Hold Me Dear to Your Heart Ch. 02


The Middle

Laz and I sat on the beach and spent hours catching up on the past 25 years. The Aussie accent threw me because he had been raised here in Ohio. I soon discovered that, after high school, he had moved to Austrlia, gone to school, married, raised a family and divorced about 5 years ago. I caught him up on my life as well, conveniently leaving out the problems with my marriage. After all, I was trying to forget it and, frankly, who wants to hear that crap. Besides, I kind of figured that Kimberly had given him a rundown of my state when we ran into each other.

I was glad I hadn’t finished the wine before he got there; I was enjoying being coherent for our litle reunion. Plus, then he’d have had nothing to drink. It seemed like no time at all and the sun was coming up. The ribbons of gold and orange reaching up from the lake was like seeing a masterpiece painted right before your eyes. Laz placed his arm around my should and we spent the next while, like that, with my head on his shoulder, watching the sunrise.

As we were getting up and gathering our stuff, Laz asked me if I wanted to come to a cookout at his house later that day.

“I’m not sure where I’m going from here but I’ll try to be there.” I told him wistfully.

“You’re not sure where you’re going?”

“Well, I had an issue with my husband last night and…well, I don’t want to go home right now.”

“Then why don’t you come home with me now and you can crash in my guest room.” He offered, “no funny business, I promise.” he added.

“Well, it beats sleeping in my car, I guess. Sure, then I can help you get ready for your cookout.” I told him.

“Sounds like deal.”

We walked through the brush and back to our cars. I followed him to his house, which turned out to be a cute little deal. He showed me to the guest room and I closed (and locked) the bedroom door, stripped down and was fast asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I slept well past noon and woke to clamoring noises coming from down the hall. I got up and dressed, suddenly realizing that I was way overdressed for a cookout. Great, I’ll look like the stripper talent instead of a guest.

I walked down the hall to the noise, which was coming from the kitchen. There stood Laz pusshing and pulling bowls, pans, and ingredients together. I must admit, if he already didn’t look sexy in his surfer shorters and white tank top, the sight of a man in the kitchen will put a woman to swooning soon enough.

As I was taking in the amazing view, he turned and, well, for lack of a better phrase busted me staring at him. He smiled, one of those cocky smiles which evidently made me blush profusely because he started laughing at my reaction.

I wasn’t really sure what to think of all this. I love my husband more than anything but here I was in another man’s house, looking at him like a slab of meat on a starving woman’s plate. Before I could contemplate further, Laz looked me up and down.

“Well, you’re really not dressed to help me in the kitchen, ya know.”

“Well, I’m really not dressed for a cookout; unless it’s a bachelor party and I’m the entertainment.”

“That’s why I had Kimberly bring over some clothes for a more casual affair. I put them on the couch in the living room.”

Now I’m not one to complain but Kimberly had to be at least 2 sizes smaller than me so I wasn’t sure I’d even fit in her clothes. Grabbing up the bundle, I went to the guest room and not only were they small, they were skimpy. I guess when you have a kick-ass body, that’s the wardrobe of choice.

I tried everything on and settled for a pair of shorts, that did the best job at covering up my ass and my crotch. I say the best job because they barely did either. And a tank top that hugged my 36C breasts, with a button up shirt over top in an effort to cover up the fact that my boobs looked like dough popping out of the canister. I didn’t have makeup with me so I washed the remnants from the night before and pulled my hair up, anxious to keep busying helping Laz.

I slipped on some sandals and walked into the kitchen. Laz turned, I’m guessing to give me instructions on helping and I swear his eyes almost fell out of his head. “You’re even more breathtaking without makeup, Laura.”

I’m sure I blushed and mumbled something under my breath about his “ridiculous” comment.

I walked to the counter and began cutting up vegetables and helping Laz with the preparations. It seemed to me like there wasn’t very much food so I asked him if it would be enough.

“Sure, gaziantep escortları it’s just a small cookout” he said.

He started the grill and began cooking, while I cleaned up the kitchen and put things away. No need waiting until later. He was close to being finished cooking, as I sat and nibbled on the veggie platter. Still no one had arrived.

He’d been outside cooking for a while when I decided to join him out back and see what was going on. There on the patio was place settings for two on a little table with an umbrella cover. He was just putting the food on the plate as I walked up to him.

“What’s going on? Where are your other guests?”

“I never said anything about other guests…this is a cookout for two. You and me.” He said.

Let’s just say it was really nice to sit, talk and relax for a change. I wasn’t worried about anything and, frankly, forgot all about Mike for the afternoon.

After dinner, we cleaned up the table and sat out back watching the sun set.

“Wow, it’s rare for me to see a sunrise or sunset, but to see both in one day is a miracle.” I told him.

“You should watch more of each; you seem much more relaxed and content than when I saw you last night.”

“Well, I’m guessing my hand clenched around a wine bottle in preparation for battle had a little bit to do with that.” I laughed.

“No, I’m talking about the way you are holding yourself now and the look on your face. Kimberly told me what happened with Mike. And all I can say is he must be a fool. You always were beautiful, that’s why I had such a crush on you.”

“What? You did not.”

The way he looked at me said I was wrong about that.

“Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“Maybe because I had spaghetti arms and no chance with you.” he laughed.

The silence was a little awkward as we sat and finished watching the sun set.

“I’m not sure how you’re feeling but if you want to stay again, no funny business, you’re more than welcome to.” He told me.

I wasn’t sure after that last revelation but I decided to stay anyway..maybe…no not maybe, I knew a part of me wanted to be with him and see just how far things might go. Being called beautiful and spending hours talking to someone, not at them was too amazing to let go of.

We opted to watch a movie, comedy is my choice of genres so he sifted through what he had in his collection, while I went to take a shower get comfortable. I really didn’t have much to choose from and wanted to see how far I could push the envelope. I changed into a mini skirt that barely covered my lacy black panties and an off shoulder shirt meant to go over a tank top but I only put my black bra on under it. It wasn’t totally see through but the black was noticeable. I left my hair down, with the curls carelesslessly tossed around my face and cascading down my back.

When I walked into the living room, Laz was nowhere to be seen so I settled onto the couch, trying to situate myself so it didn’t see like I was aware my attire was so alluring. Laz came in a moment later wearing a pair of shorts, no shirt and carrying a glass of wine for me and a beer for him. One glance at me made him lick his lips and take a long drink of his beer. He kept his cool and handed me my wine.

He sat down next to me, but just far enough we weren’t in direct contact with each other, and started the movie. I know it’s not sexy or ladlylike but when I saw he had chosen Friends With Benefits, I just burst out laughing. Here we were dancing around each other last night and today, with the underlying sexual tension so obvious and the movie just cut right to the chase of what had been on our minds.

He looked at me with a little grin and I knew the dance was just beginning. I stretched out my legs so my feet were touching his thigh. It said everything that needed without a word. He put his beer down and started rubbing my feet and legs. It was nice and relaxing and not rushed. We watched the movie, while he massaged, but I don’t think either of us was paying much attention to the movie. At least, I was too busy loving the attention I was getting and relaxing more and more. Don’t think I didn’t notice his hand going higher and higher up my thigh and each time, I could feel my breath catch in my throat. I know he had to notice, unless he really was watching the movie. But I could tell he wasn’t.

As the movie was ending, I was really relaxed and laid my head back against the couch throw pillow, scooting down a little lower into the couch. Of course this simple little move also pushed the mini skirt up, showing off the lace border of my panties. The invitation was met, as Laz continued massaging upward, and was now within reach of more than just my legs. He slid his hand under the lace and began squeezing my ass and running his fingertips over the edge of my panties. Relaxed as I was, I realized with each stroke, I was holding my breath, in anticipation of what would be next.

I opened my eyes and at him, hoping my eyes would say what my mouth couldn’t find the right words for. He took that moment to move my leg and bring himself up, kneeling between my legs. As he stared into my eyes with such intensity, I could feel electricity in every never ending, he leaned in to kiss me. Belied by his slow massage, I was not expecting the way he slipped his tongue between my lips and took possession of my mouth, as he slid his hands to cup my ass under the lace panties, pulling me into his groin. I could feel his erection pushing against his shorts. There was no doubt he was driving, and I was willing to go along for the ride. I was actually ecstatic to be in the passenger seat for a change.

He removed his hands, from my ass and worked his way up to my breasts. As he kissed and nibbled his way along my jawline and down my neck, his hands were kneading my breasts through my shirt, like a baker molding and prodding the perfect pastry. It had seemed like a like a lifetime ago that anyone had taken so much time and care touching me all over my body, that I could feel every inch of me tingling in response. I could feel the tension in my lower belly starting to build with each kiss and touch…also, the fact that he was now rubbing his groin against mine through shorts and panties was pushing the yearning along quite rapidly.

By now, I had my arms wrapped around him, as I was arching my back to feel as much of him between my legs as possible. I could feel my breathing become shallow as I immersed into his attentions. He must have noticed too, because he stopped and said, “not here,” as he pulled my up from the couch and led me down the hall. I was a bit flustered at such an abrupt halt.

We went into his bedroom, which was exceptionally neat for a guy, in my experience. In the middle of the room was an oak bed, with matching night stand and dresser on either wall. I didn’t have time to take in much more than that, at the moment. Laz walked over to the night stand; fully expecting him to be turning on a radio or something, I was totally surprised by the lulling sound of the ocean with orchestra music softly gliding with it in the background.

He came up behind me, putting one arm around my waist, while he pushed the hair on my neck over my shoulder; then wrapping both arms around me, as he was kissing my neck. I leaned back into him, willing my body to melt into his. He slid both hands up my waist, under my blouse and pushed my bra up above my breasts. The first firm grasp of his calloused hands on my skin, had my nipples standing up point blank and a wave of intense pleasure shooting to my pussy and I could feel my wetness increasing. I let out low throaty moans, with each stroke of his hand over my taught nipples. By this time, he was also sucking on my earlobe. Now I’m not one that has ever been turned on by this but the way he was rolling his tongue around it, while massaging my breasts had me thinking about what it would feel like to have him sucking my tits that way. I thought the pleasure couldn’t get more intense and I was so very wrong.

Seconds later, he pushed my bra and shirt up and over my head, tossing them on the floor. Now, I could feel his bare chest against my back that feeling of skin on skin made me even hotter for him. As he brought his hands down, he grabbed the top of the mini skirt and essentially did the same with my skirt and panties; down to the floor. I stepped out of my panties and kicked them to the side. As he brought his arms back around me, I could feel his cock against my ass; evidently he’d made quick work of removing his shorts and drawers as well.

As he pushed me toward the bed, he whispered in my ear, “get on the bed on your knees.” All I could do, at this point, is mutter, “ok,” and do as instructed. Still standing behind me, he pulled my right leg so my knees were spread open, grasping my breast with one hand, he began rubbing his hands over my pubic hair with the other; just over the top. It was like he was touching my aching, wet pussy without touching it. I was wide open but he didn’t touch my clit, or slip a finger inside me. The maddening desire I had, at this point, was more than I could bare.

Figuring, I could push him along if I reached behind me and took his cock in my hand and started stroking him, I reached behind me, with the only arm that could be maneuvered that way. He took the hand he’d been stroking my pussy with and stopped me with a simple, “no”.

“Wrap both hands around the bed post, so I can make sure you’re being a good girl, ” he said. I was confused but did as he told me. I wanted his hands back on me as soon as possible and I figured asking ‘what the hell’ might break the moment. I turned slightly so I could get both hands on the post and later realized it’s a good thing I had something to hold on to.

Laz got up on the bed, on his knees behind me and picked up where he left off. Still stroking but not quite touching. And once again the tension built and built until I thought I would scream…”Laz, please, please rub my clit, finger fuck me, something..just please…”

“I was just waiting for you to ask,” he said, as he parted my pussy lips and finally, finally began rubbing from my hole to my clit, gently back and forth. That’s all it took for the first orgasm to come on. I let out a loud groan, held the post with all my might, arched against him and felt the hot juices running down my leg.

He stopped momentarily, wrapping his arms around me once again and held me until I recovered. I barely caught my breath before he laid me down on my back and kissed me on the lips, again taking possession of my mouth but only momentarily. Kissing his way over my breasts and belly, he worked his way down until his face was where his hands had just brought me to orgasm. Spreading my pussy lips apart, he went straight to work licking up my wetness and sliding his tongue along the length of my canal. I was still a bit sensitive from my first orgasm so I was moaning with each stroke of his tongue, from the start, gyrating my hips into his face. I wasn’t trying to be pushy but my body seemed to be reacting like an instrument to a musician’s instruction.

I felt like a woman, at a buffet, after a year long fast. I was getting more attention and my body felt alive with electricity, but it wanted more and so did I. Holding on to the headboard, to keep myself from thrashing uncontrollable, I knew I wasn’t far off my second orgasm. Sensing my intensity, he continued working my clit with his tongue, while sliding two fingers into my waiting hole but unlike past experience, he didn’t ram me with them; he had his fingertips on my g-spot and was making small motions, focused in that one area. It was only seconds before I had my second, more intense orgasm, this time screaming out with complete abandon. I felt my entire body convulsing and when I finally came down, I was shaking from head to toe.

Laz pulled his face to me and held me close, kissing and nuzzling my face as I wrapped my arms around his neck, nearly holding on for dear life. I was already so wet, he slid inside me with ease. As I stopped shaking and arched to meet each stroke, I could hear him groan, as if his resolve was finally broken. It was no longer necessary for him to seduce me; it was time to fuck me. With each forceful stroke, I met him with every muscle in my legs and back, spreading as wide as I could to consume as much of his frame to me, driving his cock further and further into my depths. Satiated by two cosmic orgasms, I was determined to get and give everything in my power.

I didn’t think he would be able to last long, having spent so much time on foreplay; but as sweat dripped and we groaned and grunted at the intensity, I began closing on in my third orgasm. Our bodies beating at each other as he plundered my pussy’s depths. As I began the climb to number three, he quickly pulled out, flipped me over on my stomach, drew my ass up and drove his cock back into me. He reached around my waist, ferociously rubbing my clit as he slammed me from behind. The combination of the two sent me for my third and final orgasm. This time, there was no controlling the sudden eruption as my body tightened and pushed me full force back into him. As I screamed out, I could hear him groaning and felt his hands tighten on my waist.

As we both came down from our orgasmic highs, I felt as if every ounce of energy I owned was gone and I slumped to the bed with a combination of a groan and sigh. With panting breaths and sweat-soaked bodies, we lay quietly for a while, regaining some fragment of composure.

Finally, I looked up at him and said, “I can’t believe you had a crush on me and never told me.”

He pulled me into his arms and said, “I can’t believe you’re finally in my arms.”

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