How My Wife Made me a CumSlut Cuck


This is a story about how my wife turned me into a cum slut cuckold.

We have been married 15 years and I have always been somewhat submissive to my wife. We have always had a good sex life but I always felt she wanted more. My cock is average or a bit smaller than average. When we watch porn, she often mentions the guys with nice sized cocks with a bit of hunger.

Several months ago she started to suck my cock, which isn’t unusual, but this time she kept it up. She usually sucks for a couple minutes and then moves on to fucking. She sucked and sucked hard enough my eyes were rolling back in my head. I only remember a few time’s years ago that she sucked me off till I came.

I could feel it was close and told her I was going to cum so she could shoot it on her boobs or somewhere else but she shocked me when she sucked harder. I shot in her mouth and came like I haven’t done in a long time. She took my whole load in her mouth. I couldn’t believe she did that until she came up to give me a kiss when she opened her mouth and shoved my entire load into my mouth with her tongue. I was so surprised and shocked. I had no choice but to swallow it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. She finished the kiss patted me on the cheek and got up and went to bed.

The next time we had sex. I came in her. She pushed me down and told me to suck out all my cum from her pussy. I laughed and said I don’t think so. She told me if I ever want to fuck her again I would clean up her puss and swallow every drop. I felt humiliated but had no other choice. Again I swallowed my cum as well as her juices. It wasn’t terrible. From then on each time we had sex she had me clean her cunt out. After a few times I automatically went down and did it as part of our sex. Quite often I made her cum while licking her out. I got to the point that I kind of liked eating up my cum from her and a couple of times she would jerk me off into her hand and then feed it to me. She then started calling me her cum slut.

After a couple months of this while watching some porn she would point out the guys that she thought had the best cocks. They were always bigger than my undersized cock. I could tell she wished she could have a bigger dick fuck her and said she wanted me to watch her get fucked properly by a real cock. Occasionally she would ask if I would eat his cum from her pussy and thinking it was just pillow talk I said sure if you wanted me to I would. She thought a gaziantep masaj salonları young guy would be best because he could keep it up longer and cum more.

This went on for a couple weeks and we had sex more than ever and she was hornier than ever.

Then it happened, she came home from work one day and asked me or told me she wanted to have sex with Jimmy at work. He is about 24 and has flirted with her for months. She told me about seeing his tight pants and how nice his package looked. She said she was going to fuck him with or without me there. I was speechless to think it had gone this far. I thought I’ll call her bluff and said to arrange it. That night we had the hottest sex ever and I ate her cream pie and she gushed on my face with another orgasm.

The next day she came home from work and told me Jimmy was coming over for drinks on Saturday evening and told me no more sex until then. That we needed to save up for then.

That week was stressful for me and I asked her to cancel it but she told me to quit being a baby about it.

Saturday evening came and my wife had primped and acted like a teen getting ready for a date.

Jimmy showed up and we had a few drinks and snacks. He was a nice guy and very handsome. I could see why he made her excited. We were in the kitchen fixing more drinks when she told me she was going to fuck him. I asked her to please stop this but she was determined. After another drink they were feeling pretty good and I was sulking. She danced with him and rubbed her body all over him while I just fumed. They began kissing and he was rubbing her ass and tits.

Off came her top and bra when she pushed her tits into his face.

After him sucking her nipples and kissing more she stood up and told us both to strip. I gave her a look to please stop this but it was too late she was determined to fuck him. I decided it was better to be a part of it than leave and not know what was happening.

He quickly started stripping I was slower. When he dropped his underwear my wife and I both gasped. This guy has a beautiful cock. He is completely shaved and his chubby cock is hanging half hard and is already bigger than mine.

I think I saw my wife actually drool a bit. She looked at me staring at his cock and told me she wants to see me suck it. I was hypnotized by it and dropped to my knees in front of him. His cock inches gaziantep masaj salonları escortları from my face. She told me to grab a hold and kiss the head. I grabbed ahold and lifted it to my lips. I kissed the tip and then licked the head. I put it into my mouth and could feel the heat and stiffening inside my mouth. I stroked it and licked all around the head of Jimmy’s cock. The head grew into a huge purple mushroom dome and his shaft grew to about 7 inches. It was so soft and smooth. I rubbed his balls with my other hand and his tight sack felt wonderful in my hand. I started to suck the head and only about half of his shaft. My wife kept encouraging me to suck more. I tried to take it further in and gagged. I was really getting into sucking this beautiful cock, licking sucking rubbing and squeezing his sack. I couldn’t believe I was getting into this.

I looked over at my wife and she had finished undressing and had two finger deep inside her pussy while watching me suck her new friend. I sucked for all I was worth and must have been doing a good job except I couldn’t get it further into my throat. Jimmy said to my wife what a good cocksucker her husband is. I could feel him beginning to squirm and his sack tightening up. I knew he was close. This made me suck even harder. The first bust of cum went straight down my throat and I pulled back slightly and the next two shot onto my tongue. A couple more glob hit my cheeks and lips while I cleaned up every drop off his cock and swallowed every bit wishing for more.

My wife looked at me with disbelief and said you must have enjoyed yourself and pointed to my rock hard cock dripping with precum onto the floor. All I could do at this point was look at her and smile.

She looked at Jimmy and asked how he enjoyed her cum slut husbands mouth and he again said what a good cocksucker I am. I don’t know why but made me feel quite excited.

His cock never softened so she lead him to the bedroom and pushed him onto the bed and climbed onto his hard dick. She was so turned on she slid on and took it with out slowing down. I could tell her orgasm wasn’t far away. Her juices were running down onto his balls.

I would have never imagined how hot it was watching her cum while ridding another man’s cock. They changed positions a couple times and he kept pumping her. Again I was amazed by how long he was lasting. masaj salonları gaziantep She came twice more. I slowly started rubbing my little cock. I knew I wouldn’t last long. He had her on her back and she told me to cum on her tummy. I got up close straddling her abdomen and shot my load onto her pussy and his cock. Now I got to get up close to their fucking so I could slurp up all the cum. Licking her clit and sneaking closer to lick his cock as it slid in and out of her.

He told her he was close to coming and she told him to shot it into her as deep as it would go. With my head still lying on her tummy he pulled out his cum covered cock and wiped it across my face and I sucked it enough to get every last drop and all her juices. I quickly moved in between her legs and began to clean my wife’s lovers cum from her cunt. I sucked every drop I could and she came again. The night progressed with her fucking him several times and her sucking me off. She wanted to be spit roasted. I ate my cum again from her mouth. Late that night or early morning he shot his 3rd load of cum into her pussy and I dove in to eat it all up as well as cleaning off his dick with my tongue.

We all fell asleep in each others arms. The next morning I was the first to wake. Jimmy was lying on his back with a half hard-on. I couldn’t resist and slid down to wake up his beautiful cock with my mouth. I sucked and licked as he got hard again.

My little cock was throbbing hard and leaking pre-cum while I sucked and licked. It tasted of last nights sex. He soon started to wake as well as my wife. She started shoving the back of my head down onto him deeper. I could feel another load about to burst. It hit my throat and mouth some ran out and down onto his balls and cock. I didn’t waste the chance to lick every drop of his cock and balls. My wife slid over and they had another round like last night. I watched and slowly rubbed my cock until I cum on her tits and cleaned them up.

She got in the doggy style and told me to get under her and lick her clit while he fucked her. It was so exciting to lick her and drink her cum while licking his shaft as it slid in and out of her while his ball slapped me in the head and face. He lasted longer than I thought possible until he pushed it all the way in and emptied his ball in her pussy. They stoped and he slowly slipped out while I licked his shaft clean and took one last lick of that mushroom head. The load of cum slowly slid out of her and onto my awaiting tongue and down my throat.

They both watched me licking my lips clean and both called me a cum slut again. I ate 8 loads of cum, his and mine in a matter of a few hours.

They were both tired and a bit sore from all the fucking but we decided to do this again in a couple weeks. I can hardly wait. My wife said she was going to buy me a ‘Cum Slut’ collar to wear next time.

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