Ice Melts, When It’s Hot Ch. 03


Hello my beautiful readers!

I just wanted to say thank you for all your lovely comments! They’re always such a treat to read! Also, I really hope the person who said they don’t get off from force isn’t upset by this chapter or anything in future chapters. So, to you I say, fair warning, my Willow is a little masochist and a total brat on purpose. He loves to be dominated, told what to do and put in his place but he doesn’t know that about himself yet. His knowledge of punishment is warped by how he was raised and it hasn’t yet occurred to him that it’s something he could enjoy. That being said, his alpha will never abuse him or take advantage and there will usually be aftercare and fluffy times, so I hope that eases your mind. I don’t normally write warnings but your comment was so sweet I thought I’d mention it.

Much love everyone. Enjoy! Xx

Willow’s Pov:

The next morning I went down to Maxwell’s large kitchen for breakfast with a mission on my mind. I didn’t want the alpha to dismiss me and end our mating bond after one failed night. I didn’t want to go back to my parents house and live out the shame of being a rejected mate and I did not wish to die if my wolf had already grown desperately attached. So, I decided that what I needed for this relationship to work, was a pup. Maybe even more than one. That would give me value and something I could do while my mate did… whatever it was that the King Alpha’s did. The only problem was… I didn’t know how one got a pup. However, that was just a small detail, my mother had insisted that my mate would know.

All I had to do now, was submit to him enough that he would give me what I wanted. I growled to myself in disgust at the thought. I didn’t want to show that side of me to Max. That weak, soft, needy, romantic, submissive side that could so easily be used as a weapon against me. Sure, at one time, all my dreams were consumed by the ways I wanted to serve and please my alpha but now…. Now the thought of being his bitch made me feel like I would be used and thrown away like trash. We all knew what his father was like. I closed my eyes to calm myself and thought of the night before, hating the fluttery feeling in my stomach while I remembered.

I’d made an attempt to receive Maxwell’s kindness with grace; reheating the tea and accepting one of the beautiful roses, too prideful to accept them all. However, try as I might, I couldn’t bring myself to actually drink the tea. I was terrified that if I did, the alpha would come into my room to touch me while I was paralyzed or something. I’d been trained for how much of a possibility this could be but I wanted it to not be true. I wanted to trust Max, at least a little, but I couldn’t. In the end, I laid awake for hours, waiting for him to come in uninvited. For a time, I even waited for a punishment, despite the fact that Max had said he wouldn’t listen to my father. By morning, I was both exhausted and relieved that nothing had happened to me but I was also suspicious. Maybe the first night had been freebie and tonight was the night I had to worry about? Ultimately, I decided it would be in the best interest of us both if I had a pup for him. That way, at least we would need each other and maybe it would even keep me safe from physical harm.

“Good morning Willow, did you sleep well?” Maxwell asked, studying me with a happy smile the moment he saw me. It was unnerving.

“The tea kept me up,” I replied, snarling a bit for absolutely no reason; except that I was tired and crabby and didn’t want to be seen as weak.

His face fell, “Sorry, thought it would help,” he muttered before smiling again. “Can I make you something for breakfast?”

“Alpha’s don’t cook,” I answered in a cold voice, hiding my confusion.

“I can do whatever I like,” he replied with an easy grin and I tensed slightly, all too aware that this was true. “So, what would you like to eat?” He pressed.

“Fruit. Yogurt maybe,” I answered, intent on not giving him what he wanted.

He sighed a little but then replied with a cheery, “Coming right up!”

I watched him cut up several different fruits, placing them in two bowls as he went. A few of the fruits I didn’t actually like but I decided that I’d keep that to myself. It was much too early to act out and I knew it probably wouldn’t help my case. Besides, I was hungry. For now, I had more important things to bother him with. I began to feel anxious as I thought about my request and fought the instinct to worry my lower lip. I cannot afford to look weak right now, I reminded my wolf, as I tightened control over my scent.

After several minutes, Max placed a bowl, piled high with everything from bananas to star fruit, on the table with a small cup of vanilla yogurt on the side. I studied him, feeling ridiculously suspicious. Why would an alpha do so much for an omega? Even if I was his luna, it didn’t make any sense. Father had always taught me that being the less worthy mate meant being akin to property. As a result, I’d learned how to do everything domestic Bayan Eskort while staying out of the way of more important people. I hated it but it was what was expected of me. Now here Max was, making everything so fucking confusing. I’d spent my life learning clear and concise rules about being an omega but this alpha was doing my job. Why? What did he get out of all of this? Especially when he never wanted to be seriously mated in the first place.

“I want you to give me a pup,” I finally announced, right at the precise moment that Max was taking a large gulp of piping hot coffee.

He sputtered and grimaced painfully while I hid my laugh with a cough and a look of innocent concern.

“You what?” He finally gasped.

“I… a pup,” Max gave me a look that was somehow both shocked and perplexed.

“I want-” I started again, feeling as if I were loosing control of the moment when he didn’t immediately agree.

“I heard you… you want.. to be… pregnant? But… but last night you didn’t even want me to touch your asshole!” He continued, looking beautifully bewildered.

I couldn’t hide my blush so I snapped, “What does that have to do with making a pup?”

“You… you… can’t… you can’t be serious,” he stammered, seemingly at a loss for words.

I only glared, afraid of saying something stupid, while I held tight control over my scent. There was no way in hell that I would allow Maxwell to understand the depths of my ignorance.

“Do you even know how to make a pup?” He finally asked, putting things together much quicker than I expected.

I blushed deeper, “Alpha’s do that part,” I muttered, not wanting to let on how confused I was. Was I supposed to know how to make pups? I hadn’t thought so… it was all so humiliating.

“Ok,” he sighed. “Do you know what sex is? Have you ever cum? Did you touch yourself last night?”

I didn’t understand his questions. “N-no,” I finally stuttered, hating that my inexperience was becoming so magnified. “Was I supposed to touch my- Is that what you’re supposed to do when the cage is off? P-please don’t punish me! I didn’t know, I swear-” I didn’t understand why I was panicking but I was suddenly so anxious over my own request for a pup and now I was hearing that I should have touched my cock? The same cock I’d been forbidden to touch for years? Now I had to touch it? What the fuck was going on? How did we get here?

“Hey, shhh, calm down omega, it’s okay,” Maxwell’s deep voice interrupted my panic attack while he grabbed my hand in his, rubbing small circles into my palm.

Moments later, I could feel him letting his scent settle around me, soothing my wolf, much to my disapproval. After several quiet minutes, where I did nothing but pathetically breathe in the alpha’s scent, I finally calmed enough to resume my cold manner and snatched my hand back like I’d been burned.

“You didn’t have to do that,” I snapped, feeling guilty that I was acting so ungrateful but I wanted some control back.

He sighed, finally looking a bit fed up with me, “You’re not ready to have a pup. It’s not happening.”

I felt hurt and offended all at once as waves of rejection rolled over me. I had this one thing that I was expected to bring to the relationship and my alpha found me unworthy. Would he find someone else to fill in for me?!

“Of course I’m ready!” I argued. “The whole point of us even being mates is so that I can provide you with an heir.”

“First of all, no, that’s not the whole point and…” He closed his eyes in frustration as he pressed his temples and forehead into his fingertips. “Willow, I swear to the moon goddess, you’re not ready! Here,” he said, slapping down a magazine that I hadn’t noticed before. “You see this? Do you see these pictures? Do you see where his cock is omega?! That’s how you make a pup and you don’t even want to be touched! You. Are. Not. Ready. End of discussion.”

I gazed down at the glossy photos feeling as if I were having an out of body experience. The pictures depicted boy’s, much like me in build and figure, with large cocks right up their asses. Their expressions ranged from blissed out to pain filled and everything in between. I looked up at Max, stunned and at a loss for words. I’d sort of gathered that this might be the case last night but to have it laid out before me as clear as day? This. This was exactly what was expected of me? This was what I’d been raised for? Saved for? This was what I was meant to consistently give? Impossible.

I glanced down once more and randomly noticed a photo of a large man that sort of resembled Max seated at a dining table, talking with a friend. While at the same time, a smaller man was sat underneath the table, sucking his cock. Suddenly, a memory clicked into place. That night… the night I’d confronted Max… that omega… he had? I gasped, feeling completely mortified.

Max had done more than kissing… with who knows how many members of our pack. It was insulting and demoralizing and I instantly realized that Anadolu Yakası Escort I’d always be the last option… and I’d never even gotten the chance to prove myself… This is what he had meant by “cock warmer” all those years ago. I was just something that kept him tied down. Something that he could stick his dick inside… whenever it suited him. I pushed back from the table, feeling sick to my stomach.

“You’ve barely touched your food!” Max protested, looking annoyed.

I glared at him and snatched up the magazine, throwing it at his bowl. Unfortunately, I did not feel as vindicated as I expected to feel when I successfully knocked his bowl of fruit to the ground. To make matters worse, he simply raised an eyebrow at me, making me feel even more like a child than I already did.

“You’ve ruined my appetite,” I spat coldly.

His gaze softened a tad, “I didn’t mean to overwhelm you,” he offered apologetically, reaching out for my hand again.

“I-” My lip trembled and I stopped myself from speaking, feeling unexpected tears burn at my eyes and nose. Instead, I stood to my feet and left the kitchen, ignoring Max when he called out to me.


I heard a knock on my door about a half hour later, followed by, “Willow, are you alright? Can I come in?”

I sighed, not wanting to let the alpha see me, as I could not easily hide my swollen eyes from him. How many times was he going to catch me crying? It was fucking pathetic.

“Come in,” I croaked, hating the raspy quality of my voice.

I waited for the alpha to shut my door before I asked, “Will it hurt?”

“Only if you want it to,” he answered softly, keeping his distance. “I’ll prepare you as slow as you need.”

“When will you do it?”

“When your ready,” he replied, keeping his tone quiet and soothing.

“I’m ready now! Let’s just get it over with and then I can be pregnant,” I answered harshly, grabbing the waistband of my pants, to pull them down.

“Willow, stop,” he replied, stilling my hands. “First of all, you might not get pregnant right away because we have to consider when your heat and my rut will coincide. Second, we haven’t fully bonded yet and it’s much healthier for you and much safer for the pup if we start out fully bound to one another. Third, but most important, this isn’t something you should rush, especially it being your first time. I mean, come on, you’ve been crying… I can’t touch you when you’re like this,” Maxwell chided, making me feel even worse.

It was like, at every turn, he saw me as less than and while my father had always implied that this was the truth, it still hurt for my alpha to confirm it. I froze, unsure of what to do as Max sat down on the bed next to me.

“There’s something else we need to discuss,” Maxwell continued, making me feel both curious and defensive.

“I wasn’t done discussing my stupid virginity!” I barked, feeling selfconscious.

I wanted to somehow convince the alpha that I would be a better choice than anyone, despite our experience gap. At the same time, I hated him for making me feel as if I had to prove myself. I was a fucking Luna for crying out loud! He should be the one trying to woo me.

“This!” He growled. “This attitude of yours is what we need to discuss!”

“What attitude?” I deadpanned, pretending that I hadn’t been combative since the moment I’d arrived in my mates home.

He sighed in frustration. “Willow… I know you’re scared about everything. You were raised to not understand anything… which should have never happened. I get that. I promise, I understand how hard this all must be for you.”

“It’s not-” I started but shut my mouth at the angry glare my alpha directed towards me.

“Enough. I’m sick and tired of you snapping back and turning everything into a fight. If you keep this up, you will be punished. This is your warning.”

“So much for ‘not touching me when I’m not ready’,” I quipped sarcastically, trying to get one over on him.

“Oh but you are ready. Your words.” He reminded me coldly, throwing them back at me like I had with him.

I blushed furiously, unable to think of anything to fight back with.

Content with my silence he continued to speak. “Now, besides keeping your mouth in check, I also want you to start touching yourself at night, before bed. It can be for as long or as little as you like. I just want you to get use to your body.”

I blushed deeper, hating that Max was telling me what to do like this but, at the same time, I secretly loved it and knew I’d obey him. I knew my wolf would want me to anyways and my resentment towards my naturally submissive side grew.

“You can’t make me,” I growled peevishly, knowing very well he didn’t have to.

“Yes I can,” Maxwell answered, surprising me. “I’m now going to sit here and watch you, every evening, until you can behave yourself without me.”

“That’s… that’s not fair!” I shrieked, instantly humiliated by the fact that Max would be watching my clumsy self discovery, Pendik Escort even though I sort of did want him to be there.

“Maybe if you stopped acting out, things would be more fair,” he countered, a firm line pressed into his lips as he studied me.

“Why does it matter that I touch it… m-my c-cock I mean?” I finally asked. “It’s only important that the alpha makes the pup. And… if those pictures are how that happens then… well… my cock has nothing to do with it!” I finished triumphantly, sure that I’d rendered my alpha’s new rule as pointless.

“It matters because you deserve to feel good too Willow… sex isn’t just about one person,” he answered, giving me a pitying look.

So not the reaction I had been going for. I liked him angry or even just annoyed, because then, at least I wasn’t the only one miserably disappointed in my future.

Besides, how could I enjoy touching it when I knew Max preferred the company of everyone else over me? I glared up at him, dying to ask but unable to accept whatever hurtful answer he was sure to give. I still cared way too much about how Maxwell saw me. Just one night in his home and I was already ripping myself apart over him. I hated it. Where had the cold, emotionless, numb version of me gone? I missed that. Now, I was an emotional mess with so much rage, that I hardly knew how to function. It was bound to come out.

“You disgust me,” I finally told Max, feeling childishly gleeful when I saw his look of indignation. “You don’t behave like an alpha at all! With your constant cooking and stupid pity and soothing scent! Where do you get off smelling like that? Huh?” The alpha’s eyes narrowed so I raised my voice. “Alpha’s are supposed to be strong! They’re conquerors! They’re supposed to take what they want no matter who they hurt. They’re the top dog. They matter most. Yet you sit here, being all meek and gentle with me? Are you the omega or am I? Maybe you’re just a bitch! Yeah.. look at you! You’re weak and pathetic and I loathe you,” I snarled, hoping for a fight.

Max glared at me while his soft grey eyes turned to black. “You’ll pay for that, omega,” he replied, sounding scarily calm. I shivered, realizing I’d probably gone a touch too far.

“Whatever,” I retorted flippantly, trying to seem unbothered. “I’m going to shower,” and with that, I scooted myself to the edge of the bed, thinking that I could sneak away.

Without any warning at all, Max suddenly grabbed my ankle and swooped my feet out from under me before dragging me over the bed, pulling me, stomach first, across his lap. Then he quickly pulled the back of my pants and panties down but thankfully left my cock covered. As my bare ass hit the cool air, chills erupted across my skin.

“You are getting twenty spankings. This isn’t negotiable. Count,” he ordered.

I didn’t argue, knowing a punishment had always been imminent. Immediately, my thoughts turned to my father, who had spanked me often, exactly like this. However, back then I’d had a cage protecting large portions of my body. This time, I had nothing protecting me. I cringed with fear as Max laid the first stinging slap against my small, pale asscheek. It hurt, so badly. However, just as I had in the past, I kept any expression of pain hidden from my tormenter.

“One,” I seethed, angry that after all these years, I was still being punished like a child.

The second slap was even harder and I gasped at the pain, not expecting the increase. “Two,” I finally managed when Max didn’t administer the third spanking right away.

Another smack rained down hard, this time landing on both cheeks equally. “Th-three,” my voice cracked. Overwhelmed by the fact that I was experiencing more pain than I ever had felt from this type of punishment in the past, and Alpha had only hit me three times.

Max spread my thighs apart and this time when he spanked me, a large portion of the hit made contact with my hairless balls. The pain was blinding. “Four,” I finally whimpered, unsure for the first time that I’d be able to make it to twenty when Max hit them again. “F-five,” I gasped. “Please, please no more Alpha! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!” I begged, trying to sound more hurt than I was, hoping to manipulate him into giving back control.

“You will take your punishment,” he ordered, using his dominant alpha tones on me, leaving no room for protest.

I shuddered, mentally unable to fight back. “Yes Alpha,” I finally agreed, all the fight leaving my body.

As I submitted, I began to feel a slight wetness coming from my asshole but I ignored it. I also hoped that Maxwell was too far gone in punishing me to notice the humiliating liquid. The spanking continued on and by the twelfth, I was openly sobbing, due to how much pain I was experiencing. The alpha only seemed to smack me even harder in response to my tears, each time landing a blistering spanking on my aching ass, thighs and occasionally my balls. At the same time, the wetness had also increased and my cock was rigid and swollen with need. I was sure that the alpha had also noticed by now. How could he not, when the liquid was running down my slightly open thighs and my cock was pressed into his lap? However, Max never said a word about it… which made me feel a little less embarrassed over the unexpected situation.

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