Katie’s Favors Ch. 05


“What do you mean the hotel’s fully booked?” exclaimed Katie.

“I’m sorry, miss,” said the bored young man at the receptionist desk. “All the rooms are already at capacity.”

“I don’t understand,” cut in Amber from over Katie’s shoulder. “We already paid and booked our room before travelling here. We have the print off of the confirmation right here.”

“I’m afraid there has been some sort of mix up, perhaps an error on our computer systems, but your three person room was double booked, and it is already being used,” said the receptionist. “You shouldn’t have been able to book it, so we apologize for that and of course you will be fully refunded. But you will have to find some other place to stay.”

“Andy,” Katie tried again, reading from the young man’s name tag and putting on her best smile. “Surely we can come to some sort of arrangement?”

Andy blushed a little as he watched Katie lean forward over the reception counter, showing off some small but delicious cleavage encased in a snug yellow crop top.

“I’m really sorry,” gulped Andy as he tried to ignore Katie’s bust. “I would have no problem with letting you girls stay here, but there really is no room. We’d have no place to put you.”

“This is a tiny island and the only building here except for the airfield is the hotel!” Carol piped up, leaning past Katie’s other shoulder. “The plane is only coming back in another three days! What are we supposed to do until then?”

“Perhaps you can stay at the airfield terminal?” suggested Andy. “While the Sunset Hotel regrets that there has been a confusion of this matter, if you read the fine print of the booking agreement, we are not responsible for any errors that might occur. We really cannot help you girls.”

Distraught, the three girls huddled in the hotel lobby waiting area and conferred. This was supposed to have been a brilliant spring break getaway. The tiny isolated island of Nova Luna was practically off the maps; an exciting exclusive find that Katie had been thrilled to have discovered. Now, instead of a dream holiday, they were stranded here until the only plane on and off the island returned in three days, and the only hotel available was rejecting their booking.

The three girls were all friends from college, and had come ready and dressed for sun, surf, tequila and perhaps meeting a hot guy or two.

Petite, freckled Katie was wearing mini denim shorts and a pale yellow sleeveless crop top that showed off plenty of her flat midriff. Her dark auburn hair hung loose down just past her shoulders.

Carol, a tall brunette with a generously busty chest was already sporting a blue bikini peeking out from under a tight white blouse tied off at her midriff and showing off plenty of creamy cleavage. She wore skinny jeans that hugged the curves of her long legs.

Meanwhile, olive-skinned Amber was looking positively sultry in a lace-fringed green tank top and tan mini skirt. Between her tiny waist, sensational cleavage and tanned thighs, Amber was rocking the finely honed body of a sex goddess. Where Katie was cute, and Carol gorgeous, Amber’s appeal was simple scorching hotness.

Yet as it stood none of the girls could put their amazing good looks and beachside fashion to use until they were able to sort out the problem of where they were going to stay.

“What are we supposed to do now, then?” asked Katie.

“This is bullshit,” swore Amber. “They can’t just throw us out with nowhere to stay. We should sue the crap out of them.”

“Sure, but that doesn’t help us now,” said Carol. “We need to find somewhere to stay for the next three days.”

“Do you think we can bribe the receptionist?” asked Katie.

“I doubt it,” said Amber. “Besides Andy already said there are no rooms available, so it’s not like he could do much about it even if he wanted to.”

Suddenly, a familiar man’s voice rang out across the lobby, startling the girls.

“Katie? Katie Rich? Is that you?” called out the man.

Katie turned to see a slightly chubby young man hurrying towards her with a big grin on his face.

“Greg?” Katie called out, recognising the young man as one of her fellow students from college.

Following awkwardly behind Greg were two other young men. One of them Katie recognised immediately as Lyle, tall and gangly and wearing a dorky anime t-shirt. The other was a new face, a really big young black man, both in height and width, with a fuzz of facial hair that was almost a beard on his face.

“Hey Katie! Fancy meeting you here,” said Greg happily as him and his friends came up to Katie and hers, slightly out of breath from jogging across the hotel lobby.

“Yeah, fancy that,” smiled Katie awkwardly.

Greg wasn’t exactly a friend from college, although they had got to know one another quite well in one particular fashion over the past semester. Greg was one of Katie’s ‘patrons’, a small list of guys that she had recruited from her various college classes to help do her college work for her and make sure she pulled out high grades across gorukle escort bayan the board with as minimal time wasted on studying as possible for Katie. In return for this, Katie gave out sexual favors to the guys, incentivizing their work for her with a range of kinky acts depending on how well they performed to get her good marks.

More than a few times however the favors had spilled over from just college grades to other things as well. Once, Katie had leveraged Greg and his friend Lyle to pay for her and her friends’ drinks all night at a bar. Later that night she blew and fucked both of them in the back alley behind said bar, and things got even crazier when Katie’s friend Amber joined in for the fun of it.

Some time later, Carol, who was the last person to be engaged in slutty behaviour the way Katie or Amber often would, found herself in a serious crisis when her computer crashed with a term paper due. Lyle had volunteered to fix the computer and retrieve the term paper, and Carol soon found herself agreeing to sexually service Lyle in return, including letting the lecherous young man have his way with her amazing busty chest.For Carol, who found the whole experience disgusting, it was only to be a one time thing.

For Katie on the other hand, it had become a finely honed methodology in her college life, but one she intended to keep separate from her personal one. Meeting Greg and his friends out here when they were supposed to be on holiday to get away from college was not the kind of company Katie was looking for right now.

“Oh, um, this is Howard by the way,” Greg said, introducing his large beardy friend. “And Howard, I’d like you to meet Katie, Amber and Carol. Lyle and I know them from college.”

“Hi Howard,” Katie smiled.

Howard muttered something that could have been a hello under his breath and shuffled his feet anxiously.

“Hey Carol!” gasped Lyle, attempting a lame wave as he moaned in lust, unsubtly ogling Carol in her blue bikini top and tied off white blouse.

“Ugh,” muttered Carol as she looked away. Lyle was the last person she had wanted to see.

Amber covered her mouth trying to stifle a laugh.

“Are you boys staying at the hotel?” Katie asked Greg.

“Yeah, we got here three days ago, leaving in another three,” said Greg. “There’s a video game tournament being held here that we’re playing in and it’s even better now that you girls have shown up! Are you staying here too?”

“We were supposed to, but the hotel is saying it’s fully booked and our room is taken. Apparently there was a double booking error or something,” said Katie, shaking her head.

“Now we have no fucking room and we have three days to kill with nowhere to stay before the plane comes back,” said Amber.

“Shit, that sucks,” said Greg. “Are there any other hotels on this island? I hadn’t seen any.”

“Nope, this is the only one,” said Katie.

“Wait, hold on a minute,” said Greg, a grin spreading on his face. “I have an idea! Why don’t you girls stay with us?”

“Wait, what?” both Lyle and Howard piped up, confused.

“What do you mean, Greg?” asked Katie.

“You can all stay in our hotel room,” said Greg. “It’s pretty big, we got two bedrooms, and a couch. It’ll work great! I’m sure Andy will agree, we’re pretty friendly with him ever since we started talking Skyrim with him…”

“Thank god!” exclaimed Carol, “an actual room!”

“That’s great, but are you sure your friends are cool with that?” asked Amber

“Hey Greg, shouldn’t we talk about this first…” said Lyle, looking annoyed. “I don’t want them cramping my style.”

“Yeah man, we got games to play, we can’t have girls in our room, what if they break something?” said Howard.

“We’re not going to break your stupid games,” said Amber, rolling her eyes.

“Just a moment while I confer with my friends,” grinned Greg before dragging Lyle and Howard away to a corner, whispering intensely and animating with his hands waving all over the place.

After a few moments, Howard seemed to have gone frozen still and pale and looked very confused. Then Lyle nodded his head at him, backing up something Greg was saying. Howard looked like he was about to faint, but he nodded, and it looked as though the three guys had come to some sort of consensus.

Then Greg head over to Andy at the reception desk and seemed to repeat the same conversation. Both the boys keep looking back over at the girls, and Andy seemed struck, his jaw hanging open as his eyes roamed over the girls’ bodies. Finally he gave a nod, and Greg headed back to Howard and Lyle.

“What do you think they’re saying?” wondered Carol out loud.

“Probably freaking out about some geek stuff,” chuckled Amber.

“Uh oh,” said Katie, “knowing Greg, I think I have an idea what’s going to happen…”

“No way, you seriously think he would..?” Amber said, her eyes going wide.

“Yep,” said Katie, nodding slowly. “I think we might have to agree.”

“Yeah, not like we have much choice,” nilüfer escort bayan said Amber. “Besides I can make it fun.”

“What the hell are you two talking about?” asked Carol, still confused.

Before Katie could answer, Greg had left Lyle and Howard and came jogging back to the girls, a sly grin on his face.

“So, it’s settled, the guys have agreed to share the room with you girls for the rest of the trip, and Andy says it’s cool too since we have so kindly offered our own room to people in need,” began Greg.

“Here it comes,” said Katie under her breath.

“However…” said Greg, “us going out of our way to accommodate all three of you girls is quite difficult. It’s a really big favor we’re doing you girls, and we feel that is only fair that there should be some reciprocity for the duration of your stay with us that can help alleviate the strain this favor is putting on us. In return we’re going to need some small favors from each of your girls…”

“Spit it out, Greg,” said Amber.

“Well, we’re going to need an arrangement similar to the one Katie has with me in college,” said Greg.

“Oh fuck no,” gasped Carol as she suddenly realized what Greg meant.

“Fuck yes, in fact,” said Greg. “The guys have sent me to negotiate the details of the agreement, because frankly, in the state they’re in right now they would be happy with only the smallest of favors. I however, am a visionary, and like to think of the big picture!”

“Big picture, right…” said Katie. “Alright, so what’s your starting offer.”

“Lyle, Howard and I each get one of you girls to be our personal ‘customer service’ attendant for the duration of the trip, and we can make a swap between us when we feel like-“

“No, you each get a wank from us tonight and at the end of the trip,” retorted Katie, her tone cool and professional.

“Katie, what the fuck, we’re not agreeing to this!” said Carol.

Amber leaned over to whisper to Carol, “we got to do this babe, just let our little Katie negotiate a good deal.”

“Ahem, mere handjobs will not be sufficient, nor will such a limited time schedule,” said Greg. “We are prepared to make concessions however, owing to the need for you girls to enjoy your holiday as well.”

“Why is he talking like that?” Carol whispered back to Amber. “He sounds like Colin Firth in one of those period dramas…”

“I think he’s on a power trip,” laughed Amber. “Let Katie handle it.”

“You may have the days to yourself to enjoy yourselves on the resort, but at evenings we require sex, and you have to service us with blowjobs on demand throughout the day,” continued Greg.

“No, here’s the deal. We will each pick one of you. On each day, the girl you get will give you a blowjob. On the last day, we’ll let you fuck us,” countered Katie.

“Unacceptable,” said Greg. “We have as a base line that we must each get to sample all of you at least once. And one blowjob a day is not sufficient. It has to be at least two blowjobs, and a fuck, per day.”

“Alright, how about this,” said Katie. “Each day, you have one ‘special request’ that cannot be refused. You can spend it on any of us, for any sexual request, within reason.”

“That’s hardly-” Greg began.

“In addition,” said Katie, cutting him off. “You will all have the opportunity to compete for blowjobs on each day as many times as you like. We’re not prudes. Amber and I in particular were here to have some fun. So, to do this, while we’re having fun in the resort, sunbathing or swimming or chilling or whatever, you can approach us and offer us something. For example, you could offer to buy us one of the expensive cocktails they have, or pay for a massage treatment, or whatever. If we agree to it, then after we’ve enjoyed our treat, we’ll go and suck you off. If we feel like it, we may even fuck you too, but it’s up to us whether to agree to your offer or not.”

“Bloody hell, Katie, did you just come up with that then?” laughed Amber.

Greg swallowed hard, “that sounds agreeable, but we have two final demands since this cuts down on the amount of guaranteed sex we can have.”

“Name them, then,” said Katie.

“First, as a sign of good faith, before you go off to have your fun today, you each have to blow all three of us. But you have to do it in the one room all together at once and we can change between you girls until we all cum. That way it’s only essentially one blowjob for each of us, but we get to try all of you girls right at the start.”

“Deal,” said Katie.

“Katie! What the fuck?!” said Carol, aghast.

“Come on Carol, I know you can do it,” grinned Amber. “Remember what you did with Lyle before?”

“Ugh, don’t remind me,” said Carol.

“Finally, on the last day,” said Greg, “you all set aside an hour or two for an unrestricted orgy. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, but each of us guys must get the chance to fuck each of you at least once during it.”

“In that case, then the daily ‘special bursa otele gelen escort bayan request’ should be suspended for the last day, in exchange for the orgy,” said Katie.

“Agreed,” said Greg.

“Shake on it?” asked Katie, offering her hand.

“Sounds good to me,” said Greg, shaking her hand. “Oh, and there’s just one more thing… Andy wants a blowjob from one of you, like right now. I didn’t let him know there’d be anything more going on between us, so it seems he’ll be content with just this one blow.”

“Fine, I’ll do it,” said Katie.

“Taking one for the team, Katie, very nice of you,” giggled Amber.

Katie strutted over to Andy at his reception desk, hoping to get the job over with quick. Andy was watching her like a hawk as she walked over to him, his eyes roaming over her small but perky bust in her sleeveless little yellow crop top, down her exposed creamy midriff, and along her denim hot pants to her thighs and dainty legs. Katie’s dark auburn hair swayed as she walked, falling about her naked shoulders.

“So, uh, is it, um, true, what he said?” asked Andy nervously. “You’ll, um, give me head?”

“Yes,” smiled Katie sweetly. “Is it true you’ll let us stay in their room?”

“Oh, heck yes,” breathed Andy. “I mean, of course, yeah. We just honestly couldn’t fit you in before, but if they’re willing to put you up, then yeah, I can look the other way… That is, if you’re serious about going through with… Are you serious? Oh fuck, are you guys just messing with me? I don’t want to-“

“Do you have a room we can go to?” asked Katie, as she leaned over the counter, showing off a hint of her teenage cleavage. “I’ll show you just how serious I am.”

“Yeah, um, this way, there’s a small cleaning closet room just here,” said Andy, hurriedly finding a ‘be right back’ sign for his reception counter before leading Katie away down a narrow side corridor and into a room at the far end.

Katie followed quickly after him, and soon found herself in the tiniest little storage room she could imagine. It was full of brooms and mops and densely stacked shelves, and the light was very poor and dim. There was just enough floor space to fit both Andy and Katie next to each other with only a little room to manoeuvre. Grabbing a folded fluffy towel off a rack, Andy dropped it on the floor in front of them, evidently for Katie’s benefit.

“For, um, your knees, the floor is a bit hard,” mumbled Andy. “Shit, what am I doing? You can’t seriously be thinking of blowing…”

Andy trailed off as Katie dropped to kneel on the towels, her petite little body arching and bent to bring her face level with Andy’s crotch. A moment later Katie was unzipping his trousers, and a few moments after that Andy’s cock came flopping out and promptly disappeared between Katie’s pink lips.

Technically, it was only the head of his cock that had disappeared, but in that moment, Andy was experiencing blowjob shock and awe. All he could do was moan.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” moaned Andy.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmhhh,” Katie moaned back, slurping on Andy’s pecker as she rolled her slippery tongue around the head and applied more pressure with her lips.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit,” moaned Andy, steadying himself by placing his hands on Katie’s shoulders.

Katie looked up at Andy with her cute hazel eyes, her face a picture of innocence being plundered by the obscenity of his cock, and she began to steadily bob her face down back and forth on his shaft. Her lips slipped and slid their way along the throbbing flesh. Katie’s cheeks hollowed as she diligently sucked on Andy’s wiener.

“What the fuck, that guy was right!” gasped Andy. “You suck like a fucking vacuum!”

Katie reached up with one hand, the other braced on Andy’s thigh, and jacked and stroked his shaft as she blew head in her wet, warm mouth.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” cried out Andy. “I’m going to cum! Shit! What do I do?”

Katie just kept her head down where it was, bobbing on the head quickly, applying pressure with her lips and suction, and letting the cock jerk back and forth across her tongue as she wanked it off with her free hand.

With a quivering jerk and thrust, Andy then remained absolutely still as he deposited a small but forceful load of jizz into Katie’s waiting mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh,” moaned Andy. “Wow. Wow. Wow. You’re the real fucking deal.”

Once Andy finished ejaculating, Katie pulled off the dick, tilted her head back, and swallowed down the load.

“You swallow too?” Andy seemed stunned. “Damn. I should have offered my room to you girls…”

“Yes, you should have,” said Katie, standing up and wiping her lips. “Now, if you don’t mind, my friends and I have a hotel beachside holiday to enjoy. If you be nice and keep helping us out, you may even get a repeat of this.”

“Yes, ma’am!” said Andy, as he zipped himself up. If it meant getting in this girl’s mouth again, he would do just about anything.


Once their luggage had been brought up to Greg and his friends’ room, the three girls wasted no time in exploring the suite; marvelling at the view; checking out the luxurious bathroom; and otherwise getting into the holiday spirit of things. The girls all moved their things into one of the rooms, unpacking clothes and talking about what each of them was going to wear.

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