Karen’s Journey into the Lifestyle


We’d talked about it. It was more my fantasy than hers and in fact my wife hated the idea at first.

Karen had always been a conservative woman. She was raised in a strict catholic home and the thought of having sex with someone other than her husband was not one she took lightly. But our marriage had been in trouble. We had grown apart and we were living more like roommates than lovers when I first told her that my biggest fantasy was to see her with another man. Mentioning it was one of the most the most difficult things I’d ever done but I had nothing to lose. We hadn’t had sex in four months and that needed to change or we were certain to end up divorced. Her response to my fantasy was not good. She was confused and hurt. She didn’t understand how I could love her and still want to see her with someone else but I explained, as best I could, that it was because I loved her and wanted to see her happy and fulfilled. We had married young and I was the only man she’d ever been with. We had separated for a brief period in our late 30s and I dated a few women while we were apart. She resented that I had that experience while she had remained faithful and I wanted her to experience someone else like I had.

Eventually Karen warmed to the fantasy but insisted that it would remain as such. We began to role-play different scenarios using toys and I showed her a few of the more tame stories I had written.

Karen began to come out of her shell over the following months and our lines of communication opened up. Despite our renewed openness I had still held back many of my more risqué fantasies and I was surprised when Karen mentioned a black celebrity as one she had on her list of celebrities she wanted to fuck. Her top three until then had been Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Matthew McConaughey. Poor Matthew got bumped for Terry Crews and I was shocked.

Karen wasn’t racist at all. One of her best friends growing up outside of Boston had been a black girl and they were still fairly close despite the fact that they lived 500 miles apart. But she had long insisted that she was not attracted to black men and I’d had no reason to dispute her claim. In hindsight, however, she was likely covering her true feelings.

I surprised my wife after Terry’s addition to her list with a big black dildo and it quickly became her favorite toy. She named it Terry and often begged him to fuck her while I licked her clit.

Karen became more confident as our sex life blossomed. She started working out at the gym. She lost 15 pounds and while she was still significantly heavier than she had been when we were first married she started to dress sexier and more provocatively. She became more vocal in bed and began initiating sex. I loved her new attitude and our marriage improved on all fronts.

It had been more than a year since I’d laid my cards on the table. We were having sex several times a week and I had opened up about many more of my fantasies. I had given up the idea of ever making the fantasy of seeing her with another man a reality but I was more than happy with how our life was going.

Karen knew Trevor through work. He was the representative for one of their largest vendors. She was his point of contact and the subject matter expert for his product. He often took her to lunch when he was in town and during new product implementations they would work closely together to ensure a smooth transition. She had admitted to me months earlier that she found him attractive but said that he was happily married.

His marital status didn’t stop my wife from fantasizing about him or us from role playing with him in mind. I bought a second dildo that was bigger and several shades darker than Terry and Karen promptly named it Trevor. Size had never seemed particularly important to Karen but once she’d become accustomed to Terry and Trevor her most intense climaxes were with her bigger toys.

Trevor was Caribbean born and raised. He had come from Jamaica to the United States to attend college on a track scholarship. He was in his mid thirties and had worked for the same company since he graduated college fifteen years earlier. He spoke with a Caribbean accent and was, in my wife’s words, “very hot with a fantastic body.”

“Guess who’s getting a divorce?” Karen asked gleefully as she walked in our front door. She had a wide smile and a mischievous glimmer in her golden brown eyes. There was only one person I could think of who’s impending divorce might please my wife.

“Your boyfriend?” I teased as I flashed her a knowing smile. She had told me many times that she and Trevor often flirted and he complimented her frequently about the weight she had continued to lose. He frequently told her how sexy she looked at work and after their lunches we usually had great sex.

“Not yet,” my wife replied with a devilish grin. She leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and danced briefly with mine before she stepped back and held my gaze with a smoldering look.

“When alt yazılı seks did you find this out?”

“He called me to apologize for not being around much lately and explained that he has been going through a rough time at home so he had scaled back his travel schedule. We talked for a while and he told me he has moved out. Then he asked me to lunch tomorrow,” Karen explained. She stepped closer and gave me a deep, wet kiss. I felt her excitement in my bones and my heart began to race. The idea of her actually fulfilling our shared fantasy had never seemed attainable because while Karen loved the fantasy afterwards she often struggled with Catholic guilt afterwards.

I suggested we head up to our bedroom after dinner and she eagerly agreed. I could tell she was very excited about her lunch date with Trevor though I still doubted anything would happen between them. I knew Karen well and when the time came I expected her to default to her Catholic roots.

“You want him don’t you Baby?” I said as I closed and locked our bedroom door. Our adult daughter, who was still living at home while she saved money to buy a house, was out with her boyfriend but I’d locked the door out of habit and pulled my wife into my arms.

Karen nodded. “I do,” she replied sheepishly. Her round cheeks were flushed and her nipples were clearly visible through her sheer blouse. I released her and moved to my night stand to pull out her toys but she stopped me.

“Not yet, I want you to hold me for a while.” She climbed onto the bed and beckoned me to join her.

Her heart was racing and she laid her head on my chest. Her fingers rubbed my thigh and my cock responded quickly. It throbbed and strained against my zipper and she rubbed it gently as I massaged her shoulders and kissed the top of her head. I could feel precum leaking from my dick and I was afraid, given her earlier revelation, that I might cum too fast.

Karen opened my pants and took my decidedly average cock into her fantastic warm mouth. Her enjoyment of giving blowjobs had increased since we had opened up our lines of communication and there had been a few times that she had just given me head without us having intercourse. That was unheard of previously but I wanted to utterly ravage her.

My eyes closed and I moaned softly as her lips moved up and down my turgid shaft. My pulse quickened and my breathing began to labor.

“Oh, just like that baby,” I groaned. My toes curled and I gritted my teeth to fend off my impending orgasm but I needn’t have worried.

Karen released my cock from her lips and giggled. “Not yet silly.”

Karen was still fully clothed and I expected her to get ready to fuck but instead she rolled over and grabbed a bag from her nightstand.

“Baby, I think you should wear this tonight and tomorrow. I want to make sure you don’t cum at all before I get home after my lunch date with Trevor.” Karen grinned and handed me a metal male chastity device and my brow furrowed.

“Are you serious?” I asked incredulously. I had seen cock cages countless times in porn. They were featured semi prominently in cuckold videos and pictures but I never fathomed wearing such a contraption nor that my beautiful wife would want me to. I had certainly not expected Karen to buy one and I couldn’t fathom how or where she got it so fast.

Karen smiled and nodded. She held the small metal cage and kissed its tip while she looked into my eyes. It was an exceptionally sexy gesture but my cock wilted like a dead flower as she undid the lock and opened it up.

The cool metal felt oddly sexy against the sensitive skin of my cock and balls and my dick twitched as my wife slid it into place. She snapped the lock closed and gazed up at me with a satisfied grin on her pretty round face. I couldn’t believe she had locked up my cock nor that I hadn’t even protested.

“Now you are really a cuckold,” Karen giggled. She moved up my body and snuggled in tight.

“I guess so,” I laughed nervously. I had long fantasized about her becoming a hot wife but it seemed strangely attainable and suddenly I had reservations.

“You know I love you right?” Karen asked as we laid in bed. Her small, soft hands rubbed my chest and she planted soft butterfly kisses on my neck. Her voice was calm and confident yet sweet and sincere.

“I know Baby. I love you too,” I told her as I held her tight. We talked for more than an hour and she did her best to simultaneously reassure me and titillate me. But she did not give me the option to stop her. It was her choice and I had opened Pandora’s box.

Karen’s excitement in the morning was indescribable. She spent extra time getting ready. She straightened her hair and did her makeup as if heading out to a club rather than work. She tried three different outfits before settling on a simple yet sexy dress that hugged her full hips and displayed her generous cleavage.

I had a foreboding pit in my belly as I watched her excitement. My cock tried to plump porno 92 while she smoothed her dress over her plump belly and smiled seductively at me. I knew what she was thinking and the combination of angst and excitement I felt was exhilarating yet terrifying.

Karen kissed me tenderly and assured me that she loved me more at that moment than ever before. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and held me tight as my cock strained against the metal bars of my cage. She playfully grabbed it and smiled before she left for work.

Karen sat, fully clothed on the edge of the big king sized bed inside Trevor’s hotel room. She looked at him with lust filled eyes and her sex pulsed with unbridled desire. He was a beautiful specimen with broad shoulders, powerful limbs and a trim waist. He had dark, sexy eyes and a warm inviting smile on his boyish handsome face and she couldn’t help but want him. She had wondered all night what would happen after their lunch date and she had some nagging fears that she would be filled with guilt if anything happened but sitting before him those concerns were the farthest thing from her mind and when he moved before her she slowly began to unbutton his tailored shirt as she smiled up at her.

Karen was acutely aware that her juices had soaked her panties. She had been in an aroused state since he first picked her up from work and the energy between them was so intense she had called into work and taken the afternoon off.

She finished unbuttoning his shirt and he let it slide down his arms, baring his perfect chest. His dark skin glistened in the sunlight streaming through the window. He was devoid of body fat with taut, rippled abs and chiseled pecs. Her heart raced as she ran her hands over his smooth, hairless chest and the fresh scent of his half naked body made her mouth water.

“God you are gorgeous,” Karen sighed. Her voice shook mildly with tremolo and she chewed nervously on her bottom lip as her hands slid down his stomach to his pants.

“So are you,” Trevor replied in a deep, sexy baritone. His voice sent a shiver down her spine and she swallowed hard to calm her excitement. Her fingers trembled as she unfastened his pants and she moaned softly when she saw the outline of his cock in his loose fitting boxers. She could tell he was already much larger than me and her tongue slowly circled her lips as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of his underwear and freed his big black cock.

It hung semi erect between his thick muscular thighs like the trunk of a baby elephant and she reached for it. It seemed like it was already the size of her second largest toy and she laughed as she gazed up at him.

“Just average huh?” Karen mused. They had joked about black male stereotypes at lunch and he had assured her that he was merely average or slightly larger.

“For a Jamaican, yes,” Trevor grinned as my wife guided him to her lips. He was by far the biggest she’d ever seen. Karen pulled back his foreskin and stretched her lips around his bulbous glans. Her tongue swirled over the tip and the rich, salty flavor of his precum filled her mouth. He tasted decidedly different than me and a low hungry moan rose from her chest. Her nipples grew rigid and her head bobbed slowly. She struggled to take even half of his length into her mouth and saliva spilled from the corners of her mouth as she sucked hard on his prodigious meat.

Trevor pulled my wife to her feet and lifted her dress over her head. Her breasts were flushed crimson and her nipples strained against her sexy lace bra. She had worn her sexiest underwear and she stood in just her bra and a thong as they kissed long, deep and wet.

Karen removed her bra and Trevor smiled. “I’ve always loved your tits,” he praised. He lowered his full lips to her hard nipples and sucked on them, alternating from side to side, as he lowered her thong past her pale, thick thighs.

She cradled his head and ran her hands across his taut shoulders. She could feel her juices leaking from her molten sex and making her inner thighs damp. She wanted him inside her more than she had ever wanted anything and she shuddered as he laid her on his bed and settled between her splayed thighs.

Trevor looked into my wife’s eyes and lowered his mouth to her ravenous cunt. His tongue slithered between the fragrant folds of her needy sexy and she groaned as its rough surface made first contact with her engorged clit. He eased two fingers inside her and massaged her g spot while he noisily slurped and licked her soaking wet cunt until her body erupted in a violent climax.

Karen cried out loudly as she came. Her toes curled and her hips writhed. She closed her pretty golden brown eyes and clutched at his head until the powerful waves of her orgasm ebbed.

“That was amazing,” Karen sighed wistfully as she looked at her new lover through half closed eyes. Her climax had awakened her and she coaxed him onto her hungry body.

His cock brushed against the mouth of her vaginal canal and she xvideos porno moaned impatiently.

“Please,” my wife begged.

“Please what?” Trevor teased. He knew what she wanted. They had talked at length about the games she and I played. He knew of her big black dildos and my desire to watch her with another man. He was not against an exhibitionist display for my benefit but he wanted her to himself first.

“Please fuck me Trevor,” Karen hissed wantonly. She ached for him and she needed his beautiful cock inside her. Before using our myriad of toys she would have been frightened by his size but she loved big dildos and she needed the real thing.

“Are you sure?” He teased. He fisted his cock and rubbed it up and down her eager slit making Karen quiver. “I don’t have a condom.”

“I don’t care I need you inside of me. Please. Please fuck me,” she begged.

Karen groaned loudly. Her toes curled anew and her eyes rolled back in her head. His cock felt incredible. It was warm and alive. It pulsed and twitched in her depths and she regretted not doing it sooner. She’d had opportunities before. She had been propositioned by men when she went out with her friends. She had even flirted and gotten free drinks from a man on a girl’s trip to Mexico but she’d always been good.

Trevor started slowly. He fed the length of his dick into her and paused with his balls pressed against her plump round ass. He withdrew at a leisurely pace and began thrusting languidly. Her juices coated his shaft and their bodies slapped together as she kissed him with raw emotion. He could tell that it was more than just sex to her and he was glad. He’d had feeling for her for more than a year and he had sensed that she might feel similar.

Their bodies moved to in unison. Trevor’s pace quickened and Karen bucked her hips to meet him. Her pants and moans grew urgent and her legs began to quiver and quake.

“Fuck, don’t stop baby,” she cried out. Her voice trembled and her painted red nails dug into his shoulders as another intense climax washed over her curvaceous body.

Trevor pulled out and flipped my wife onto her belly. His cock was long enough that he was able to lay on top of her juicy round ass and still touch bottom and a shiver ran down her spine. In that position each thrust stroked her g spot and her breathing began to labor. Her climax built quickly and she buried her face in the pillows as she screamed out loud. She had never cum so hard or so fast and she realized that the stories she had read about other women experiencing a big black cock for the first time were likely based on fact not fiction.

They continued to fuck for almost an hour. She rode him to a body quaking orgasm and they were both soaked in sweat when Trevor warned her he was going to cum soon. Karen rolled onto her back and spread her pale legs wide.

“I want to look into your eyes,” she panted as he moved into position and sank balls deep in her almost sated cunt. He smiled and they kissed as his hips moved slowly. She hugged him tight and thrust her tongue into his mouth. Her eyes closed and she savored the sensation of their bodies joined as one.

“Cum for me baby,” Karen moaned.

“I’m close,” he grunted deep and low.

She locked her legs behind his ass and looked up at him with needy eyes. “Don’t pull out. I want you to breed me,” she hissed. She wasn’t on the pill and despite being 50 she was still technically fertile.

Trevor nodded. He’d heard those words before and he felt his big balls tighten. His cock grew and his seed surged through his pulsating shaft. He erupted deep and groaned as ribbons of hot cream shot from his cock.

He collapse on top of her and they kissed tenderly. Her hands caressed his back while his spent rod went slack inside her. She whimpered when it slipped from the embrace of her soiled pussy and she giggled as his cum oozed from her depths. It ran like a stream down the crack of her ass onto the bedspread.

Trevor rolled off her and she snuggled close. “Hold me, please.” She felt a tinge of guilt but as he wrapped his strong arms around her it quickly dissipated.

My shoulders tensed when I heard the garage door open. It was after 10PM and she had been with him alone in his room for more than 8 hours. She had text messaged me twenty minutes earlier, letting me know that she was on her way and I had been anxious to see her physical and mental states. I knew nothing about what had transpired but she had agreed to give me all of the details when she arrived.

Karen opened our bedroom door and I moaned when I saw her. My caged cock strained against the bars of my chastity device and my eyes were wide and eager. Her hair was a mess and her makeup was gone. Her cheeks were glowing and her clothes were disheveled.

“How was it?” I joked with a wry grin.

“It was okay,” my pretty wife laughed. She was braless and her nipples were clearly visible through her dress.

She lifted her dress off and cocked her head to the right as she flashed me a mischievous crooked smile. She looked radiant and I had never loved her more. I could feel precum leaking from my dick and I looked at her puffy, red, ravaged cunt as she joined me on the bed. She pulled back the covers, exposing my caged cock, and squealed with delight.

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