LeetCo: Project PL-345-UR3 – Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Hive Assembly Instructions

Adora’s hooves clicked on the smooth tiles of the hallway, the light of the frosted windows glistening on her glossy corruptive latex skin. She stopped in front of the door leading in to the chamber where she’d been assimilated into the PL-345-UR3 collective. Adora placed a hand on the institutional-style door handle and pushed down; the act of doing so however bothered her. She was a queen and while the collective was small it was about to grow rapidly. It was time to stop just using this facility and instead to assimilate it into the collective, to form a proper hive for her drones.

A probe snaked down from the ceiling as she entered. She reached out and stroked its fixed dildo-like tip; the probe leaned into the affections. She knew she was ultimately in control, but she brought it up like a child to kiss and nuzzle the warm smooth ‘glans’ of the probe. The queen rocked her hips with arousal, remembering the pain and pleasure of her own assimilation and ascension into the hive. Her glowing purple cock tip pushed out of her petals. Rivulets of glowing purple arousal dribbled down her glossy black thighs in a river-like gush of pleasure; the squirt dripping off her hooves onto the grate below and into the sump. Probes began to descend from the ceiling again, the tendrils attaching themselves to the queen’s glowing orange spine right at the base of the skull.

Adora gasped as the assimilation chamber’s structure went from an abstract she was able to control remotely to something she knew every single atom of. She looked around at the room with new perspective. The chamber wasn’t so much built into the building as it was placed inside, a crucial detail and one that had to change. She walked towards the platform in the center where she’d ascended. As she moved the chamber was already opening up the pedestal. She squatted down on the grates in front of it. Her arousal grew as she crouched, dribbling corruptive-nano in a constellation of glowing purple droplets over the sump below and over the components below. The platform opened up and she smiled. Inside the pedestal was the original seed of the hive, assembled by LeetCo. A cable snaked off to the nearby control room, but there was otherwise no other connection to the building. It was time to change that.

Adora reached in to stroke it. As she did so the corruptive injector in her middle finger extended, the hyper fine needle tip fluorescing purple as a drop of corruptive-nano leaked. The queen licked her lips lewdly; right in the center of the pack was a tiny cup-like opening. She laughed knowing what the demoness, her mistress and goddess, had intended her to do. But this was the PL-345-UR3 collective, and she wanted to do things her own way. She commanded the platform to partially reassemble itself. The pedestal reformed such that it had two flat areas to stand, but the middle remained open to the seed below.

The queen squatted down on the platform over the opening as if it was an Asian-style squat toilet. Her hard shaft drooled glowing purple corruptive-nano seed down its length before it dripped into the cavity below. Adora laughed watching her arousal from both her shaft and petals splat around the cavity but never quite hit the collection cup. The words she’d said to Jake coming back to her: “Aren’t you forgetting something? Your liquid waste tank is almost full to bursting.”

Then as now the pressure in her tank was overwhelming, and Adora relaxed her control of the outflow. Relief from the pressure came quick. The heat and steam of the hot acrid glowing purple corruptive-nano piss rose over her as she sprayed from her feminine liquid disposal port down into the ‘toilet’. The collection cup below filled easily activating the device.

The corruptive-nano Adora sprayed on the seed wasn’t strictly necessary. But it was lewd as hell and made the queen moan with pleasure. She could already see the tiles below the seed begin to change as the corruptive soaked into the surface. The seed, which had until now been just sitting on top of the floor of the room, integrated with the changing surface sinking into it as the tile, concrete, and steel were consumed for raw materials replaced with a new surface of living corruptive latex and cybernetics that made up the drones. The hive wasn’t going to just integrate the building, it was going to be the building.

The glossy black surface spread until it hit the walls of the well formed by the platform’s base. The corruptive nano spread over the metal as Adora stood up, reforming it to serve the hive. She beckoned the phallic probe over, her long tongue coiling around its glossy black surface. It wanted to push down her throat, but the queen gripped the base in a vice-like grip. Glowing purple corruptive-nano of the queen’s saliva oozed out around her lips as she sucked the probe. The glossy black seemed to pulse as the queen’s nano worked its way into the probe and then spread up it. Demetevler Escort Nothing would be spared; all would serve PL-345-UR3.

Adora took her time, the queen enjoying herself. Slowly she opened her eyes and smiled as the reshaped probe sipped from her lips. It was no longer single purpose, its tip expanding to reveal a tentacle and tendril lined interior that played with her tongue for a moment until it zipped away into the darkness above. The chamber had changed around her, it was no longer the assimilation chamber she’d once entered as ‘Jake’. Probes writhed from the ceiling drooling glowing corruptive-nano. Each rising to affectionately grope the queen as she moved through the room.

The old building layout was gone, she could feel as the corruptive-nano continued to move through the structure reshaping it into a hive for the PL-345-UR3 collective. New facilities for assimilation, integration, and production formed. Hallways lined with alcoves for drones to revitalize in. Pods formed for the collective to reshape its members to better suit its needs. In the old commercial space on the front side of the building a new store formed, appearing completely ‘normal’ but “The Gynoid’s Toybox” was anything but. The entire hive, including the public spaces, was filled with a near invisible smog of nano. Entering the hive, even once, was as good as ensuring that one would eventually join it.

The door behind her was gone, replaced with a lewd orifice. This room was still an assimilation chamber but so many possibilities existed for it. It could be reconfigured at her whim. The pedestal still existed but looked more like something out of a Giger art book than the platform it had previously been. A phallic probe positioned to lock the cock of whomever she was assimilating in place as lewd alien-like dildos penetrated their every other hole. Along the wall were maturation and adaptation chambers, each open and ready for use.

Adora’s reverie was broken by the sound of Scarlet’s voice from the back lobby. The queen smiled; even that space had been retouched albeit in such a way that someone not of the collective wouldn’t notice. The queen shifted her consciousness to the hive. Although she was part of the collective, Scarlet was able to operate independently. The priestess was not however at the moment, and Adora had full vision into the Scarlet’s machinations. The priestess was guiding a glassy eyed young biological male into the hive, having apparently been summoned by the erstwhile girlfriend. A girlfriend that accompanied them down the hall towards the chamber in which Adora now stood.

> Adora asked Scarlet.

> Scarlet explained over the link.

Adora skimmed over the priestess’ memories with the pair, the young ‘man’ wasn’t a male at all. But rather transgender in hiding from the inquisition, pretending to be something and someone they were not. Scarlet had been approached by the girlfriend worried that her former romantic partner would be swept up and end up in ‘final inquisition’. The queen smiled and licked her lips lewdly as she relived the priestess offering the pair a place in the collective. She chuckled at Scarlet’s surprise when the female was just as interested as their former partner, but with the caveat of joining Scarlet as a priestess.

> Adora ‘smiled’ back through the connection.

The orifice to the lobby opened, the probes within the room retracting quickly, the pair and Scarlet entering the room. The two were immediately dumbstruck by Adora’s appearance. In contrast, the high priestess was using her abilities to mask her nature against those not looking too close. The male formed one stepped forwards first; going to their knees in front of the gynoid queen before touching their forehead to the ground in a full kowtow. “My queen, I submit my unworthy misshapen vessel to your mercies that I may serve you and all the gynoid.” Their voice was soft and quiet, yet the suppressed pain of their experience audible in every syllable.

Adora moved her hoof within kissing range, the supplicant’s lips teasing over the glossy ‘toe’ of her boot. “Rise, the hive is the collective of the willing. Dedicated to pleasure and love.” They raised their head from the floor; Scarlet and the girlfriend watched in mute silence. The queen looked into their eyes drilling deep into the soul within. She nodded in understanding “So you wish to become a font of fertility for the hive, to take on the form to which your soul requires, but your flesh was denied?”

“Yes your majesty, please help me shed this form that I may ascend in your glory” They didn’t beg, they requested aid. It was a subtle distinction but one that made all the difference between having pride and not.

Adora was not always one for words and the supplicant was already on the pedestal, now closed once more. She smiled deviously as a probe from the platform drove straight into their ass the tip alight with leaking Otele gelen escort neon-pink corruptive-nano. The supplicant’s eyes went wide from the sudden and unexpected penetration. They gasped in pleasure as the probe squirmed its way deep inside them flooding their gut with a thick slurry of the pink nano that wasted no time in remodeling. The probe’s firm, but gentle, pressure on their newly toyified asshole literally lifted them to their feet making them cum from the pleasure in the process. Probes and tendrils shredded their clothes away; leaving their masculine form naked and shivering with pleasure despite the warmth of the chamber.

They opened their mouth to speak and Adora stopped them with a glossy digit on the lips, she shook her head “Just enjoy this, you only get to do this once” she advised.

The supplicant nodded their head as the cup like probe emerged from the floor and moved over their rock hard and compared to Adora’s own, quite tiny, shaft, balls, and taint. Their eyes rolled back in their head as the probe in their ass began to bulge with literal ‘eggs’ of glowing pink corruptive-nano. The excess glowing pink goo squelching lewdly out of their ass and leaking down their thighs and the probe. Everywhere the goo touched began to change, reforming into white and neon-pink corruptive latex.

The girlfriend was grinding herself against Scarlet’s shaft highly aroused by what she was watching. She didn’t even realize that the barbed demonic member of the priestess was injecting her with scarlet corruptive-nano as well beginning her own assimilation. Her fingers schlicked inside her labia, her panties soaked through with arousal as she watched her former ‘boyfriend’ on the pedestal. Scarlet chuckled, a warm and delicate sound. “If you’re that eager… let me seat you properly.” the priestess teased, easily lifting her up. She finally came to her senses long enough to see the wide flat tip of Scarlet’s demonic shaft rapidly approaching her from below. The glowing scarlet seed drooling down the demonic looking shaft.

“It… it won’t fit!” she exclaimed caught between wanting it deep inside her and fear of what it would do to her.

“Shhhh, never worry it’ll be fine. You wanted to become a sister anyway. It’s best I baptize your womb now.” Scarlet said in a way that wiped all her fears away somehow, her breathing steadying. The priestess lowered her against the pool of glowing scarlet corruptive-nano drooling from her rod. Her pants and panties melting away as the scarlet goo soaked in. She gasped in pleasure as the same spread over her labia. The glowing viscous nut-sludge of the priestess squelching into her folds. Everywhere it touched instantly became hypersensitive as the nano and corruptive reshaped her flesh into glossy black corruptive latex. Her pussy lips reshaped into perfect glistening folds that would forever drool glowing scarlet arousal down her perfect black latex thighs.

She groped her own teat through her shirt as Scarlet slowly ground that massive cock head against her reshaped entrance, teasing the future priestess. The high priestess made no attempt to slip inside just yet, each movement worked more of that goo inside her, and she could feel the changes as they rebuilt her folds to be able to take literally any possible shaft. Her tunnel was rebuilt to either bring unimaginable pleasure via thousands of tiny tentacles, and or to inject any entrant with an overwhelming amount of corruptive-nano assimilation probes. She looked down for a moment, scarlet and black corruptive latex spider webbed up her belly. Her skin down there growing glossier by the moment “UUUUNNGH, please fill me” she finally begged.

The supplicant moaned loudly, covering their mouth with their still free hands as their masculine voice filled the room. They looked to Adora, their eyes pleading for relief from their embarrassment. The Queen stepped forwards and lightly grasped their wrists, pulling the hands away from their mouth. The queen’s glossy black lips dove in for a deep kiss. The supplicant opened their mouth for their new queen as their lips locked, tingles of pleasure spreading from their lips as they began to grow glossy and bee-stung. Their eyes went wide as Adora’s tentacle like tongue drove down their throat. They felt it stop at their voice box, a flood of corruptive nano exploding into their throat. The supplicant squirmed both trying to breathe and in pleasure the squeal’s sound bending upwards as their voice was feminized. Breathing however was no longer necessary, but the collective hadn’t yet removed that instinct just yet.

Adora’s eyes were open and locked, despite the kiss, with the supplicant’s. Her tongue writhed deeper into their belly like a squirming black eel flooding it with a thick sludge of corruptive-nano. If belly was what it could even be called as her tongue played with the probe coming the other direction. Like most drones the Balgat Escort supplicant’s innards were more one large combined space that could be used as a womb, stomach, or storage. Right now it was about to be filled with ‘eggs’ of corruptive-nano and latex that would incubate inside the drone until needed. She smiled around the kiss as their eyes rolled back into their head from the mind melting pleasure; their tiny shaft cumming over and over into the cup below as the corruptive-nano spread throughout their system. Spiderwebs of glowing pink corruptive-nano could be seen through their skin as it glowed brightly within. They twitched as the ‘eggs’ inside the probe filling their ass began to push inside… one by one timed for maximum pleasure.

The supplicant came and came hard… again and again and again as each ‘egg’ pushed inside them. Their cock painfully hard, and each climax growing more strained until it felt like they could cum no more; their balls literally aching from over use. Just when they felt they could cum no more one final climax rocked their body, the feeling of literally cumming their balls out as a corruptive-nano sludge made them smile into the kiss. The queen had kept her promise. The probe milking their shaft began to push back, they felt almost like they had when they had pretended they had no cock; pushing their balls and rod inside to pretend they had petals instead. But this time it was different, she gasped for the first time as woman as the queen’s tongue slurped lewdly from her lips, the kiss broken. A harmonious moan of pleasure filling the room. One of her hands quickly moved to rub around the cup of the probe against her newly sensitive mons, unable to tease her new forever dripping white and pink labia.

She realized that she wasn’t quite complete yet but that her former cock was now her pleasure button below. She wanted desperately to rub it as the glossy white latex spread over her belly, a belly that was rapidly expanding as the eggs kept coming from behind. Even now she looked quite pregnant. She supported herself against her queen as the pressure from the probe between her legs continued. Her eyes going wide as it created her toyified tunnel, the first of many female orgasms rocking her body.

Adora steadied her with one hand. The queen’s other teasing a still human looking nipple on a flat chest; reminding her that so much more had to happen. The queen reached up and a set of probes answered her call. Their bulbous tips spreading into five-pointed tentacle lined flowers, each with a needle sharp and dripping pink corruptive-nano stamen. Adora guided each down onto the new drone’s chest. She squealed with pleasure as they attached themselves. Her tiny nipples pierced by the stamen of each flower. Her body rocked with orgasm after orgasm as she felt a thick viscous fluid pump into her breasts. Each teat rapidly inflated from her flat chest into a perfect perky orb, far larger and perfect than any breast had any right to be. They were larger even than both Adora or Scarlet’s own. It seemed the queen was sticking to the canon of her wishes. The tentacles reshaping the teats to be prefect to suckle from or milked. She had udders now, she couldn’t be happier. She smiled and “moooo”ed at her queen.

Scarlet was enjoying herself, toying with the girlfriend that had sworn herself to the sisterhood when she’d made the offer to both of them. She placed glowing scarlet kisses on her back, clothes having been either removed during their foreplay or melted away by her seed. She snaked out her own tongue and teased the glossy black rose in front of her; diving inside and exploring her junior sister’s reshaped backdoor. The priestess could literally feel the corruptive-nano rebuilding the new priestess around her tongue. She teased the proto-prostate she found as it formed causing her rider to groan and squirm more from the unfamiliar pleasure.

The pleasure of that new organ presaged what was about to happen, the future priestess’s finger rubbed hard at her glossy black button with fingers coated in the high priestess’ seed, each digit already altered into perfect black corruptive latex. Even now corruptive-nano injectors formed in her middle fingers. She whimpered in denied pleasure. The proto-priestess desperately wanted to cum to no avail. She felt herself finally start to sink onto Scarlet’s shaft as the priestess’ tongue slurped lewdly out of her glossy and expanded ass. “Let it out” Scarlet said to her softly, the words making no sense at all to her addled mind. She felt a pressure like she had to pee, but that was the last thing she wanted to do at the moment. “Let it out” Scarlet said again, this time almost ordering her to do so and giving her ass a firm swat.

She squealed from the swat, finally giving in and relaxing. It shouldn’t have worked, arousal should have blocked it. But she could feel the embarrassing and yet extremely lewd spray of what she assumed was and smelled like acrid piss down her thighs and over the priestess’ shaft. She could feel the steam from it waft over her tingling with an odd pleasure, and she opened her eyes and looked down at the stream. Whatever she expected it wasn’t a glowing scarlet flow and cloud of corruptive-nano vapors. But the pressure wasn’t letting up, and she whimpered with need. “Push” the priestess ordered gently.

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