Jeff’s Camping Trip


This is the story of a good friend of mine – let’s call him Jeff. He really only told me this story, so you’re lucky that I’m even going to tell you.

Ok, so a little background on Jeff: he’s pretty much the straightest guy you can imagine, he always has a date with some beautiful chick, he has pictures of chicks all over his house, and of course, he’s had sex with, I don’t know how many girls over the past years. Other than that, Jeff is 25; he loves fishing, hunting, hockey, and camping, which is where I’m leading you, so sit tight.

One weekend last year something happened to Jeff, and it took me almost a year to get him to tell me, so here’s the story as told to me first hand by Jeff.

On May 24, 2004 Jeff was going camping. He was supposed to take this girl along with him, but she cancelled at the last minute so he had to go by himself – which wasn’t a big deal, Jeff loves camping. So he packs up his gear and gets going to the Provincial Park that is just outside of the city, maybe an hour or so away I guess. He arrives and gets everything set up and ready to go and then the guy in the next site comes over…

*** May 24, 2004***

“Hi neighbor!” Called a male voice behind me. I turn around and see a guy in his mid to late 30’s, dark brown hair, about 6’5″ tall and around 200 lbs. He’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

“Hi, how’s it going?” I reply, hoping that he’ll go away.

“Pretty good, just wondering whose going to be over here this weekend. I get the same lot every weekend.” The man told me.

‘What do I care’ I thought to myself, but didn’t say that. Instead I said: “Ah, that’s cool, I’m Jeff,” extending my hand for a handshake.

“Michael, call me Mike though.” He shook my hand; he had a firm handshake. “Maybe later you could come over for a beer or something?” I hesitated for a second…


‘Come on say yes!’ I plead in my mind. This Jeff fellow is gorgeous, mid twenties, sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and a body I could play with all day long.

“Yeah sure, can’t pass up a free beer, right?” He finally replied. My brain and cock sighed with relief – there was still a chance. I want this guy so much it’s making me hard just thinking about it.

“Cool, see you around 7 then?” I ask him, trying not to sound too desperate. “Sure, see you then.” He porno replies quicker this time. I hope he show’s up…


‘Damn it all, why did I agree to that?’ I ask myself. This will cut way into my available time for finding a girl to spend the night with. Oh well, I guess it can’t hurt to have one beer with him. He’s saying something else but I’m thinking about the cute parks worker girl at the gate that checked me in… what was her name again? Jess, Jenna? Damn I forget. Oh well. I stand in my campsite with beer in hand, and he finally leaves. So I sit down to enjoy a few drinks before supper.


‘It’s 7:05… where is that gorgeous man?’ I’m asking my brain. ‘Rustling in the bushes? Oh good it’s Jeff, and by the looks of it, he’s already had a few beers. That might come in handy…’

“Hey Mike!” He yells out at me; I hand him a beer and reply to his greeting while thinking about his mouth wrapping around my stiff rod. “How’s your night been Mike?” I manage an actual answer this time:

“Good… just been sitting around, though.”

“That sucks. I was trying to get this chick to come back to my campsite but it turns out she’s a stuck up prude,” he spouts from his perfectly delicious mouth. I really want to kiss him, but don’t know how that would go, so I hold back and offer him another beer instead…


“Yeah, more beer!” I reply… kind of. I open it and drink. “This is good stuff.” I comment. Although slightly drunk, I still know what’s happening; I am pretty used to this. I sit down, he sits beside me and we start talking. Somehow topics fly by and we end up on dreams that we’ve had, so I tell him about this one I had where I get fucked by another guy. I don’t know why I’m telling him this… the words just seem to be coming out of my mouth:

“So I feel, in the dream, his cock pushing into my ass, and I groan pretty loud…” I hear myself say, followed shortly after by “He pulls out of my ass and puts his dick in my mouth then he explodes all over my face…” Why am I telling him this?


‘This is my chance, he just told me about his erotic gay dream!’ I say to myself. Finally I work up the courage and lean over, our mouths meeting perfectly as he gives in to the feeling, our tongues dance around. I can feel my cock growing hard…


‘Holy shit anime porno I’m kissing a man!’ The thought runs through my head as my tongue slides around his, but there are other thoughts, such as ‘This feels so good’ and ‘I’m getting so hard.’ My cock has gone from completely limp to rock solid and straining against my jeans. Now Mike has a hand on my leg, and I desperately want him to touch my cock; I’ve been thinking about this for a long time – being with another man I mean. Finally I grab Mike’s hand and place it in my lap; he begins to stroke me through my pants and it feels so good.

‘This feels so unbelievable.’ My mind is racing as I feel my pants being unzipped. He pulls down my pants and slides his hand inside my boxers ,grabbing my dick; it feels so good as his hand slides up and down my long shaft while we kiss. Mike seems to gain courage with every passing second and stops kissing me, lowering his head to my lap where he licks at my dick through my boxers. ‘Suck my dick!’ My mind pleads, but my mouth can’t say a word as he teases me, licking the head of my cock through my boxers…


‘This is amazing!’ I say to myself as I’m in Jeff’s lap; I can’t wait to get his cock out and see it, lick it, suck it for the first time. I had been hoping for this, but never expected it to happen. Now all I have to do is pop open this one little button, and there we go, his cock is out in the open. I look up at his face – he has his eyes closed. Good! This way he won’t expect it. I run my hand up the shaft of his cock and as I start to run it back down I take all of his cock into my mouth, hearing a loud groan come from him and feel him trying to buck against my face as I suck on his hard dick. Jeff’s hands are trying to find my cock, but I think I am just out of reach of him, so I stop sucking his dick and come back up to kiss him.


‘I can’t believe I am about to suck a cock’ I say as he points his hard rod at my mouth. I open wide and slowly take some in; he moans and gently pushes farther, my dick tingling from his mouth expertly working me over. I finally have about half of his cock in my mouth, so I suck pretty hard on it, listening to him moan. I start to bob my head a little, as I’ve seen the chicks I’ve been with do; I really don’t know what I’m doing, but he arap porno seems to be enjoying it as I suck and lick his meat. It feels so good to have his rod sliding in my mouth; if only we could be doing this at the same time…


I think Jeff and I had the same idea because we both started taking off all our clothes. I kiss him again and run my hands across his ripped abs – it’s a six pack – he’s so beautiful I want to fuck him, but he might not be able to handle it – we’ll have to see. He lies down on my sleeping bag, which has been laying there for a while, and I get on top of him in the 69 position, my cock slipping into his mouth as I take his back into mine. Jeff is amazing for a first timer; I really want to blow my load all over him, but I want to taste his first so I start sucking faster and harder, he’s moaning loudly around my dick and starting to lose grip on it.

“Are you going to cum sexy?” I call back to him as he tries to keep sucking me.

“Yes! Oh yes!!!” he moans loudly as I suck him back into my mouth. My tongue slides around the head of his cock as my hands slowly but surely work his balls and the base of his dick, I can feel him trying to hold back so I finish him off, sucking him all into my mouth as hard as I can, then quickly jerking him off until he explodes

“Oh FUUCK!!!” he moans as streams of his hot cum slash into my mouth and on my face – that’s nearly enough to make me cum right there. I almost force my way into his mouth again and feel him doing what I just did to him. I moan and then I feel him pushing a finger against my ass, as it slides into my butt hole I scream his name and shoot my load all over him…


‘I want his cum so much, maybe this will help?’ As I’m sucking on Mike’s cock, I can feel that he’s close, but not quite there, so I slip a finger against his asshole. He moans a bit so I slid it in, just then he screams out my name and starts to pump his cum into my mouth and on to my face and chest. There is so much I can’t swallow even a half of it and I end up covered in it. He gets off of me and we lay together for a few minutes in silence. I don’t know what to say, that was the best sexual experience of my life, but it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that I am covered in another mans cum…


I can sense his disbelief and uneasiness as we lay together on the sleeping bag, nude in the middle of a forest. I kiss him and he kisses back, I can feel myself getting excited about what might come next, but I don’t know quite how to proceed…

To be continued.

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