Hot Tub Fantasy


The night air is chilly but comfortable as we relax in the hot tub. The moon shines bright above us as I lean back and enjoy the feeling, inadvertently pushing my 36 DDs partially out of the water. My yellow and white polka dot top barely covering my big pale tits, bright hickies covering both tits showing the fun we had during the day. I can feel your eyes going over my chest, hearing you breathing in hard and fast.

I look over at you and giggle. Your fit, tan, hairy chest next to my pale curvy chest; the contrast looks so erotic and you know how I love your naked chest and stomach. You reach over without a word and firmly grasp one of my big tits, squeezing hard. Neither of us are worried about someone walking by, it’s our vacation plus it’s past the “closing time” at the pool/hot tub.

You put your arm around me, pulling me close. Your hand travels down to my stomach, then my thick thighs barely being covered by the tiny pool shorts I’m wearing. You grab me hard and pull gaziantep escort reklamları your lips onto mine, kissing me hard with your hands in my hair. Your other hand grabbing my tit hard, squeezing and pinching my sensitive nipples as you hear a moan escape my lips.

You break the kiss and quickly go down to my neck. Digging your teeth into my sensitive pale skin as you suck, leaving another mark on my body. You bite and suck on my neck for a few minutes then you break the seal, and you comment about how this one looks especially hot. You then start to rub your hand on my back as I put my hand on your thigh.

I can tell just by looking at you that you’re hard and aching for me. Slowly I run my hand up your thigh, feeling your bathing suit getting tight as my hand moves up. I slowly start to rub your hard-throbbing cock through your pants, feeling you twitch at my hand. You squeeze my tit and reach down to pull your cock out. Telling me how hard you are for me, begging me to touch you. I giggle and bite my lip as I reach down and take your aching, throbbing cock in my small soft hand.

I slowly stroke you as you stifle your moans, telling me how good I feel in your hand. Suddenly you shove your hand up my shorts, feeling my soft shaved cunt lips. You moan as you gently feel and pinch my tight lips. You rub my sensitive clit a few times then you slowly put a finger inside my tight hole. Grunting and telling me how tight I am as I moan. Looking around, seeing that we are still safe and alone I spread my legs wider for you.

You start moving your finger faster inside me, adding a second one to stretch me out. I whimper and tell you I’m close. My big tits jiggling as I bite my lip, grabbing your hand to keep your fingers deep as my cunt clamps down cumming all over your fingers. Moving my hips hard, the water sloshing as I bite my lip hard to keep quiet. You grab me and kiss me hard as my orgasm subsides.

My body is still shaking as I reach down and stroke you fast, whispering and telling you that I need you inside me. I straddle your lap, reaching down to slap your hard cock against my clit playfully. Slowly I sit down on your cock, my tight, pale, pink cunt enveloping your hard-throbbing cock. You grunt and tell me how tight I am, your nails digging into my hips. I push down so that I am resting my ass on your thighs, you balls deep inside me.

I move my hips back and forth keeping you deep as your mouth taking one of my nipples as you suck hard. Moving faster as my tits bounce in your face, I look down at you and beg you to cum inside me. Telling you that I need you to mark me, to mark my pussy daddy. That pushes you over the edge and you grunt loudly, grabbing my hips to keep you deep as you fill me with your hot seed. You continue to cum hard as you twitch. Finally, your orgasm calms and you run your hands down my back. I lean down and kiss you and we both agree that the hot tub is now too hot. We situate ourselves and grab our towels, heading back to the room for a shower and to recover for the next round.

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