It’s Just a Checkup, Miss Connor


-Miss Connor? -a sturdy male voice calls out my name.

-Ahem -I say in a cough- that’s me.

I look up from the magazine I have in my hands, up to the door, and I see a young guy. He’s about 30 and quite attractive.

As I walk into his office, I feel nervous. I haven’t had a visit for so long, I don’t know how to behave.

-Miss Connor, I see this is your first visit? -he asks, as he ruffles through some documents on his desk- I’m Dr Wallace, Simon Wallace.

-Nice to meet you, I’m Tilly. I’m not here for anything special, just the regular checkup.

-Good. -he replies in a low, affirmed tone. I have to admit his voice is very sexy.

As he looks through his papers, he licks the tip of his finger before flipping the page and I take a look at his hands: big, firm and strong.

He looks up and points at the exam table.

-Can you sit here? You don’t need to take anything off for now.

I do as he says, sit on the edge of the bed and rest my hands on my lap. I’m still nervous: I was expecting an old man, or an old woman, but definitely not a hot guy my age. He walks up to me as his gaze meets mine.

-How have you been feeling lately?

-Oh, just fine, really. -I reply in a shaky voice.

-I’m just going to check everything, okay, miss Connor? -as he asks that, he moves a hand up to my neck and feels around. I blush at his touch and feel my face turn red. He feels my arms and my abdomen. He moves his hand to my chest and I sense surprise on his face.

-Your heart’s beating really fast. Why is that? -at the moment he says that, I feel it pumping out of my chest. I ask myself: what is happening, why do I feel like this? And all of a sudden, I feel this same pressure and tightness somewhere other than my chest: down there. Fuck; he’s turning me on, this is so wrong.

-Well, I -the words stumble out of my mouth- I get nervous easily. Sorry.

-Oh Miss Connor, you don’t need to apologize. Do you mind taking your shirt off for me?

Again, I comply with pleasure. When my shirt is off, I notice my nipples are hardened, even through my bra. I hope he doesn’t notice.

He strokes my cheek and smiles.

-Your face feels very warm, are you sure there’s nothing going on with you?

-Yes, Dr Wallace, I… I think I’m doing ok. -at this point, I’m so horny, I can’t even speak correctly.

He puts his hand around my back and touches the clasp of my bra.

-May I? -he asks, signalling he wants to take it off.

-Yes, please do. -I’m Çankaya Escort starting to shake, I can’t hide it anymore.

The bra comes off, and I feel his hand caressing my abdomen and travelling up to my breast. He cups it gently as he grabs onto my waist with his other hand. Suddenly he squeezes my breast and I let out a small moan.

-Hmm, Miss Connor… I would say you’re feeling quite well.

He continues by slightly spreading my legs and pushing me closer to the edge of the bed. He takes both of his hands, holds my face in between them and kisses my cheek softly. Then, he moves down to my neck and I melt at the touch of his tongue against my skin. In a split second I look down and see a bulge rising under his pants.

-I’m going to ask you to take your jeans off now, okay?

I put my feet on the floor to undo my buttons as I stare at him. He stands still and looks straight back at me. I wiggle my legs out of the jeans and throw them on the floor, left wearing only my lace panties.

-Better now, Dr Wallace? -I say shyly, with a light grin.

-Better. Much, much better. -he says, as he looks me up and down.- Sit again, please.

I get on the exam table again. He leans into me, puts his hand on the back of my neck, holding my head, and whispers:

-Lay down, Miss Connor. On your back.

I do as he says. Then, he puts one hand on my inner thigh and the warmth of his fingers catches me by surprise; I whimper. He squeezes.

Slowly, he raises his hand along my thigh up to my panties. He places his thumb exactly in the center of them and strokes gently. Again, I let out a moan, and when he notices, he smiles and repeats the motion. My body’s trying to move around and spread my legs, and I’m holding back.

As he looks me up and down again, he lifts his hand and slides it under my panties. He drives his middle finger right along the top of my slit and says:

-Hmm, what have we got here?

-What is it, Dr Wallace?

-It looks like you’ve gotten quite wet, Miss Connor.

-Oh, I -before I can say another word, he starts to slide two fingers up and down my wetness, which makes me moan.- I, uhm… Dr Wallace, you-you make me feel so good.

-Do I? That’s lovely to hear… Hmm.

As he moans slightly again, he slides a finger inside me and plays around. I raise my legs and pull my thighs closer, but his firm hand pushes them down again.

-Now, Miss Connor, you have to behave. Keep still, Keçiören Escort or I’ll have to stop.

-Don’t, Dr Wallace, I beg you not to. -I whimper.

As he wiggles his finger in my pussy, he puts another one in and repeats the motion. With his other hand, he squeezes my breast and slightly twists my nipple. I moan again.

-It seems your nipples have hardened…

Then, he moves his hand from my breast to my face. He brushes my cheek and puts his thumb on my lips. Instinctively, I open my mouth and start to suck on it.

-Hmm, just like that, Miss Connor, you’re doing so well.

He continues with some fingers inside me, which is making me wetter by the second. He moves one up to my clit and makes small, gentle, circles. It causes me to suck harder on his thumb and moan again.

Slowly, he slides his fingers out of my panties and his thumb out of my mouth.

-Now, I want you to sit up again. -he says in a firm voice.

I comply. He then grabs me by my hips and pulls me closer to the edge of the exam table, leaving my groin only a few inches away from his. I notice again how hard his is.

-Look at what you’ve done, Miss Connor.

-Oh, Dr Wallace… -I say with a smirk- I knew exactly what I was doing.

I take my hand, lift his shirt a little and caress the skin on his lower abdomen. Then, I slide my fingers under his pants and boxers. His cock feels thick, and most of all, hard. I start to rub up and down on it while looking up at him. As he groans in pleasure, I lean forward. I fill his chest with small kisses and soft licks. He takes his hands, puts them on the back of my neck and head, his fingers between my hair, and raises my face up to his. As I keep stroking him, he kisses me deeply.

-Hmm… You know just what to do. -he says, and smiles.

Then, I take my hand out of his boxers and slide them down, revealing how hard his cock is. I stand up, and he takes a few steps back. I take my panties off, and when I’m about to throw them on the floor, he stops me. He takes them out of my hand, smells them, and moans in pleasure, before dropping them.

I turn around, lean on the exam table and bend over, leaving my ass facing his cock. I look back and give him a mean look.

-What will you do about this, Dr Wallace?

-Miss Connor… -he says, looking at my ass and biting his lip.

All of a sudden he slaps my buttocks and I gasp heavily. By the loud sound it made, I think it’s left Etimesgut Escort my ass red. Then, I feel his two hands grabbing onto my hips and the head of his cock teasing my pussy, which makes us both moan. He slides it all the way in, only to take it out again immediately. I moan in complaint and he laughs softly. He caresses my back and then puts his cock back in. The sensation of him filling me up overtakes me. He starts to thrust it in and out, at a slow pace but strongly. I grab onto the sheet of the exam table and my breath starts to get heavier. His grip on my skin tightens as both of our moans grow. Then, I feel him leaning over my back, while still inside me. He puts his fingers around my throat gently, without any pressure. But the sheer clutch of his hand on my neck makes me melt. I moan and he laughs again.

-Oh, you like that, Miss Connor? -he says playfully.

-Dr Wallace, I’m yours. Yours.

He slides out of me and turns me around, making me face him. He picks me up, holding me by my ass and thighs. Then, he slides me down on his hard cock again as I open up. He leaves my weight to rest on the exam table. He starts filling my face with wet kisses, and continues with the hard thrusts into me.

-Miss Connor, if we carry on like this, I’ll fill you up.

-Oh, please do. I want to feel it inside me. -I say, moaning.

He carries on, pushing his cock into me, as he holds me closely. I hear him breathe and groan into my ear, louder as every second passes. He cums, deep inside me. As I feel his hot load warming my insides, he kisses me again. He takes his cock out of me and gets his breath back.

I try to get off the table, but he stops me.

-Now, Miss Connor, do you really think we’ve finished? No, no. Get back on the table.

I sit again. He gets on his knees in front of me, on the floor, and leans into my pussy. He puts his tongue on the inside of my lips and licks around my soaking wet slit. I put my hand on his head to push him harder against me as I start moaning louder. He kisses my clit, licks it, sucks on it. And before I know it, I cum. I cum so hard that my thighs pull closer, pressing against his head, they shake, and I try to hold back my screams.

He stands up, licks his lips clean and leans in for a kiss.

-Well, Miss Connor, I think this concludes your visit. The checkup was good, I don’t seem to find any problems.

-Yes, Dr Wallace… -I try to say as I recover my breath.- Thank you.

He quickly gets dressed again and waits as I finish doing the same.

-You should come back soon, in case I missed anything, okay? -he says with a smile.

I nod. He opens the door for me and I step out of his office. I hear the door close, and stand there, flustered. I blink a few times and snap back into myself again, before walking out of the building and heading back home.

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