I Think we’re Alone Now

“If you could see me one more time, what would you say?” She asked as she heard the line fall silent. He was obviously deep in thought but she did find it odd she couldn’t even hear him breathe anymore. “Hello…” she asked to clarify he did not hang up the phone.

“Yea… I’m still here.” He said now allowing her to hear his deep breathing. “No one knows what we were.” He said.

She sighed inside at this realization. He wasn’t wrong. No one even knew they were a thing. Even their closest friends had no idea she was head over heels in love with him all through undergrad classes. “Yea… I guess you’re right.” She said with a heartfelt chuckle, clearly faking it to save at least a spoonful of dignity.

“What if we could go back to the beginning, where we went wrong?” She asked.

“I’d say take back everything you said that you didn’t mean.” He said in a matter of fact sort of way.

She was taken aback by this. Was he trying to fight with her about this? Did he honestly still care? Or at the very least, still have feelings for her? “What’s that supposed to mean?”

There was another awkward silence on the phone line as she waited desperately to hear his reasoning. “Nothing” he finally said. Damn, that wasn’t enough to calm her feelings.

“No… tell me.” She said pushing the issue again.

“I don’t know what you want me to tell you.” He spoke softly but forcefully at the same time. “Every heart falls apart, right?” She faintly thought she heard him sniffle. Could it be he was getting teary eyed at her questions? Was it possible he indeed did still have feelings for her? Shit, was it possible that he ever had feelings for her?

“Where are you?” She asked in an attempt to pry information but lighten the mood as well.


“I just want to know. Did you go home for break or are you still here… on campus?” She waited again. It always felt like she was waiting when it came to Tyler Redbone.

“I’m still here.” He said in that same forceful quite voice.

“I miss you.” She said hoping it wouldn’t fall on deaf ears.

“I know.”

Seriously that was it? That was all I get, she thought to herself, biting her lower lip in frustration.

“Look babe… it’s getting late and I have a lot of shit to do tomorrow.” She could tell he was making excuses now.

“Come see me, right now.” She interrupted, and then dangled by the silence awaiting either regret or pure jubilation.

“You at your dorm?” he asked. She exhaled hearing this as it meant he was considering her offer.


“Give me fifteen.”

She hung up the phone and began to hurriedly clean the room, throwing fast food wrappers about and sifting stacks of notebook paper. She stood in the middle of the room and quickly did a once over keeping an eye out for anything she may have missed. It looked good, she thought. Then, it hit her. She was wearing her knee-high nightgown and her hair gaziantep escort reklamları was a mess.

Erin stood barely 5′ tall with shoulder length blonde hair. She wasn’t the prettiest girl, by any means but she did have this way about her. Men always seemed to gravitate toward her, no matter where she was or what she was doing. She wore black thick rimmed glasses even though all her girlfriends told her they made her look too geeky, she liked them. Her brilliant blue eyes were not overshadowed by those glasses one bit and she knew it. She felt good about herself, in general. She knew the guys usually rated her about a seven and she was okay with that. Hell, she was happy to get higher than a five after high school.

She rushed over to her vanity that sat in the corner of the room. Digging through knots in her hair with a silver handled brush; she tried to apply cherry red lipstick at the same time. There was a knock at the door. Throwing the brush to the vanity she quickly tucked her nose between her armpits and sniffed a few times. Shrugging her shoulders she thought, eh… its okay… enough.

She opened the door and saw Tyler standing before her with his jet black hair hanging in his face like it always did. She thought he looked sexy in a bad boy sort of way. That’s what probably drew her to him in the first place. She always dated the good guys. The one’s her parents absolutely loved. The kind that was happy to take her to school dances or shopping at the mall but never make a move. She liked that Tyler had her head knocking the headboard on their first ‘date’, if you could call it that. It was more like a drunken college hook up, but totally one of the best nights of her life.

She continued to fuck him every chance she got and most weekends when he wasn’t ‘too busy’. She never told any of her friends, not even Emily, her best friend. She just wouldn’t understand, as Emily didn’t like Tyler from the beginning.

“Come on in.” She said motioning her hands to pull him in. He obliged and unzipped his leather jacket as he entered. She stared at his biceps, snuggly setting under his tight Clover Pride t-shirt. She loved his muscular figure. She shook her head quickly as to avoid falling into a comatose memory lane of how she used to lick every inch of him.

She reached out and grabbed his jacket and flung it to the computer chair across the way. “Have a seat.” She said visibly guiding him to the bed. He didn’t hesitate and flopped down hard, causing his boots to stomp on the ground as he bounced. “Be quite” she chastised as it was almost one in the morning and it wasn’t exactly allowed to have male visitors at the female dorms after hours.

Erin had been lucky in the roommate department. Gloria went home this year, like every break… but put in for a transfer before she left. This meant that either Erin would get a new roommate when classes started back up, or would have the place to herself. Of course she wished for the latter.

She walked over and sat next to Tyler on the bed as she watched him spread his arms out and extend his legs as if he were stretching. He flashed her one of his suave grins that meant “Okay, I’m here and I’m horny.” She hated that turned her on. She hated that she already knew she would be fucking him tonight. Mostly… she hated that he knew it too.

“So what have you been doing?” She said in a meager attempt at small talk. He chuckled at her and watched her hand slide then grip up his thigh. She scooted her butt closer to him and placed her palm covering over his pubic area. “Fuck anyone new, lately?” She said as she gave his growing package a squeeze.

He leaned in and kissed her lips. She moaned softly. She loved the way he kissed. She loved the way his tongue felt on hers. She loved the way he tasted. “No baby… I’ve been pretty lonely.” He said as he drew his lips away from her.

She continued her squeezing as she began to feel his manhood grow. She lowered her head, keeping eye contact with him and undid his two buttons that caged his cock. He smiled at her as she lowered the zipper allowing for his raging hard on to extend outward. The boy never wore underwear, especially when he knew a booty call was a shore bet.

She quickly grabbed his pole and started stroking as she leaned closer and kissed him. Their tongues danced around as she stroked him. When he pulled back, she immediately went back down to his cock and took it all in her mouth. She always started with a deep throat. She liked getting the entire cock sloppy wet for her sucking. After that initial plunge, she could use her spit as lubricant and stroke him while she sucked the head.

It only took about five minutes before he was pulling her head off his cock and kissing her deeply. She wrapped one arm around his head and pulled her top upward with the other. They parted only briefly as she whipped the shirt over her head then returned to his tongue.

His hands began to roam her body, kneading and squeezing her D cup breasts. He would stop every once in awhile, just to tweak her nipples in between his thumb and forefinger. This made her moan heavily.

Soon his hands were gripping her ass that was still caged in her mesh underwear. Now that she was on top of him she could rub her panty covered pussy on his bare cock. He wasn’t very long, maybe six inches she figured but damn… was he fucking thick as hell.

She softly let out a few faint moans as her crevice began to soak. Grinding herself harder and faster into his bare cock the thin fabric that blocked his entrance became soaked with her fluid. Reaching her hand between them, she grabbed his cock while her other hand slid her panties to one side. Their lips touched as she let out a louder moan positioning his cock on her hole. Sliding her ass downward she finally allowed him entrance into her.

His gripping of her ass became more forceful as her rocking and bouncing became faster. His hands slid into her panties as they moved to the side. He gripped her ass from both cheeks and began to spread them. Her pants increased as he now joined in her moans.

“Fuck” she bellowed now giving a slight grind to every bounce.

He reached one hand out and forcefully smacked her on the ass. The action gave a loud noise as her mouth opened from the pain. Their lips were a fraction from each other. Their breathing being felt by each other, she slid her tongue into his mouth and he met her with his.

Without parting their lips completely, the corners of her mouth opened and she let out another moan. Without missing a beat he slid his tongue back into her mouth. She grunted as his hands repositioned on her ass cheeks. He gave out his own grunt as he squeezed both sides.

“Turn around.” He told her staring into her eyes.

She didn’t even bother with a second thought. She turned her body one-hundred and eighty degrees around without removing his cock from inside her. Sliding both her sock covered feet to the floor she shifted her weight and began her bouncing up and down once more.

He now kneaded her ass cheeks with both hands in front of him. She did all the work, bouncing faster than before, placing both her hands on her knees for better support. He would give forceful slaps in between the squeezing of her ass as she rode on his cock.

“Oh fuck babe” he said as he gripped her hips and met each bounce with a rocking of his own. “I’m going to fucking cum!”

Quickly she slid off his cock and fell to her knees. He positioned his cock at her face as she opened her mouth. His hand grasped his dick and began stroking equally as fast as she had bounced. Within seconds he gave a loud grunt as a huge splash of white goo filled her mouth that was now covering the head of his penis. Her chin was catching jabs on each upstroke but she never wavered taking all of his semen he shot at her.

She quickly began to deep throat as much of him as she could while he withdrew his hand back to his side. Letting out the last of his groans and grunts she used her hands to jerk any remaining cum from him before falling to the floor. She sat there on her knees, her ass touching the floor between them and let go of his cock.

He glanced down at her as he sat up in the bed.

“Wow” He said as he grinned at her. “That was nice.” He chuckled to her and began to adjust himself back into his pants before standing up.

She looked at him as he stood over her and brushed her still cum soaked chin with his index finger.

“Thanks babe.” He said as he started to walk to the door.

She wanted to say something to him as he was leaving. She wanted to, but nothing came to mind. She wanted to tell him she loved him. She wanted to tell him she was only a slut for him. She wanted to tell him she would do anything he asked as long as he just stayed with her. As long as he just pretended to love her back.

But, she didn’t say a word and looked away as she heard the door shut behind him. She remained there on the floor wiping the tears that began to fall.


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