Memoirs Ch. 4


I recall vividly the day I was taken to a private clinic to have my dick circumcised. Mind you, I did not go there without putting a fight. As I recall that day, I was practically dragged into the clinic clawing and kicking away wildly. The thought of a doctor snipping away at my foreskin that I’ve grown so “attached” to was not an encouraging one! I didn’t know what to expect as I had imagined that the doctor would probably place my dick on a chopping board, pull my foreskin tight across the board and use a meat cleaver to chop it off! The only difference is that being a doctor, his chopping board and cleaver would probably have been sterilized before being used!

I am not a Muslim, nor am I Jewish, but the reason for being circumcised was basically hygienically influenced. Anyway, I waited in the waiting room, fearful of what was to come, knowing fully well that it wasn’t going to be pleasant. My turn came and I was ushered into the preparation room by the clinic nurse who happened to be from the same school I was presently in. She was a couple of years my senior and was working in the private clinic part-time while waiting to be accepted into university. I’ve seen her a few times but never gave it much thought.

Don’t get me wrong, she is fantastic to look at, long smooth legs, shoulder length auburn hair and a really beautifully firm looking ass. I always knew she was one beautiful lady, but because she was my senior, there was no way she would even be interested in me. Her name was Debra and she too was surprised to see me as she was instructed to have me prepped for the minor surgery. I was embarrassed to see her but she smiled and took my hand and led me to the screen at the corner of the room and asked me undress, giving me a green gown that ties at the back for me to change into. She went about her work preparing the tools for the doctor as I got undressed quietly.

I came around the screen after donning the gown but told Debra that I couldn’t reach the back to tie the gown up. She laughed saying that I need not tie the gown up and proceeded to ask me to lie on the bed in the middle of the room. The bed was quite high and I had to step on a stool to climb onto the bed. As I did so, my gown slipped down my sides and left my ass fully exposed to Debra! In near panic, I tried to regain my composure by pulling at the gown, but suddenly felt Debra’s warm hand on my bum cheeks, slipping a finger in between the cheeks letting her finger graze over my anus! I was so taken aback by her actions that I almost jumped over the other side of the bed. She apologized for what had happened, claiming she thought I was about to lose my balance and was only trying to help me up onto the bed. All I could do under such bizarre circumstances was just to look at her and smile at her, trying my best not to look too sheepish about it. After all, how is one expected to look cool when faced with such a situation!

She went on to explain to me to lie down and relax as a senior nurse will be in shortly to prepare me before the doctor sees me. I thanked her and she flashed me a lovely smile as she left the room. So, there I was, lying butt naked on the bed, alone in the room awaiting a fat ugly looking senior nurse with giant hairy hands ready to grope my genitals after having flashed a former schoolmate of mine with my naked butt! Yup, I’d say that I’m off to a good start in my quest to get circumcised! “Way to go buddy”, I consoled myself! After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the door opened and Debra came into the room again, apologizing for keeping me waiting but as it seems, there was an emergency case that just came in and the doctor is attending to that case first with the assistance of his senior nurses. Tokat Escort She has been instructed instead to prepare me as the doctor will be in to see me probably within the next 30 – 45 minutes or so.

Debra asked if I’d mind her prepping me to which I just shrugged my shoulders indicating my permission for her to go ahead. She came over to my bedside and proceeded to pull my gown up to my waist, exposing my genitals in its full glory to this hot chick. I was observing her expression as she looked at my groin and I saw her eyes widened at the sight of my 6 inches long penis. It wasn’t erect yet but when fully erected, it would measure at 7 inches or more, which I was sure Debra had already done her math on it. She took my penis in her hand and lifted it up to have a look at my balls, claiming she needed to see if my balls needed shaving as well. She took her time in explaining to me that I had to have my pubic hair completely shaven for hygiene and to make later dressings of the wound easier and clean. The whole time she was explaining this to me, repeating it at least twice, supposedly for my benefit of understanding, she was holding my penis and shifting it from one side to the next, softly squeezing my knob as she did so. Now, with all the attention she was giving to my cock, it was naturally responding to it by coming to life, throbbing as it got harder.

She gasped at my hardening piece of meat in her hand and feigned some apologies for making me get a hard on. I assured her it was my pleasure as my dick is not aware of what is about to happen in another half an hour’s time. She laughed at my joke and let go of my already fully erected rod to get something from the tray behind her. It was a can of shaving cream and she lathes my pubic area with it, including my balls and all. As she was shaving me, she asked how I was enjoying our school and if I’ve deflowered any of my lady schoolmates to which I said I haven’t. I noticed that she was still holding my rod with one hand and shaving me with the other while we were chatting with one another. Her hand holding my dick started to stroke it up and down as she continued to shave me so very carefully that I couldn’t help but feel that she was actually masturbating me at the same time!

When she was finished shaving the pubic area, she bent down to shave my balls and I noticed her head was only inches away from my cock, her breath blowing against my knob as she shaved and massaged my nuts. She was staring at my swelling knob and the next thing I knew, she gave it a little peck right on its tip. Debra’s back was actually facing me when she kissed my cock and I could take it no longer and reached my hand out to slip it under her short skirt, planting my palm on her crotch. She squealed in delight as I tickled her in between her widely spread legs. I could feel that she had already wetted her panties with her pussy juice.

Debra said that if my cock doesn’t go down, the doctor will not be able to perform the circumcision on me and therefore it was her medical responsibility to do something about it. She took my cock in her hand and slowly pulled the foreskin down over my knob, exposing the highly sensitive knob before her. She went on to clean the knob with a warm damp cloth claiming that it needed to be properly cleaned before the circumcision. After cleaning the exposed knob, she started to lick it like some kind of lollipop, claiming that she was making sure it was absolutely clean. Debra was busy licking my cock and rolling the foreskin on and off the knob as she jacked me and massaged my semen filled balls.

I was enjoying it thoroughly, completely forgetting the fact that I was going to be going under the knife at the exact Tokat Escort Bayan area that was presently giving me such immense pleasures. The whole time Debra was wanking my cock, she had her firm tight ass pushed in my direction and by now, I had already pulled her skirt up over her waist, exposing a sexy looking panties to me. I was on my elbow leaning over and kissing her ass through her panties. It wasn’t long before I pulled her panties down and was smothering her bum cheeks with wet hot kisses, pulling them apart to expose to me a beautifully tight pout anus hole. I lost no time in licking her shit hole clean with my tongue, pushing it deeper and deeper into her shit hole, lubricating it with my saliva and inserting my finger deep into her ass, driving her nuts with it. I would pull my finger out, lick it clean and insert it deeper again and again, enjoying the unique flavor her anus was offering to me.

Debra was getting wilder with the attention I was paying to her ass. She wanted me to eat her pussy but from my position, I was not able to reach it comfortably. With that, she kicked off her nurse’s shoes, climbed on the bed into a 69 position lying on top of me and proceeded to give me a wild blowjob. I returned the favor by burying my face into her pussy with my nose stuck up her anus, inhaling the exotic smell of her shit hole. I applied everything I’d learned from Aunty May (read Part 2) into Debra’s cunt, and she started moaning in pleasure at the punishment her pussy was getting from my tongue. I nibbled at her erected clit, sucking on it and licking it hard, knowing very well that she would soon succumbed to my punishments as she was wiggling her hips madly, ramming her pussy down on my face. I then pulled her hips lower to bring her shit hole to my mouth.

I covered her anus with my gaping mouth and proceeded to have myself a serving of Debra’s anus delicacies, licking it hard and deep. When it was sufficiently lubricated, I took my right hand and using my fingers, rammed my thumb right up her ass with my index and middle finger exploring the inner depths of her pussy. She moaned loudly, asking me to finger fuck her crevices good and hard. I complied, jamming my fingers hard and deep into her gorgeous holes, relentlessly piling her with my fingers until I felt her legs start to quiver, her pussy spasm and hips arch in anticipation of an orgasm she was on the brink of experiencing. I quickly placed my mouth over her pussy, darting my tongue in and out of her love canal, waiting for her love juice to come gushing through. I didn’t have to wait long as I got my first mouth full of her cum juice which she was spewing out with her orgasm. I continued to lap up her delicious juice with my tongue as she rode her orgasm out rubbing her cunt against my mouth, practically jamming her pussy into my mouth. I greedily gobbled down her love juice and was digging into her pussy with my tongue trying to look for more.

Debra collapsed on my face after her orgasm, clearly exhausted from her energy draining orgasm. She laid there on my face oblivious to the possibility that her hairy pussy was on the verge of smothering me unconscious, depriving me of air to breathe, but I was on cloud 9 and was not bothered to complain either. Slowly, she regained her composure and quickly shot a glance at her wrist watch, checking to see how much time is left before the doctor came to attend to my presently erected and throbbing cock. She immediately got off me, took my cock into her mouth and mouth-fucked me like crazy, massaging my balls and shafting my rod while licking the base of my knob. Evidently time was running out and the last thing she needed was to have the doctor walk in on us and see Escort Tokat my dick in its rigid position. Mischievously, I tried to restrain myself from coming, enjoying the frantic attention this senior ex-school mate of mine was giving to my cock. She was indeed good in using her tongue and it wasn’t long before I felt my balls start to fill with hot semen, about to rush the length of my penis and out in spurts, finally releasing itself from the confinement of the sperm sacs.

Debra must have been experienced in giving men blowjobs cause she immediately picked up the signals my body was giving her, particularly those coming from my penis and increased her mouth-fucking momentum, deep throathing me up to the hilt, waiting to gobble up my cum so that no semen stains were left on the bed sheets. With all my efforts to stop myself from coming, the orgasm I finally achieved was a powerful one, as it shot loads upon loads of hot semen into Debra’s waiting mouth. She almost choked trying to gulp down my cum but she managed to control herself and took it all down like a good girl. As I was unloading my cum down her throat, she was massaging my balls with one hand and stroking my rod with the other as if she was milking it for every last drop of semen it had to offer. At the end, she licked my cock clean as it went limp and finally took a warm damp cloth to wipe it dry. Smacking her lips off the excess semen, she bent over to kiss my soft dick on its head, turned around and kissed me on the lips and said, “Looks like we are going to be enjoying more of each other’s company once you’ve fully recovered from your circumcision, you darling guy”. She took the cloth to wipe my face too as there were traces of her love juice on my face and with that, she quickly turned and walked out of the room after covering me back with my gown.

I lay there waiting for the inevitable, but at the same time couldn’t believe what had just happened to me. I mean here I was, earlier on kicking up a fuss about having to undergo the circumcision but ended up having a pussy for lunch with a lovely anus thrown in as an appetizer and to top it off, had an incredible blowjob given to me for dessert by a hot looking temporary nurse who was also my senior ex-school mate. Under normal circumstances, I would never have had the opportunity of tasting her pussy juice had it not been for the circumcision. My fingers were coated with her pussy and anus juices and as I lay there, I kept sniffing at it, enjoying Debra’s most personal aroma. Just then, I heard footsteps approaching the door and it opened wide with the doctor coming in and the senior nurse close at his heels. He apologized for keeping me waiting and hoped it has not inconvenienced me too much.

As I was muttering my reply, I caught him glancing at the floor and looking down, I saw Debra’s panties strewn on the floor. In her haste to get out, she had forgotten to pick up her panties and the doctor was now looking at it as if knowing who the panties belonged to. Looking up, he smiled and answered his question by saying, “Well, probably you were kept occupied to while the time away”.

The doctor proceeded with the circumcision and mind you, it is another experience that I won’t be forgetting in a long time to come! Throughout the ordeal, I kept my fingers close to my nostrils, smelling Debra in my mind, recollecting the events that had happened prior to the circumcision in order to keep my mind off the pain that I was experiencing at that moment. The senior nurse was actually quite a looker herself but she seemed to lacked the youth and agility that Debra had to offer. Looks can be deceiving as she proved to me later on. –Grin- Debra and I spent some exciting times together until she left for college but she was kind enough to introduce me to her friends still in our neighbourhood to me to keep me company while she was away. I will be writing all those wonderful experiences with the senior nurse and Debra’s group of friends in my future Memoirs, wait for them…

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