Watching my raven-haired beauty and lover of three years in the arms of a black bodybuilder named Sean Dixon makes my pussy ache. The two of them lie naked on their sides in front of our floor to ceiling closet door mirrors in our bedroom. Kim breathes hard as Sean kneads her small hard breasts in his powerful hands, long fingers grazing the tips of her excited nipples.

Kim’s pubic hair is shaved except for a short, narrow strip of dark brown hair just above her pussy. She is waif-like thin, with flawless white skin and the most amazingly small, perfect breasts I have seen on any girl or woman. After growing up in a strict, religious home in Tennessee, it’s amazing to see how far she’s come. She’s been my partner since coming to Los Angeles to pursue acting. We met at an open call for dancers in a music video. With my encouragement, she’s been modeling nude in print and on the web for the past two years. Her latest project involves a streaming video website where she has sex with three other women on a regular basis for an appreciative internet audience.

When Kim and I first started talking about having a baby, she volunteered. I told her I wanted the father to tall, strong and black. I wanted a mixed race baby. Kim has not fucked a man since she was eighteen, over three years ago, when she was beaten up by her asshole boyfriend after he accused her of sleeping with his best friend, so she’s nervous about men in general, particularly a black man as big as Sean. I mentioned this to him last week as we signed the documents, relinquishing his legal claim and financial responsibility to Kim, me or the baby. “Go easy on her,” I said.

Right now, I am horny and jealous beyond belief, seeing my angel being ravished by this enormous man. His love-making is slow and deliberate — kissing the side of her neck, running his fingers over the contours of her body. He repositions himself, pushing his muscular black body up against her, lifting her right leg up to splay her pussy, feeling the ruffled edges of her sex. Her gasps quicken in response as he nudges her clit, stroking the outer lips, probing her wet center, inserting one finger, then pulling it out.

After minutes of working his fingers in and out of her, her musky heated scent fills the room. He tastes her, once, twice, making sure she sees him dipping and licking the juice off his fingertips, probing deeper and longer each successive time, savoring the nectar from her core. He tilts her head towards him, flexing the hard muscles of his arms, neck and chest, kissing her long and hard with his full, black lips. She sucks on his mouth and tongue, moving her hips rhythmically in response to his fingers that search the space between her thighs.

Sean King’s physique is world-class — this coming from a confirmed lesbian whose prepped hundreds of semi-naked guys and girls for bodybuilding competitions. At less than five percent body fat, Sean is a vascular marvel, an amazing labyrinth of veins. He is six foot five, massively developed at two-hundred ninety five pounds, with iron forearms, biceps and triceps, broad shoulders and chest, tapering to coiled abdominal muscles that, in turn, draw the eye further to his most impressive physical attribute.

“Jesus,” I said at the San Jose finals last month, referring to the bulging mass in his tiny red posing suit as I rubbed oil on his striated quads. “Are you going be able to keep all that packed away?” His serious expression gave way to a wide grin, exposing neat rows of pearly white teeth. In addition to bodybuilding, Sean earns a nice income as a male exotic dancer, dressing up as a Zulu warrior, head shaved, complete with silver mask, nipple rings and chains. Free of professional bodybuilding restrictions, Sean wows his female audiences by showing everything including his eleven-inch schlong. “You know,” I said, finishing up on the front side, “my partner and I are thinking about having a baby and we’re interviewing candidates. Think you might be interested?”

“Girl,” he said, “you hit me up with that shit at a time like this?”

As it turned out, Sean ended up winning the heavy-weight division and overall male competition in San Jose that night. More important, he did not forget about my offer.

“Five thousand dollars,” he said, as the three of us sat together a week later at Starbuck’s in Venice.

“Five thousand?” I said in disbelief.

“Cost you a hell of a lot more to do it the other way.” He looked at Kim, then at me. “Seem a shame to knock a pretty young thing like that up. You sure ’bout this?”

As a senior vice president at one of Los Angeles’s top advertising firm, money isn’t the problem for me. Avoiding messy legal entanglements down the line is another matter. I took Kim’s hand in mine. “We’ll need to sign some papers. Is that okay?”

“It’s your deal.” Sean slugged down his coffee and looked at his watch.

“One other thing,” I said. “What about insurance?”

“Insurance?” He looked at me like I was crazy.

“In case it doesn’t work.”

Sean smiled ümraniye escort slowly and laughed. “That’s good. I’ll tell you what. Here’s my guaranty,” he said extending his hand. “We’ll do it until we get it right.”

I told Kim I wanted to be there – to support her and to share in the moment. I’ve never had a problem seeing fuck other women, something we both enjoy, but this is different. Not that I have anything against Sean personally, but I thought it was just going to be boom-boom, straight to business. I forgot about the male performance thing, the arousal period and all that. He talks to Kim, teasing her in his low, steady voice, while his thick slumbering penis lies dormant on his leg, its rude looking foreskin extending beyond the concealed tip.

“Feels good don’t it, sugar?” he whispers to her, as his fingers dip between her thighs. “You like that?”

“Yeah,” she says in halting voice.

“You want to cum for Sean, baby?”

“Oh, yeah,” she says, biting on her lip.

“Look at that beautiful pussy. You like that?”

Kim looks at the reflection of her and Sean spooned together in the mirror. “Yeah,” she pants, legs parted.

“You and me gonna make some nice chocolate babies today, aren’t we sugar?”

“Oh God,” she gasps, as he slides his fingers inside her again.

“Daddy’s gonna get that tight white pussy nice and hot and wet. You like that?”

“Don’t stop.”

He leans in close to her and whispers in her ear. “Then he’s gonna put his big black dick deep inside you.”

“God, yeah…”

“You want that black dick in your pussy?”

“Oh, yeah ….”

“Gonna be a beautiful sight, sugar, two of us stuck together deep and tight. Does that make you horny?”

“Fuck, don’t stop….”

“Sean’s gonna fill you up with nigga seed. Thousands of nigga babies swimming inside you. You like that?”

“Oh, God….”

“Reach down and feel that cock and those balls.”

Her mouth parts in an agonizing, silent cry. She pants hard and opens her eyes, long enough to find his swollen meat. She grasps it, bucking her hips in rhythm to his persistent fingers.

“That’s it sugar. Stroke that dick.”

She wraps her small hand around the dark shaft, pumping up and down. The slick chocolate head, previously hidden, slides out from the thick dark shroud of his foreskin. The flaccid weight of his soft organ hangs from her grip as she glides her hand up and down, his cock slowly responding, engorging and thickening. The blood is nearly visible coursing its way through the criss-crossing network of distended arteries and veins that cover his lower abdomen, pumping through the prominent dorsal vein on the top of his long black shaft, trailing to the smooth beveled head that pops free intermittently from its fleshy hood.

“That’s it, baby. Stroke me from the bottom all the way up, nice and slow.”

She steadies the movement of her hand, guiding it slowly up and down from the root of his pole to the end, back and forth, feeling the weight of him in her hand.

“Nice and slow.”

At the base of his penis, he’s as thick in circumference as his wrist. His swelling erection arches beyond her fist, growing longer and harder as she pumps the swollen mass with her hand. She stalls briefly feeling his fingers bear down on her turgid clit, pushing her toward climax.

“That’s it, sugar. Make it big and hard so Daddy can fuck you.”

She gasps, mouth distorted in look of anguish. Her breathing stops and then the powder keg explodes. Her loins heave, hips bucking up and down. She clutches the carpet with her hands, body spasming with each seismic wave, breathless cries turned to screams as she climaxes in a series of shattering releases. Sean stands, tall and imposing, his partially aroused organ curving outward from his groin. He looks at me for a moment while Kim’s body continues to shake and tremble below him, as if to confirm the inevitable. The size and power of his naked penis and body thrills and terrifies me. I cannot deny the effect. He watches as I finger my pussy and clit.

I am not quite ready for the next part as he lifts Kim to her knees and positions himself in front of her mouth. A territorial emotion rises up in me as I see my lover forced to submit to him. She hesitates for a moment, reaching for the black shaft with her right hand. The contrast of their naked bodies in consort, his enormous frame towering over her tiny white body as she kneels before him sets me on fire. He encourages her to lick the brown head, to kiss it and suck it.

I feel my pussy contract involuntarily as I watch her take his swollen tool in her mouth. Her eyes meet his as she holds him by the root, working her lips around the first few inches of his thick prick, taking more of him in her mouth as his huge testicles hang pendulous and waiting. His expression remains unchanged, dark eyebrows knit together, mouth slightly agape, his muscular chest expanding and contracting with each breath. He spreads his legs slightly, positioning pendik escort his hands on his hips, watching her work. She bathes his cock in saliva, smacking and sucking, pausing to push the sweaty strands of hair out of her face, then returning to the methodical business of bringing him to full erection.

“That’s it. Take it deeper. Suck it.”

He reaches down and fondles the hard red tips of her nipples. She reacts hungrily, feasting on his manhood. He contracts his ass, driving himself into her mouth as she tries to swallow him, the saliva bubbling around her lips, falling in dripping strings to the carpet. He holds her by the head, forcing her further down the length, until she is nearly halfway, then she coughs and withdraws, wiping the frothy wetness from her mouth as she strokes the black mass in her hand. She pauses to admire his spit-slickened erection telescoping out beyond her grasp.

She leans down and takes one of his testicles in her mouth, my pussy contracting involuntarily as I watch my lover’s instinctual lust and craving. Her mouth and hands roam the contours of his body, squeezing his hard ass, feasting on the pleasures between his legs, arousing his size and passion further. She spreads herself wide as she leans below his crotch to lick his crepe-textured ball sack, taking the right one in her mouth, rolling it with her tongue, savoring it, then turning to the other.

After several minutes she releases him, sliding her right hand up and down his enormous cock, cupping both testicles in her left to feel their weight, looking up to him for his reaction. His full dark lips are parted, the whites of his teeth partially visible, eyes now closed, chest expanding and contracting.

She leans forward and resumes sucking his balls, pulling on them harder. After several minutes, they hang like ripened fruit below the throbbing wood of his swollen cock. She grabs his ass cheeks and bobs her mouth on the tip of his stiffened pole, teasing it like a sucker, dabbing her tongue intermittently to taste the juice seeping from the end. She purses her lips, concentrating on pleasuring the first few inches. The meaty edges of his fat prick head pop in and out of her pink lips as she works up and down. She holds him by his ass cheeks, working down his blood engorged shaft, sliding back and forth along its length.

After nursing him for several minutes, his naked organ points skyward, restless and twitching. He pushes her gently onto her back and kneels, leaning over her, eleven inches of fully-aroused cock hovers over her smooth belly, the mass of his huge body nearly eclipsing her from view beneath him. From here I can see the breadth of his developed back and shoulders, the striations of each muscle, the curve that leads to the small of his spine, the tight, lean waist, and the small, round globes of his buttocks.

The anticipation of him entering her makes me drunk with lust. I work the nub of my sex feverishly like a horny schoolgirl. As he circles the hard tips of Kim’s small breasts with his tongue I feel my impending orgasm build. A clear filament of semen drips from the head of his cock to her stomach as he works his tongue between her breasts, down her stomach, lingering at her belly button. At last, he takes hold of his shaft, rubbing the swollen head against the glistening lips of her pussy, the fullness of his black organ poised to unite with her pale flesh. “Feel good?” he asks as he probes and teases her.

“Oh yeah,” she says, arching her back, pushing her aching hole towards him. “Fuck me, hard.”

“Say it good, girl.”

“Fuck me hard with your big cock.”

“That the best you can do? Say it like you mean it.”

“Fuck my cunt.”

“Say it like you want it.”

“I want you to fuck my tight white cunt with your big black nigger cock.”

“That’s it, baby. Sean likes it when you talk nasty.”

He holds his cock in his right hand probing the wet pink flesh of her pussy, teasing her while I work my clit with my middle and index finger. I feel a quaking spasm drawing near and slow to a circling movement, caressing the sensitive skin above, below and to the sides with my finger and thumb. I am aware of my twin piercings, two silver hoops that hang side by side from the lower right lip of my pussy close to my enflamed center. I touch the metal, running my fingers over them, enjoying the contrast of hard steel deeply imbedded in my smooth genitals. My forefinger finds its way into my aroused, wet vagina, probing its inner recesses. I insert two fingers and glide them lightly around the inner walls, pulling them out, transferring the lubricating moisture to my ripened clit.

By now, my legs are spread wide, cunt throbbing, displaying for Sean and my lover the wet craving center of my sex. I enjoy the wanton pleasure of my nakedness, my hard, compact body honed from years of dance and exercise. I give myself over to the lust I feel as I stimulate my breasts, my nipples, my clit like the cheap whore I imagine myself to be.

When Sean enters bostancı escort her, I feel a rush of adrenaline as if I am being penetrated. My loins ache as I watch Kim’s tiny body open to accommodate his intruding mass. The loose skin directly around her clit flares, stretched and separating as her vagina is invaded. Her back rises and arches, hips raised slightly off the carpet as the head of his hulking organ disappears inside her. Her eyes focus on the space between her legs as he burrows into her, feeling the urgent pressure of his size filling her.

“Oh, fuck” she sputters in surprise, breathing hard. Her red nipples point straight up like red daggers. She rocks her hips slowly back, as the first tapered inches give way to the full circumference of his erection. She hesitates as he pushes further in, her hands pressed against his hard abdomen, slowing his progress. He pulls back then pushes again. She cries out, gasping, her breaths come short and quick. He pauses, propped over her, supported by his muscular arms, the curving heft of his penis partially inside her. He pulls back slightly as she gathers herself, pushing forward slowly, coaxing her lubricating juices. The sharp odor of sex fills the room.

“Oh fuck,” she gasps.

He pulls back and pushes forward again. “You like that baby?”

She doesn’t respond, eyes closed, mouth slung open. Taking his cue, he pushes deeper, filling her with the thickest part of his cock.

“You like Daddy’s big black dick inside you, baby?”

She rocks her head back, breathing hard. “Yeah,” she whimpers. He steadies his pace, sliding half of his erection back and forth inside her, his giant naked body moving slowly over her. The brown head of his cock pops free from her for a moment leaving her pussy wet and gaping. He repositions and enters her, moving more easily, plunging deeper.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” she says, watching his throbbing black tower disappear even further inside her.

I move over on the bed far enough to watch the muscles in his tight ass flex, legs parted just enough to see his heavy balls slapping her puckered asshole. I am consumed by the power and strength of his body, hips and thighs rocking as he mates her with instinctive animal passion. She hangs her head to the side, submitting fully, legs spread wide to allow his huge prick to penetrate her.

“Feel that, baby,” he says leaning into her. “Daddy wants to give you everything. Are you ready?” He slows, pulling back until he is nearly out of her, then pushes forward slowly.

“Oh…..” she cries, feeling the entire length going into her.

I watch in amazement as his cock disappears from view, the curls of his pubic area meeting her flaming clit. From behind I can see his balls drooping, his cock fully imbedded in her. He moves his hips slowly, grinding her with his pubic bone.

“Oh God…” she moans. “Fuck…”

He leans forward and kisses her on the lips. She raises her head off the floor to meet him, sucking on his full lips. He withdraws slightly, then plunges forward, sinking every inch of his hardness into her again.

“Oh, yeah,” she says, arching her back. “Give it to me. Fuck me with that nigger cock.”

I feel a shudder deep inside me as I circle my clit. Sean pulls out of her, his black shaft emerging wet and shiny, then drives forward deep and hard.

“Oh, God,” she cries again. She lifts her feet off the ground, rolling like a comma, so that he can go deeper. He pulls back again, then reenters, slamming into her with ferocious intensity.

“Oh fuck,” she groans. “God, yes.”

He withdraws, then rams her again.

“Fuck me,” she howls. “Harder.”

Slowly he increases the piston action of his cock in her. Unintelligible, guttural noises flow from her mouth. “Ahhhhhh,” she cries out as he slams into her again and again, his powerful ass flexing with each thrust.

He closes his eyes, savoring the friction and stimulation. His upper body remains motionless as his lower body performs the male sex act relentlessly and repeatedly, his hips pivoting and pulsing with electric fury as he drives deep into her womb, again and again. The sight of his muscular body moving tirelessly over her makes my pussy throb. Sean looks over at me fingering myself.

“Looks like your girlfriend likes it,” he says, in a calm even voice as he continues to pound her, slamming into her hard with ferocious thrusts. “Maybe you should lick her while I fuck you. You like that.”

“Oh, yeah,” she says. “Fuck me.”

The thought of Kim’s tongue and lips on my swollen vulva makes me shudder with pleasure. I climb off the bed and step over to where my lover lies on the floor. I spread my legs and lower myself to her mouth. In a moment I feel the familiar sensation of my lover’s tongue darting over my enflamed center.

As Sean fucks her, I feel the collision of his body against hers, her head wrenched away from my wet hole. Despite the pounding, her tongue finds my pussy, sucking the surrounding flesh of my throbbing lips, arousing my desire. She senses the heat at my core, avoiding my clit, punishing me by concentrating her attention on the outer edges of my sex. Her mouth is warm and wet, moving around me, tongue entering my sopping center, probing, darting, tasting, licking.

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