I Love Feet


I love feet. I especially love women’s feet. I don’t care if they are small or large or what kind of legs and bodies they are attached to. I just love feet. It’s a good thing I do because I own a shoe store. That’s probably why I got into this business in the first place. My store is located in a small strip mall in a very upscale neighborhood and my clientele is mostly women in their thirties and forties. Many are MILF’s and most are good looking. They have plenty of money to spend and most don’t have to work. Over the years some of my customers and I have developed a special relationship. They love way I fit my shoes to their feet.

Take Francis for instance. Definitely a size 6. She loves to have her feet a massaged before I try the shoes on her. She will come in after 5 pm when she know my help has left for the day and I will be putting up the closed sign. She always wears a short skirt and a button front blouse and never any underwear. She is about 40 years old, brunette and about 20 lbs over weight, mostly in her ass and tits. She will walk around jiggling both in front of me as she picks out several styles to bring out in her size. She knows she turns me on because as she walks to the fitting chair her hands brush my cock,

“I see you are glad to see me.”

“Always glad to see you Fran. Let’s bring out the shoes for you.”

She sits in the chair and I pull up my fitting stool. She lifts her right foot and I take it in my hand and remove her shoe. She pushes her foot against my hand and says,

“These shoes have been making my arches ache.”

“I don’t understand that. They seem to be a very good fit.”

“Well right there, where your altyazılı porno thumb is, it feels sore.”

My other hand joins the first and I start to massage her arch. A sigh escapes her lips and her head falls back. As I massage I bend my head to her big toe and kiss it and then suck it in my mouth. Now I am rewarded with a moan.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Yes.”

One hand on her foot and the other on her calf.

“ooooooooooooooooooo, that feels so good.”

I suck on her little toe now. My tongue tickles it as I do. Her leg is bending at the knee and I can see her hairy pussy and the moisture leaking from it. Both her legs parting, inviting me in. My kisses moving up the inside of her thigh my hands leading the way to her juicy cunt. Her legs are over my shoulders now, her skirt is up around her hips, my thumb is in her cunt and two fingers are in her ass and my mouth is on her clit.

She screams as she cums,

“OOhhhhhhhhhhhh Marty. You fit me sooooooo good. “

Her hips buck and she rubs her clit all over my face.

“I love to buy my shoes here.”

She was good for 3 pairs that day.

Sally is another story. Size 4 ½. Petite, blonde, late 20’s, no kids yet, tops 105 lbs. She can and does wear strappy 4 inch heels. I love those on her. When she comes in I take her into my office for a private fitting. The first pair I put on her she loved, so did I.

“Walk a bit. See how they feel.”

“The left one is perfect but the right is pinching a bit under the front strap.”

“Sit down and let me see.”

She sits and lifts the right foot to my lap. This shoe has 4 narrow straps crisscrossing the front.

“Is zenci porno this where it is pinching.”

I point to the fourth toe.

“No the little toe.”

“Yes I see a red mark there.”

I remove the shoe, get stretcher and apply it.

” While we are waiting let me sooth that toe.”

I lift her foot to my mouth and suck on the three smallest toes. My tongue playing them like they were a harmonica. I hear a gasp.

“Oh my, that feels so good.”

My hand slides up behind her knee. Her leg is so smooth. Now back down holding her calf. My mouth leaves her toes and I begin licking the bottom of her arch. I hear her giggle and then sigh as my lips find her big toe. I suck it in mouth,

“ooooooooooooooh my god. I never felt any thing like that..”

With that I press both legs back and her knees bend up to her shoulders and I spread them…..wide. There is her honey pot behind her thong. I move it aside and replace it with my tongue and tongue fuck her. I eat her until she screams for mercy. I think she came five times. My face is soaked and the thong is gone.

She took the same shoe in four colors.

And then there is Elizabeth. Size 8. She is a large woman. Not fat. Just a lot of woman . Maybe 5’9″, at least 160 lbs, nicely proportioned with tits and ass to match. She must work out because she mostly buys athletic shoes. She came in wearing a pair that looked they had been through the Boston Marathon.

“How long have you had these.”

“Oh, for years. They are so comfortable I hate to give them up. My husband says I have to get rid of them because they make me look aldatma porno like a ‘Bag Lady’.”

“Well I know we can make you look better than that.”

I bring out five pair in her size.

“Let’s get rid of these old ugly ones.”

She lifts her feet to me and I remove the old shoes,

“You are wearing the wrong kind of socks. Let me show you the new low cut ones.”

I remove the socks and as I turn to get the new ones, the foot that was in my lap starts to rub my cock. I turn back to see a wicked smile on her face.

“Fran told me how you fit shoes.”

“I do admit that many of my customers like my methods.”

I ran my tongue along the sole of her foot and her toes curled. A shiver ran up her body. The toes of her other foot were playing on my cock like it was a piccolo. Her big toe was in my mouth and my hand sliding up her leg. She was wearing shorts and a T shirt. I could see white cotton panties under the shorts.

“Stand up.” I commanded

I slid my pants and boxers down my leg as she stood. My cock was at attention.

Her shorts and panties joined my pants on the floor.

I sat back down on my fitting stool and she, straddling my legs, sat on my cock. Her cunt was incredible. Wet, tight, and alive. It was like a hungry animal devouring it’s prey. She used it to do a rolling massage on my cock from base to tip. I never felt anything like it. Her tits were in my face and I stripped the T shirt off of her. The bra followed immediately. I sucked half a tit in my mouth.

” A perfect fit,” she breathed in my ear.

“I like to satisfy my customers,” I whispered back.

“Don’t come too soon. I want this to last.”

“I don’t know how long I can last.”

That rhythmic massage got to me.

“I’m coming.”

“Me too.”

This is a woman I love to fit. She is in every month now. I don’t think she ever wore out another pair of athletic shoes again.

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