Holly and Sarah Ch. 03


It was summer – a few months after Holly had walked in on me fucking Sarah, and things had changed again. What had started out as me and Holly as a couple with Sarah as an add-on had morphed into a full three-way relationship. Whilst we still liked nothing more than all having sex together, it was now completely normal for me to hook up with Sarah or Holly without the other one being present, and I knew that they would sometimes get together without me.

We all seemed happy with this new arrangement, which offered us a freedom that had been lacking before. It still felt very much like a proper relationship: I hadn’t even considered seeing anyone else on the side, and to the best of my knowledge neither had Holly or Sarah. The sex was still as incredible as it always had been – even more so now that we’d shed any remaining inhibitions. Nothing beat having a threesome with both of my girlfriends, but having the opportunity to enjoy and explore their individual preferences was great too.

The only rule we had maintained was that no one else could know. I understood why this was given the unwanted questions and interest it could provoke, but we had all grown tired of the sneaking around that was necessary to keep our relationship private.

With that in mind, Holly suggested we take a holiday and go abroad to somewhere that we could be open about our relationship without the risk of bumping into anyone we knew. Sarah and I enthusiastically agreed, and a few days later we booked a week-long trip to Greece. We plumbed for a cheap resort with a reputation for its party atmosphere and carefully chose an apartment with an extra large bed.

A few weeks later and we were there. What the resort and the nearby town lacked in charm and authenticity, they more than made up for with cheap alcohol, warm weather and plenty of places to party. Within a couple of days, we had settled into a pattern of sleeping through the morning, relaxing on the beach in the afternoon, and drinking and partying late into the night, stopping throughout to head back to our room for sex whenever we felt like it.

I’ve no doubt that our behaviour in public may well have raised a few eyebrows, but it was liberating to know that we could do what we felt like without starting a rumour mill amongst people who knew us. Holly, who was usually the most skittish about our relationship being public knowledge, was relaxed and enjoying herself, and Sarah seemed delighted that she could openly display her affection for both of us for the first time.

On our fourth night, however, we were not only seen but recognised, and the result was not what we had expected.

As had become our norm, the three of us had eaten dinner and had some drinks at the hotel bar before heading out into town. It was already after 11pm and we were trying out a new club not far down the road from where we were staying. The weather was sweltering and Holly and Sarah were both wearing thin, body-hugging dresses that showed off their smooth, tanned legs and shapely arses, Holly smouldering in dark blue and Sarah looking cute in white. I had settled for a casual shirt and trousers.

We’d already had a lot to drink before getting there and half an hour after arriving we’d drunk plenty more. This was certainly loosening our inhibitions as we sat together in the corner, kissing and touching each other under the table.

“If you two keep this up, I’m just going to want to get you both back to bed,” Holly announced to me and Sarah as we each ran a hand up her exposed thighs.

“Plenty of time left for that,” I replied, sipping my drink, “Let’s enjoy ourselves here first.”

“Let’s dance!” Sarah said, standing up and beckoning us over to the crowded dancefloor.

Holly and I smiled, finishing our drinks before joining her.

The dancefloor was busy and sweaty with revellers enjoying the late-night heat. We found a space and began dancing close together to whatever track the DJ was playing. The combination of the heat and the amount we’d had to drink meant it wasn’t long before we were dancing much more intimately – not that anyone around us seemed to care or notice.

I made out passionately with Holly, our hands roaming over each other’s hot bodies as our tongues swirled in each other’s mouths. Sarah stood close by and soon grabbed my hand to pull me into a kiss with her. I gladly obliged, running a hand through her hair as our lips touched.

“I am ready to fuck you both all night,” Holly whispered to us as we kissed, heightening the growing arousal we all felt.

Sarah’s body squirmed against mine. I pulled her in closer and drew my other hand up her dress to knead her tight bum. I was feeling more and more ready to head back and get down to the sex I knew we all wanted.

“Fancy getting out of here?” I asked Sarah, breaking our kiss for a moment.

“Yes please,” she purred in reply, “but not until I’ve kissed Holly too.”

I stepped back, allowing my girlfriends their Sapphic embrace. escort They wasted no time in lustfully making out, and I happily watched them through the dim light of the club, excited for what was to come.

My daydream was short-lived, however, as I gazed across the room and locked eyes with a girl standing just a few metres away. She instantly recognised me and started walking towards us. We’d been spotted.

Her name was Rachel. Though she wasn’t really a friend of theirs, she knew Holly and Sarah from their school days. I had initially got to know her by reputation: Rachel was well known amongst my friends as something of a slut, and it seemed like she’d slept with almost everyone I knew, guy or girl.

And I had come close to joining Rachel’s list of conquests myself a couple of years previously when I’d got off with her at a mutual friend’s house party.

We went upstairs to find a bedroom and Rachel wasted no time in pushing me onto the bed before getting my pants off and sucking my cock. She tended to me expertly for several minutes until we were interrupted by the party’s host and his girlfriend coming upstairs to get it on themselves. They kicked us out of the room and, despite my wanting to carry things on with Rachel somewhere else, she was distracted by friends downstairs, and the opportunity disappeared.

Rachel wasn’t classically attractive – she didn’t have Holly’s striking looks or Sarah’s fit body – but she oozed sex like no one I’d met before. Without a doubt, her best feature was her huge breasts, and I was disappointed not to have got more closely acquainted with them at our encounter at the party. Whilst she lacked obvious beauty, she had a comely face and fantastic curves, and she wasn’t afraid to flaunt them.

That night in Greece was no exception. As Rachel walked up to us in the club, my eyes were instantly drawn to the neckline of her thin, white dress, which plunged down her chest with her amazing breasts bursting out of a lacy bra. I stood there gawping at her and she beamed back at me.

Holly and Sarah ended their kiss and saw Rachel approaching. We all froze as she reached us.

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” she asked sarcastically, clearly very amused at what she had seen.

“Oh hey, Rachel! Funny seeing you here,” Holly said in reply, trying to act as normally as possible.

But there was no point: we’d been caught red-handed.

“I’d heard the rumours, guys, but I didn’t realise you had a proper ménage a trois going on,” Rachel continued. “Let’s get a drink and you can tell me all about it.”

Worried our secret was out, the three of us were in no position to refuse and I went to buy a round whilst the girls sat down at a nearby table. By the time I returned with drinks, they were deep in conversation and Rachel was clearly interrogating Holly and Sarah about our relationship.

I sat down and was soon subjected to the interrogation myself.

“So, fucking two girls every night, huh?” Rachel asked me, now very evidently enjoying herself.

I smiled. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the self-confidence I drew from having two girlfriends, and maybe it was the attraction I also felt towards Rachel – I don’t know – but I decided then and there to come clean and admit it all.

Holly and Sarah, who had clearly been edging around the truth in my absence, sat there in stunned silence as I fessed up to Rachel, who listened intently. Whilst it felt odd, to say the least, to say it out loud, particularly to someone that I didn’t know that well, it also felt strangely liberating. Rachel smiled as I spoke but said little in reply. She was clearly enjoying hearing some gossip but certainly wasn’t judging us.

To our collective relief, the conversation soon moved on as the girls discussed memories from school and their thoughts on where we were staying. It turned out that Rachel was on a week’s break with a handful of other friends for sun, sea and – no doubt – sex, and they’d be leaving in a couple of days.

I checked my watch. It was nearly 1am, and whilst I wasn’t tired, I was more than ready to get Holly and Sarah back to our room to enjoy some fantastic sex. It seemed that Holly could read my mind and she kept making eyes at me across the table indicating that she too wanted to head back. Sarah was captivated as she listened to Rachel, who was clearly dominating the conversation. I looked for an excuse to move things along, though I couldn’t help but have more than a few impure thoughts about our guest as I watched her.

Eventually, Rachel left us for a few minutes to go the toilet, and Holly saw her chance.

“Let’s get going, guys!” she urged. “I like Rachel, but we didn’t come all this way just to talk to her.”

“We can’t just leave her,” Sarah replied. “Let’s just tell her we’re heading off when she gets back – she’s not exactly going to be surprised.”

This last comment was said with a knowing look at me.

“Yeah, sorry about telling her,” I said, “but she did see us all getting off.”

At this, the girls both laughed. I was relieved that they didn’t seem bothered that our secret was finally out in the open.

“And anyway,” I continued, “it’s not like Rachel hasn’t shagged everyone we know anyway. She’s not exactly going to tell everyone about us when she’s done it all herself.”

“Let’s hope so,” Holly said. “Surprised you’ve never fucked her.”

I murmured incoherently, not wanting to let on about the sex I’d almost had with Rachel years before. The conversation moved on, with all three of us expressing how keen we were to get back and have sex.

A couple of minutes later and we noticed Rachel heading back towards us. We stood up as she approached, and I announced that we were heading back to our room.

“Thought you might,” Rachel said with a smile. “My hotel is the next one along from yours so I’ll walk back with you.”

And so, Rachel came along and the four of us headed off in the direction of our hotel, which was only a few minutes walk away. I walked ahead with Rachel, whose naughty smile reappeared every time she caught me ogling her awesome cleavage; Holly and Sarah were a few paces behind us, and I was pleasantly surprised to see them walking hand-in-hand. We were all pretty much silent for the walk back – our minds were on what was to come.

We reached the entrance to our hotel and turned to Rachel to say goodbye. There was an awkward pause for a moment – and I wondered for a second if Rachel was hoping to be invited to join us, but decided this was just my sex-addled imagination talking. As Rachel hugged Holly and Sarah goodbye, making them promise we’d try to have another drink the following evening, I watched on, feeling like I’d waited long enough to have my sexual needs satisfied.

Eventually, Rachel turned to me and we embraced. I was emboldened enough to plant a kiss on her cheek as she pulled me in close to her, my rapidly hardening cock pressing against her stomach.

“I felt that,” she whispered to me cheekily.

And with that, we parted as the three of us entered our hotel and Rachel carried on down the street.

“Have fun, you three!” she called after us.

The girls talked as we walked to our room, but my mind was still on Rachel and the incredible sexy confidence she had shown. For all that I couldn’t wait to get down to it with my girlfriends, I was greedy enough to be fantasising about someone else too.

But as we entered the room, my mind focused on the task in hand. No sooner had the door shut behind us and Holly and Sarah were kissing each other deeply, their hands running all over each other’s bodies. I was more than happy to watch as they fell down onto the bed and began peeling off their clothes. In no time at all, I was greeted by the sight of Holly and Sarah’s naked bodies writhing just inches away from me.

I sat down on the couch next to the bed. For all I wanted to get involved, I knew my chance would come and I wanted to let them enjoy each other first. I took off my shirt and jeans, and sat there in my boxers, drinking in the erotic vision in front of me.

Holly was on top of Sarah, kissing and mauling her breasts, and reached down to rub her smooth pussy. Sarah was panting heavily and clearly thrilled at the attention she was getting.

I watched eagerly for several minutes as Sarah continued to be thoroughly pleasured. My cock was hard as a rock and I couldn’t wait to get involved.

In fact, I was just about to head over and join them, when I was stopped by a knock at the door. I froze, worried that our sex would be delayed again, but the girls were in too deep and carried on regardless.

I stood up and walked over to the door, my mind swirling with alcohol and sex. It must have been that combination that explained my decision to pull the door wide open, revealing my almost naked body to the person on the other side.

It was Rachel. As I looked at her, I said nothing but drew my eyes all over her curvaceous figure. She looked back at me, her own gaze drawn to the large tent my erection was making against my boxers. Her face was one of pure lust – I knew why she was there and I had no intention of denying it to her.

Neither of us spoke as a wicked grin spread across my face and I stepped aside, holding the door open to let Rachel in. She eagerly obliged, striding into the room to claim her prize.

I followed her back into the room to join Holly and Sarah, who were now deep in the throes of sex, with Holly’s face buried in her girlfriend’s pussy. They paused for a moment as they noticed Rachel come in and sit down, but neither of them seemed surprised or bothered. After a moment’s hesitation, Holly resumed lapping at Sarah’s clit, and Sarah resumed moaning loudly.

I joined Rachel on the couch. I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen, but I felt more sexually charged than I ever had before. I began rubbing my cock through my boxers, and soon removed my underwear to wank myself properly as I watched the girls.

My view was fixed on what was happening on the bed before me, but I glanced to my side and saw that Rachel was watching me closely, a hand running up her exposed legs. She smiled and leaned in to kiss me.

Her kiss lacked the sensuality of anything I’d get from Holly and Sarah – it was sloppy and aggressive – but it was exactly what I wanted at that moment. As her tongue snaked into my mouth, I felt her hand replace mine on my cock and she wasted no time in gripping it hard and wanking me furiously.

I lay my head on the back of the sofa. I was in heaven as I watched two incredibly hot girls having sex less than a metre away from me whilst a third tugged on my cock. The last year had taught me not to be surprised at what happened in my sex life, but this was beyond my wildest dreams.

We continued like this for I don’t know how long until Sarah came. She arched her back off the bed as her climax hit and she cried aloud.

Holly sat up for a moment, her mouth wet with Sarah’s juices. She glanced over at me and Rachel, but quickly decided it was her turn to be pleasured. With Sarah still lying on the bed, she swung a leg over her and placed her pussy onto her girlfriend’s face. They soon began feasting on each other.

At this, Rachel switched position too. She removed her hand from my aching cock and dropped to her knees in front of me, ready to take me in her mouth. Looking up at me from the floor, she licked her lips and unbuttoned the front of her dress, fully revealing the heaving tits that I had been drooling over all evening. They certainly didn’t disappoint – as Rachel’s dress and bra fell to the floor, my cock swelled harder still as I saw her breasts in all their glory. I couldn’t tell you exactly how big they were, but I knew I had never seen bigger.

A devilish grin spread across her face as she licked all over my aching length before devouring it in one. I’ve always been quietly pleased at how well hung I am, but Rachel made light work of me as she deep throated my entire shaft in seconds. This was a girl who knew her way around a cock.

I groaned loudly and my mind buzzed with the incredible sensations Rachel was delivering to me and the sight of Holly and Sarah madly eating each other out just inches away from us. I couldn’t wait to get fucking them all, but I was beginning to wonder how long I would last.

And Rachel was doing her best to make sure I wouldn’t last long at all. She sucked hard on my cock, occasionally taking it out of her mouth and stroking it hard. She was in complete control of me and I was loving every second of it.

Holly was the first to cum. She clamped Sarah’s head between her thighs as she squealed in ecstasy. What the people in adjacent rooms must have thought, I don’t know, but we were long past the point of caring, if we ever did.

I began pawing Rachel’s tits with my hands as I watched Holly come down from her orgasm and resume licking Sarah’s visibly soaking pussy. Rachel turned to look at them for a moment but was soon back at her oral barrage on my dick.

We continued like this for a while longer – I had long since lost any track of time – until Rachel again decided to switch things up.

“Stand up,” she purred softly, her mouth briefly not full with my cock.

I obliged. Still kneeling in front of me, she sucked me again for a moment and then proceeded to fulfil the fantasies I’d been having all evening by wrapping her huge breasts around my soaking wet shaft and inviting me to fuck them.

I didn’t hesitate for a second and began gleefully thrusting up and down through the moist valley of her amazing tits. Rachel stuck her tongue out to lick around the top of my cock each time it appeared below – no doubt, this was something of a signature move for her, and I was overjoyed to become the latest man to enjoy it.

Sarah came next. She again flung her head back as Holly nibbled her clit until she could take it no more. Looking utterly dishevelled, both of them sat up on the bed and switched their attention to me and Rachel.

I was suddenly self-conscious as I realised I had three beautiful, naked women watching me as I enjoyed Rachel’s expert tit wank, but any anxiety I might have felt was short-lived as my mind was again taken over by pure lust at what was happening. I could feel my own release swelling inside me and I fucked harder still, holding myself steady on Rachel’s shoulders.

Before long I was ready to explode.

“I’m going to cum!” I panted, sweat running down my brow.

Rachel said nothing but took her hands off her breasts, releasing my cock from their confines, before holding them up again towards me. She then proceeded to take my throbbing erection in both hands and slid them all over it.

Barely seconds later I erupted. Holly and Sarah watched in fascination as I grunted, firing ropes of cum all over Rachel’s tits, with some splashing up onto her face.

“Fuck yes!” I cried out before my knees buckled and I fell back down onto the sofa behind me.

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