La Portuguesa Ch. 01: No Credit Cards


La Portuguesa
Chapter 1 – No Credit Cards
By Diego Royo © 2017

Martina Longoria Balli is a young Latina woman exploring Texas, and the limits of her sexuality. Her family lineage goes back to Spain, Padre Balli himself, who owned Isla de Santiago, now Padre Island. She was born on South Padre Island when her parents could not get back to town and the hospital, during the 1995 storm where they had to take shelter amongst the dunes.

Stung by Portuguese Man O’ Wars often as a little girl, she decided to have a blue Portuguese Man O’ War tattooed above her ass, with tendrils fanning out over her ass. This gave her the nickname by her lovers of La Portuguesa. She was a natural extrovert that loved to flaunt her naked body on the nude part of the beach, as her parents did as well.

But she was a loner that kept to herself, and not very experienced with men. This is her story of rectum-fying that situation.

Martina could not believe how fucking hot it was. Heading west from San Antonio through the Hill Country, passing by houses mostly made of stone, she wished her jeep had a top, and the air conditioning worked. But it didn’t, and no matter how fast she went, she could not outrun the heat of Texas. Besides, she wouldn’t change her old rusty jeep for anything else.

There had to be a lake or some place to go for a swim. Anything to cool off. She was born on the sea. She was raised by nudists that lived in the sandy dunes of Padre Island. She hated clothes as a result.

Jet black hair, brown eyes, browned skin and strong Hispanic features on a petite, slim frame was embedded with her personality of being a nymph. Adventurous by herself, shy of strangers, a modest flirter, but harboring deeply dark, sinful desires, Martina was every man’s dream and nightmare combined as one. She had small tits, perky with soft little nipples, and a shaved pussy beneath nothing more than a white beach dress with a slit down the chest to reveal the swell of her breasts. Dare-Wear, she liked to call it. When the sun hit the dress just right, others could see she wore nothing underneath. She not only did not wear panties, she owned no panties.

According to Google Maps, there was a lake she could check out. She got off of the I-10 and began heading down the rural roads to find it. The trees were high and thick, hiding stone houses behind them here and there across the countryside.

Then she noticed she was running low on gas. She kept driving to a small town nestled among low canyon walls, and saw a view of the lake she was looking for in the distance. She kept driving, finding only one rundown gas station. No Stripes or Valero in sight to feed her snacky appetite. She stopped her jeep at the pump and started filling up, half surprised the old thing even worked.

The pump stopped at $141 dollars. Man, gas was expensive these days. But the pump had no credit card machine built-in. “How fucking old is this place?”

She went inside to pay, feet bare, dress swirling about in the breeze. It felt good on her bare pussy and ass. She had a nice, round, firm ass that actually left her anus exposed. She went in through the doors and looked around the dimly lit interior. Off to the right was an auto-repair section. A few refrigerators with soda. Snacks everywhere, so she picked some items.

Then an old, bearish fat man came to the counter, grinning at her. He had no shirt, just shorts, tanned skin from the sun, a bald head and gray goatee. Ugh, she thought. Gross.

“Him” she said, and handed him her credit card.

“Ma’am, you see that sign outside?” he asked, pointing at it. “I have several of them, very clearly marked. No Credit Cards.”

She stared at her, not understanding. No one even used cash anymore. Did they? Maybe in Dumb Ole Texas, she wondered.

“Well, that’s all I have. I’ve never needed cash. Like, ever.”

“Little miss, then why did you pump one-hundred and forty-one dollars worth of my gas into your jeep?”

She felt a tingle of fear going up and down her spine.

“You’re going to have to pay one way or another, little lady. Or I will have to call the sheriff.”

“Well, is there a town nearby where I can get cash out?”

“Not for forty miles. And I’m not letting you go and do that. Now I have a son that can take you, that may be your only option.”

It was so hot, and she wanted to find that lake and take a swim. This would be a major holdup. Eighty mile round trip just to pay cash? Fuck!

“Look, I can give you my information and send it to you. I’m good of the cash.”

“I don’t know. You look Mexican,” he retorted. “I don’t trust Mexicans.”

“You racist asshole!” she stormed. “I was born in Texas, pinche cabron.”

“Good. But Mexicans are not a race. Just so you know. But if you’re Texas born, I have no problem. Don’t get your panties in a twist.”

She almost admitted she wasn’t wearing any. But maybe he could already see that if the sun was at the right angle. Shit. She suddenly felt naked.

“Well, you can trust me. Here is Cebeci Escort my credit card, driver’s license….”

He took them, and grabbed her keys, and put them in the cash register. Now he held them hostage, and she became worried.

“My son can drive you back to get cash. You can wait until one of them returns. In the meantime, there is a garden out back to you can hang out in. A nice shady place with a brook.”

“How long before your son comes back?”

“I have no idea.”

“So I could be stuck here for hours?”

“Might be. Hard to say. If you’re in a hurry, you could give me anal sex, and I’ll let you go. Quid pro quo.”

That he even spoke any Latin made her shudder. But now his true motives had been revealed.

“How about I call the sheriff and tell him what you just said?”

“My brother? I don’t reckon he’ll have a problem with what I just said. I’m a lonely old widower, after all. A man has needs. I didn’t say you had to. You got yourself into this mess, sweetheart. I just offered you a deal that would make me happy, since I haven’t been laid in like, well, a few years.”

Her mouth fell open, and she was about to say something spiteful and mean. But his brother being the sheriff did not sit well with her civil rights. She also found herself taking pity on him. He was at least honest about his needs. But anal sex? She had never even tried it.

“I’ve never done anal. Why not … um, a blow job or something?”

“Because I’ve never done anal, either, and always wanted to try it.”

“Well I don’t, pendejo! Especially not with an old fat man!”

As his expression fell, she realized she had gone too far. He wasn’t being malicious. Just a man having a midlife crisis. He picked up the old phone and began dialing.

“Wait! I’ll do it, ok? Just be gentle. I’ve wanted to try. I’ve seen it in porns and wondered about it. I’m sorry I insulted you.”

He looked at her and slowly hung up the phone. “You sure? No claiming I raped you after. This was a bad idea.”

“Then record me saying I agree. You have a smartphone to record?”

She could not believe she was considering it, or willing to let someone record her admission. But she was a woman of her word.

He brought out his smartphone and then nodded towards the door.

“Out back will be best. Privacy while the place is locked up.”

She followed him outside and put her sunglasses on. It was bright and hot outside. She was sweating with nervousness. Excitement and terror. I’m I really going to do this?

Barefoot she walked into the shady garden behind the gas station. It was actually pretty inviting.

“Before you change your mind let’s get to it.”

“I agree,” she replied. “But be gentle! How do you want me?”

“Doggy style, probably. So I can see what I’m doing,” he grinned.

She went behind a bush into a secluded area, then got on her hands and knees. She was nervous as fuck.

Her view of events was now upside down. She looked down the length of her stomach and hanging tits at him getting on his knees behind her. He had petroleum jelly and was already putting on his penis, she hoped.

Then she saw his balls and her eyes widened. They were enormous hairy balls much larger than she had ever seen. Like two avocados. Now she worried about how much sperm was going to be pumped into her rectum.

Utterly at his mercy, she felt her dress lifted up over her ass, and then his fingers touching her anus with jelly on it. He rubbed it, then slowly inserted his fat finger, and she hissed with discomfort at the violation.

“Mm, a tattoo of a blue jellyfish. Is that a Portuguese Man-O-War?”

Her tattoo was right above her ass, with thin blue tendrils spreading out over her ass. One tendril was tattooed all the way down her crack, and to her pussy. A work of art that had been painful.

“I was stung by them as a little girl, and terrified of them. Now get to it.”

She noticed he was sticking a new finger into the petroleum jelly, then finger her ass with it, going deeper with each violation.

“I want to make sure you are thoroughly lubed so it don’t hurt too much.”

She almost said thank you, but then she realized she was being exploited. But then that made no sense, since lubrication was more for her benefit than his.

“Damn, you are one fine girl. You shave you pussy, and it’s beautiful. Your ass is a wonder to behold. And that little anus, mm.”

She felt something new rubbing her anus next, something softer than fingers with nails, but something larger, too. It was his cock, and he prepared for it. She had always heard fat guys had small cocks, and she hoped he did, too.

“What is your name again? I’m Tom, by the way. Tom Morgan.”

“Martina,” she replied.

He pushed his cock against her anus harder, and she hissed.

“Relax. You push poop out every day as large as a cock. Can’t be that bad.”

She tried to take his advice, but as the head of his penis pressed Kolej Escort into her, it was difficult to relax. She felt her anus stretch to take the foreign object that was a man’s hard penis. It stretched, and stretched, and stretched some more.

“Oh man, this is going to hurt,” she mumbled. “Go slow.”

She concentrated on the pretty scenery around her. A beetle not far away, lazy and slow. A lizard dashing this way and that. A breeze rustled through the trees, and felt good on her bare ass. The sound of the creek nearby. The smell of flowers and greenery in general. The brilliant sun and the heat that beat down on the land around her. Though they were in the shade, the heat made them both sweat.

As she thought about the world around her, her anus stretched wide, and she felt something large and painful go deeper into her. She groaned, but was determined to take it. There was an intense eroticism associated with anal sex that appealed to her.

He was gentle with her, and pulled out, then pressed in, then out, and then in. He only went deeper a little at a time, and when he did so, she had to bite her arm and taste its saltiness.

Then she felt a deep ache inside her guts. It didn’t feel good at all. She began to breathe faster and groan more, but the big fat man was not relenting. He was moaning in pleasure while she was groaning in pain.

“Oh man, that feels so good. You OK?”

“No, it hurts,” she muttered. “But keep going. Let’s get this over with.”

She doubted he was going to stop now, being a man. She tried to imagine having a penis and what it felt like for it to be fucking an asshole. It probably did feel really good. But it was agony for her.

Then the bastard thrust deep into her rectum, filling it with his whole length, anus stretched wide. She grunted and tensed as he pushed his whole cock into her. She felt his huge balls touch her shaved pussy. Then he reached around and fingered her clitoris. She gasped from the pleasure of that touch, and it helped her relax.

With his whole length in her, he began to play with her tits and finger her more, and it felt really good. She was, after all, a young and horny woman. With relaxation came pleasure inside her rectum, and her muscles inside no longer resisting the violation.

“Oh man, pendejo, that is feeling good. Keep rubbing my clit while you fuck me.”

He did so, and began pulling almost all the way out, and then back in. She began to like how his huge cock slid in and out of her rectum slowly. He took his time. It no longer ached when he bottomed out, and she found herself pushing her ass back as he thrust.

“Holy shit,” she breathed. “This feels amazing. But slow! It still feels so intense.”

He reached around and played with her pussy, a finger finding her clitoris and rubbing it gently. It was like an Orgasm Button. She shuddered as he touched it, the pleasure intense mixed with the stretching pain of her asshole, and her rectum muscles being widened. Pain and pleasure mixed together.

“Damn, pa, what the fuck? Where did you find this pretty little Chica?”

She gasped with shame to see a young man her age staring down at her, and turned chili red. “Oh my god, who the fuck are you?”

But worse of all, Tom didn’t stop. He pushed his cock all the way back into her, a hard thrust this time. Despite the burning shame of being watched by a stranger, she orgasmed with a loud moan. Eyes rolled and fluttered, body shuddered, and she felt her own pussy squirt cum. She looked up at the young man as she came, and realized that his handsomeness was part of why she had come.

He was gorgeous. Black hair slicked back, tanned skin, and Latin and Anglo features fixed into perfect harmony. Then a second man appeared, older but even more handsome. They stared down at her being fucked in the ass with obvious lust.

“Well ain’t this a sight.”

The young man’s cocky demeanor pissed her off. That swaggy confidence. The prick knew he was good looking as fuck.

“Take a picture, it might last longer,” she replied defiantly, breathing hard from cumming.

“And full of spunk, too!”

“Not yet, son. Working on it though. Can you leave us be? Sorry, little miss. This is my elder son, Orcus. But everyone calls him Slick, as he looks like Elvis.”

Then a second young man arrived, and his eyes nearly popped out seeing her being fucked like a dog in the open. He was blond and tanned, and with intense blue eyes she had always liked best in men. Those eyes drank in her sin and vulnerability. She could see the wheels of ideas turning his in his head. His pants bulged at once. He seemed younger than any of them, even her.

A conversation ensued between the boys and their dad. It was too much for her, and she rested her head on her arms and waited for papa to come. She wasn’t sure how much ass-fucking she could endure.

But then he stopped as a heated discussion took place. They didn’t have money to cover the gas she just used. One Yenimahalle Escort offered to siphon it back out. They did not approve of their dad getting his rocks off for over a hundred bucks in gas.

“I don’t care how damned cute and fine she is. We can’t afford it,” the blond boy said.

“I told him I’d pay if I could get to a bank!” she said.

She was just trapped there on all fours, her waist held firm, while these men discussed her fate. It was humiliating. And exciting.

“Can I face-fuck you while pa is getting his rocks off?” Slick asked.

“What the fuck?” she grunted. But Tom pushed his huge cock deep into her again, and her pussy squirted as a shudder went through her body again. “Easy! My poor ass! Haven’t you cum yet?”

“Not yet, sweetie. But I won’t mind if you’re craving young cock in your mouth. They are your age, after all. My younger one is Apollo.”

“Yeah, let’s spitroast her,” Slick said.

“That’s fucked up,” Apollo said. “You OK miss? Is my dad…”

“I’m fine, gringo. What do you mean spitroast me?”

She had no idea what that meant. Orcus got to his knees in front of her and brought out his cock. Like father, like son, she realized with some horror. It was a pale white snake, something that should have only existed in porns. Just looking at it made her pussy flex and open like a flower, and her ass quiver with his daddy’s cock inside it.

“Oh my god,” she breathed.

“You hungry? I cum loads.”

Martina did not know why she felt so aroused by being used like this. The enormous cock in her ass, and the huge cock in front of her, and she realized she was living a porn. She had watched it enough to give her all sorts of naughty ideas she could have never dreamed on her own.

Tom’s cock began pulling out and pistoning into her ass, harder and faster. His grip around her waist tightened, keeping her from getting away. She groaned and opened her mouth in shock at the intenseness of it.

And suddenly, a cock slipped into her mouth. It tasted clean at least. It was big, and filled her mouth as it tickled her throat.

“Just relax and take it all in,” the young man her age said.

Before she knew it, it was going down her throat, making her gag and react violently. But he pulled out and held her face. “It’s OK, takes getting used to it.”

But she could not focus with her ass being pounded mercilessly now. And now a cock was sliding in and out of her mouth, going deeper down her throat. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she was fucked from both ends.

I’m a cum-bucket, she realized. But she liked it. She wanted to be a cum bucket. But why? These ideas flashed through her mind as she was used, and another orgasm began to build up inside her. She was so turned on against her will, she handled a giant cock sliding down her throat better than she should have.

Orcus’s balls slapped her chin as he started pounding her face.

Then both men grunted as they came, their bodies shuddering hard. She felt hot cum filled her rectum, and it made her cum. She also felt cum explode into her mouth as Orcus pulled out just enough to fill it.

She spluttered cum as he pulled his cock out, and it dribbled down her chin. She was frozen in place having a long, quivering orgasm that lasted.

“Shit,” she said. “That was intense.”

“Can you keep going? My brother here needs to forget about another girl that broke his heart.”

Orcus was still hard, his cock dripping with cum and her saliva. Then he got behind her as Tom got up and pulled his pants up. She then felt a new cock slid into her ass, fleshly lubed, and she found herself pushing back against it. The way cock felt inside her ass was still strange, but amazing.

“Come on, Apollo. Come here,” she said as the young man stared down at her. “I’m hungry.”

“Now see there? That’s a good, adventurous woman.”

And then Orcus began fucking her in the ass, holding her waist firm just like his daddy did. Apollo got to his knees before her, and she reached for his zipper to encourage him. He was shy! Well, that just made him more appealing.

Once he had it out, she was startled again. Of all of them his was the biggest. Unnaturally so. Thick and long, but inches longer than the rest. Daddy maybe had an eight-incher. Slick had maybe nine inches, top.

But Apollo had something inhuman and scary.

“I don’t know if I can take that down my throat, Apollo. Or my ass.”

He seemed downcast, and almost turned to leave. But she grabbed that cock and held it, feeling its size in her hand. It was so huge, so pale and pink.

“Just be gentle,” she said.

She took it in her mouth and began sucking and licking it, getting him harder than ever. His big balls were huge, too. Then the boy grabbed her hair, held her head firm, and shoved it all down her throat. Her eyes must have bulged with the violation. There was not even enough room to choke.

She had no choice but to take it. Fortunately, it did not last long as cum exploded into her mouth a second time. For once, not having staying power was a good thing. But his cum tasted good, and she swallowed all she could as much of splattered into the soft grass below her.

And Slick actually came as well, a second time. She was expecting another pounding, but instead he grunted with sheer ecstasy as he ejaculated into her rectum.

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