Mary’s Little Experiment


Predictability in a marriage may be comforting, but it tends to dampen the excitement, particularly the sexual excitement, attending the blissful period of discovery and familiarization through which a marriage passes all too quickly. Mary and my marriage had passed through that phase and had entered the comfortable, if somewhat dull, stage in which each of us could predict, with increasing accuracy, what to expect from the other. Thus, it should be easy to understand my shock when, upon returning home from work one day, Amanda greeted my arrival in a fashion which I would have never predicted.

There, in the middle of the living room, sat Mary on the rug. Having assumed one of the yoga positions she had learned at her health club, she appeared to be in a state of deep meditation, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she wore no clothes. She sat bolt upright, with her legs crossed so that the tops her feet rested on her thighs and her generous rump spread to cushion her weight. In this position, her posture was perfect: her shoulders straight, her breasts riding high on her chest, her waist sucked in, and her lower belly firmly held in a pleasingly rounded contour.

When I approached close enough to examine her in greater detail, I realized that, although she wore no clothes, she was not completely naked. Around her neck ran a thin strip of cloth whose ends were attached to her breasts by a pair of tiny clamps, one on each of her fully erect nipples. Without crushing her nipples, the clamps were sufficiently secure that her necklace exerted a constant pull on her nipples, lifting her breasts with each breath that she took. In addition, circling her waist was a narrow leather belt which was drawn so tight that it dug into the flesh beneath.

Although her eyes were open, for several minutes Mary was either unaware of my presence or chose to ignore it. Instead, she simply continued her meditation, keeping her lowered eyes focused on her upturned hands which lay in her lap next to her feet.

Finally raising her bent head with care to avoid further stress on her already stretched nipples, she smiled at me and asked “Do you like what you see? Anticipating your return, I assumed this pose more than half an hour ago. At first I did not know whether I would be able to tolerate the incessant pull on my nipples and the belt digging into my tummy. However, by now I am accustomed to both, having wiled away the time thinking about the image I must make and your reaction to it. For some time, I have noticed that you no longer have the fascination with my body that you once had. When I became aware of this fact, my initial reaction was one of resignation tinged with anger. However, after awhile, I recognized that your lack of interest was completely natural. Even if intimacy does not always breed contempt, it dulls the edge of excitement which comes from exploring the unfamiliar. Hence, I decided that if I were going to reignite your passion, I would have to reintroduce the unfamiliar into our erotic lives. As you can see, I did more than come to that decision, I have now acted on it. I can only hope that I have done so in way which will have the desired effect.”

Thoroughly Starzbet moved by Mary’s words, I leaned over and planted a kiss on her trembling lips. “Mary, my dear, you need have no concern about the success of your decision. Even during the torrid nights which we spent together before you were my wife, I cannot remember being as totally enthralled by you as I am at this instant. Not only do I find your body more enticing than ever before, I am greatly excited by my recognition that its present perfection is, at least in part, the consequence of suffering which you have imposed on yourself. In fact, your success is so complete that, pending your agreement, I intend to ravage you here and now.”

Fully expecting that Mary would be more than ready to accept my plan, I was taken aback by her reply. “Oh no, I am not the only one who is going to suffer for the sake of our sex lives. You have to make a contribution too. From the bulge in the region of your crotch, I can tell that you are prepared to carry out your intention. However, I think that, like me, you should have to postpone your pleasure. For this reason, I want you to go into the bedroom and remove all your clothes. When you call to me, I will join you so that we can continue our mutual seduction.”

Somewhat miffed, but nonetheless intrigued, I left her kneeling in the living room and retired to the bedroom. When I had undressed and freshened up a bit, I sat on the edge of the bed and told Mary that I was ready.

I had assumed that she would have removed her accessories before joining me. However, once again she surprised me. Walking with measured steps, she entered the bedroom with her head held high and her shoulders held back. It was clear that she had done nothing to reduce the tug on her nipples. On the contrary, with each step that she took, her suspended breasts bobbed and jiggled while the belt cinching her waist alternately disappeared into and reappeared from the groove which it had dug into her flesh.

Placing herself between my knees with her lower belly inches from my face, Mary said “For starters, I want you to torture my breasts. As you can well imagine, their captivity in these clamps has made my nipples exquisitely sensitive. I want you to exacerbate their plight by slapping the sides of my breasts so that they swing back and forth in their makeshift brassiere. I am both intrigued to find out how they will respond and scared that my fortitude may fail when they pull against their moorings.”

Excited as I was by her request, I knew that her choice of the word “torture” was apt, even if it was an exaggeration of the treatment which she prescribed for her breasts. Under any circumstances, I was loath to cause her pain, and my reservations were only increased by my gratitude to her for the sacrifices she had already made on our behalf. Thus it was with considerable concern that I raised my hands to her waiting breasts and began a rhythmic slapping of them, alternating sides and timing my blows so the struck breast had come to rest before administering the next slap to the other.

Mary’s breasts are of moderate size. They retain their youthful firmness Starzbet Giriş but have the acquired the pleasing shape which comes with maturity. Thus, normally they would have hung from her chest in a graceful arc, their tender undersides assuming a gentle concave curve running from their point of attachment to her aureole, with her nipples pointing directly forward. However, the pull on her nipples forced her breasts higher than usual and lifted their undersides into an exposed position. As became immediately obvious, these alterations in their shape increased their vulnerability and augmented their sensitivity to the treatment they were receiving. Even though my blows were gentle, with each slap Mary released a plaintiff sigh and rocked back on her heels in an instinctive attempt to take her breasts out of harm’s way. Nonetheless, as soon as she had absorbed the pain in the struck breast, she brought her body forward to make the other breast available.

As I continued, Mary’s response underwent an interesting change. Although the pain I was inflicting did not diminish, her suffering did. Instead of withdrawing her body, she began moving it in deliciously erotic undulations. Pivoting on her hips, she thrust her belly against my face and rocked her pelvis in a way that accentuated the bisection of her body by the belt around her middle. In fact, by the time that I finished, she had transformed her role from that of victim to that of seductress, a role which she clearly relished.

Stepping back, Mary stood in front of me with her hands on her hips and a wide smile on her face. Somewhat winded, she took some time to recover, and her now pink breasts tugged against their moorings with every breath she took. When her breathing returned to normal, she knelt in front of me and asked me to release her nipples. Knowing that they would sting after their imprisonment, I proceeded with care, removing the clamps slowly so that the return of blood to her nipples would not be too sudden. Once the clamps were off, Mary rose to her feet and went to her dressing table, where she soothed her abused breasts by first applying a thin layer of skin cream and then, after the cream had been absorbed, a fine coat of powder.

Returning to the bed, Mary placed her hands on my shoulders and maneuvered me into a prone position on my back. She then climbed aboard, straddling my hips and leaning forward until her breasts brushed against my face and her hair formed a tent enclosing our heads. Needless to say, by this time I was anticipating that we would bring our love making to a climax, but once again Mary made it clear that she would not relinquish control over the program which she had so carefully orchestrated.

“It is time to reverse our roles and for me to torment you a little. My breasts have been sorely tried and need your attention. While you are giving them the loving care they deserve, I want to persecute your gloriously erect penis. Instead of taking it inside me, I am going capture it in my vulva and use my pelvis to work it against your belly. Having your penis bent forward under my weight will be both painful and frustrating for you. However, you are not Starzbet Güncel Giriş to vent your frustration on my breasts. Instead, you are to learn, as I did, what pleasure there is in allowing your body to be used for the satisfaction of someone other than yourself. Only when I am convinced that you have learned your lesson will I let you enter me, at which point I doubt that either of us will want to control what comes next.”

Sitting back up, Mary shifted her groin so that her labia sheathed my erection and slowly bent my penis forward, capturing its tip between the point of her pelvic bone and my stomach. When she had it in the position she wanted, she lowered her upper body until her nipples grazed my lips. Then, smiling at my pained expression, she said “Now your education begins.”

Without delay Mary began persecuting my penis. Using skills I had never suspected she possessed, she manipulated my penis with her pelvis, intuitively knowing when it was becoming numb and shifting just enough to deny me any relief. All the while, I caressed her powdered breasts with my hands and lathed her nipples with my tongue, barely resisting the temptation to retaliate for the suffering she was causing me.

Not satisfied that I was learning my lesson properly, Mary started lecturing me on the joys of immolation in the pursuit of sexual gratification. “You are now experiencing the same tension that I had while you were slapping my breasts. By making your erection the source of your pain, I am forcing you to deal with a sort of ambiguity which I doubt you ever felt before. On the one hand, you resent the pain I am imposing on you. On the other hand, in spite of that pain, you are so excited by what I am doing to you that your penis continues to harden even though its growth increases its vulnerability. As we both know, you could easily overpower me and make me stop, but instead you allow me to continue. I experienced the same ambivalence when, after having one breast slapped, I forced myself to present the other. Remember, ‘what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.'”

Having delivered her lecture, Mary renewed her attack on my distended penis but remained silent. After what seemed to me like hours of continuous torment, I began to appreciate the wisdom of her words. My sense of resentment receded and was replaced by a sense of elation at the thought that I was making this sacrifice for our mutual benefit. It had been clear to me all along that, by grinding her clitoris against my trapped penis, Mary was enjoying the opportunity to use my sexual apparatus for her own pleasure, a pleasure that I had been feeling she did not deserve at my expense. Now I recognized that she was only using my body in the same way I had often used hers. “What’s good for the goose …” kept resonating in my mind.

At last Mary relented and embedded my grateful penis deep inside her waiting body. After all our elaborate preparations, only a few minutes had passed before we both were engulfed in an orgasm of a strength and duration which we had not experienced for a long time.

When our sexual excitement began to subside, Mary snuggled her front against my side and said “I trust that you enjoyed our experiment as much as I did. Keeping the fire burning requires some effort from time to time. At the moment, the flames are high, but I will keep this belt nipping at my waist in case they need a little fanning later on.”

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