Hot Tub Getaway with Friends


Corey and Alana had been married for 6 years. They had a three year old boy and a 5 year old girl, so they were busy to say the least, so when their friends Brett and Lilly invited them for a night getaway at their cabin- it was impossible to turn them down. Alana’s mom volunteered to take the kids and they were on their way. Their SUV was filled with coolers of alcohol and food.

As they pulled into the driveway, Alana was taken aback by the view. The tiny log cabin was overlooking the lake, with tall pines surrounding the yard. The air smelled so fresh. Although the cabin was small, it was clear that Brett and Lilly had spent more money on the extra things at their cottage such as a large hot tub in the back, a long dock with a boat tied up to it, a big fire pit. It was beautiful.

Alana and Corey unloaded the car walked into the kitchen. Brett and Lilly were already working on the salad for supper. The smell of BBQ wafted through the cabin. The other couple greeted them with a big hug each and the four of them started getting reacquainted over dinner, as it had been a while since they got caught up. The four of them talked about work and the kids and other day to day things. Lilly and Alana were best friends ever since they were roommates in university. Lilly was even a bridesmaid for Alana. They talked often but it was less frequent that the four of them could hang out, in peace and quiet without kids.

Lilly was a small girl but she was very fit. She had perky B cup breasts and a big butt that was sculpted by squats. She removed her blond hair from the ponytail and was loosening up from the flowing drinks. Alana, on the other hand, was a curvier girl with D cups and deep cleavage. She had thick hips and thicker thighs. Her piercing blue eyes were shadowed by dark eyelashes that matched her shoulder-length dark hair.

The night went on and the alcohol was going down nicely. The boys were probably six or seven beers deep each and the girls were putting back light blue cocktails that they found on a Pinterest article. Around 8 p.m., Corey suggested that they venture out to the hot tub. Everyone agreed and the two couples retreated to their own rooms to slip into their bathing suits. Alana pulled out her black bikini and removed her clothes, with her back to Corey. He came up behind her and wrapped his strong arms around her naked body. She leaned up and greeted his lips with a hot kiss. He slapped her ass and got his own trunks out of the suitcase.

They stepped out onto deck in the cool evening air. Alana’s nipples poked through her bikini top and Corey noticed, feeling his cock harden slightly. Lilly and Brett were already in the hot water, and were sharing a very passionate kiss, their lips and tongues intertwined. They pulled apart as Alana and Corey saddled up beside them in the tub. Lilly’s bathing suit was a teal, high waisted bikini with small white flowers. Alana complimented her friend on her suit as she lowered herself into the hot water. The water felt amazing and the jets were aimed perfectly to hit all the sore muscles in their bodies.

All four of them were starting to feel quite drunk as Lilly suggested that they play dare or dare ( a truth or dare derivative that Alana and Lilly started in college). It started out quite innocent and then turned after about 15 minutes of easy-going dares. bayan escort “I dare Alana to make out with Lilly” Corey said with a gleam in his eye. It was no secret that the two girls had made out once or twice on drunk university nights but they haven’t done anything of the sort in many years.

Alana blushed with excitement as she moved to the middle of the hot tub to meet Lilly. They stood chest to chest and leaned into to meet each other’s lips. Corey and Brett’s eyes were glued to the scene unfolding in front of them. Their kiss started slow but heated up quickly. Alana’s tongue swirled into Lilly’s eager mouth and was greeted by her tongue. Lilly had her hands cupping her friends face and was holding her head closer to her own. The two girls almost forgot that their boyfriends were there watching.

The kiss went on for minutes, and Lilly felt her vagina flutter. She had a feeling that Alana was feeling the same, as she moaned into her mouth.

Watching the girls make out, made Brett’s cock twitch below the water in his shorts. As Alana and Lilly pulled apart and returned to their seats in the hot tub, Alana shot Lilly a sly wink.

“Okay I get to go next, I dare Lilly to give Corey a lap dance,” Alana chirped.

She knew that Corey always found her an attractive woman and she was confident enough in her own relationship to let them have some fun. Lilly obliged and glided through the water, seductively to straddle Corey. Alana hooted in a playful way, giving her husband permission to let loose with her friend. Lilly started grinded on him, bouncing her tits in his face. Dancing and wiggling her hips around him in a lap dance fashion. His dick hardened as her pussy was rubbing on him, only separated by thin pieces of material. She could feel him becoming more and more turned on and turned to get approval from Alana.

Alana gave her the nod and Lilly reached up and pulled the tie around her neck, freeing her boobs. Corey cupped her breasts and squeezed them. Alana moved over to them and looked her boyfriend in the eye as she bowed her head to take Lilly’s nipple into her mouth, she flicked her tongue over the pink nub feeling extra turned on from watching her man fondle another woman’s tits.

Alana leaned over to whisper in Corey’s ear, “Are you gonna dump your cum in her hot mouth later?” and he groaned.

She always had a way of knowing how to drive him fucking crazy. “I dare Brett to show us all his cock” Alana said sexily in between taking Lilly’s bud into her mouth. He was sitting on the side of the hot tub, and did as he was dared.

He was already hard and as his cock sprang free from his shorts he began stroking himself. His seven inch cock was standing at attention and was twitching every time his big hand ran up and down it. “Baby, why don’t you go help Brett out with that hard cock, show him how you use that talented, mouth” Corey growled to Alana, grabbing a fist full of her hair, asserting his dominance in their relationship.

Alana moved through the water and looked up at Brett with her big doe-y, brown eyes. “Man, be rough with her- she likes to be slutty” Corey said fist bumping his buddy.

Brett took his advice and grabbed Alana’s long hair and pushed her mouth further down his cock until she gagged on him. She swirled her tongue down the underside of his hard cock, hitting the sweet spots right under his head. A bead of pre-cum appeared at the end of his cock so Alana opened her mouth and lapped it up, giving his heavy balls a squeeze. Brett dropped his head back and moaned, loudly twitching in Alana’s mouth. He continued fucking her mouth and thrusting harder and harder down her throat.

“Let me fuck those titties” Corey said to Lilly, leaning to kiss her.

He was rock hard watching his wife get face-fucked. “Yes Daddy” she said, pulling down his trunks and putting her big tits together around his cock. The water splashing up made for a lubrication so his cock slid smoothly in her cleavage. She opened her mouth so he could hit the end of her tongue with each thrust. She looked up into his eyes maintaining eye contact as he fucked her boobs. Although her boobs, were smaller than Alana’s that he was used to fucking, they felt so good squeezed around him. He started moaning as well. Thank god that the cabin was completely isolated – but even if they did have neighbors, both men were feeling so good they didn’t care how loud they moaned.

By now, all of them were completely naked, and immensely turned on. The women were both soaked down below and the men were about ready to blow their loads.

Brett and Corey moved to sit beside each other so the girls could suck them off together. Alana and Lilly starting taking turns on their cocks, both of them working on one man at a time. Their lips kissing and smacking around the cocks. Although Brett was longer, Corey was thicker. Alana was sucking their balls as Lilly was stroking their shafts with her eager mouth, giving each man ample attention before switching to the other.

Brett and Corey were both breathing heavily, and on the edge of orgasm so Lilly started focusing on Brett knowing exactly how to tip him over the edge, and Alana went to work on her husband.

With one final grunt, Corey started spurting hot cum down Alana’s throat. She felt his cock twitch as he came, shooting hot thick strands into her mouth. She opened her mouth to show him his big load. Brett was just seconds after his friend to finish, draining his balls onto Lilly’s tongue, which was out of her mouth to catch all of her boyfriend’s semen. She let her tongue drop and his hot cum dripped down onto her tits.

Lilly and Alana turned to each other and started making out again, putting on a show for their spent men. Their mouths intertwined sharing cum- the white liquid coating both of their lips. Alana was first to reach for her friend’s pussy. She parted her lower lips with her fingers. Although, they were wet from the hot tub this was a different wet. Lilly’s pussy was warm with cunt juice. Alana inserted two fingers into her pussy and started pumping in and out, stroking the inner walls of Lilly’s vagina, reaching to touch her g-spot. She took her fingers out and brought them to her own lips, mixing the wetness with the cum that had already been resting on her lips. She made eye contact with the boys as she sucked the taste of her friend off of her fingers before returning them to Lilly’s pussy.

This caused both Corey and Brett to be fully erect again and both were jerking at the sight. Both women were now circling each other’s clit, with small quick circles, still making out.

Corey was the first to move to stand behind Alana. His hard cock was pushing into her back and she turned to start making out with him, letting him taste his own cum. “I want Brett to fuck me first” Alana cooed. She moved to Brett who was now sitting down in the water again, opposed to on the side of the tub like he was before.

She moved to be right above his hard cock. He was positioned right at her entrance and with one swift motion, she lowered onto him and he was balls deep in her wet pussy, needing no time to ease it in. He was thrusting up as she bounced on his cock to totally engulf his size. As they were fucking, she turned to see that Corey had Lilly bent over the side of the tub, fucking her from behind, reaching around to choke her. His thick cock was stretching her tight cunt. She was whimpering in ecstasy as Corey’s balls were slapping against her soaking wet pussy.

Alana ground her pussy faster down over and over on Brett’s big cock. She was feeling so close to cumming and from the sounds across the hot tub, so was Lilly. She turned around so she could watch the live show of her husband and her best friend fucking, and also so Brett could get a handle on her hair. He took the hint and pulled her hair hard, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. She felt the buildup and with another final deep thrust she felt herself let go and start squirting on Brett’s cock. Corey loved when her juices pumped out of her and hearing the low cursing coming out of Brett, so did he. She screamed in absolute wonder as her orgasm rolled over her.

Lilly was moaning that she was gonna cum over and over again in between heavy breaths. Corey dropped his hand to her pussy and furiously began rubbing her clit while he continued fucking her. She began writhing under his touch. Her pussy spasmed and she too, was overwhelmed with her orgasm. The sound of Corey’s hard cock slapping her through Lilly’s wetness sent Alana into another massive orgasm. She wanted Corey to fuck her now and give it to her in the same position.

Both girls were now bent over the edge of the tub as they got fucked. Corey positioned behind Alana and Brett positioned behind Lilly. Alana and Lilly were both eager to be filled with cum, whimpering with desire. They were getting fucked so hard, each with a cock buried to the hilt in their tight pussies. Corey was hitting Alana’s g-spot with every stroke of his long cock, and Brett was balls deep in Lilly, who was begging for cum.

Alana and Lilly alternated kissing each other and sucking each other’s tits as they got pounded at almost the same rhythm. At practically the same time, both Corey and Brett grabbed the hips of their woman and brought them back hard onto their cocks.

All of them were orgasming at once, and feeding off of each other’s loud cries. Cum flowed from Corey’s cock as Alana’s walls started squeezing and milking him, their juices mixing-and next to them, a surprisingly big load was being emptied into Lilly’s cunt. Alana was weak in the knees from pleasure. They were all heavy breathing and coming down from the final orgasm.

“Holy fuck” Brett mumbled under his breath. “That was the fucking hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Lilly agreed. The four of them fetched their towels and retreated inside the cabin to sleep after that hot night of hot tub sex. In the morning, as they were packing up they all agreed that spending a night together at the cabin would be a new annual tradition.

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