Jakob had inherited his father’s classic Scandinavian looks, pale complexion, high cheek bones, full lips, light blonde hair. He had also inherited his mother’s height (5’6″), slim build (9 stone fully clothed and dripping wet), long eyelashes and stunning blue eyes.

After this parents split up Jakob’s mother encouraged him to take up sports as a way to give him structure, discipline and to teach him teamwork. He enjoyed swimming and running and competed in both at county level. Between his homework and his training, Jakob had little time for friends and even less to get up to any mischief.

Jakob hardly ever saw his father after the divorce as his work in the oil industry took him to all parts of the globe for months at a time and his mother was a teacher but because of her work load, she barely spent any time with him. His father would send him the occasional message when he had shore leave from some exotic location, he seemed to spend most of his time in south america or the far east.

As school progressed Jakob became Jake. Jake found his good looks and sporting success was a double edged sword, he was one of the most popular kids in school and also one of the most hated. Some guys liked hanging out with him because he was good at sports and had trophies to prove it, likewise, some hated him because they were jealous of his success and the attention it brought, especially since he was so modest that he seemed almost embarrassed by it. Some girls liked him because of his looks, others envied his beauty and natural grace and spread rumours he was gay.

As a result of this Jake had few real friends and hardly ever dated because he found the gossip that spread around the school both tedious and hurtful, after one noteable date with one of the best gymnasts in school even the teachers started talking about his social life.

At college the gossip and rumours only intensified, however Jake found a home of sorts amongst the alternative crowd, the artists, the LGBTQ+ community, the punks, metalheads and misfits from all walks of life. The ones that find themselves sticking together as a way of surviving and supporting the kids that haven’t been successfully sorted into one or other of the accepted teenage castes in the college social eco system.

However even amongst the outcasts Jake didn’t fit in, his beauty and his continued sporting success made the others feel like he was too good for the company he kept. Jake wasn’t gay even though people assumed he was (because he seemed so indifferent to all the attention the girls showered on him, when really he was just painfully inexperienced and shy), so when he turned down some boys he found himself isolated even further. He concentrated on his swimming and running and took up cycling. He kept himself shaved smooth like the professionals did, which accentuated his slender, toned build and mouth-watering bubble butt.

With all the gossip and rumours spread about him at high school and college Jake didn’t do much dating and when he did, he didn’t get very far. He found that girls were in love with the idea of dating him, they lusted after the fantasy they had of him in their heads and not the meek, timid boy in front of them. They all told him what a good kisser he was and how skilful he was with his soft hands but when it came to sex, his size (a thin 3.5″ at best) was a turn off and the girls either made fumbling excuses and left, or, in some cases the look of disappointment or disgust was so demeaning and degrading that his erection withered away in front of their eyes.

Jake found a form of acceptance when one of his few friends asked him to model for them as part of their fashion course. He was the star of the show and thanks to his look the show and the college got mentioned in some of the national style magazines. Jake got several offers to model for local independent shops and with the money he brought a phone and started an Instragram account, soon Jake turned into JC model, photographer and prince of Instagram.

JC left college to study chemistry at Bristol university. Bristol was about five hundred miles away from Aberdeen and close enough to London for modelling opportunities without him becoming just another face trying to make it on the big London scene. The city had a lot of history and a fiercely independent, rebellious vibe which JC fell in love with.

JC picked up several modelling contracts in the city and his modelling, swimming, running, cycling and studying left little time for a conventional student social life. A productive way to keep his modelling and his instagram account in the limelight was to arrange dates with fellow models to boost both their profiles, he would be seen leaving various hotspots with some gorgeous young thing on his arm and depending on the fashion campaign they were working on, they would agree to either have a one night stand, or a two week whirlwind romance at the end of which they would part on good terms. He maintained a couple of türkçe altyazılı porno long term flirtationships with some instagram models as a way of keeping his followers interested and his profile active.

Post date truth was that once behind closed doors they would both collapse onto the sofa, throw their viciously uncomfortable, eye wateringly expensive shoes off and sit in front of the TV, eating toast and drinking tea until they fell asleep fully clothed.

He lived his life in likes and views. He regularly received messages advising him to create an only fans account, unsolicited dick pics, cum tributes and a lot of spiteful hate mail.

With his bad past experiences of dating and the attention and adoration he found online, JC was both a loner and a flirt.

One Sunday morning after a night of champagne and being seen on the town, JC decided to go for a run to clear his hangover, it was the start of a reading week at university meaning no classes all week while the students read and researched and worked on their coursework. His latest ‘one night stand’ had been a cute little red head who had been flirting hard with him online as part of their collaboration on a fashion shoot. She had left her strappy, impossibly high stilettos and a pale pink, (still damp) lacy thong she had worn the night before as a memento, he couldn’t remember much about it so he set a reminder to message her and see if she wanted to meet up again and got ready for his run.

JC showered, shaved his body smooth and got dressed in his favourite pair of baby blue running short shorts, tight white top and matching knee high socks, grabbed his phone, and keys. He downed a pint of water and several aspirin in a vain attempt to combat his hangover, laced up his trainers, took a deep breath and set off.

It was a hard run, he felt sick with every step and the pounding headache didn’t go away, it seemed to get worse with the fresh air and bright sunlight. As often happened on a long Sunday morning run, JC started to daydream to keep his mind off the hangover and how much further he had left to go. This morning his daydream focused on Heather, last night’s date. So it was a shock when he tripped over a loose paving slab and crashed to his knees on the cold, unforgiving concrete.

Pain lanced from his ankle to his knee. JC stifled a groan and tried to stand up, his leg buckled underneath him and he collapsed to the floor, cursing in agony.

JC reached into the pocket of his shorts, thankfully his phone had survived his fall but he had forgotten to charge it when he stumbled home last night and the battery died as he was about to call a taxi.

JC swore aloud and hit the ground in frustration, tears starting to well up in his pretty blue eyes as he contemplated trying to limp all the way back to the house he shared with some other students off campus.

JC was wallowing in self pity, muttering under his breath at the unfairness of it all, sniffling, wiping away his snot and tears and trying his best to stop crying. He was so absorbed in his pity that he didn’t notice the large black man that had walked up beside him and JC jumped a little when he spoke.

“You okay there kid?” asked the man in a deep rumble.

“Yeah” sniffed JC.

“Don’t look like it to me.” Observed the man calmly.

“I hurt my ankle and my battery is dead so I can’t call a taxi to get home.” Snapped JC, why wasn’t this guy leaving him alone?

“Well I live just down the road, I can call you a taxi and get some ice on your injury while you wait?”

JC sat and thought through his options, on the one hand he was in a rough part of the city and a stranger was asking him to go to his house where he could be mugged or raped or worse. On the other hand, he didn’t fancy his chances of limping several miles back to his house and had no way of calling for assistance. His distrust of the stranger was beginning to win the argument in his head when it started raining.

“Look kid, I aint gonna hurt ya, let’s get you fixed up and I’ll call you a taxi.”

JC sighed and held out a hand, the man pulled him up with such force JC fell against him, he was solid muscle, JC could feel the warmth of his body through his clothes and the scent of musk and weed.

He draped JC’s arm around his broad shoulders and wrapped a big, powerful arm around JC’s tiny waist.

“Come on boy, let’s get you home. Name’s Jim.” said the tall muscular black man.

“JC” shivered JC.

Jim practically carried JC to an unassuming three storey terrace house, unlocked the door and helped JC to the sofa in the lounge. Then he took off JC’s shoes and socks and went to the kitchen to get some pain killers and an ice pack.

JC took the opportunity to look around, he was in a small sitting room, a big flat screen TV hung on the wall opposite surrounded by tall speakers, obligatory console underneath. Two beaten up looking sofas and a love xnxx seat covered by a ratty looking blanket along with the table scattered with magazines, empty beer bottles and a full ashtray completed the room. It smelt of weed and unwashed men.

Jim was either a seriously dedicated bachelor or a mature student to be living in a place like this.

Jim came back a few minutes later, carrying a pint of water and two pills. He handed them to JC and told him to take them, JC dutifully downed the pills, took several gulps of water and let out a long sigh of pain.

“Here, give us ya phone and I’ll get it charged so you can get home.” said Jim, JC handed over his phone without thinking and Jim left, presumably to plug it in to a charger.

JC started to feel a little woozy, the pain killers Jim gave him must be a lot stronger than the stuff you can buy in the shops he thought, as his vision went cloudy then cleared and clouded over again.

Jim watched as the pain killers started to do their work on JC, the boy’s body visibly relaxed, he slumped down into the sofa and his heavy lidded eyes looked vacant.

Once he was sure the pain killers had taken effect, he went back into the lounge and knelt between JC’s legs. He picked up one delicate foot in his big, strong hands, JC sighed in pleasure as Jim started to give him a foot rub.

The contrast was startling, Jim’s dark chocolate brown skin, his long, thick, powerful fingers gently manipulating JC’s small, feminine, pale white foot. JC had never had a foot rub before and he found it to be unexpectedly erotic, with a frisson of the forbidden. Men weren’t supposed to get foot rubs, if anything they gave them to women in the expectation of sex. Then there was the fact that this older black man who looked strong enough to snap him in two and clearly his physical superior, was on his knees between his legs giving him this sensual, arousing foot rub.

Jim noticed a small tent was forming in JC’s running shorts as he continued to work on his feet and calves, he decided to push on with his seduction and leant down to lightly kiss the sensitive spot just near the boy’s ankle. “Ooohh” sighed JC, he spread his legs wider and slouched down on the sofa, wanting more.

Jim smiled, just a few more moves and the boy would be like putty in his hands, he opened his mouth and languidly licked the sole of his foot from heel to toe, JC blushed and shuddered, his little dick now straining against his running shorts, leaking pre-cum, his fingers digging into the cushions. Jim licked the sole of JC’s other foot while he ran his nails lightly down the sole of the other foot. Then Jim sucked JC’s big toe into his mouth and gently bobbed up and down on the digit, as he worked his thumbs gently but firmly up and down JC’s foot, JC’s eyes were now tightly shut and he was whimpering as the waves of pleasure flowed through him, washing away his resistance.

Jim knew the boy was getting close so he stopped, stood up, lifted JC into his arms and carried him to his bedroom. JC curled up in his arms, he didn’t know what was happening, he had never been so aroused, this big, strong, black man was making him melt. He was panting in lust and Jim hadn’t even undressed him yet.

Jim lay the boy gently down on the unmade bed, the smell of his body mixed with sex and weed was heavy in the air. Jim climbed on top of JC, letting his weight crush the boy a little and kissed his full, soft lips. JC was hesitant, he didn’t understand what was happening, he wasn’t gay, why was his body reacting this way? He wasn’t sure he wanted this, didn’t know who this strange man was, how he got here or why his lips were starting to kiss back, why he spread his legs, why he pushed out his chest, his nipples painfully hard and begging to be touched. His increasing arousal was slowly overwhelming his doubts, soft moans escaped his lips with every kiss, his small delicate hands started to tentatively stroke Jims big muscular arms.

The weight of the strange man on top of him was intoxicating, this powerful, dominant man wanted him! His kisses were gentle and insistent, each kiss weakening JC’s resistance a little more, each kiss just that bit longer and more arousing than the last. He began to forget who was kissing him and just enjoy the sensation of being kissed, the feel of those big, warm soft lips, the perfect amount of pressure, that delicious feeling of being desired.

JC wrapped his slim, pale arms around Jim’s neck and started to kiss him back. Jim took the opportunity to run one hand possessively over JC’s body, stroking the boys chest, teasing his hard pink nipples.

Jim kissed his way down JC’s neck, along the line of his collar bone then down to suck on his nipples, flicking them playfully with his tongue, grazing them with his teeth, nuzzling them with his lips. JC moaned in pleasure and ran his hands through Jim’s hair, pulling him closer, Jim moved his hand down JC’s body and under his running porno izle shorts. He gently squeezed JC’s slender, achingly hard 3.5″ dick, causing him to groan in pleasure and his little dick to ooze pre-cum then he stroked under JC’s tiny hairless balls and between his ass cheeks.

JC’s ass was still sweaty from his run and Jim used this natural lubricant to tease JC’s tight, pink virgin hole. JC groaned as he felt Jim’s big, thick finger circling and gently pushing at his ass hole. Little shocks of pleasure ran through his body every time that thick finger tickled and teased at his hole and lingered a little longer before retreating and massaging the ring of muscle, occasionally stroking his perineum or rubbing his balls, then back crept the finger, each time the virgin hole gave a little more, each time Jim’s finger went a little deeper and teased in and out a little longer.

JC was moaning continuously now, mewling in arousal and submission as he was expertly finger fucked, he hadn’t noticed that Jim had pulled his shorts off, the baby blue short shorts now dangled forgotten from one ankle. All his attention was focused on the pleasure this man was giving him, every touch, every kiss, every achingly gentle thrust of his fingers in his ass seemed to be impossibly more arousing, he could feel his body glowing with sensual pleasure.

Jim was pumping two fingers steadily in and out of JC, continuously adding lube. There was no doubt now that he was going to turn this boy into his own private sex slave. The boy had been writhing under him since he had started kissing his ear and sucking on his neck, his peachy, white ass cheeks clenched and relaxed powerlessly as they were dominantly spread by his big black hand, exposing the pretty pink virgin hole to his masterful fingers.

After the initial shock had worn off, JC started to unconsciously move his hips in time to the rhythm of Jim’s fingers. It felt like a new part of him, a hidden, primal part, the essence of what he was, was being awakened by those long, thick black fingers, relentlessly stroking in and out of him, caressing that spot deep inside him, making his body glow with arousal and the intensity agonisingly increased with every slow, deliberate thrust.

Previously undiscovered muscles were instinctively sucking Jim’s fingers back into his ass, natural ass juice, clear, sweet, spicy and musky mixed with the lube and started drooling out of JC’s hungry ass.

Jim wanted the boy’s first orgasms to be from his cock to bind the boy to him and teach him that orgasms came from a cock in his ass and when he felt JC’s virgin ass blindly grasping and sucking in his fingers, juices drooling he knew he was ready.

He lubed up his rock hard 10″ cock and pressed the thick, blunt head to the wet, puffy, pink, virgin ass lips, which were pucker up in mindless need.

JC felt the cock head at his entrance and opened his eyes for the first time since Jim had laid him on the bed and kissed him. Jim stared into his innocent blue eyes and pushed his cock slowly into the boy. JC gasped and his eyes widened in shock, was a flash of intense stinging pain that brought tears to his eyes then it vanished to be replaced by a pleasurable warmth, an incredible feeling of fullness, a sense of utter satisfaction that he had never felt before, a sexual pleasure that made his eyes sparkle and his toes curl.

It took all of Jim’s self control not to ram every fat inch as deep as humanly possible and fuck as hard and as fast as he could until he blew his load. The feel of JC’s warm, wet ass muscles gently, but firmly milking his cock was almost too much.

Jim raised himself up and knelt over the blushing boy, panting in lust, lost in a fog of sexual pleasure, his hands grasping at the bed sheets, his legs wrapped around Jim’s ass, fucking himself slowly back and forth on Jim’s hard, thick cock, grunting softly every time he impaled himself fully, moaning gently as he rocked back and forth.

The older man stared down with a mixture of triumph and awe as the baby faced 19 year old angel took every inch of his cock, Jim leant down and whispered in his ear “you love this cock, don’t you baby?” JC moaned and nodded slightly, the last remnants of his conscious mind were still unwilling to admit how incredible this felt. “You want me to fuck you baby?” JC blushed hard, bit his lip and nodded again.

Jim pulled his cock out and nestled the head against the entrance of the boy’s warm, wet hole. He could feel the ring gaping open and closed, trying to entice his cock back inside where it belonged, like felt like a baby nuzzling at its mother’s teat. Jim lifted JC’s legs up and over his shoulders so he could really make the boy feel every thick inch of his immense cock, but first he wanted to hear the boy say it, he wanted the boy to admit he wanted to get fucked.

“Say it baby.” he pushed the head of his cock inside the boy and pulled it out, making him moan.

“Tell me what you want.” Jim took a foot and started sucking on JC’s toes again.

JC grunted and pushed back as hard as he could, desperately trying to get that magnificent cock back inside. Jim kept sucking at the boy’s toes and started to work on his pecs and nipples with his finger nails.

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