Mom’s Bridal Lingerie Ch. 05

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Note to readers: Work has taken me away from my computer for a week, but in order to keep to my “unofficial” schedule of posting a chapter every two weeks, I am submitting Chapter 5. With that in mind, this chapter is somewhat shorter than my usual submissions. I hope you will understand. Now, to get to work on Chapter 6…


“Baby, why don’t go in and get the shower started for us?” Nicole said, running her fingertips teasingly all around her cum-covered face. “I’ll join you in a minute.”

Still in shock, Mitch nodded compliantly, rising from the bed and making his way into his parents’ big en-suite bathroom, his heavy spent member swinging majestically between his legs. When his parents had renovated, they’d had a large marble and glass-walled shower installed, big enough for two, with dual shower heads. Mitch had fantasized many times about using the double shower with his mother, and wondered how often his parents used it together. He reached into the big glass-walled shower and turned on the taps for both shower heads, waiting for the water to warm up before he stepped in. Once inside, he leaned forward against the marble-lined wall, letting the stinging pellets from one nozzle pound down on his skull, his head absolutely spinning from what had happened that morning…

He’d started off helping his mother clean up the old junk in the attic, and then she’d come across the box with her wedding dress in it. Much to his delight, it also contained her wedding lingerie: a teasingly sexy white lace corset, a tiny g-string, and sheer white gossamer stockings with intricate lace bands at the top. The box also carried a pair of white high-heeled slingbacks, the perfect shoes to go with the perfect outfit. When she had it all on, she looked just like something out of the folders he kept on his computer. He had numerous folders that contained pictures of his stacked mom that he’d Photoshopped, putting her face on sexy pictures he’d taken off the internet, his favorite being shots of her in wedding dresses and bridal lingerie. The combination of alluring innocence and the promise of steaming sensuality that came across to him from those images of his mother in wedding attire never failed to give him a hardon—a hardon so stiff that a cat wouldn’t have been able to scratch it.

He’d talked his mother into trying her old wedding dress on, and it made him shake with excitement when she readily agreed. She looked incredible in it, better than any pictures he’d created himself on his machine. Her lush MILFish form looked spectacular in the dress, and his mouth with salivating with desire as he took picture after picture of her in the gorgeous dress.

She wanted to dance to ‘their song’, ‘Faithfully’, by Journey, that she’d been singing to him since he was a baby. Holding her close, he’d been unbelievably hard when they danced, his huge cock rising up between their pressed bodies. But she hadn’t minded, and it made his heart swell with desire when she gazed deep into his eyes with a look of understanding, letting him know she knew what he was feeling. He’d kissed her, deeply, passionately, her mouth open and willing as she kissed him back. She’d slid her hand down between their bodies, touching his surging prick, and then from there it had been magical, like something out of a dream. She made it clear she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her, telling him she wanted him to fuck her all day long.

Seeing he was so aroused that he was about to burst, she’d jerked a load off all over her pretty face, and when that didn’t take the initial edge off, she’d sucked another load out of him, swallowing his massive load while her face was still covered with the first one. She’d then asked him to help her out of her wedding dress, letting his hungry eyes feast on her curvy MILFish body clad spectacularly in her wedding lingerie, her huge tits almost pouring out of the sexy merry widow. He’d repaid her by eating her through consecutive orgasms, and then he couldn’t wait any longer—he needed to fuck her more than he’d wanted anything in his life.

He’d tossed her on top of her dressing table and savagely tore off her panties, his lustful desire overwhelming him. He held her legs spread wide apart as he powered his horse-like cock deep into her needy pussy, eventually going inches further than any man had ever been before, tearing open the depths of her virgin-like cunt. She’d screamed in ecstasy when he touched bottom, the broad flared head of his thrusting erection pressing against the gates of her womb. He fucked her right there on the table-top, slamming his rigid prick high up into her velvety love-pocket, making her cum again until those delightful sensations took control of him and he blasted a huge load deep inside her, filling her clutching birth canal with wad after wad of thick teenage semen.

With both of them blissfully spent, he’d taken her to her bed, where she let him grope and suck on her mouthwatering tits. He’d canlı bahis fingered her at the same time, bringing her to another set of multiple orgasms. Wanting to repay him, she’d rolled him over onto his back, using her big heavy tits and talented mouth to pleasure his resurgent cock. Overcome by desire to fulfill one of his ongoing fantasies, Mitch had forced her onto her back, straddling her body in order to tit-fuck her. She let him know she wanted it as much as he did, her sultry eyes glistening with lust as she told him to pump his load out all over her face. Turned on more by her sluttish behaviour, Mitch had blown what had to be the biggest load in his life, absolutely covering her pretty face with a shimmering coating of white viscous cum. He’d watched in awe as she slavishly pushed the heavy wads of semen into her mouth, lapping up his potent teenage seed. And now she’d suggested they take a shower together, so they could both be ready for what she called “round 2.”

Mitch had shivered with arousal, his heart pounding with excitement in his chest as he thought about what had brought them to this point, and wondering what the rest of the day was going to have in store for him.

Wondering if it was all just a dream, and he was going to wake with a handful of hard cock that needed attending to, he knocked his head against the marble shower wall, forcing himself to wake up from his vivid fantasy. However, all he got for his efforts was a sore head, but he didn’t care, at least it was all real. And if it was going to end, and his mother told him they had to go back to the way things were before, he wanted to take advantage of the present situation as much as he could, and strike while the iron is hot, as the saying goes—but more like “while the pussy is hot” in this case. And how luxuriously hot that tight wet pussy of his mother’s was.

Mitch tipped his face up into the stinging spray from the shower, loving the feel of the hot steamy pellets raining down on his skin, washing away the sweat from their sexual exertions. He was about to reach for the big bar of soap sitting in one of the little shelves in the shower wall when he heard the glass door open behind him. He turned, just as his mother stepped into the big stall and closed the door behind her, the steam from the hot water wafting about her sensually.

“Fuck me,” Mitch muttered under his breath as he looked at his mother standing before him. She had doffed all of her sexy bridal lingerie, of course, but to his surprise, she had replaced it with something equally tantalizing, and perfect for the shower—the ‘wife-beater’ t-shirt she’d been wearing when they cleaned the attic. It looked even more fabulous than it had when she’d been wearing it earlier, because now, she had nothing on underneath. The sexy garment clung to her huge tits alluringly, the round knockers causing the tight cotton fabric to stretch provocatively, her 36Es had the soft white material drawn taut over the protruding mounds. They looked perfect in their natural state, sitting nice and full as they spread out over the full breadth of her chest, wobbling teasingly as she closed the door behind her and turned to face him. Her nipples stood out like bullets, causing tiny dark shadows to fall below them on the brilliant white fabric. He was reminded again of the many pictures like this he had on his computer, pictures of busty models in wife-beaters that he’d Photoshopped his mom’s face onto.

“I thought this would be nice to wear for you in the shower,” his mother said, reaching up with both hands to fluff her hair out behind her. She rolled her head slowly from side to side as she held her hair up off her neck, her eyes closed as she tried to release some stiffness in her neck.

Mitch shuddered with excitement as his eyes zeroed in on her magnificent tits, the huge orbs lifting up and thrusting out towards him as her arms came up behind her head. He blatantly stared at the tremendous guns, his mouth salivating for them once more.

Nicole smiled to herself, watching her son through narrowly-slitted eyes, happy to see the mesmerized look on his face as she lifted her arms up, knowing the motion would draw his attention to her breasts even more. She’d seen him trying to surreptitiously look at her boobs for years now, and figured that, like most teenage boys, he was jerking off thinking about them, even though she was his mother. But until she’d come across the stash of illicit photos he had of her on his computer, she had no idea what lengths her son’s obsession with her had gone to. And now that she knew, she loved it—absolutely loved it. The fact that he had also been blessed with just about the world’s most perfect cock didn’t hurt matters either—a cock she planned on making use of as much as she could from now on. Their life was certainly going to change, and for the better, as far she was concerned. They’d have to be careful around her husband, but once she’d had that gorgeous kaçak iddaa prick in her hands and mouth, and then especially to feel it plundering the depths of her hot needy pussy, she knew she was hooked—no, worse than that—she knew she was addicted to her own 18-year old son’s magnificent cock. And she definitely had no intention of denying her new addiction. Like most junkies, she just wanted more and more.

“I guess you like this top more than I thought,” Nicole said provocatively as she stepped closer, her son struck dumb by the sight of her tremendous tits lusciously encased in the tiny white undershirt. She had that playful look on her face again. “Maybe I should see how water resistant it is.” She stepped beneath the second shower head, still holding her hair up with her hands behind her neck, thrusting the protruding shelf of her tits right into the pelting spray.

“Oh my God,” Mitch moaned under his breath, watching the front of her undershirt get wet. As the stinging pellets rained down on her, the white material became translucent, making her large round breasts clearly visible, but teasingly so. The soft cotton fabric quickly became soaked, the material adhering to her body like a second skin. She turned slowly from side to side, the upper swells of her breasts glistening wetly as the water splashed down upon her, shiny rivulets running teasingly into her dark cleavage.

“Hmmm, I guess it isn’t as water resistant as I hoped,” Nicole said playfully, letting her hair drop down onto her shoulders as she brought her hands forward, cupping her heavy knockers. Mitch stood and watched as her thumbs came up and toyed with her nipples, the rubbery buds getting stiffer right before his eyes. “Maybe I shouldn’t have worn this. What do you think, sweetie?”

“No!” Mitch gasped out loudly, so excited that he was unsure of what he was saying. “No…I mean yes. I mean I’m glad you wore it. It looks amazing.”

“I’m glad you like,” his mother said as she sidled up to him, that sexy look in her eyes again. “Give me a kiss, and use those hands to show me how much you like it.”

Mitch took her in his arms as they kissed passionately beneath the pelting spray of the shower, the swirling steam enveloping the two lovers in a halo of sensuality. As their tongues rolled against each other’s in a loving dance, he slid his hand up the front of her body and cupped her big round tits, his fingers circling possessively beneath the mammoth orbs. He hefted the enormous guns, amazed at the substantial weight of them, and absolutely loving the feel of them in his young hands. He brought his fingers up to her nipples, feeling them thrusting against the front of the wet top, begging for attention.

“Mmmm,” his mother purred into his mouth as he rolled the rubbery buds between his thumb and forefinger, feeling them swell and stiffen even more beneath his teasing fingertips.

Mitch pulled his mouth back from hers as he reached for the bar of soap, quickly lathering up his hands. “This undershirt feels a bit dirty to me,” he said, “I better wash it to make sure it’s nice and clean.” He brought his soapy hands back to her breasts as he kissed her again, her arms circling his neck as she pulled his mouth down to hers, a playful smile on her face. He rubbed his foamy hands all over the front of her body, soapy lather bubbling up under his moving hands.

“Don’t forget to wash the inside of my undershirt too,” his mother said coyly as she gazed mischievously into his eyes.

“I never thought you’d ask,” Mitch replied, having fun with their little game. He re-lathered his hands, turning the big bar of soap this way and that until they were covered in bubbling froth. He placed the soap back on the shelf and then slid one hand beneath the bottom edge of her top, sliding his hand up her warm body until he encountered the massive shelf of her tits. “Yes, I think this top is pretty dirty under here. I’m going to have to give you a thorough cleaning.”

“You’re such a considerate son,’ Nicole replied, smiling coyly as she pulled his mouth down to hers for another hot kiss. She loved the feel of his big masculine hands on her breasts, his soapy fingers sliding luxuriously all over the massive globes, his fingertips paying just the right amount of attention to her thick rubbery nipples. She finally broke the kiss, reaching over for the soap as he continued to manhandle her big tits.

“Now what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t make sure my son was nice and clean as well?” Nicole asked teasingly as she brought her soapy hands to his broad muscular chest. She slid his fingers all over the firm plates, her slippery fingers roaming over his sculpted torso. She ran her slick fingers over his broad shoulders, feeling the powerful sinews beneath her lathered-up hands. She smiled to herself, knowing she’d be having her hands on her son’s gorgeous body from now on.

“I think there are other parts of me that are kind kaçak bahis of dirty too,” Mitch said softly, nodding playfully towards his shaven groin.

“Alright, sweetheart. Let Mommy take care of that for you.” His mother re-lathered her hands, and when they were absolutely covered with bubbly foam, she reached between them, her palms sliding down over his six-pack abs until she encountered the broad root of his prodigious member. She let her soapy fingers encircle the immense girth and then she lifted, as impressed by the weight of his limber penis as he was with the heft of her large breasts. Once again, she was amazed at the size of her son’s cock, how long and how big around it was, even in its mostly flaccid state. Her hand could barely fit around it, her fingertips not even touching the palm of her hand. She slid her soapy hand the full length of the thick shaft, smiling to herself as the front of her hand slid over the speed bump of his pronounced corona.

“I hope we have enough soap there to take care of this gorgeous monster,” Nicole said playfully as she drew her hand back after reaching the tip, spinning her hand in a slow torturous corkscrew motion. She reached down with her other hand, cupping his heavy nuts. “I better make sure these are in good working order too. I want them to make sure you keep me nice and full of cum from now on.”

Mitch moaned as he continued to fill his slippery hands with his mother’s massive tits, her words turning him on once more. Her slender fingers and loving hands felt exquisite as she worked on him, one hand sliding luxuriously along the length of his slowly stirring prick, while her other soapy hand massaged his heavy balls, her gentle touch tantalizingly exciting as she manipulated them all over his silky bag. He felt like he could just stay there all day and let her hands work him over, but he knew after coming four times in such a short time, even he had to let his batteries recharge. His mother seemed to know it too, finally releasing his soapy dong and giving him another teasingly hot kiss.

“C’mon, sweetheart, let’s finish getting cleaned up. I want to wash this spunk of yours out of my hair, especially since I’m sure you’re going to be spraying more into it later.” She gave Mitch a playfully stern smile, as if she was scolding him for his behaviour. “When we’re done, I’ll make you some lunch. I want to get some fuel back into that tank of yours, especially for what I have in store for the rest of the day,” she said provocatively, pulling her soaked wife-beater over her head and tossing it aside.

Nicole turned towards one shower head as she reached for the shampoo. Mitch did the same with the other, washing himself thoroughly, but still stealing surreptitious glances at his mother’s lush curvy form as she reached up with her hands to wash her hair, her spectacular tits jiggling and wobbling deliciously as she moved. With him busy gawking, his mother finished first, and Mitch saw her drying off through the glass walls as he turned into the pelting spray to rinse off, feeling better than he ever had in his entire life.

“I’ll see you downstairs in a few minutes, sweetheart,” his mother said just as he turned off the water. He watched her disappear into her walk-in closet, her lush body wrapped in one towel while she dried her hair with another.

Mitch took his cue from her and knew it was time to go to his own room. He quickly towelled off and walked through her bedroom, gathering up the clothes he’d discarded earlier. Once inside his own room, he tossed them into the laundry basket and made his way into his own bathroom. As he looked in the mirror, he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. He’d actually fucked his mother, his own gorgeous mother. Not to mention the exquisite hand-job, blow-job, and tit-fuck. He’d actually dumped four massive loads either on her or into her—four hot loads of thick teenage cum—and she seemed in no mood to stop now.

With that shit-eating grin on his face, he ran a comb through his wet hair, brushed his teeth, and proceeded to get dressed. Still having no idea what his mother had in mind, he pulled on a clean pair of jeans and a white polo shirt, one he knew that fit nicely over his sculpted torso. Just in case, he decided to go commando, leaving even the idea of donning underwear stuffed away in his dresser drawer. With a final satisfied look in the mirror, he grabbed his phone and headed downstairs, hungrier than he’d thought. Setting his phone on the kitchen table, he started rummaging around in the fridge, anxious to help out. He pulled out some cold meat, cheese, and lettuce, figuring that would be a good start.

“Well, well, look at little Susie Homemaker there,” his mother’s voice caused him to look up. She stood at the entrance to the kitchen, a big smile on her face.

“Holy shit,” Mitch said to himself, looking at her gorgeous form, nicely displayed in a bright floral sundress. He was shocked by the dress, never having seen it on his mother before, but knowing he had seen it—on a picture of one of the busty models in his Photoshop collection that he’d edited his mother’s face onto. The dress was nearly identical, and it sent his head reeling as he gazed at it.

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