Ink Stains

Back Door

It’s dark when I feel your fingertips trailing up the back of my thighs. I keep my eyes closed but sigh my pleasure at your explorations. Up over my rounded butt, slipping into the dimple at the small of my back, sliding along the canyon of my spine until you nestle under my hair. Picking up a strand you twirl it around your fingers and your lips touch my shoulder. I open my eyes to see you peeking at me through thick black lashes, casting deep shadows in the meager light from the hall. Your stubble rasps my tender skin and the way you’re looking at me brings blood rushing to my cheeks as well as other places.

“Why?” you query almost shyly, sinking your teeth softly into my shoulder. Why the risk, why the brazenness, why forego the usual steps required by society for a good girl like me. “Because I want you.” The nakedness of my simple statement hung between us, heavy with no safety net of stipulations. Your hand makes another revolution of my body, from my thigh, over my butt, the dimples in my lower back. Here you pause and spread your fingers out, lightly gripping with the tips. I watch you watching your own exploration of my naked curves, delighting in the savoring strokes you’re using. I watch a storm of questions and consequences pass over your face while you continue your mapping of my body. Your knuckles slide over the side of my breast that is bulging out from under me into a soft half circle, and my nipples harden into the mattress.

“Well…” you begin, lowering your eyes to the task your fingers have taken on, “I guess if you’re gonna break the rules, better to smash them to hell” your lopsided grin turns to a chuckle and infects me and I laugh a bit hoarsely. Your eyes snap up to my face with concern. “I uh, I hope I didn’t push too deeply.” I raise an eyebrow as well as the corner of my mouth in response. Your use of my mouth to take your pleasure was a powerful experience I hadn’t had before but hope to relive in the near future.

Calm silence embraces us here, finally alone and naked in your bed. There is no fighting it now; the dam has broken and now we simply float atop the current. I prop myself up onto my elbows to kiss your shoulder and your hand slides under my newly exposed breast to cup it. There is no frenzied scramble to consummate our passion and time stretches before us with infinite opportunity. Samsun Escort Kissing your shoulder I lazily run my tongue over your skin, briefly flashing back to doing the same thing to your dick. Reminded of that, I slow down even more, emphasizing the memory to you.

You pick up your exploration of my back, this time starting at the nape of my neck, lifting my heavy hair up to let the cool air swirl beneath it before dropping it again. I sit back on my heels, stretching my arms above my head to free the front of my body from where I’ve been laying for several hours. You visually devour my freshly exposed breasts and the expanse of my stomach. Flipping on your back, you settle against the propped up pillows and display your lap for me. Your hand comes to my cheek, your cool thumb rubs across my flushed face to settle on my lips.

I straddle over your lower stomach, taking care not to settle below the belt. Grinning at my game, you take equal care not to thrust up to feel the wetness quickly gathering in my slit. Your right hand travels down my face to grasp my throat, the tips of your fingers gripping lightly, marveling at how far around they go. Both hands meet at my collarbones, tracing the protrusion to my shoulders to slide down my back. Leaning forward my hair falls around you, enclosing our faces in a dark halo. Those lips parting are a magnet for mine, drawing me downward while my hips slide back onto your growing hardness. Hands cup my ample ass, pulling the cheeks apart, gripping the muscle.

The heat radiating from my center wraps around you, trapping your cock between us, creating enough pressure to draw a groan from your chest. Guiding my hips, you rock me back and forward torturing us both with almost enough friction to satisfy. Biting your lower lip softly, I brace myself on your chest, my hands perfectly framing your tattoo and your hands are in my hair. I’ve been dreaming of the way you tuck it skillfully behind my right ear for the past month and a sigh of satisfaction lifts me upward to arch my back and throw my head back further into your touch.

A fist closes at my roots, tugging a bit to let another throaty sigh escape my mouth. We are trading power in this game, teasing the promise of satiation then promptly slowing to encourage the aching need in the other. Gripping my silky hair in Samsun Escort Bayan your hand I am at your mercy while you return to your exploration of my body. With one arm bending me back, you use the other to weigh my breasts, assessing their fullness. Tracing down between my cleavage, following the soft line of my stomach to circle my belly button. Shivering, I grind on you, begging for relief. You’re enjoying exacting misery in kind for all the weeks I’ve been plaguing you.

Feeling your grip on my hair slacken I take the opportunity to lift my hips, at once forcing your face into my cleavage as well as shifting your cock upward. Once again you are at my mercy. Seeing your willpower drain away to be replaced by the familiar desperation, I grant you a small glimpse of the tight place you crave so strongly with just a slight touch. Reaching out to grab my hips you try in vain to sheath yourself inside. Evading you easily, I enjoy the feeling of my wetness joining the straining head of your cock. Stilling you with my eyes, you lay in tense expectation quietly beneath me.

Slowly, slowly, lowering onto you brings complete focus to the point of contact between us. I feel myself tingling around your intruding flesh. I am halfway down on your shaft when the spasm ripples through me, not quite an orgasm, but the pleasure of sensation is all-consuming and I am rendered immobile. Your steady grip on my hips brings me deftly down to settle completely on your lightning rod of pleasure. My breath whooshes out of me and we hold still with the shock of delicious gratification. You throb inside me, pressing further into my walls to stretch me just a little more to rub against the eager nerve endings.

Those strong hands have utter control over my body, welded to my hips, they are the fulcrum of our pleasure. Leaning in to grab the headboard my body curves toward you and brings a satisfied grunt from your lips as my cunt grips you in a new way. We know each other in the Biblical sense already, but this is a new variety of acquaintance. The headboard provides traction necessary to move my body back and forth without pulling upward, leaving your dick deep inside to caress my tender flesh. Your teeth are nibbling here and there across my breasts to leave slight indentations around the nipples.

Panting atop you, Escort Samsun I can only muster the strength to shift back and forth while pleasure radiates from my pussy in rolling waves. Determination rolls into your eyes and you take control. Your grasp on my ass becomes tighter and more dominating. The strength of your desire flows through your fingertips and you grunt at the sensation created when you slide me up your length. The jolt from being forced down upon you makes me cry out and I am glad for the grip I still have on your headboard. Your eyes are closed and your head thrown back and we are caught in the tempest of passion.

Goosebumps cover me as my entire nervous system responds to this resolution to months of yearning. My breath tumbles out as moans, lapping against each other as you lift me up just to drive me down onto you. I tense at the upstroke in an attempt to drag myself upward, only to go weak when my clit meets your pubic bone. Your rhythmic control builds the tension in that small apex at the top of my slit and seeing my response you slow just a breath, decreasing the length of strokes to increase the amount of contact it has with your skin. Falling face down in the pillow next to your head I tilt forward to press into you as much as I can. “Cum for me” the murmured order pushes me over the edge and you hold onto me as the orgasm renders me silent in the height of my pleasure and I see stars.

Gently, you gather me upright once more. I am still clenching down around you hard enough for me to see the pleasure pass over your face every time one sweeps through my cunt. Drunk with pleasure I am compliant; open to your desires and willing to indulge them whatever they may be. Tipping me over with a tender kiss, your hand presses down between my shoulder blades and I gratefully collapse face down into the pillows. I feel the tugging at my waist and my ass is upturned, an obscene angle prepared for your cock.

The tip is at my wet entrance and pressing inside. Gently you force open the tightening corridor with a considerate pace, knowing your coming assault on my tender passage will likely be brief but desperate. Beginning your assault, my body rallies to it and I am once again climbing toward the mountain top. Gripping the sheets and twisting them in my fists I feel the aching begin around you again. “I’m going to come inside you” is answered with my cry into the bed, and I feel you filling me. The warmth continues spilling inside for a long time, the aftershocks of my pleasure milking every drop from you. I collapse as you leave me, your arm is around my waist and I sink quickly into sleep.

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