Mommy’s Bi Cuckold: Caged


Author’s Note: This combines the bi cuckold fetish with Mother/Son incest. It is for a particular audience so if that’s not you, no shame in turning back now.

“Oh God, fuck me Brad… fuck me until I’m your braindead stupid slut. God… fuck! I love that big fucking cock…”

I sat listening at the door, unable to control my hand.

All night, I’d heard my bully railing my mom, the sounds of her screaming and smacking against the headboard echoing through the house.

This time, I wasn’t even allowed to watch.

A few nights ago I had been caught watching my mom and my bully fucking next to our pool. I’d expected to be humiliated, and I was, only they both allowed me to watch.

Like last night, all I could do was listen to their morning session.

“Jesus Christ, it’s so big! It’s so good! I don’t care… I don’t care what you do, just fuck me Brad. Fuck me, and tell all Milly’s friends about it. Tell them what a dirty slut I am. Tell them… oh fuck, fuck!”

I pictured it, trying to project my memory into the action happening on the other side of the door. Maybe she was in doggy-style, him yanking her blonde hair, Mommy’s big tits bouncing back and forth as Brad rammed his cock into her bare pussy.

Of course, I had wanted to watch them again, but Mom had ordered me to make breakfast. The eggs and bacon were nearly cold, and I lay listening to the meanest guy on the football team fucking my mom.

Knowing that I had invited him to stay over…

Mommy had asked me with his cock in her mouth. Brad had smirked at me, openly mocking me as I made the phone call to his mother.

I could tell Mrs. Rivers didn’t quite believe me. Everyone knew how little Brad thought of me. So while my mother devoured his enormous dick, I handed him my cell phone.

` “Yeah…”

He said, straining as Mom used her tongue on that enormous head.

“Okay… um… yeah…”

Then she took him all the way.

“No, no. Fine, just a little out of breath. Practice. Yeah, yeah, I’ll be at school on time.”

I thought the sounds of her lips smacking were loud enough to be overheard. Apparently, so did Brad, as he did his best to quickly end the conversation.

“Yes, sure Mom… love you too…”

He went to put away the phone, then changed his mind, aiming the camera lens at my mother. She smiled up at him, doe-eyed, unconcerned about the picture.

Brad tossed the phone to me.

“There! Now you have something to jack off to later.”

Mom laughed.

“I’m sure he’ll enjoy that for years. Come on, he’s had enough for tonight.”

Then he carried my Mom into her bedroom, where he fucked her brains out while I listened all night, unable to sleep, unable to mastrubate without permission.

Or at least, that was her rule.

So far, I hadn’t been caught. I didn’t dare ejaculate, it would have been too obvious if I got invited in later. But I did stay dripping pre-cum the entire night, taking myself right to the edge to the sound of Brad fucking her again and again.

“Stop… oh stop! It’s too much. I’m sore. Finish on my face!”

The smacking sound suddenly stopped, and I thought I could hear the sound of Brad shoving his cock down her throat. I pushed my head against the door, praying to hear some kind of noise. I strained my ears, forgetting everything else…

Only to flop on the floor when the door opened.

“Oh my, Milly…”

My mother couldn’t stop laughing. She looked down, towering over me. My pants were still around my ankles, cock barely out of my hand.

I looked up and saw that she was still wearing my bully’s cum.

And nothing else.

“Breakfast better be ready,” Brad growled.

“It is…”

I muttered meekly.

“Good boy,” Mom said, patting my head as she pulled on a pair of pink panties.

Great big globs of semen were still stuck to her face. Some of it was smeared, but most clung in strands. One long line ran down from her temple to her chin, as though Brad had deliberately tried to aim into her eyes.

“Go ahead, give Mommy a kiss.”

Brad pushed his way past, arching his eyebrows. He squeezed his way into the hallway, squirming like he was afraid of touching his own semen.

“Hurry up. Breakfast is getting cold..”

I stood up, shut my eyes, and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. I tried my best to avoid Brad’s mess, and still tasted some of his salty slime.

I smacked my lips, trying to blow the taste out of my mouth.

“Oh pul-eeze! Let’s not make such a production of it. Like you wouldn’t drink a gallon of cum to taste my pussy.”

She turned the other cheek, and this time I did a little better. It helped looking at her, taking in every inch of her nude body as I tried to force down another dollop.

“Good boy! See, I can be nice. Next time, I’ll make you eat it all.”

“Yes, Mommy…”

But I was in a daze, my aching balls keeping my eyes glued to her phat MILF ass. She walked slowly, glancing back over one shoulder and giggling as I stood gape-jawed.

“And Milly…”

She said before disappearing into kızıl gaziantep escort the kitchen.

“Yes, Mommy?”

“I don’t want to see that little thing again. Put that pathetic little dicklet away. Do you understand? It’s no use to anyone, not even you.”

She didn’t wait for an answer, leaving me looking stupidly after that ass.

I pulled up my pants, trying to adjust my aching erection as I followed them obediently into the kitchen. I looked and saw there wasn’t any bacon or eggs left.

I glared at Brad, who smirked up from a full plate.

“Sorry honey, Brad has worked up quite the appetite. There’s some cereal though, Cocoa Puffs. Here, let me pour you a bowl.”

She was still topless and covered in cum, my mother prancing around the kitchen like this was entirely normal. Last week, everything was normal. I was nerdy, awkward, lonely, and yeah, pretty much everyone’s bitch through high school. Now, at least I got some attention, even if I sometimes could barely stomach what was happening.

I stared up at my Mom, unable to say anything to the nearly naked goddess. It was like everything I always imagined coming true, able to watch her act like every lurid Hustler model, doing acts more extreme than anything I could have imagined. She leaned over, her breasts dangling down until her nipples nearly brushed against my face.

I let out a small moan.

And moved my hand against my throbbing penis.

“Awww…” She said, looking down at the little tent in my pajamas.

Then she took her finger and scooped off some of the congealing cum from her chin. With a devilish smile, she stirred her finger around in the milk, then went back for a second dip.

“There you go baby. I added a special treat for you. Be a good boy and drink down every last… drop.”

Brad gave a deep chuckle, and Mom finally started cleaning her face. I gawked as she pulled down her panties, wiped off the last flecks of cum, then left the soiled thong sitting next to my breakfast. She picked up a towel, and wrapped it around herself.

God, her breasts were bursting out of the covering.

“Go ahead, eat. Don’t let it get soggy!”

I gulped, looking down and seeing a few flecks of white on the top of the Cocoa Puffs. I tried stirring it around a little, but my mom had deliberately kept the cereal mostly dry.

I was really just spreading my agony around.

I shut my eyes and shoved the spoon in my mouth.

I could taste it, but just couldn’t make myself chew. I thought I would vomit, and for a second my stomach started to sour before I made myself crunch.

I had to swallow twice, and still, I felt something slimy sliding down my throat.

“Good boy,” Mom said, casually grabbing a few pieces of bacon from Brad’s plate.

“Dude, that’s so fucking sick…”

My bully shook his head.

“Oh stop! You’re just jealous you can’t think of something worse. You’ve been picking on him all through high school, and in one week, I’ve taken that all away.”

“What? I’m still going to bully him. It’s too much fun man, just because I’m fucking your mom…”

“I never wanted you to stop bullying him. It turns me on. It turns him on too, doesn’t it Milly?”

I wanted to protest, but how could I say anything with my cock still straining against my pajamas? So I just nodded, and forced down another bite of cereal.

“See? Before, when you beat him up, I’d have to listen to him bitch about it.”


“What? You did!”

She adjusted the knot on her towel, and for a second, I saw one of her nipples poke out from beneath the fabric.

And again, I wondered if this was really worth it.

But Mom was so hot!

“Now, when you bully him, it’ll be exciting… for both of us, baby. It’s okay, Mommy loves you, but little sissies like you are better off learning their place in the world.”

Mom reached out, and touched my hand, her cleavage spilling forward nearly out of the towel.

“Finish every… last… bite…”

She emphasized every word, her tone so strict I didn’t dare disobey. I started shoveling each bite in, trying to power quickly through the taste of cum. I had nearly finished, and could see the little bit of milk left, barely enough liquid to conceal what looked to be the biggest clump of leftover cum mixed with the leftover chocolate.

Did I really have to drink the rest?

“Wait a second,” Brad said.

Then he stood up, finished with the breakfast I cooked for him. He moved close to me, fishing his cock out through the hole in his boxers. His thing was only a few inches away from my face, big and veiny, nothing like the little shrimp of skin that I managed between my legs.

I thought for a second he would make me suck it again. Instead, he only smacked me across the face with the bulbous head. My ego smarted more than anything, though it did sting a little on the cheek.

I looked down, unable to meet my bully’s glare, and then watched as he picked up my bowl and dunked his balls into the milk.

I sulked, gaziantep kızıl escort bayan and my mother just laughed.

“Don’t be rude Milly. Brad did such a good job preparing your breakfast. Be sure to drink down every last drop.”

And while they both smirked, I raised the bowl to my lips, forcing down the disgusting cream.

“I’m going to shower. Brad, would you like to join me? I can help clean your balls.”


“Can I watch? I finished it all…’

God, I was so pathetic.

Mom patted me on the head and leaned over, almost whispering.

“Did you ask if you could listen earlier?

My eyes sank.


“And I bet you touched yourself, huh? Did Mommy get you permission to take out your little thingy to play?”

I swallowed hard.

“Did she? Tell me Milly, did I say I wanted to see your pitiful little nubbin?”

I couldn’t answer.

It was going to get worse.

“Has anyone… has anyone ever asked to see it? You don’t have to answer Milton. We all know no one wants to touch it. It’s just a useless bother to you, making your mind into mush as you masturbate over what you won’t ever have.”

She leaned over, and lost control of the towel. My eyes went down, trying to see every inch of her body, but one arm still blocked her breasts.

“It’s okay Milton, after I shower, I’m going to take care of that pesky little pee-pee for you.”

“Take care of it?”

There was so much hope in my voice.

At last, after a night of torture, I could cum.

She giggled, and got up to follow my bully towards her bedroom. As she makes her way to the hallway, Mom drops the towel on the floor, giving me one last fleeting look at her bare butt before she disappears down the hallway.

And I’m so hard.


“You’ve been playing with it, haven’t you?”

Mommy comes back into the kitchen wearing a sundress that emphasizes her breasts. Actually, pretty much everything she wears puts the tops of her breasts on display.

Maybe that’s why I’ve always been so fixated.

“A little…”

“Have you cum?”

“No…” I lied.

Mom sighs.

“I thought we might have this problem… hold on….”

She returned from the laundry room with a crusty pair of boxer shorts and I know I’m busted.

“Brad, could you be a dear and rub his nose in it.”

It happens so fast that I can barely even react. I’m flailing, swinging my arms wildly against the varsity linebacker, only it’s no use.

I try to block my face, then feel his fist sink into my stomach.

I’m on the tile floor, gasping for air, inhaling the musky scent of my cum stained underwear as I squirm helplessly on the floor.

“Don’t hurt him… well, not don’t hurt him too badly. I think he’s learned a lesson about lying to Mommy.”

As if to rub it in, Brad pulls the dirty boxers over my head, then snaps the waistband.

“That’s the only way you’ll be wearing those…”

I can feel my face reddening underneath the soiled undergarments. I don’t know which is worse, that my mom is engineering this, or that I am willing to sit on the ground, ready to sob, willing to take every last moment of abuse.

“That’s not all he’s going to be wearing,” Brad chimes in, unable to contain his glee.

“Take that off,” Mommy says. “Honey, you look ridiculous.”

Seething, I managed to hold my tongue.

“Baby, I know it hurts, but that’s what you look like pulling on your little piddle. It’s ridiculous. No one wants to see that, or even know that it happened. So I got you a present.”

It was already open. Brad pulled out the device before I could get a good handle on it. I read the box, CB300 – the Ultimate in Male Chastity Devices. While my bully undid the packaging, I stared shocked at the stunningly sexy male model, his dick completely enclosed by a flacid plastic penis.

He looked so happy…

And so, well… sexy.

Maybe that was part of this. Sure, it was cruel, dehumanizing, and shocking, so what? That guy on the cover made this look good, and yeah, sure it’s his job. But something about that muscle-bond jock smiling as he presented the steel cage awakened something in me.

He wasn’t some loser.

That guy could have whoever he wanted.

And he chose to do this.

Okay – maybe I was taking a few liberties. The guy was a model, he got paid to wear this thing. But if he could pull it off, and make it look hot, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe Mom was right, some girls might really enjoy seeing me in this… this…

Only I didn’t really believe it.

It was one thing to be a guy experimenting with a toy; it was another to actually stand there, struggling to keep still while my mother and my bully clasped the rings around my balls. It only got worse with the running commentary between the two as they teased me.

“Now try not to get too excited for Mommy. I’m only touching your cock as much as I need to get this one.”

“Are you sure you got a small enough one?”

“I’m gaziantep kızıl escort not sure there is a small enough one. But I got the best option available. If it doesn’t work, I’ll take him to the tailor and have measurements made.”

“Ew… fuck. He’s actually getting hard.”

I shrieked in pain as Mommy thumped my head.

“I told you not to get hard. Don’t make me do it again.”

“I can’t… I can’t help it.”

“Oh baby, I know you can’t help touching it. That’s why we’re locking it up. See, I don’t need to even know about your little thingy. Why should we worry about it? Brad is big enough to actually satisfy me, and at least now I don’t have to worry about you listening against the door and jacking off to your mom like a little bitch.”


“And I’ll smack it again if you don’t get soft.”

“Even hard he might still fit. Damn, he’s small. Look!”

Then Brad grabbed the dick shaped end of the contraption. He placed the tube on the head of his cock, where it might have functioned as a hat. There was no way the bulbous head of his meaty dick could even come close to fitting.

“Stop fooling around and get me an ice cube.”

“An ice cube?”

“Then hold him still…”

Brad had me a Full Nelson, and at first I didn’t understand why. The ice was cold, just not enough to elicit any reaction. Then Mommy started to rub the crescent shaped ice cube across my slit, causing me to scream and writhe uselessly back against her lover’s impossibly strong biceps.

I shook, whined, and begged from them to stop – none of it mattered until my pitiful little dick shrank in my Mommy’s hand. I couldn’t see it, at this point I was kicking and struggling like a kid throwing a temper tantrum. It didn’t matter, the two of them easily overpowered me, shoving my small little prick easily into that tube.

“You can stop fighting, or I won’t touch it at all.”

I stopped kicking, and looked straight ahead, maybe with a last bit of dignity or some sad defiance, enough to make her add.

“Ever again.”

I couldn’t look, still moving as the ice cube contacted the tip of my prick. I shrank slowly, whimpering, the last vestiges of resistance broken by the seering cold. The rubber and plastic pinched a little, even numb.

“Almost there…”

She was locking up my dick so I couldn’t touch it, and I wasn’t resisting. Worse, I was glad, grateful that she’d stopped punishing my still tender urethra. The small little padlock clicked, and Brad let go of my arms, throwing me almost violently into the carpet.

I only had a second to look down at what I had become. The ringlet tied the plastic cock to my balls, keeping me completely encased. With a morbid sense of curiosity, I started fidgeting with it, moving my penis up and down, feeling it strain against the cage.

“There, now Brad, I’m going to trust you with the key today at school.”


“I don’t want to hear it Milly. Mommy was very kind to let you watch me that one time, and you took advantage. So if you want to cum today, or ever again, you better do everything he says. Otherwise, Brad is going to throw away that key forever.”

“He can.. he can do that?”

I stuttered. This was something entirely different. Mommy actually cared about me, deep down, I guess I still thought she was doing the best for me. Yes, I hated being emasculated, it stung at the depths of my soul, but at least I wasn’t lonely.

I knew I wasn’t wanted.

“One last thing…”

Mommy went to the table and handed me the used pink panties. In the middle was a large, damp spot. She held it by the waistband, like even she didn’t want to touch the semi-crusted semen stained triangle.

“You can wear these today. I barely even wore them.”

“She put them on each time after,” Brad offered.

“Three loads. God, how I love how much your friends cum.”

I accepted the panties, wrinkling my nose.

“It’s nothing you haven’t done before…”

I pulled them on, noticing the way the fabric clung in between my cheeks, making me feel a little sexy, like the guy on the cover of the cock cage. The cotton sort of tickled, the plastic cage pinching, the lace sort of snapping onto my waist.

I wondered what I looked like from behind. If someone only seeing my ass might mistake me for a girl.

God, I guess if I’d been a girl things would be so much easier.

I wouldn’t be doing this.

I got dressed, thankfully in boy clothes, and drove Brad to school while he watched the images of my mom on his phone. As I drove, I could hear them dirty talking through the speakers.

“Oh fuck me Brad. God, your dick is so good.”

” I can’t believe it, Miss Johnson. Milton-“

“Shhh… don’t talk about him. Just fuck me. God, do whatever you want to me, I need your cock, I need to cum…”

I saw Brad’s dick growing in his shorts…

And had to serve to miss the car.

“Jesus, dude, get a grip on it.

But there was never any ignoring the pinching abrasion protruding from my Mom’s panties. I walked through class worrying that someone would hear the clicking of the small little padlock, rushing from my locker to the class, and trying not to look conspicuous.

I needn’t have worried.

Like always, school continued on without anyone really acknowledging my existence. Even the teachers seemed content to let the student who usually knew all the answers slide as I fidgeted nervously, only pretending to do any work.

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