Lunch at Eliana’s


We lay in bed after enjoying our second mind-blowing orgasms, drifting off into a late morning post coital nap. I think you woke up first to use the bathroom, came back to bed and I must’ve rolled over because when I did wake up I was spooned up against you. My hands draped over you, idly brushing over your nipples.

My cock stiffened against the small of your back as you moaned and push your ass back against me.

“Keep doing that, baby, and you’ll make me wet.”

“Mmmm hmmm,” I replied, “that’s the idea.”

I could feel you move your arm lower, to massage your pussy with your fingers. God, you were insatiable!

“Mmmmm, fuck, I’m horny again,” you purred. “I want to cum again…”

I was stroking my hard thick cock under the thin sheet covering us when you pushed up and let the sheet fall off you. The way your nipples protruded, your hair hanging partially over your face, the wry smile curving your lips, and the sexy glint in your eye made me want to rol, you over and fuck you silly. And because I had cum twice now in nearly two hours, and I was mostly fully erect, I’d be able to fuck you long and slow before cumming again.

But you had other ideas.

Tokat Escort “Mmmm, baby, I’m hungry. We missed breakfast.”

I winked. “Thought we had breakfast…didn’t we?”

You yanked the sheet off me, revealing my hand stroking my thick hard shaft.

“Yes, you ate…I didn’t yet. And I’m ravenous…for your cock!”

And you leaned down and pried my hand off my cock as you grasped me with your small hand, engulfing me in your warm, wet mouth. While I’d had more than a few lovers in my past who gave great oral sex…you just didn’t suck my cock. You made love to it with your lips, your tongue.

Your beautiful blue eyes locked on mine, you pressed your full moist lips to my plum-sized cockhead, kissing it luxuriously, the pink tip of your tongue darting out to tease the delicately sensitive underside. Then you sucked my head inside, your tongue brushing over me, making me swell and moan, wriggling my hips. You released me, licking my veinvein-threaded length, from glans to my prodigious sack. You teased the strip of flesh between my ass and balls, then back up to devour me, your small hand cupping my balls before gripping my base and slowly maneuvering your fingers along Tokat Escort Bayan my girth as you sucked.

God, I was achingly hard! You could suck me like this for a long time, tightly encircling your fingers around my base to prevent premature ejaculating.

But I wanted your sweet, wet, hot pussy…wanted it now!

I reached for your hips and grabbed them with both hands, pulling you onto me, your luscious heart-shaped ass mere inches from my face. Between the firm globes of your ass, the pinkish-red folds of your pussy glistened wet, swollen with need.

Your legs and feet resting on either side of my upper chest and shoulders, I grasped your ass cheeks and pulled them apart, pushing my face into that cleft, my lips parted, my tongue laving a delicious path from top to bottom, licking you, probing inside your succulent flesh as you bobbed you head up and down on me, savoring every throbbing inch.

My tongue swirled eagerly, hungrily, around and over the tiny bulge of your clit, then pressed my lips and sucked on it like a tiny nipple and you moaned with my cock buried deep in your mouth. I sucked your fleshy labia lips into my mouth, then popped them out, Escort Tokat only to suck on them some more, aroused even more at how more swollen pinkish-red they got. I teased your clit with frenzied flicks of my tongue before delving my deft wriggling appendage as deep inside you as I could. I gyrated my hips to face fuck you as you shoved back against my lustful face, grinding into me as I devoured you…

We came together, my cock convulsively shooting an intense eruption of cum into your mouth as you shuddered and quivered against me, gushing your own orgasm into my face, my mouth…

At some point, we slumped onto the bed, holding each other as we caught our breath, relishing in the bliss.

After a time, you said, “Baby…that was fucking incredible. Best role play…ever!”

I grinned. We’d done this kinda thing before, the usual harmless but very much sexy fun role play sex games. It had been my idea after you read me one of the erotica stories on that website you sometimes perused while I was at work. Pretending to be a sexy neighbor you met online, you only happily went along.

You slid out of bed. I could hear your tummy gurgle. I laughed and you smiled.

“Come on, big boy. Let me fix us something to eat. Then we can nap before I’ve got to go pick up the kids.”

After lunch and a nap, we got aroused for each other yet again…but what we did later, well that’s a sexy story for another time…

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