handsome teen, and then back at big dickhead. “Gosh…I hope it will fit. My mouth is big, but damn,” she said, opening her mouth wide. I bit my lip as I fed it to her, and watched my best friend work Tyler’s big white cock.

“Mmm fuck yeah,” he moaned as her mouth worked what seemed to be only the first 5 inches, “Just like that…suck my fuckin’ dick…”

I joined in, biting and smooching along the untouched inches of dick. Our mouths worked together, quickly wetting his cock up as sickening wet noises filled the room. My mouth and tongue dragged up and down his lengthy shaft from the side as Sheryl tried to work more of it into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down on it slowly.

“Fuck!” He groaned, palming our heads as he watched us worship his donkey of a dick, “Damn…y’all know how to work a dick.”

Sheryl and I moaned to ourselves, worshipping the teens dick with our wet mouths. We picked up the pace as more and more spit accumulated on the long vascular shaft, working it like two big assed sluts. I pulled my big lips from his meat with a loud POP, and brought my mouth up to meet hers.

We tussled and fought for the plump dickhead, sloppily tongue kissing each other as Tyler’s long cock was caught in the crossfire. His dick flexed again as Sheryl licked down the long dong, and I followed, sliding my mouth down the other side. We sloppily slurped up and down his dick, our heads moving in an alternating motion as we all moaned in harmony. His cock grew even bigger, and began to harden before our eyes as we worshiped that thing like a couple of pros.

“Mmm! We’re making this baby grow!” I said, looking up at him as he held his t-shirt up near his chest, exposing his slender body.

“How long does it get? Damn!” Sheryl said as she smooched and slurped along Tyler’s growing monster with me.

He just smirked.

We licked our way down his shaft, meeting the enormous set of balls that sat between his thighs. “Fuck…” was all I could I utter. I tugged and slurped on one nut, and Sheryl took the other. His balls mimicked that of two full size lemons, containing only God knows how many fluids of cum.

His face grimaced as Sheryl and I worked the studs huge bare nut sack. His long dick bobbed in mid air on its own, reaching its apex as it hardened and grew even more as we slurped our way back up the shaft, blessing it with long worshipping licks.

“Y’all trying to make me nut, damn!” He said as his knees buckled for a quick second.

Sheryl and I giggled. “What’s the matter? Donkey dick can’t take it?” I asked with a chuckle as we slobbered all over his huge, throbbing cock.

“F-fuck!” He groaned, his face grimacing harder.

“Mmm…Bust that nut baby,” Sheryl purred.

Sheryl and I grabbed his long, hard cock with both of our hands, and pumped it together, flicking our big tongues at the plump head. Our hands twisted up and down the champion cock, each of our fist stacked on top of one another’s in a row. Two sets of hands wasn’t enough to cover the length of his dick, as there was room for another pair, or even two.

“Shit! Fuck!” He groaned as we stroked his big wet cock, our hands pumping and twisting up and down on it faster. Our tongues went into a frenzy, lapping and flickering against the pulsating slab of meat as he was seconds away from erupting.

We took it up a notch, going at that big white dick like two savages. We jacked his dick like a piston, leaving his huge dick a sloppy mess. His cute face became beat red, as he tried to fight back the oral blessing that Sheryl and I were performing on his dick.

Then he erupted, shooting long, thick ropes of cum one after another as we kept stroking him, milking his huge cock for everything it was worth. Those massive balls were slowly deflating as that super cock blasted its load across my living room as our jaws dropped.

“Yesss!” I moaned, our tongues swirling sloppily around his massive cock as he came.

“Damn that’s a lot of cum!” Sheryl said, gliding her tongue under the giant cock as it spurted out the last thick ropes.

“Holy shit,” he said, panting for air, “That was insane. Y’all got me. I have to admit it…damn.”

“I told you,” I said with a chuckle, “And damn, you’re still hard!?”

Sheryl gazed at the massive cock as Tyler held it above our heads wagging it. “That’s crazy! And look how big it is!”

He grinned arrogantly. “You said you wanted to put this dick to good use, right? Well there’s a lot more where that came from.” We gazed at his long cock dumbfounded as he pumped it with long majestic strokes. “Now it’s my turn…let’s see some ass around here.”

Sheryl and I nodded and stood to our feet. We hooked our thumbs in the waistband of our bottoms, and yanked them down over our bodacious curves, letting our booties wobble out with a big bounce. We turned our backs to him, displaying our asses side by side, looking over our shoulders at Tyler as he played with his long cock.

“Damn…we have to measure that dick! We just have to!” Sheryl said as we watched him stroke it. She was in complete awe.

“Your ass is almost as big as Ms. Johnsons! I think we should measure your ass first.”

Tyler handed me the tape that we measured his dick with earlier, and I crouched down beside Sheryl, wrapping the tape around her hips.





“53 inches,” I said, rewarding Sheryl’s booty with a slap, “Damn girl! Be careful with this big thing!”

“Holy fuck! That’s over 100 inches of ass between y’all!” Tyler said with a laugh. Sheryl peeked over her shoulder at her booty as Tyler and I beheld it as it stuck out like a shelf.

“I’ve been eating my veggies,” she said with a shrug as I stood back up.

“Oh no, you’ve been eating more than veggies to get a booty like that. Get your big ass up here,” he said, slapping the cushion of the couch, “All that shit you was talking. Let’s see if you can work this big ass of yours.”

Sheryl got into position, climbing on the couch doggystyle with a deep arch in her back. Her big butt sat up high as Tyler stepped up from behind, stroking his long, white cock above her booty. I kneeled next to them on the couch, biting my lip as I couldn’t wait for my turn.

“We better measure this thing now, Sheryl,” I said, grabbing the tape measure again, “This is a lot of dick girl! You better take this shit!”

I sat on my heels besides them as I aligned the tape along Tyler’s cock, and my eyes couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Tyler smirked arrogantly as my thumb marked off the ridiculous number on the tape measure.

“Damn girl, how big is he?” Sheryl asked, looking back over her shoulder at his long dick wedged between her ass cheeks as I measured him.

“Oh my god…17 inches. 17 long inches. Fuck!”

“What!? Sheryl replied, the look of fear in her eyes, “Are you serious!?”

“Yes girl I’m very serious. This boy is packing a legit 17 inches!”

Tyler smirked and slapped Sheryl’s big ass hard, causing it to wobble like gelatin. “Mmm you better take this big white dick, bitch!” He said, pushing that long cock up Sheryl’s pussy without warning, “This fat ass is mine! You better not run either!”

“Ah fuck!” She yelped, jumping forward bit as Tyler pushed his way in, stretching her pussy out further than it’s ever been.

“Bet you never had a dick like this. Come on and bounce this big ass back at me,” he said with his hands clasped behind his head, and his long dick stuffed in her a pussy about a good 7 or so inches. “C’mon baby bounce this shit!”

“Mmm…get that shit, Sheryl,” I said, cheering her on as I kneeled on the cushion besides them.

“ITS SOO FUCKINGG LONG! SHIT!!!” Her face cringed hard as she bounced her ass back and forth slowly, sliding her pussy on the biggest dick she’s ever encountered in her life.

“It’s not even half the way in yet,” Tyler said with cocky laugh as Sheryl’s little pussy tried to work his long cock, “Here, I’ll help you.”

He held Sheryl by the waist, and moved his scrawny hips back and forth at an average pace, shoving more of that 17 inch cock up her pussy.

“Oh fuck! Wait wait wait!” She pleaded, bracing herself as she looked back at her ass frightened, but Tyler didn’t slow up, “Oh my God! Ahhh fuck wait wait please!”

“Ahhh fuck yeah!! Get-this-fucking-dick-bitch,” he said, emphasizing each word with a thrust. Sheryl’s huge, round 53 inch ass began to wobble back and forth, bouncing upward, and then wobbling back at Tyler with each stroke. He was digging in her pussy deep, with about 8 inches of cock still untouched.

“Oh please WAIT! WAIT! AH FUCK! Glenda!!” She screamed, as Tyler sped up the pace, driving that long cock in her outstretched pussy inch after inch.

“Fuck this bitch! Get it baby!” I said, cheering Tyler on. I grabbed Sheryl’s ass, and rammed it back at Tyler, meeting his powerful thrust. Sheryl’s huge ass wobbled wildly in my hands, and bounced around like crazy as Tyler dicked her down.

“FUCK! TAKE IT YOU BIG BUTT BITCH! YES!” He groaned. Her booty started slapping against him, causing roaring claps to sound through the room.

“Oh my fucking God! You donkey dick havin’ mother fucker!” She cried as Tyler’s hips went into overdrive, dominating Sheryl’s little pussy, making her eat her words.

“Take it bitch! Take it!” He yelled, his face turning into an intense grimace as he fucked her like a savage, driving every throbbing inch of that long cock up her pussy. I took my hands away from her booty, allowing it to bounce freely on its own as Tyler held Sheryl by the waist, pounding into her wobbly buns violently.

He dicked her down good, and my own pussy was soaking wet as I watched Tyler handle her big butt like a pro. I sat back on my heels, and reached down to rub my pussy. I fondled my breast with the other hand, rooting Tyler and Sheryl on.

“You’re going to make me nut again! Ahh shit!” He groaned as Sheryl’s badonkadonk of an ass clapped and smacked against his narrow pelvis.

“That’s all you got? Give her that dick! HARDER!” I demanded, rubbing my soaked pussy lips faster.

“Oh my God Oh my God!! DAMN IT!!” Sheryl cried. Her face turned into a deep sob as the hung white boy fucked her like an animal.

“Take that big white dick girl! TAKE THAT SHIT!” I said. The couch began to buck back and forth as Tyler fucked Sheryl silly with that donkey cock.

“Ooooh shiiittt!” Tyler moaned as he held the length of his cock inside of her, dumping whatever load he had left in those enormous balls of his. He didn’t bother pulling out, following up with mini pumps as he gathered Sheryl’s ass cheeks up in his hands. “FUCKING HELL!!!!”

“My goodness! FUUUUCKK!” She said with a sigh, panting for breath as she looked back at him. Her once new hairdo was completely sweated out. “Damn you fucked the shit out of me…my God!”

“Holy shit! You got some good ass pussy! With all this ass,” he said, wobbling Sheryl’s huge ass around with his hands, “She almost has more bounce back than you, Ms. Johnson.”

“Yeah? Well you fucked her good, but it looks like that’s another win for us since you nutted before fucking me. I’m next donkey boy,” I said as her pussy let out a long, drawn out queef as Tyler slid that long dick from her womb.

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