Logan’s Doctor Visit


Nineteen-year-old freshman Logan sat restlessly on the edge of the doctor’s examination table, in her campus’s medical clinic at the University of Toronto. Her clothes piled on a wooden chair, her body feeling exposed and vulnerable beneath the thin medical examination gown they’d given her to wear. She wondered why she’d had to disrobe just to see the doctor about a sore throat.

“Hi Logan, how does your throat feel today?” Doctor McIntyre asked as he entered the room.

Logan felt doubly uncomfortable now, and even more aware her body’s near bareness. Doctor McIntyre was young and very good looking. He was a hunk, and unmarried, or so his ring finger suggested. Logan felt aroused around Doctor McIntyre even when she had all her clothes on.

“My throat is still sore Doctor,” Logan answered, “It’s about the same as it was.”

“Take off your gown Logan,” the doctor said, “I want to listen to your heartbeat and lungs for a moment.”

Logan fumbled awkwardly with the two ties that held her gown on from the back. Undressing in front of a doctor who she had a crush on felt a little bit like she was doing a striptease. Being in bra and panties is just like wearing a bikini at the beach, she tried to tell herself.

The doctor placed the diaphragm of his stethoscope on the upper part of Logan’s left breast. She was wearing a black, scallop shell bra, with the cups entirely underneath, and the tops of her breasts completely exposed. The doctor’s hand felt warm as it touched the flesh of her breast. Logan desperately tried not to show a reaction, embarrassingly aware of his little finger on her nipple, touching right through her bra cup.

He moved the stethoscope diaphragm around a little, listening through her breast in different places, his little finger always seeming to casually brush her nipple. Logan tried to think pure thoughts, to force her mind away from the sudden fantasy of him plucking on her nipple through her bra. Her heart was pounding so loudly she was sure that he could hear it without aid.

“Do you have a boyfriend, Logan?” the doctor asked.

“Uh, sort of,” Logan lied. She didn’t have anybody steady. Oh god, was he going to ask her out? So sexy, to be asked out on a date by a handsome doctor while she was stripped to her black panties and bra for him as his hand owned her breast! She almost whimpered as his little finger moved on her nipple again, just slightly.

“I mean,” he asked, “are you sexually active with boys?”

“Yes, and girls, I’m bi” Logan admitted, after a brief hesitation. “But well, just one boy recently.” What was he getting at? Oh god, she wanted him to give her tit a squeeze! She felt so sexy she squirmed in her seat. Yes, doctor, she thought to herself, talk about sex and play with my breasts!

The doctor stood up and removed the stethoscope from his ears. Logan breathed an almost audible sigh of relief that her breasts were hands-free. She couldn’t have taken much more of being felt up. Please ask me to take off my bra, she mentally willed him; grab my tits in both hands.

“The lab report on the throat culture we took from you two days ago shows that your sore throat is caused by a germ that is, well, not usually found in the throat, Logan,” the doctor said. “It’s a common germ, found very often-on men’s penises. Have you had a penis in your throat lately?”

Oh god! Now he’d think she was a slut.

“Oh, Kartal Escort uh, yes,” Logan admitted.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” he said kindly, “It’s not really that uncommon in University girls.” He was looking at the crimson blush that started in Logan’s cheeks and flooded down across the top of her breasts.

“It’s not a serious thing,” the doctor continued, “but you’ll have to take medication for it. Just some pills. Open your mouth and let’s have a look.”

Logan opened her mouth wide, and the doctor looked in, shining a bright light into her mouth with a shiny, slender plastic flashlight. He used a wooden tongue depressor to hold down her tongue, making Logan almost gag.

“Mmm-hmmm,” the doctor said.

Logan was totally embarrassed now. She felt as if he was picturing a cock being inside her mouth, looking into her and wondering how deep in the throat she could take it. Logan had to swallow, and she made that loud, wet gulp that an open-mouthed swallow makes; exactly the kind of choking gargle a person with a cock in their mouth makes.

“Was the penis in your vagina to Logan?” the doctor asked. Oh, how wicked of him to make her tell-all her sex secrets, she thought.

“Uh, huh,” she gargled, her mouth still being kept open by the tongue depressor.

“Well then we’ll have to look down there too,” he said. The doctor stepped back, letting Logan close her mouth.

Logan looked nervously toward the stirrups on the examination table.

“We won’t have to use those,” the doctor said. “We can do it with you sitting there.”

The thought of showing her pussy to this hunk doctor made Logan so horny it felt like near panic. She wondered if she should ask for a woman doctor. Oh god, what if she was wet already?

Logan tried not to show her embarrassment as she slipped her panties off exposing her bald pussy. She tossed them quickly to the chair with her other clothes, horrified to find that they were, in fact, wet in the crotch. Her blushing made her breast tops crimson like a sunburn.

Thankfully, the doctor was looking away when Logan took her panties off. He was standing at a cupboard, taking a fresh plastic flashlight out of a sterile wrapper. He’d already put rubber gloves on his hands.

He sat in a low chair and wheeled it in front of Logan, who was again sitting on the edge of the examination table. Bravely she parted her knees, aware of his power to make her spread her legs with mere expectation-he didn’t even have to ask.

He looked between her legs for a moment, and Logan was afraid he would say something embarrassing about her wet arousal. Maybe it was a turn-off to him? No, a very faint smile revealed that it amused him to see her wet.

“I won’t hurt you Logan,” he said as his reached toward her pussy, “but I have to see inside you.”

He very gently slid two gloved fingers into Logan’s pussy, and then spread them in a V, opening her for viewing. His fingers were very strong. The flashlight entered her next. It was a powerful light, illuminating a long Lucite tube; slender and rounded at the tip like a little sex toy. Logan squirmed.

“Does that hurt you?” he asked.

“No, uh, it’s just cold,” she lied. Logan’s pussy was gushing sexual arousal. He had to know how it felt to her.

“I’ll be as gentle as I can,” the doctor said. “Let me know if you feel any discomfort at all. Kartal Escort Are you comfortable with this?” he asked, as he probed around inside her.

“Yes,” Logan lied. She felt very embarrassed. It felt like he was being deliberately sexual. That’s just in your horny imagination, Logan told herself.

“This looks fine,” the doctor said. His fingers opened her wider, and he slid his smooth little flashlight around inside her, sliding it in and out, twisting it at angles and moving his fingers to open her in various directions. “Yes, you seem very healthy.”

Logan whimpered under her breath. She knew that she was making juice. This was just unbelievably arousing. She wished she had a boyfriend or girlfriend who could tease her like this.

“Don’t tense up,” the doctor said.

“I’m sorry,” Logan said immediately, spreading her knees wider apart. She realized that she’d answered just like a sex slave would apologize to a master. God, she needed to cum!

“Just relax,” the doctor said. “It’s natural to feel some sensation; just relax to it.” His flashlight penetrated deeper into Logan’s wet pussy. His fingers squirmed about, slid in and out, opening her in different ways and giving him intimate views of her.

“Just a little deeper,” he said. His spread-apart fingers slid deeper into her; the flashlight entered her more. He moved his fingers from side to side, pressing sensual nerves inside her, exploring her secret places.

His fingers started to pull out-were almost all the way out of her, when-“Just a little deeper,” he said again, and he worked his way back in again.

Logan looked down over her cupped breasts, toward the intimate place between her legs, but the doctor’s head was in the way. He was being more intimate with her than she could be with herself.

“Just one more time,” he said, as his probing fingers almost came out of her, and then penetrated in again, the flashlight leading the way. His fingers touched Logan’s g-spot. She gave a little jump, and then he pressed his fingertips again there forcefully, and then pressed several times harder again, right on her most vulnerable and intimate place.

“Doctor, I . . . ” Logan started to say, but then she had to shut her mouth to silence a sex moan. Her pelvis convulsed in a horribly embarrassing orgasm. A sort of squealing giggle escaped through her closed teeth.

“That’s okay Logan,” the doctor said. “It just shows that you’re a healthy young woman.”

Logan wanted to say more, to apologize, to make up some explanation, but she decided to say nothing and pretend it hadn’t happened.

His flashlight went in deeper again, and his fingers spread Logan to a painful degree. Logan wondered if he could see her pussy’s insides quivering with cum-again urgency.

“It doesn’t look like you have infection here, of course, we’ll have to take a swab, but there are some abrasions inside. Have you had anything other than a penis inside you?” he asked.

“Just, just fingers and a tongue,” Logan said. She knew that she was gushing wetness now. She could feel herself dripping into her ass crack. Her pussy tried to have another orgasm. She fought hard not give in to it, to ignore it, but cum gushed from her. She knew that it must be running down the outsides of the doctor’s rubber gloves.

“You should trim your fingernails if you’re going to do that,” the doctor Escort Kartal said, “but I recommend using a dildo, one made for that purpose.”

“No,” Logan said, feeling double embarrassment, “It was the boy’s fingers.”

“Is it tender here?” he asked, pushing inside of her.

“No,” Logan said.

“How about here?” He pressed her g-spot again, and Logan achingly surrendered the climax that she’d been fighting. Her whole body jumped.

“Did that hurt, or was that just a nerve spot?” the doctor asked with a smile.

“Uh, uh, just a nerve,” Logan gasped. She wanted to snap her legs shut, but at the same time she wanted to lie back on the examination table, spread her legs, and yell, “Fuck me!”

The doctor removed his flashlight from Logan’s pussy, but his fingers kept her held wide open and gushing. She knew he was deliberately letting the cum drain from her because it was in his way. Then he reached up to the counter behind him, fumbled around for a moment, and brought forth some long wooden rods with cotton tips. He used those to take swaps from deep inside Logan. It felt kind of kinky as if he was taking a personal memento of her.

Logan felt tremendously relieved when he finally let her close her legs. She was sure that her thighs must be trembling from climax. Absolutely everything beneath her was soaked. She was horrified to think of some nurse cleaning up after her, and knowing that she’d cum while the doctor examined her.

“You’re a wonderfully healthy girl, Logan,” the doctor said. She felt certain that was a comment about her wetness. “We’ll send these swabs to a lab. I’ll prescribe some pills for your throat, and for now, I’ll prescribe an ointment for the fingernail abrasions inside you. You have to get it deep inside, all over inside. Use a smooth dildo. Coat it well with the ointment and then make sure it coats you inside thoroughly; work it all the way into you. Apply it three times a day.

“Will you be sure and do that Logan?” he asked.

“Yes,” Logan said, again feeling like a sex slave, obedient to his powerful presence. She almost asked him, do you want me to phone you while I do it?

“We should have the lab results back in three days,” the doctor continued. “I’ll give you another examination then to see that you’re keeping up the treatment.”

Logan put her panties on quickly. They immediately became soaked from her aroused pussy.

Afterward, alone at home, Logan had confused feelings. It had been such a sexy rush! Did he do it to her deliberately? After a long ponder, she decided to phone. her mom.

“Mom,” Logan said, “I had a doctor’s appointment today, with that good-looking doctor I’ve told you about, and he used his fingers in me-you know, up inside me-is that normal for a doctor to do?”

“Logan,” her mom said, in a warm motherly tone “when you’re grown up, and after you’ve been married for a while, you may find those kinds of doctors’ visits to be quite nice.”

“Mother!” Logan said reproachfully.

“You know, Logan,” her mom said puckishly, “you said he’s a good-looking, unmarried doctor. Doctors get lonely. You’re a beautiful grown woman now. Don’t miss out on a good thing because of shyness.”

“Oh, Mom, really!”

However, Logan thought over her mom’s advice. Maybe next time she should lie to him that her nipples were sore, get him to examine those?

But then it was time again for another “treatment.” Logan closed her eyes, eased the coated dildo into her pussy, and began her new, favourite fantasy, a fantasy about her next doctor’s visit: “Yes doctor, yes. I’m sorry I haven’t been good with the treatments. Show me how to do it right!”

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